Session 299-no date

Forces: Greeting to all here present now. We have traveled and worked this week with many elements especially that of Iran and Russia. We have set some discord in between them and some disharmony again within that of Russia. Every Item focused now on America’s position and situation. America’s friends will be only as strong as its commitments true allies to America will be that of Australia and Israel those are the forces that will turn the tide in the events to come. We are now living as has been told you in a most strenuous and testing age. (Thunder in the background) During this age there shall many trials it is up to you all to be there strong regardless of what. The church during this age is also going to be shaken and only that which is the strong elements shall remain. It is as has been said up to each and everyone to remain strong in their commitments because those in Europe will have a tendency not to get involved but in reality the more they try not to become involved the more they are involved. As far as you have interesting thoughts on California the earthquake is coming. When we have the two alignments in the horizon that of Uranus and Jupiter beginning at the moment of February of 1982 to that of June of 1982 the beginning the beginning pulses of the split in California will take place. The remained parts of that will also affect areas of South Carolina and Georgia, Florida, Mississippi the Mississippi River, Nevada parts of Texas, parts of Arizona. All these things can be changed or altered by the peoples receptivity to the metaphysical and occult laws if they turn aside from them the land of course will go under. We do see no help at this moment for Georgia and South Carolina therefore parts of our plans, it is urgent that we send some representative of this group into South Carolina and Georgia. We all know its not the best place of world situations its not the worst it can be altered and changed overnight if the spirit enters. We are interested and concerned about Florida and that a visit to that State is necessary not only to get one or two souls out before this destruction but we are also interested that you as a group will have some affect on those in California. You are now spread out throughout the whole land. (Thunder in background) California will be affected in 1982 only two years the most away a year and a half there will be some shortages around its good and time to prepare yourselves for some these shortages a large percentage of your imports from South America will be affected. The rising of, of the landmass near Bimini Islands, the discovery of Atlantis by the Russians in the Azores, yes the Soviet Union in 69, 70 have gotten information and photographs of Atlantis that clearly state civilization that have gone down. There need be a desperate turn to metaphysical principals during these days ahead to understand the spiritual laws and the metaphysical results of these laws. There needs to be a desperate turn to them. The world is coming to a major change where you will as has been prophesized see the Son of God (Thunders in the background) coming upon the clouds. (Thunders again) Before 1999 is finished this will have its manifestation. As had been said to you the world ahead is filled with many tests and trials but none so severe and questionable as that of the commitment to your God. The United States will go through many drastic changes in the years to come. There is great strength in the countries that are coming up. You had visited Newfoundland the reason why we had you do that is because this was the (sea) seed line of Atlantis this was the islands off the continent of the northern part of Atlantis. We also would stress that there will be great Angelic forces and angels all sorts coming in to work that has never been on the earth before. There shall be many strange developments of course Japan itself will be affected by one of these angels totally.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Drip in pink bathroom? (Loud thunder)

Forces: Just as we are always helping all of you in what its up to you to understand that we’re trying to give the best assistance possible. As far as the dripping of the water this here would be checked about the threads and the rings around the faucet along with that of your turn off valve.

DD: The one in the middle?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The last session you mentioned something happening in California in three months to six months is that going to happen?

Forces: This still is the beginning of the major transition yes.

IS: Something will happen?

Forces: In three to six months is the beginning of that for 1982.

IS: Was it wise for me to tell them or should we forget it in 1982?

Forces: No, no it’s wise to tell them more necessary now than ever.

IS: Thank you.

IS: There will be something that they will see that?

Forces: Don’t worry about how you appear or how it would affect them. We have said a certain time a month a date usually it sets its course on target unless the people of the land change their ways. Generally it’s hard to come by nowadays.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Could the name of the angel that’s going to affect Japan be given at this moment and how will it affect it?

Forces: The name of the angel is Madiel-sel and it will affect it very dreadfully.

GL: Thank you.

JU: How to get some Cedar of Lebanon wood?

Forces: Certain areas of New York can be carrying foreign land wood works ah this could be your best ah interests. Some of the are carrying it down on Louisiana strange as it is ah different sections of the country has pieces here and there to receive these pieces of wood.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Was there a spiritual reason why the mission to rescue the prisoners in Iran should have failed and what would be our best way to see what that now with that nation?

