Session 298-4/19/80

Forces: Greeting to all here present now. We have been watching many areas and finding a very strange way in different positions and conditions have been worked out and taken care of and any world wide are very much confusing and very insecure in many ways many tests in the Middle East are about ready to manifest. It seems like every day that we pass by are these more and more the tests that come our way. Of course we have to be strong in your beliefs and spirit that will give you the food that you need. Iran of course will have starting now many internal conflicts political conflicts and religious conflicts ah also there seems to be much ah, much ah disturbance under the ocean and a great connection between why California and South America parts along into Turkey. We find the land mass in California is under tremendous tension and stress and ah very strongly pointed that there should be a major split in the earth ah soon forward ah from 6 months to 3 months should be some the major ah changes ah about ready to happen in parts above California ah these are the beginning and primary stages. Of course they’ll be many parts of the country that will, experience strange depressions many parts will soar in their development and of course Virginia is likely to be tested in many avenues but we’ll work all these items. As far as your weather is concerned this of course is a give and take item. Be new drugs invented ah that will enable people to remember past lives ah amazing as it sounds you take a pill and your immediately your in another lifetime, a pink one for this year, and (—) for that year and red one, for the year after that. Of course you wouldn’t be a bit surprised that in the years to come they will also be able to dye your hair by taking a pill and keep it that way so you won’t have to necessarily dye your hair, change the color of your eyes if you want to and also all sorts of different items. We also have one that your ears and face can glow in the dark. (Laughter) Yes you take a certain dye and you’ll be able to see all your veins glow in the dark and this should be coming out soon all sorts of strange antidotes. They’ll be anew fashion where they would hang heavy earrings off the earlobes and ah collar rings around the neck ah people try to get gold ah necklace, neckies, neckles whatever. There’s also a great turn to ah like a Chinese kind of suit that ah is well this is (—) has always happened before made out of webs ah like spider webs yeah things do get heavy. Of course Carters going through his critical moments and stages in his tests you wonder who are we for well Kennedy is making some movements but ah of course his movements needs a little bit more improvement we’re still in back of ah Carter and you have two evils the lesser and the greater and ah that’s what we have to choose from not that Carters all that bad still ah there are many things in the system that refuses to allow development to happen. It is not a strange thing as the system itself kind of chokes development and takes a certain amount of upheavals or cataclysms to make these systems work. We are aware that the internal affairs is being slowly put back to order. We are aware of RU condition ah she ah very bad condition she misses the place ah tremendously ah she doesn’t want to lose connection with the place ah subconsciously she doesn’t want to lose that connection so if she can harass as much as she wants to she would be satisfied that’s the way she plans to ah keep the ties open is through harassment kind of ah sad way of living ah this will eventually change as time goes on ah. We had mentioned before that we have planned things to be done we haven’t forgotten these plans that we would want to accomplish so just bear in mind that certain plans we have in mind is soon to come up.

Forces: We’re ready for your questions.

DD: Can you help me to understand the dream I had last night about stones, foundations and.?

Forces: Well it is also a representation of the secret words and secret formation of creation in the things around you it is going presently through a stage of being aware and trying to become understanding of these moments of development and stages of ah, ah concentration and giving so this a new spiritual highlight that’s coming about.

DD: Thank you.

NN: In Genesis where it says and bless them and call their name Adam who is it referring too is it the 144,000 or?

Forces: Yes exactly.

JU: Can you give us some insight into the soul that was Julius Caesar?

Forces: He had a tremendous amount of ah commitment and responsibility to be met during that lifetime. His purpose was to bring Europe and Asia together of course he got sidetracked with Egypt and ah this kind of tarnished his plans to get in Asia and Europe to work together. He was more or less a soul individual who had a great deal of magic and respect for the Spirit world and a great deal of ah love for the sacred rites of Egypt and fascinated with the mysticism of life that Egypt held and also read the Bible at that time for more information.

JU: Was he an initiate?

