Session 293 3/24/80

Forces: Gather now ————-all present. While we were away (——) trying to get several items taken care of. We find that a new wind is moving over this age the force of inspiration change of energy and structure in the days to come. Now we ah habitus left off at we were giving a personal in interpretation of a function of the body of Daniels ah internally we find the lungs and system very much active there has been a condition of bronchitis and a certain percent of (—–), chest improved in some areas and others still being improved. Of course the smoking in the body should be watched ah causing the mucous to build up which we have already gone into. (——) (——-) as we find is doing in some areas rather good others there are changes coming about. Basically it’s the perspective of the entities mind and, and receptivity of the moment. The Spirit always thrives on rejuvenation of the body and it is that Spirit that rekindles that energy ah treatments for the body ah as we said the mustard pack can help in many areas of the lung and back ailments spasms muscle spasms we find are related to tensions and emotions of tension and anxiety which can be released through the momentary silence practice and releasing it on those occasions. Otherwise we find the body moving on in its own progression development of the soul spiritual factors in the earth.

DL: Thank you.

JU: Is their any guidance you can give to me?

Forces: There is a new wave inspiration and ideas in bring down into the earth certain function markets and ideas of savings and ah form of selling items and increasing supplies where you are at. Also the attitudes and ah opinions seem to be working and growing and molding itself in different avenues of expression for its own sake. This ah new experience of information should help establishing a foundation and front of ah understanding and progress for the spiritual and mental and a physical level to go.

JU: Thank you.

GL: Could some guidance be given for me at this time?

Forces: This is rather a progressive period for you. Its more of a foundational period to establish a system structure and guidelines for you’re your personal development from this point. Putting into your personal life a structure and system that you would be following in like (—-) of this same system would help bring down into the earth a progressive and productive development for the physical and mental and spiritual ah faculties. Reading that of ah Proverbs during these moments could help in the understanding some of the secrets not (——).

GL: Thank you.

JE: Yesterday was the first day of spring and the spring equinox. Could you tell us what happens on the higher plains that caused such a reaction in the weather today?

Forces: It is a angelic force of working with some stagnation and some black force ah a system that has been standing for a period of time its more of a changing and control by a higher spirit band and removing by force the bad stagnation and black force environment bands.

JE: Thank you.

JB: Is there something I could communicate to my Father I haven’t written him the routine thing is kind of boring?

Forces: Well to you the routine might be boring but to him it’s kind of a fresh cup of tea. So but if it is in your mind that he would always be glad to hear what is happening.

JC: Thank you.

HI: When it says in the Bible we pray that you may possess the gates of your enemies could you please tell us what it means on a spiritual level and psychically?

Forces: Its more or less control of the gates and set in it a spiritual factor without the ah negative forces realizing that they are being implemented and used for the process of spiritual development.

HI: Thank you.

DD: When it talks about in the Book of Concealment and the Book of the Greater Holy Assembly the Ancient One, is it talking about the cube and the different things that go on inside it?

Forces: Yes it infers the internal relationship of the Master Plan of development along with the external manifestation of such a plan with the environment and elements around and its development forward in the perfection of that plan through certain laws and structures and the systems that must be followed.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Should I go tomorrow to Virginia Beach and if so for how long?

Forces: Well the door is open the length is up to you.

IS: It’s all right now?

Forces: Oh yes there’s been the door is open and the right moment now for the moment.

NN: Of all the composers that have been in the earth who has been able to bring forth and be receptive to the Music of the Spheres?

Forces: Well Beethoven has some connection, Liszt has others, Schubert of course has some and ah Paganini has others that should keep you busy for a moment ah we would look to Paganini for some insight on a psychic level of a soul development and more closely to a finite ah psychic level.

NN: Thank you.

IS: So Paganini is the closest?

Forces: To a aspect of the soul development with music. That is that of timing and beat and the pressure dealing with the pini, pineal gland. Beethoven deals more with another type of beat, but that is the Heart center.

NN: Thank you.

LK: In the Temples in Egypt where they used music for healing what was the application was it simply music being played while a person was in the room or was there some type of a focusing of the music to affect a person?