Forces: The lack of strength and faith in that of the movement force behind the action.

BN: Thank you.

BH: As far as what was said this morning as far as personal services ah what would be the best time for me?

Forces: Whenever you feel you need one the weekends we would say somewhere around 9:00, 9:30 for yourself and the weekdays could be held after the other (—-) service.

BN: The 9, 9:30 on weekends its PM right?

Forces: No you could have this in the morning.

BH: Thank you.

FS: I had a dream in which I received about eight bars of music and I was curious about the calculations that happened with the time signatures in it were and what was meant by big four written underneath the time signatures?

Forces: These represent a foundation and factors of the world.

FS: Thank you.

BR: On Jesus was speaking about Capernaum to the Apostles he said ‘Oh thou Capernaum thou was exalted to heaven, thou shall be cast down to Hell’ was Capernaum representing Jesus being exalted to Heaven then having to go to Hell for three days?

Forces: Correct.

BR: Thank you.

JE: Would you now tell us the story of Mary Magdalene?

Forces: Mary Magdalene life story was a strange one. But let us try to say after speaking to Jesus she then became very close to him and shared with him many experiences. She was the organizer of the food and spices and ah precious ointments from the Far East. She was a businesswoman in the best sense of the word and she had created a business of cloths and dyes and colors that were tremendous. She later moved on over to India with Thomas, with his mission work after staying there for three and a half months she went to Greece with Philip there she stayed two months and then traveled all the way over to England there she died and in Glastonbury she’s buried.

JE: Thank you.

LK: Can you tell us what a Rainbow is and the significance of seeing a double rainbow is?

Forces: A rainbow is an angelic field of angels doing their work and being taken up while new angels are sent down to continue the work. Those who see it are found normally in favor with the Higher Forces and as a sign to them of a certain amount of ah recognition of their own commitments to the spirit world. It is more or less a regeneration factor and anyone sees a rainbow they are being regenerated them selves and being put back into order.

LK: Thank you.

NN: The young man in the accident?

Forces: We have sent an angel to him tonight; today and that will take care of him.

NN: Thank you.

DD: In the 14 letters as they relate to the 22 letters do I understand it right that the first 14 letters of the 42 letters go with the first 7 of the 22 next 7 next 14 and so forth?

Forces: This is understood right.

DD: Could any more be given on that?

Forces: That each letter is interconnected with the one preceding it and it would be in the form of the double square that it forms a pattern of force used in the right way it manifests a strong ah gravity growing and development in that field of comes a new awareness and new sorts of plans and Revelations.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The trials that are coming are some for this group?

Forces: Trials are for everyone of course as much as we dedicate ourselves to that which is higher we are preserved pain and problems of that which is felt by the world as heavy those who are involved with the spirit becomes very light.

IS: So there’s many trials coming for this group?

Forces: There’s many trials for the world coming, many trials for the group coming as always but if one is dedicated to the spirit its no longer a trial.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Yesterday the incident was it caused by fear?

Forces: More or less fear but projections from other ah entities that are sending a force to you.

DL: Thank you.

Forces: You could say that fear is a strong element that provokes a certain response that needs to be controlled.

DL: Thank you.

GL: The wiring on the third floor is that being done right now?

Forces: You’re doing it in the best way ah odds and ends here and there but it is done in its best way make sure that they have there own attachment to your walls not to high up on the ceilings but along its own base and attach to ah the beams in the best way.

GL: Is that the outlets?

Forces: (———) other odds and ends that you do, do.

GL: Thank you.

IS: As far as that room goes is there any way to make it even warmer than what it is?

Forces: Well after putting up your walls and everything we have some parts of the steam that will help. But generally it will get warmer as time goes on ah the electric base would help a small one there to keep it warm.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Why haven’t I been able to have a pattern of discipline for my energy and organize my time?

Forces: Try to as we said keep a list of your wants and developments that you want to do and try your best to keep a schedule of these accomplishments and not to get caught into thoughts or phantasies of discussions that will rob you of your time.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Can you help me to understand how best to approach or work with the doctors and students and nurses I work with and helping them believe in the metaphysical or introduce them to it?

Forces: Slowly.

BN: Verbally?

Forces: Slowly.

BN: Thank you.

FS: Could you tell me if the French horn relates to the Hebrew letter Shin?