Forces: Well let’s not give him a high degree like that but he was in his own way.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Learn to be receptive and to be open in seeking the service around you and just basically preparing yourself for a new internal developments of intuition and strength.

BN: Thank you.

JB: The difficulties that various people are having around us what is the meaning of this?

Forces: Well various people in what respect.

JB: Pressures lost desires and financial various things you hear and see around you.

Forces: Well there is a great turmoil of the Spirit, a great searching for answers ah society that has gone practically on the rocks and supplying ah comfort abilities that no longer can supply and basically it’s the spiritual evolution that’s going on around you where people are shedding off their old desires and trying to tune more to the Spirit that’s within them.

JB: Thank you.

ES: Can you explain to me who my friend TA is?

Forces: Yes your friend TA is your friend TA. (Laughter) As far as who he is he’s your friend TA. Now if you want to know who he is simply ask him who is he. (Laughter) his name would be TA and if that is still in doubt go to any directory or post office and ask for TA he should say he’ll be right with you. Go to any hospital and se if you find a TA it’s a very common name there should be one from all the students at UVA and if not TA there should an A anyhow. Now then can that supplies the answers needed we are finished but if you are asking who he was simply go to where he was born in the hospital they have his birth certificate and they’ll give you the name TA and the birthday and the time and the time and the hour he was born and the mother and father and this should help you out and you have ways in which you have numbers in the right hand corner for birth certificates that should be there too a 4 number digit would be nice sometimes they go as far as 6.

ES: Was his reading correct that he gave me on Dec. 12th?

Forces: Well if he read the Book right and if you know how we sit down and read to people we sometimes get carried away when we read that ah we miss all the lines and sentences and sometimes people don’t like to read to other people because they like to read the Book themselves but whether correct or not. This has to be more like within yourself ah you’ve ask who he was and now your asking what he gave you was it real well ah if TA exists which he does then the reading he gave you, you must find it within yourself to apply to listen or to understand but we know sometimes things like this is given like a breath of fresh air and a piece of cake or candy or ah something that’s there for the taking. Did it cost you anything.

ES: Yes it did 20 dollars.

Forces: Well let’s say that the reading is accurate as much as you think 20 dollars is worth. (Laughter)

ES: Thank you.

Forces: That would be 1559 no we’re only aloofing with you. Take what you can for 20 dollars out of it and use and grow by it whatever you can do, some parts of his reading ah is only to please other parts is off in many areas but you cant go wrong by taking those things that please you and ah and accept them. (Laughter) But things that don’t please you are the things that he’s wrong in. Oh all jesting aside sometimes we kind of enjoy the earth people they call them. They raise great governments and societies and structures and buildings and if you just sit down and talk to one of them you really wonder to yourself what the heck is going on cause they don’t really come off the way they are to what well it doesn’t really matter. That should satisfy you for the moment. Just watch out when he comes to you for another 20. (Laughter)

BR: In the Bible when Pontius Pilate is asking Jesus what is Truth it doesn’t have Jesus answering him, but in the Aquarian Gospel it gives an answer. Did Jesus answer the question or was there Silence?

Forces: He answered it.

BR: Can we know what the answer was?

Forces: (—) in both respects the Bible and the Aquarian Gospels they are right, he answered it secretly too Pontus Pilate in a telepathic form and ah so that was the Silence that he was revealing the truth that was all about and if you look at the magic around you there is nothing but truth around you nothing but magic that is around you yet there are those elements that you think you have no control over but the control is there none the less and you walk through time and space with all this control so truth is just hearing and listening to that stillness and that Silence and that peace that is within you to give you the answers and truth of course is a revelation of the man from the beginning of time the Sons of God from the beginning when the earth was created to ah through the present and where you go so truth is that total reality of total perspective of past and present and future.

BR: Thank you.

BH: How do the spiritual laws relate to the 14 precepts?