Forces: There were certain instruments that were sounded at a specific beat constantly for periods of 5 to 45 min. and cool applications of different color cloth with a rose type water solution this helped in certain areas of the body along with the color applications also. So you have many different systems ah of course there were also music for the sake of a lyric ah story that would also be used for certain parts of the body. The air of sounds would deal with the lungs and the blood which both these elements are very much dependent upon the air for its own life force and food.

LK: Thank you.

BH: In my meditations ah should I try to concentrate on that light that I spoke of earlier in another session or when I have that feeling of movement should I go with that or just try to stay with the concentrating on the (one)?

Forces: More so try just to keep the light concentrated and it will progress gradually.

BH: Thank you.

DL: In the Temple Beautiful and Temple Sacrifice I was surprised to read something because I’ve been under the impression that a person went in and they got healed or changed. Is my understanding correct that that’s not so its more for future lifetimes, that lifetimes to them wasn’t important the time space it took to make all the changes and do the healings?

Forces: Going into these Temples was also a revelation and a commitment to other lifetimes and also preparing for other lifetimes and knowing it consciously the different courses and lifetimes that would follow. Ah yes they would enter into an initiation for a period of six, seven to ten years and in these ten year period they would develop and make progress and every ten years they would change either to a different course or to a different class or to a different Temple and each cycle would repeat every ten years.

DL: Thank you.

JU: Could you tell me if I lived on or around the Frenchman Jules Mazarin who was a cardinal?

Forces: There’s an affinity to this man unusually that you speak on him but there is some sort of a personal identification with the man.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Concerning the relationship of the Tarot cards to the days of the month can it be said that cards one through 21 correspond to the first 21 days of the month?

Forces: This is true.

BN: That the Fool, the zero would not particularly correspond to any single day.

Forces: That, the Fool deals with the 22-day.

BN: What about days 23 through 30 or 31 are there more cards that aren’t revealed or there are other representations that can be found?

Forces: There are other cards that supersede from the beginning and bring it on to a higher level.

BN: Would that be starting at one again?

Forces: One versus the ah to the higher power or one versus that of merger with the last one.

BN: So is that like a blend of the first and last?

Forces: On and on yes.

BN: Thank you.

GL: Could a description of the Temple Beautiful be given as far as what it looked like on the inside and the activities that would go on in a normal daily basis?

Forces: There were many sections just as in a hospital of different compartments dealing with the Temple Beautiful. It is like the present day and someone would ask 2,000 years from now give us the description of the Temple St. Luke’s or the Temple Saint Roosevelt ah of course you and I know there is not a St. Roosevelt. But 2,000 years from now they (—–) know that. To work there would only justify that you had to be a Saint. The different departments strange enough as it is a large percentage of the people who are working in hospitals today worked in the Temples Beautiful and Temples sacrifice and they had rebuild the Temples in the same breakdown of the different sections of the body and these breakdowns are formulated into different ah ology’s and departments ah with their studies. They are the same cause the same principle, the same wanting to manifest those same Temples and the hospitals are (or) the Temples of the mind relationship with the Laws that are to be found in this present moment in time. We find that the Temples then were more on a level of deep inner mysteries revealed rather than a (—-) of medicine dealing with herbs. They dealt more with that of the mind creation, or the mind parasites of that moment. It is very important to understand that disease is not physical or re end product but they realized it is the creative thinking process of the person that had to be changed and the thinking process of the souls at that time were helped to be changed through the rest cycle, music cycle ah, past life type cycle, council cycle, a healing cycle and study cycle all these would have its own origin and purpose in time and space for the development of the soul.

GL: Thank you.

JB: The Shah of Iran is going to have an operation on his spleen?

Forces: Well as we have said it kind of seals him into a state of limbo. It’s very (—-) on a spiritual level.

JB: Thank you.

HI: In a dream I was told if one knew the secret code of the Dna structure one could use that and call back the body after it had died and the Egyptians were trying to do that. Is that true?

Forces: This Dna structure is the mysteries of the Word of God or the Tree of Life or the Structure of the Law and is true.

HI: Thank you.

DD: In the Book of Kells the diagrams is that some secret message?

Forces: Yes these are Angel messages from the Higher Forces given to the monks at that time.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: What was that feeling that I had yesterday when I was sitting in the waiting room it was like a termination involved over using creative energy?

Forces: Let us say a force of spirit was coming over to guide you into the expression of the spirit on the earth.

LK: With what you said about Paganini and his compositions…?

Forces: (—-) focus more on him for the music healing of the nerves.