Forces: This could be ah yes it would relate to this powerful letter.

FS: And with that is the French horn a modern day shofar and relating to the horn for the judgment call?

Forces: Yes in its own way and right yes.

FS: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell us about Mary Magdalene in lives after the one with Jesus and possibly if she’s around today?

Forces: Mary Magdalene of course seeing that your stuck on her was involved with the Apostles of organizing and working with them as far as a structure to go out into the world. She was helped by Joseph of Aramathea and Lazarus to become an organizer and champion of the way of the spoken miracles or the secret miracles handed down by Jesus. They met here a large table and discussed the many avenues before them. They perceived the ends of the earth in many ways. In such a way they transmuted down from ages what would be the best living place. All pointed of course to one, which we all know around the year what would be ah 14 ah thousand ah 1, 4 thousand ah BC the ah people from Israel migrated from the Persians and not the Persians but a outcast people who were attacking them and traveled to England there they built their Stonehenge which would affect the Universe. This they discovered in 67, 68 this Stonehenge was also a great responsibility and (Mary Magdalene) to be dedicated and conceived in it.

JE: Thank you.

BR: Did any other woman travel with Mary Magdalene or go to India or England with the Apostles?

Forces: Yes they all took their own personal turns.

BH; Could you tell us the difference between spiritual laws and the 14 precepts and what the spiritual laws are?

Forces: Spiritual laws and precepts are just disciplines to the body and mind and soul so it would become better in its evolution. These things must be revealed as we evolve forward into new horizons.

BH: Thank you.

LK: In the future years of the earth and mankind like thousands and thousands of years from now will man always retain the humanoid shape, as we know it to be considered human or can that change as was given in the last book that I read?

Forces: It could be partially revealed in the last book.

LK: Thank you.

NN: In chapter 14 of Job where it says men is born is that referring to man not on a spiritual level?

Forces: This would have some actual evidence (—-) this has the possibility again (—–).

NN: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain how the double squares works with the letters?

Forces: This is (—) but in a different force and field.

DD: Did that answer the question I just asks?

Forces: This would have some affect on the progress (that you will find).

DD: Thank you.

DL: Caiaphas was he a character that would be despicable to most here?

Forces: He was just pickled. You were before him as the blind man with the deaf point and you had to convince him of what had happened to you, which made you quite upset.

DL: Thank you.

JU: Am I moving at all spiritually or if not what do I need to do and why do I feel like I’m not moving?

Forces: Your moving ah sometimes you move so fast that it’s backwards. Your moving but you committed yourself but you’re the only one we know that has already committed yourself on the spiritual level, now you just have to work it out on a physical level.

JU: Thank you.

BN: The king of the 5 kings of Atlantis who became aggressive and..?

Forces: One King became aggressive which started the other Kings to become defensive.

BN: The first one was he ah did he become Napoleon and Hitler?

Forces: There’s a possibility we never thought of that (Laughter)

BN: Thank you.

Forces: His batting average would seem like he would. He was the ruler and governor over Posidia.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: And that is the area that is rising up now.

IS: Does it mean all of those things are coming back with the rising of that?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is that the trials you’ve been talking about?

Forces: Oh yes, yes, yes.

IS: Thank you.

BH: Could anything be given on statues and testimonies and how they differ from the spiritual laws and precepts as mentioned in Psalm 119?

Forces: Statues and testimonies they don’t differ too much.

BH: Nothing makes them different?

Forces: The only thing that makes them different is one is handed down and regulations of laws (and) the other ones inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

BH: Thank you.

FS: In the dream with the time signature that changed to the (pic 4) could you explain to me what was meant by first the multiplication and then the division before the final product of the foundations of the world.

Forces: That you have to work with yourself and multiply that and you must add some other element and divide into it and then it is the beginning of your work.

FS: So it was a personal message for me?

Forces: Yes.

FS: Thank you.

BR: In reading the Four Gospels, at the time of the sepulcher counting all the women that each Gospel mentions there seem to be about six. How many women were at the sepulcher with Mary Magdalene?

Forces: About seven.

BR: Thank you.

JU: Could you give us further lifetimes of Mary Magdalene after she was with Jesus?