Forces: They are the ah guiding and the graces of the spiritual laws. Ah today was a day in which the earth was being renewed, on a spiritual level certain graces was being bestowed upon the earth today in this (era?) area I don’t know if you’ve all had witness to the ah to the spectacle of it happening but if you had if anyone, anyone was watching the performance in the skies this afternoon.

BR: Yes.

Forces: So this sky was the, the Principalities and the, and the Hierarchies were coming down into the earth to walk through the earth to give power in the earth. So it was a very beautiful spectacle that was going on today and it means a lot of success and promises and, and good fortune to come about through hard times of course hard times are there but the spirit is what gives the revitalization and the fruit of that spirit.

BH: Thank you.

DL: Can you help us understand reincarnation because it seems like in a developed soul many different people are in the same person in those lifetimes?

Forces: No, no, no lets try to explain it to you there is you and there are other lifetimes that work through you right.

DL: Yes.

Forces: No.

DL: Yes.

Forces: Ok there is you do you know who you are.

DL: No.

Forces: Well yes you do you know when you are you and when you are not you and there are many lifetimes that you are settling within you those personalities are being worked out many lifetimes good, small and indifferent are being worked out. As you have your lifetime now you have also visitors who come and help you Angels, Archangels, whatever, visitors whatever you want to call them and they come down and guide you for a period of time, like of course when we said Nicodemus ah no I won’t go into that. Ah Woodrow Wilson was guided by ah, ah Joseph of Aramathea ah, ah, now Woodrow Wilson was not Joseph of Aramathea nor was he Elijah but he was helped by Elijah to. Do you understand what we’re saying.

DL: Yes.

Forces: Just as you call upon certain Forces certain ah people ah there are other people in the spirit world that are constantly trying to keep the earth in balance, in a balance and these Forces come and just as Christ Spirit comes by and walks with you to give you that strength and the inspiration to do your job so also is the earth filled up with good spirits and of course bad spirits and its up to us to choose the good spirits and we choose the good spirits by our imaginations and our inspirations and we will attract the good spirits who will come by and help us. So it’s not that famous people are many people that its very difficult to pin them down no famous people are helped by many other entities that seem to be absorbed in their personalities or work through there personalities or work through there personalities then when that happens its vey difficult to separate who has the right to say who has the credit.

IS: In the case of Elijah and Elisha?

Forces: Each one is separate to themselves but each one has a certain power that was related to one another.

IS: In John the Baptist?

Forces: Through John the Baptist.

IS: Thank you.

LK: In the Temple of Sacrifice and the Temple of Beauty music are there any composers that we’d know who wrote similar music to that or was it a totally different type of music?

Forces: Well a lot of your composers were involved in that particular era of music creation and ah the 17th century and ah 16th century these ah powers was coming through ah we would look very strongly to ah, ah Hayden has a great power that was coming through, lets just take toy along with Hayden ah as far as ah that question.

LK: Thank you.

HI: When I was at Natural Bridge this weekend I thought I saw entities entombed in the rock. Could you tell me if it was my imagination?

Forces: No there is a great force there around those walls ah some are perfecting another ah (—) affecting, there is a great force near there that’s why ah well yes it wasn’t your imagination but there are entities everywhere as we move through time and space.

HI: Were these entities at one time great souls that are still entombed there?

Forces: No, no, no, no they weren’t great souls they just had some powers but not great souls.

HI: Thank you.

JE: How did the Atlanteans make material out of light?

Forces: Well controlling the light force that it would vibrate at a certain pattern and keep that pattern. Ah how do we say it, it would set up like strings into a pattern very fine etheric strings and these strings would glow with a certain color light which would give cloth for the body linked to that not the body but the soul itself.

JE: Is it material like we think of material or something else?

Forces: Oh no its not the material that you have its, its like a crepe sort of, chiffon sort of but its not that either its even lighter than those ah its more like the mist that you see in the morning hours.

JE: Thank you.

DD: The square of Saturn as I understand goes along with the cube, which is positive, but Saturn being negative how does that relate to this square which seems to be very spiritual?