LK: How was he able to tune into that it seems like most of his life he lead a pretty raunchy life?

Forces: Well this is your battle that he had with the soul that he had come down to do ah he was given some laws to follow and he broke them and fought against them which created that (—–) in his life he had one way or the other to go and there were times when he was successful and the other times he was destructive. We’re speaking about the times he ah was successful in his bridging of the soul level.

LK: Thank you.

HI: Did the Egyptians ever succeed in resurrecting the body?

Forces: There were certain spiritual resurrection’s that did take place but as they moved and grew on in their art and cultural designs they became more attached to material solidity rather than the etheric level of development.

HI: Thank you.

BH: Is it correct that Mother Earth is like the most powerful influence over the serpent queen aspect?

Forces: This is true.

BH: And Jezebel was the force of that that works in the earth?

Forces: This can be applied to same yes.

BH: Thank you.

JB: What is the spiritual symbol of the Palm Leaves on Palm Sunday?

Forces: Washing away and fulfilling of the Law.

JB: Thank you.

GL: Dream I had where a child was born?

Forces: New consciousness and development within self.

GL: Thank you.

BN: What is the sequence of evolution of the soul who was Judas since that time?

Forces: Very difficult but ah very, very strong and serious ah from being involved in the business world on a normal level like a normal person ah realizing of a great karmetic debt to repay in its own action and still paying for it.

JU: Can you give me some help in learning how I might be able to relax mentally and physically?

Forces: To relax well the (———-) has a great strength as we said many years ago and also do certain moments of quite can help tremendously in ah restarting your engines.

JU: Thank you.

DL: What does the phrase the Strong Paw of the Lion mean in regard to as actually resurrected the Builder Hiram?

Forces: Strong Paw of a Lion is the Foundation of the Laws of other lifetimes imprinted upon the conscious and subconscious and psyche of the soul, which by no mistake can be released or taken from the bonds of commitment what the soul must accomplish in that particular lifetime.

DD: How did they have the cube constructed that they used when they were meditating on the center? Was it the same as I have now and how did they focus the different portions of it?

Forces: Going back to this Strong Paw of the Lion it also represents the Laws of the Government that must follow its manifest destiny. Ready for your questions.

DD: It seems that Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai used a cube or they visualized one and the different parts of it in his writings and I wondered how they used it to meditate on or they used it for meditation as was described before?

Forces: Yes so just visualizing it suspended in space, understanding that the lines (are) illumined in (so called) deco glow condition which would help the soul inside attach itself from into an outer consciousness and bring it more on a surface level for manifestation in which at any time the students would discipline themselves of closing their eyes and tuning themselves to the symbol of peace. This would be an interesting lesson to learn that one would set in his mind a symbol of peace and contentment and build it up that when tests and trials do come one can immediately close their eyes picture the symbol and let that symbol convey the relief and message of healing.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Jehoiada the priest the one that lived a 130 years that as long as he lived King Joash was ok and after he died he was not. Could you give us any other lifetimes of that priest?

Forces: Well lets see we have a certain condition of that particular Priest as you know it to have lived another life ah which is ah what would be considered ah as Doctor Louis Pasteur.

IS: Thank you.

IS: He’s not today here anywhere on the earth?

Forces: Today not at this particular time.

IS: Thank you.

DL: In regard to Hiram does it mean that a person who knows the soul can resurrect if they accidently leave or if something happens and they die that person can call a soul back just by reminding him of its original commitment before it came in?

Forces: Strange as it is that’s true and there are messages imprinted in the etheric body of certain plants that were used by the magicians in Egypt and developed through Europe. Of course your biggest metaphysical development with flowers of implanting that of the spiritual purpose of this love (law?) dealt specially with Holland when they the occultist realized that in the tulip was this law and when you would grow tulips they would manifest the law protection and the law of, of growth and spirit. So they started to plant the tulip bulb and they realized in order to maintain and save Holland from being taken into the unseen world, which would, they knew, as time would progress that the water would claim it back into the ethers, but if they would always maintain tulips on the land the land would never sink and this was the commitment with the Angel of the Law of Commitment with the laws of the etheric flowers ah in fact flowers strange as it is are the laws that have been captured in them and this is the great ah, ah fascination with to people today without them realizing it that in the flower world is the different ah laws from the beginning of time (pressed) over them so man would be reminded of them.