Forces: Huh. (Laughter) We have a very strong indication that Mary Magdalene became the, became the power and influence of the well lets try to (tape stopped power outage) you, you should through the switch ah turn off your things so you won’t have them all broken, freezers and we’ll hold up for a bit. Now where were we.

JE: The question is could you give us any more..

Forces: We know where we were (Laughter) we’ll try to give you a famous influence of this particular woman later on down the years. She had a tremendous affect during the beginning of the American Revolution and helped many individual statesmen with their inspirations and ideas to build this particular country. We find her knowing as Betsy Ross. They always called good old Betsy no she had tremendous affect on some of the philosophies and spiritual beliefs of those around her. Question.

JE: Thank you.

NN: Can you explain further what it means (——-)?

Forces: Just a struggle involved of work and moving on forward.

NN: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain what the double squares are or I shouldn’t go into that?

Forces: The double squares is that of above and below.

DD: How does it go higher letters above lower letters below?

Forces: As we said before yes correct.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Now how many in this group have overcome that Atlantis experience to the point where those things coming will not affect them?

Forces: It will affect people but the majority here will be strong enough as it stands to move on and to bring the best forward in front of them.

IS: That’s where the things come from the things that are going to happen so can we pray for Atlantis to stay sunken a little longer? (Laughter)

Forces: Its popping up in the Pacific and its popping up in the lands off New what would be considered Iceland and of course off the coast of Newfoundland.

IS: RU and RH were they somebody that did not make the Atlantis experience?

Forces: No they did not succeed in leaving Atlantis.

IS: That was the mark whoever succeeded in leaving?

Forces: Um huh.

IS: That means all those reincarnations (from sunken Atlantis) are now going to, are they already in the earth and are they the ones pulling Atlantis up?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is it all those children those crazy children that are born?

Forces: Something like that.

IS: Thank you.

DL: The concerto in C that I was listening to today and a fantasy what sort of things do those bring forth in a person?

Forces: More of harmony of the cerpathical nerve center in the body.

DL: Thank you.

GL: The children coming in you were speaking about what happens do they meet on an astral level or something and magical ceremonies to bring this about?

Forces: Not really but there is a certain power to bring it the force up.

GL: So its not a group like conjunction that happens?

Forces: Yes directly and indirectly it is.

GL: This is from the dark side?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is it all those hyperactive kids that?

Forces: They have a certain affect on it.

JU: The reading I’ve been doing on economics food storage etc. is there anything we should be following that we’re not or should I discount it?

Forces: No there are some things that would be good the storage of food that you are doing is very good. We would try to ah evolve some items of medical and bandages and items that is now ready and medically available at this moment, aspirins things that would be difficult to get in the future.

JU: Anything else as far as the monetary stuff they talk about?

Forces: These things can be given in time.

JU: Thank you very much.

BN: Could you give a little bit more on what’s rising in the Pacific how can this be Atlantis?

Forces: Oh no, no, no this is not Atlantis this is ah your first continent Mual.

BN: Why is it rising is it part of the bad ah paths (past?) too?

Forces: Part of the things that now must be met.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: Not bad, not good, not bad things that need to be met from the beginning of time.

IS: Its like complete continents, civilizations committed suicide and now they have to come back and work it out?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: Things you have never seen before are now ready to appear.

BH: The spirituals laws could they be found in each one of Jesus’s parables a spiritual law?

Forces: Yes, yes.

BH: Thank you.

BR: Right before Jesus was going into Jerusalem they were going into another town, something happens there where James and John the Apostle comes to Jesus and asks if he wants them to throw a ball of fire on that town. What happened in that town because I didn’t quite understand and ah did those Apostles have that type of power?

Forces: Yes they did not accept the Word of God or the spirit that was in them.

BR: What did happen to that town?

IS: You mean to say it was a bad thing it wasn’t something that Jesus gave them the power but something on there own?

Forces: No, no, no, no it was something that was in them already but was put into a right focal point by the Spirit of Jesus.

BR: Thank you.

JE: On the other question you were answering about Mary Magdalene and the Apostles you said they held their meetings here what did you mean by here?

Forces: Here, they also came to America and held their meetings in Virginia.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: We were thinking you would not pick that up so fast but you did.

Forces: We will be with you this week, we will not forget you, we’ll be at your side and work with you many good things, as time goes on everything will be put into its right perspective.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.