Forces: Saturn could be a very forceful planet for the occult and it is in control with Jupiter and Venus, which makes Saturn’s powers utilized in a positive manner.

DD: Thank you.

IS: What kind of spiritual disciplines and services for the group at our present state of development would be the best?

Forces: Well this would be taken into consideration that the singing of the Psalms is a very good force and a good development for ah the progress. The Rosary of course has its own force around it this is very good ah these elements would be strong reading of the Bible of course is a strong force ah other ah other energies and services would be discussed as a later on as time goes on.

IS: Like the books?

Forces: We would look into it and give you the answer ah another time.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Did I understand correctly the certain qualities as being connected with the sin of Sloth in myself?

Forces: Yeah you could be yes.

NN: Thank you.

JU: The cabinet I’m working on am I proceeding with it properly and can you help me to accomplish it?

Forces: Bring the spirit with you and you will be proceeding with it very nicely.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Do we each have guardian angels and how are they chosen?

Forces: You choose them before you come into the earth.

BN: Were they partners in previous lives?

Forces: Well you go into this realm of discussion about ah helpers remember they’re not to be worshiped or attracted to or ah depended upon they’re there just to help you to make your decisions guide you. You attract them as before you come into the earth and you ask them to guide you and to work with you while you go into the earth and not to leave you in process without their help.

BN: Thank you.

GL: Can some guidance be given to me at this time concerning what I should be studying on the spiritual level and what direction I should be going?

Forces: Well lets try to concentrate on the Book of John and then ask the question again after you read John about three to four times.

GL: Thank you.

JB: Can anything be given in dealing with the growing Virginia Beach at this time as far as improvements or anything that needs to be accomplished there?

Forces: It is ah footstone and a stepping stone, it shouldn’t be put into disrepair it should be keep up in a medium state ah will have its force coming soon.

JB: Thank you.

ES: Can you tell me what my Mother and Father and Sister and Brothers think of me at this time?

Forces: You really want to know.

ES: I think so I’m not real sure.

Forces: Your Mother and Father your Sisters and Brothers you want us to lump it into one thing.

ES: Yeah.

Forces: Well let us say some think your naïve; some well this is not fair to you.

ES: Should I ask that differently?

Forces: No, no, no, no, no you don’t have too but it’s not fair some think you have a good heart and some think, well they don’t have bad thoughts of you of course not, you know they all going through their things. Ah they’re not pleased at some parts because some of them you’re not paying them enough attention to and therefore they feel your cheating. Ah some feel well its not a major thing you shouldn’t be worried about what they think of you but it’s a big major thing when we ask what they think of not too bad, not too good.

ES: Thank you.

Forces: Your back where you started, from.

BR: What Mountain was Sermon on the Mount on?

Forces: Well Jesus loved to stand near Bimini and he had it in many different sections it just not just happen once and sometimes he would speak before the Jordan and other times he would speak near what would be considered ah Mount he walked many times to Mount Horeb to talk and ah and he talked near the Dead Seas ah that to he liked to talk to and ah Bimini, Mount Horeb and the Dead Seas would be the areas that this here Sermon would be said.

IS: So it would be Mount Tabor and that Mountain by the Dead Sea?

Forces: Right.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Has the Prophecy of Daniel where he talks about the three kings in Persia did that take place yet?

Forces: Some of it has others have not come yet.

BH: The part that has when did it take place?

Forces: Before World War One.

DL: Could you tell us any lifetimes of Caiaphas the High Priest was and if that particular version that we saw was truer of his feelings than we’ve seen before?

Forces: Well why do you speak on Caiaphas for?

DL: Something in the film made me want to know more about him who he was maybe see a pattern and if he really was concerned about the Jewish people or he just was a jerk?

Forces: Can we ask you this answer this question to you at the next session.

DL: Sure.