DL: Thank you.

NN: How many of the Psalms go back to the time of Atlantis?

Forces: A large percentage of them are the influence of that experience.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Dream I had with patient named Linda and her saying that she was going to die. Was that the aspect she represents in me or is there something wrong with her?

Forces: There is a transition that is coming for that particular consciousness yes.

BH: In her or in me?

Forces: Well let us apply it within self and within her.

BH: Thank you.

HI: The entity Leah Rachel’s sister was she also around in the time of Mary Jesus mother?

Forces: We find a presence of such yes.

HI: Thank you.

JU: In an earlier session where it talked about the energy problem in the country and you said there was a new source of energy that for various reasons has not been tuned into. Can you say anything about this or give us any idea of what type of energy it was?

Forces: More of a glowing ah fusion type energy that would be or need by taking two chemicals putting them together and they would create their own energy field, which can be drawn off of to operate ah machinery and equipment.

JU: Can you say what those chemicals are?

Forces: Different chemicals put together in a combination that would develop a certain ah spiritual development and consciousness ah in mankind’s structure. It is already here and already being worked on ah secretly and it should manifest soon when mankind ah man in the United States has made a commitment through the love or the chemicals some of them would deal with the simple chemical of your, its not so simple but we have zinc and we have the chemical of copper sulfate and zinc along with a certain element, element of uranium but not the radioactive kind.

JU: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us what happened at that meeting last night?

Forces: It was a, a direct assault on the black forces in the county. It was a battle on the there was a black force battle versus you were just a front for it but it was a confrontation between the lighter forces of spirit versus that of the dark forces that took control over the (—–) and it was a major ah confrontation and breakthrough and weakening of that hold and the explanation of the wind movements throughout the area is a result of it. It created a vacuum.

JE: Thank you.

BN: I have read that the energy structure of the earth I presume electromagnetic is formed around the earth in an icosahedron alternating with a dodecahedron is this correct and if so what governs the alternation between them?

Forces: The difference or the cause manifest the balance is a sub(—-) zone which is the constant fluxuation of the oxidized versus the (tape stopped) (part missed).

BN: Thank you.

Forces: In respect to make it clear to your mind when you have two zones of action there is an immediate reaction of a neutral zone, which creates the perfect energy field of balance and movement.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: Without that zone there would be a total destruction and the gyro does not move. Its like a pendulum of a constant movement is on a force of its own propulsion. Without its own propulsion of movement there is no continuum movement.

BN: Thank you again.

Forces: The laws of simple plane movement versus movement equals constant non-movement.

BN: Thank you.

GL: When Jesus resurrected the body did he do it in the way of reconstructing it from the structure of the Dna that we were talking about earlier with the Egyptians?

Forces; The Dna is your magical structure in todays societies of occultism. They use Dna so it would look nice.

GL: Is that how he did it?

Forces: Well in your type of society and thinking this is correct.

GL: Thank you.

DD: The connection of the Tarot and the first 6 chapters of Genesis before I thought the Fool was at the Beginning should I put it at the end?

Forces: The Fool is always at the end because if he was not a Fool he would not be at the end. (Laughter)

DD: Thank you very much.

Forces: It is what comes first the chicken or the egg, anyone know.

Group: No.

Forces: Which does come first the chicken or the egg.

IS: Whichever you created first.

Forces: Then the egg comes first and everything has a seed and from nothingness is your seed.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Could you give me advice for this coming time?

Forces: It is a new cycle, a new beginning it reminds you of your new cycle that the laws that you are going into is the beginning of the next 10 years to follow, is the same commitment you had 10 years prior where you enter in the laws getting ready to start the next 10 year cycle and of course Virginia Beach is your fertile ground of receiving the information and pattern of progress for the next 10 years.

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: The thing that’s mixed with a special salt sounded to me like it was slime off of a stagnant pool is that correct or is it just a metaphor?

Forces: From such a stagnant pool comes the oasis of life.

DL: Thank you.

NN: When it says in the Psalms thy word is very pure is that referring specifically to the speed of light and to the creative energy?

Forces: It is in expression to that of perfectness and in the perfectness we have a state that is without germ and the germ state of perfection is a vacuum and in the vacuum is the Word and the Word is the creation of all life and from a vacuum all life has its existence ah this is (—–).

