Session 297-4/9/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching and observing your moves throughout these past week we find each and every item looked into be it for measurement of progress (—–). There are many ah new avenues being (—-), new ideas being applied as time goes on. Many changes on a worldly level have taken place again and internal conflicts and (—–) changes in the communists countries and many adverse affects on their system. South America of course will be going through some turmoil and conditions. Of course Iran is still in its own political problems and social problems a tremendous amount of structural problems involved.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: I had this idea that the Tarot was presented through the story of King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy Grail. Could you tell if the Tarot is in there and how the cards go along with each of the Kings and Queens?

Forces: The Tarot of course is involved let us say the Major Cards are involved with each ah personality and each standard of course the different Knights and Kings that were involved with the 12 Principles or 14 codes and the 14 codes were ways of movement. Of course the principle here are old and all lessons happen because they have taken the same stand in its up bringing and movement to that of the Tree of Life and the Codes the Cards of learning. There could be applied in its own way and means, finding the ways and means in time to follow its up to the individual, each one is pliable and not stationary as far as its development.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Could you give me something that would be the best thing for me to focus on in meditation right now?

Forces: The plaster falling down would be enough to focus on. (—-) focus on the quality of stillness and of progression and movement and (—–) the Words of God in the Bible and the Words of God (——).

NN: Like in Genesis?

Forces: The Word Yahweh (—-) of course.

(GL:?) Could I get a little guidance at this time?

Forces: We suggest that the little things that will create the biggest miracle for you and if you can concentrate and be attentive to the (find) little things in your life they will produce a tremendous amount of miracles in your development.

(GL:?) Thank you.

BN: Can a person who goes into a coma and doesn’t come out before they die, I’m trying to understand why the body just doesn’t die quickly do they use the body as a tool while their in the higher levels to work out things?

Forces: There’s a certain amount of time also that’s involved in which the body must maintain itself to help a message that is being carried out to those who are left behind that see the body and a large percentage of comas is exactly that the soul is deciding whether to continue with its mission or to leave knowing that the mission has been accomplished.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: One of the deciding factor is what is going on, the soul commitment and conviction to, to receive and to do what it has to do as far as its (own will) and contribution to its development.

BN: Thank you very much.

BH: (——–)?

Forces: 44, 8 and 7.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Could there be any guidance given to me at this time?

Forces: (—) the development of your higher qualities and movement in that direction and just your general (———) movement and not to shirk into a comfortable way of doing things rather than the right way.

GL: Thank you.

DL: What can I do particularly with my work in the aspect of how should I react with the people. Should I continue to be turned off like I was last week or what shall I do?

Forces: Well you know you can’t really be turned off the (—-) heart is too big. Ah remember you had built many bridges to them they depend upon those food and supplies to be given to them. You feed them and now your trying to take away the food that you gave them it’s going to be very difficult your going to have a riot on your hands if you try to take away the food you’ve committed yourself to a spiritual work and you must continue with that commitment for that is your purpose.

DL: Thank you.

Forces: There are times in your particular job you must bring that spirit to give you those miracles to happen.

BR: In Samuel it says [“And the child Samuel ministered unto the LORD before Eli. And the word of the LORD was precious in those days; there was no open vision.” (1 Samuel 3:1)]. What type of visions did the people have before the time of Samuel?

Forces: Well being directly the Higher Forces walked to and fro in the earth.

BR: Thank you.

JU: Can you give me some guidance at this time?

Forces: Let little patterns of schedule and disciplines for you has a great ah successful way in your planning of life.

JU: Thank you.

DD: The dream I had where I saw a cube and I thought you told me, somebody told me to look at it from the end and it would be the secret of the Keltic Arts the way I understood it. It looked like the cube of Saturn is that correct?

Forces: This is correct yes.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The thing that’s in meditation in Virginia Beach is that correct is that what I saw?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: And did I understand the meaning?

Forces: We think you interpreted the meaning right.

IS: The way it would help me BR and HI?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

DL: What can we give Andrew to work on he called with a couple of questions and I told him to write down his dreams and send them to us?

Forces: Andrew must come to a decision rather than to be still at the crossroads or the crossroads will be taken away from him. What we’re saying is security is ok too much security has a tendency of making you stagnate and security for the sake of security makes you insecure to begin with. So its up to him to make decision on his own progress, his own movements to get caught in a niche or a pattern or a force well this can happen but too much security is not good for anyone if there’s not the right response with Faith.

DL: Thank you.

BR: Joseph of Aramathea went into the astral to get the Blood and Water of Jesus at the Crucifixion is that Blood and Water still in the 4th dimension or did Joseph of Aramathea bring it into the 3rd?

Forces: It was brought into the 3rd dimension by formulating the Blood into a Stone.

BR: Thank you.

JU: The dreams I had fighting all night long?

Forces: Fighting with the (—-) side and the adverse conditions that have been set up in your pattern of seeing things.

JU: Can anything more be given?

Forces: More or less undoing the, the habit that we fall into as far as our thinking processes are concerned.

JU: Thank you.

BH: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were they incarnated at the time of Jesus?

Forces: The possibility of one but not all three of them.

BH: Which one?

Forces: Abednego, Abednego.

BH: And who he was?

Forces: Well we have many conditions but let us say he was the, he was the person who gave the room to Jesus for Passover.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Did Joseph of Aramathea appear later in the Bible or any person we would know?

Forces: You mean in the Old Testament or you’re referring to the New Testament continuance.

JE: From history?

Forces: You are speaking history as being the Living Bible.

JE: Yes.

Forces: Smart your (—-) addressing of it. Well let us say that he was always involved with the, he was a tremendous help with Woodrow Wilson ah New Plans of ah or World Order. That should be the most recent.