Forces: Ah Caiaphas ah you’ve got to talk to us more about those feelings, maybe we’ll lay you down and we’ll hear you talk ah Caiaphas had ah a very powerful audience to him and he was he had a lot of ah took a lot from the people I mean he would have them pay him money and bring food to his house and he would store it away and all sorts of things clothes, materials ah diamonds ah even scrolls he would have people write the scrolls for him and not he would ah take peoples cattle and slaughter them and but these are, these are personality traits he had that he had to work with and there was a lot of that going on. There were some other good Priests too that would also help the people with their food and their clothes and there, there land and help work with them on that and ah work that out for them. Caiaphas also had a lot of political power with Rome and he was a great lawyer as far as ah speaking with Rome and he knew a lot about their culture but ah whom or what he was before that well ah lets say Caiaphas had some connection with Ham the brother of Noah, the son of Noah.

DL: Thank you.

LK: In the last session when I ask for guidance you told me to take care of little things and be aware of little things? Could you give me like a direction?

Forces: Well try to create a system in which will keep a record of things and try to be aware of well the little things are the things that will give you answers to a lot of questions inside you and certain signs that are coming your way are going to take place of course in the little things and the most prevalent now. Just be aware of the signs around you to give you the answers.

LK: Thank you.

HI: Could you give us the meaning of the dream that my Mother had this morning in which her world or the world suddenly exploded and it was no more?

Forces: Well self explanatory she’ll have new conceptions of and new ideas to ah come and develop her ideals new ideals to will be coming in.

HI: Thank you.

JE: Could you give us some lifetimes of Mary Magdalene all through history we might know or current ones?

Forces: We’ll lets, lets answer that question along with Caiaphas not that we’re avoiding lifetimes its that it does get tricky and we’d like to answer the lifetimes and let it to be used at the best for the best ah for the best information, all right. Lets just put Mary Magdalene as far as the ah the ah the wife of Pharaoh Ikhnaton which is very strong lifetime for her.

JE: Thank you.

DD: There’s a tradition that Jesus gave secret words and a secret ceremony to Joseph of Aramathea after he resurrected?

Forces: Yes, yes, yes.

DD: Could you explain what this represented or? (Part missed)

Forces: Yes they do happen.

IS: The vision or whatever it is that I saw about the future a thousand to two thousand years is it correct about the communal living and when is that going to happen if it is correct?

Forces: It’s happening and its correct and its very relative.

IS: Then a governmental body won’t be neither politics neither religion but a combination of the way I saw it.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And that’s what this group is all about?

Forces: This yes un-huh.

IS: Did I understand the meaning of?

Forces: Yes, yes.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Last week Tom said Jesus used Psalm 84 for certain things could it be given what particular favors?

Forces: Anything, Psalm 84 is open to everything.

NN: Thank you.

JU: Can you help me with thoughts that weigh me down can you help me work with those?

Forces: When you have a thought like that try to do something nice to someone near you and that should remove or help remove some of those thoughts.

JU: Pattern too?

Forces: Pattern you must remember goes from avoiding responsibilities around you if you can just pick up the responsibility you won’t have time for those thoughts.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Are you the Holy Spirit?

Forces: Well the Holy Spirit is a quote, quote word or name. The Apostles used the Holy Spirit to ah describe certain unusual things that happened and just say we’re a segment of this conscious feeling of the Holy Spirit yes.

BN: Thank you.

GL: In the Egyptian Book of the Dead it speaks about ah part of the entity or being that’s left in the tomb a few days afterwards could you explain what this is and what there talking about?

Forces: It’s a part of an initiation different cycles the people go through souls go through and the initiation is simply that of resurrecting the soul from the body.

GL: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving but we’ll speak to you again either tomorrow or the next day. We have certain things we want to work out. We’ll be with you and, and ah be near you. The entity tonight see that there is that food that ah he can eat tonight but ah will be all right. He should go back on the fast ah like one in the morning. Fasting is interesting ah Russia should be going through that too at times.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.