NN: Thank you.

HI: Are our leaders and scientists aware of the satellite warfare of the Russians?

Forces: They have some understanding of it but not fully realizing the impact of their development.

HI: Thank you.

BH: The Order of Melchizedek they didn’t work directly with the thymus center it seems, does that vary for each person or is that a law that as you develop the other centers that develops the thymus?

Forces: As you develop the action in the earth, as you develop the law of action of Love does your thymus center grow in response to action in the earth.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Is there a spiritual area of study I should be looking at?

Forces: There is a book of songs, which would help you. This is more of a metaphysical explanation or a sub story of the answers. The Book of Songs is simply should be found with that of the Celtic design or Celtic Laws and in the Book of Songs is their laws given to them before their decay or decadence into a material consciousness of ah physical beings.

JU: Thank you.

GL: Recently I’ve had a feeling about Opera could that be explained?

Forces: Opera is a metaphysical sneaky way of giving the Laws to mankind in a wonderful way of healing of art of music of sound of power and is one of the Masses of Sacrifices given to mankind through the arts.

GL: Thank you.

BN: Could you help us to understand what you meditate upon?

Forces: Yes. (Silence for a time) That should be sufficient. (Laughter)

BN: Thank you.

JB: Any spiritual guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Keep walking and in that walking keep that heart center active and you shall be all right.

DD: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: First be receptive to the spirit and see the laws around you in manifestation of the spirit.

DD: Thank you.

IS: In Revelation it’s talking about a time when there are no oceans on the earth. Do I understand that correctly?

Forces: Yes this would have some focus.

IS: How does it happen?

Forces: Certain of the waters would just dry up.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Are there 138 gates in all the meditations?

Forces: This is a good number we won’t argue with that.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Allow the spirit about your Heart to move but not to be caught or held by a worldly authority of power or worldly understanding of positions but allow the invisible world to guide you in a understanding of a worldly power.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Is there a way of detecting or seeing the effect of whatever the activities of the Soviet Union are in this ray or this food or this poison (——)?

Forces: There are a lot of foods in your own country that are no goo because the chemicals inside of them. But because of money and politics they are still there and because of the greed they are still there. Your worst food for senior citizens and most dangerous and should be looked into is your baked macaroni of cheese this is a vary volti, combustible, combustible food for senior citizens as has been (————) on. They have a chain reaction with the blood pressure of people and after eating baked macaroni your blood pressure goes up 20 points because of the chemical contents in which to make the cheese, the baking process of preserving it in the condition.

JU: Thank you.

BN: What does the month of March represent or bring forth?

Forces: The month of March is always breaking through and making ready.

BN: Thank you.

HI: Had God in all reality ever destined man to eat of the Tree of Good and Evil or was it an accident?

Forces: There is no accident man had a choice of two different evolutions he just simply chose.

HI: Thank you.

DD: You once told me to work with the Celtic art should I still do this?

Forces: This is being done in its own way and going about it will be manifested in time.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: What will the next 10 years be for me?

Forces: The next 10 years deals with the spiritual laws of survival, spiritual laws of commitment and the spiritual laws of giving and setting down and bringing into the earth the etheric principles for the new generation to come.

IS: And what were the 10 past years?

Forces: The foundation and the completion of a community that the laws had to be established and given that was to be established for the continuum of civilization and the fulfillment of which this particular country was formed to be.

IS: So it’s definitely different?

Forces: A different focus point yes.

IS: You understand what I’m asking?

Forces: Cryptically yes. There is a different system the first is the basis of the laws from the beginning of time in which this country came to be. The second is the manifestation and the continuation of that same law and the fruitation of the civilization to follow.

IS: Thank you.

NN: When (—–) disappeared was it something where he did actually disappear and was taken up or something or went into the Bermuda Triangle or did it crash and they never found it?

Forces: More on the first.

IS: Could you say more of what it was?

Forces: Yes more on the first.

NN: Thank you.

BH: When it says in Psalm 28 “when righteous men rejoice there’s great glory but when the wicked rise a man is hidden” What do they mean by a man is hidden?

Forces: This is the Atomic man within the, the development of a man-God relationship and that is hidden.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Have the souls directly involved in the French Revolution incarnated again as a group?

Forces: Say that again.