JE: Could you give us his name?

Forces: Let us say he was Woodrow Wilson.

JE: Thank you.

BN: Is the system of flower remedies by a man named Bach, are these useful in the way he describes them?

Forces: They are.

BN: Thank you.

LK: How are we related to the ARE? (Edgar Cayce)

Forces: You’re more related to the beginning concept of Edgar Cayce that the founding Father to it, being on a spiritual level you are working with him, while he was developing it and then when he passed over you all came in to take it over.

LK: Are we almost like an extension of say like the number one study group?

Forces: More or less like the invisible link that keeps the chain stronger.

LK: Thank you.

NN: Candle?

Forces: Leave the candle where you had it.

NN: Thank you.

DD: Was Joseph of Aramathea the twin soul of Jesus. Was there another soul in existence at the same time? I read before that Woodrow Wilson was the brother of Jesus.

Forces: This is correct.

DD: He was both brother and Joseph of Aramathea?

Forces: Woodrow Wilson was the brother of Jesus at that particular time Joseph of Aramathea came into Woodrow Wilson as I said Joseph of Aramathea was a direct influence to Woodrow Wilson while he was making his World Order form. He became Woodrow Wilson in its own direct force. What you’re pinning us down to is the Spirit World versus the physical world and sometimes its very difficult to say where the Spiritual World ends and where the physical world begins.

DD: He took over the body sometimes?

Forces: There you go.

DD: Thank you.

IS: How has the trip to ARE this last week gone?

Forces: We have after this settling of certain things, certain plans that we would like you all to carry out and these plans will be ah different well at this time we will not reveal them to you but let us say there are plans that we have set out to be done.

IS: And the meeting at the ARE with Cayce and…?

Forces: Ones of a very high order and a very strong spirited meeting, one of the very highest meetings that they’ve had in a long, long time.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: You do not understand how much you are a cornerstone to your own development that’s why its essential that progress is made in your movement.

IS: You mean this group?

Forces: Yes the strength of the group.

IS: A cornerstone for whatever endeavor we get into?

Forces: Well let us say you are your own construction company. Wherever you go you do build cities.

IS: The whole group?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Will they at anytime be let to understand that you do come through here?

Forces: Oh yes.

IS: Through Tom?

Forces: They’ll see it.

IS: They’ll see it themselves?

Forces: In time.

IS: I’m not to mention it?

Forces: Not directly but they know it subconsciously and consciously.

IS:Is it what I let out…?

Forces: Here and there yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Are they wondering why we don’t make our own organization but want to help them?

Forces: (—–) remains a mystery to them but not such a big mystery because they too are seeking new information for those questions that they have now come up with.

IS: So this is all part of the plan?

Forces: (—–) yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: What are all these Christians about now?

Forces: Better to (—-) them as nomadic Christians than mobs without a conscience.

BF: Could anything be given on what Tom talked about the UFOs landing in Russia?

Forces: (—-) this is true.

JU: Could you tell us about the soul that was Patton and give us some other lifetimes and ah…?

Forces: Something else wasn’t he?

JU: Yes.

Forces: Yes we have to move on we have sent souls into the earth and they ask always the question why me Lord. Why you because there’s no one else that’s why you.

JU: Can you say more about him?

Forces: You know what he was when he was alive that should be enough at the moment. He was great leaders in other lifetimes, had his problems of course but he was always there when major moments in the world were at strife funny but the Higher Forces always come in with there own battle array and have the cards ah, ah fixed. Even Satan himself could not understand in all his work with the Germans how he was dumped or duped.

JU: Was he at the time of King David?

Forces: Oh yes.

JU: Joab?

Forces: Yes. It doesn’t really matter if he was ah Jehoshaphat. The principle of his lifestyle and character speaks loud and clear of a miracle (—-) world,

JU: Thank you.

IS: Its not that I don’t want to do it I feel I don’t have all the equipment.

Forces: (—-) Patton felt the same way. His biggest cry was I came into the earth to see the biggest battle and I’m taken out of commission al the time.

IS: Thank you.

GL: In the Egyptian Book of the Dead it shows a birdlike figure that hovers over the body when it dies. Could you explain what happens there and what they’re describing?

Forces: They are simply describing the taking of the soul and to guide it and to deliver it into the other side and also describing the astral powers and bodies and forces of the other side of the world in the astral playing for its own bank of control and movement.

GL: Thank you.

BH: What’s the karma of a leper?

Forces: Blasphemed against the Holy Spirit.

BH: Thank you.

IS: What is the specific thing when they say blasphemed against the Holy Spirit as different from blasphemed against God?

Forces: It’s not too much of a difference very slight but one who curses the Holy Spirit and out and out ah does that.

IS: Somebody like Madeline O’Hara?

BN: What was the spiritual principle that Rome was supposed to bring forth?

Forces: The bringing forth of a unity of the One God concept growing to that ability and that of an Empire of Brotherly Love and Strength through work, hard work. When hard work stopped the Empire crumbled.

BN: Thank you.

NN: Who was Cain in the lifetime of Jesus?

Forces: No comment.

Forces: Ah we only will strive to say to you that we are with you and we are trying to work you through these moments to bring you into a different plateau of experience. Remember that spirit and the strength within so you can move on and most of all remember the closet of prayer and that we are their if you come there. You must set your own thoughts to get in and pray many of you go on and meditate in the morning and that’s it. Try before you retire just to stop in a few minutes just to say thanks and good night rather than dodge to your bed. So think on that no one can tell you to meditate at night but we’re telling you just to say thanks and to rest your mind a few minutes before you move on. (—-) in your own field be still a few minutes and give thanks for the many miracles that you have had given you so that you can move on in your next experience that’s in front of you.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.