JU: The souls directly involved in the French Revolution have they both the mobs and those that were involved in the politics have they reincarnated together again as a group?

Forces: Some of them are ah merge or go along with certain ah right wing groups and formulized right wing groups of today.

JU: Thank you.

BN: The energy that the Pyramid gathers how does it or to what physical form of energy does it take shape? I know it gathers spiritual energy how does it manifest on the physical?

Forces: It focuses the point of energy and creates such a density again that it creates the voidness in the middle and that voidness is the healing of the same of the energy that is around it being different versus the energy that is within it.

BN: Thank you.

DD: Connecting the points within the cube is this the beginning of the Ark?

Forces: Yes this this has the beginning and the basic and the structure of this particular foundation of bringing it into the physical earthly level of manifestation.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: In the coming 10 years will I personally go through the type of anxiety…?

Forces: All we have are the 23rd Psalm that would help you.

IS: Are you telling me I will?

Forces: As long as man is on the earth he does go through certain trials and tribulations not because he is man but because of the development of the laws to be given but what we are trying to say is as you cling close to the laws of God and the Word of God is your salvation.

IS: I’m talking about the things that happen to me not of my own doing?

Forces: Is that really true.

IS: That’s the next question?

Forces: Everyone has to do and meet certain for his or her own development and inner what would be considered spiritual learning and, and laws that will be given to each and everyone individually, the laws of wisdom and knowledge that has and will be acquired in this process.

IS: Is this karma?

Forces: Also the fulfillment of a law that has nothing to do with your karmic ties.

IS: Thank you.

NN: (—–) the intercession of Michael in meditation does it have to do with the different gates?

Forces: More of the beginning of the opening of the first.

NN: Of just the first gates?

NN: Thank you.

BH: A spiritual principle was given for each of the cervical vertebrae would there be a spiritual principle for each of the vertebrae going down from there?

Forces: You have laws going down from that point.

BH: Thank you.

BN: During my internship what would be the best way to use my creativity?

Forces: More or less allowing the spirit to ah to guide and direct and more or less to take up many projects or extension projects that would have a connection with the source and that would be a major development.

BN: Thank you.

GL: The 12 Thoracic vertebrae do they correspond to the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 principles and the 12 Apostles. Could the Laws that would correspond to those 12 vertebrae be given and would they also correspond to the tribes?

Forces: Sounds like you should be giving this. The Laws are simple and plain and they’re not separated into different sections, but the Laws are found in this or these sections very strongly.

GL: Thank you.

DL: I understand the relationship of the two entities as high priest in South America and the karmic pattern. Is there another lifetime to go that could help explain?

Forces: This same period in South America you had a great force of unifying and bringing together out of the confusion those traveling souls from Atlantis into an organized unit and structure that was a very positive note.

DL: Thank you.

DD: When a person abolishes his individual karma does he have a choice to move on or take on group karma and after he abolishes his group karma he has a choice to take on a (Masters?) karma?

Forces: This is true, this is very true.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Would it be beneficial for me to play music now?

Forces: This does help you.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: Remember as we’re trying to say here we have tapped upon many laws tonight. Don’t be perplexed or bewildered when you are used by the Higher Forces to bring into the earth their laws. Everyone in his or her own way are being used by the Higher Forces to bring in certain and those who are unwilling are bringing in other laws upon themselves. For either you are bringing it in or you are bringing it upon there’s no other way.

IS: It has nothing to do with karma then?

Forces: No, no nothing to do with karma. Karma is those who refuse to bring in the Law.

IS: So actually there is no such thing as no suffering?

Forces: There is no such thing as no suffering, suffering is the friction versus those who do not want to do. Suffering no longer happens when one no longer finds suffering to be a stopping point.

IS: If I have committed myself for what I’ve been through the last ten years I want to think very carefully to commit myself for another ten years like that.

Forces: We’ll your guaranteed to have us with you if that helps any.

IS: That’s the only thing.

IS: Thank you very much for that.

Forces: There are certain sections of this country that are going to be coming to light. Some of the sections of course you will be visiting or should (——). Center you thoughts upon the Smoky Mountains, which are very strong now, and upon that of the Wright Brothers section of ah. Otherwise the extension and development of this country is going through many changes and the days ahead will be filled up with lots of commitments and giving in those commitments of the Spirit.

Forces: We will speak to you again soon and give you the guidance.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.