Session 270 12/22/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching and observing the many different lights you have over your house and find the city will try to compete with you in many different ways. Ah we’ve shown ourselves in different angles and shapes throughout Virginia and find the state very interesting for our next ah expedition, Virginia shall be the State where it will sighted many of our contacts. Now even though there are other strange things that have been going on ah in this country and in this state, some of them we had (not done, we had). During this special season it is interesting to find out that we would ask the Spirit of light and joy, this season represents come from you and emanate around you. Ah we find that all the lights have tremendous affect on the Higher World as well as on this level to. And with each of the passing moments and days getting closer to this season we find that the Spirit of Christmas is truly alive and growing with each passing moment, hoping you can maintain this Spirit throughout the year, in its own (—–).

Forces: Now we are ready for your questions.

DD: Could you help me to see 3 dimensional what we were talking about before, about the letters and numbers and the words?

Forces: More or less that could be a pyramid (in?) and a octagon together.

DD: Thank you.

LK: You had mentioned your ships were living entities, if we were to see them with our eyes, how would they manifest to us?

Forces: Well you would perceive something ah identify it with your own metals and substances, but you would not really come to an understanding of it, up close only a queasy feeling within your stomach would occur on contact with such an experience.

LK: Thank you.

BR: Dream I had said something would be coming, something like Tarot cards and it’s in the wind. Could you explain that?

Forces: Let us say there are many forces that are governing and surrounding you and these forces are there to give you the strength and the intuition and inspiration to carry on (with) the particular work that is involved near you.

BR: Thank you.

NN: Will there eventually come a point where there will not be a matter world in any galaxy?

Forces: This might happen but it’s very far from likely at the moment.

NN: If it ever does happen then there will no longer be a good and evil?

Forces: This is true.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: No other than transition period of receiving being guided and just keeping open and receptive to the things that will be given and shown for the future development.

IS: Thank you.

DL: BB would like to ask if there is a particular reason why her car was hit and battery stolen, what kind of message your giving her?

Forces: More or less to reevaluate her structure of thinking and the quieting of herself in meditation and the force fields around her and just to receive the spirit and counsel and guide her through each passing day.

DL: Is it a good idea for her to transfer her schooling to Charlottesville?

Forces: It would help her in different respects but remember the question must lie with her and she must become her own comforter in the answers.

DL: Thank you.

GL: Could there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Keeping your spiritual side now strong and making worthy that practice so you can start on a new road within the soul level.

GL: Thank you.

BH: Is there a prayer from the sessions that’s better to repeat in your mind all the time to tune in to the Angel on your shoulder?

Forces: Each prayer has its own focal point and its own essence of strength, really is not one better than the other for each one has its own strength at the moment of expression, but the spirit of spirits the, there are those prayers that do have strength in them and each one has its own mission we can’t really tell you one prayer is above the others we do say that one force field has a certain preeminence over the other during certain times and periods.

HI: Is the entity Khomeini is he a type of anti-christ to the entity here?

Forces: Repeat.

HI: The entity Khomeini from Iran is he a type of anti-christ that is (—) to the entity here?

Forces: Well he has certain negative forces around him, but there are other issues with him that particular religious pattern that needs to be worked out and these ah has to be put into perspective. But this is all a plan in Gods working.

HI: Thank you.

JU: I had a dream where I was preparing the execution of a gangster type figures, could you tell me what that meant?

Forces: It represents certain qualities within self that’s needs and will be worked out to be eliminated.

JU: Thank you.

JE: Jesus would meet people and tell them your sins are forgiven, how would that change their karmetic pattern?

Forces: There was a time when Jesus would walk through the cobblestones and as he was walking he would experience the weight of their own personal sins on him and as he was doing such he would remove certain burdens that they had been carrying for so long by speaking to them he would refresh them and make them whole and then give them the spirit of hope and in this spirit he would take away the heaviness of their karmetic sins and put it in a certain position which they would immediately feel and move on without understanding it fully, this is a certain magic those members who follow the spirit can have removed the burden of sins and thoughts within the human body.

IS: So the people that have that sin on them no longer feel they can’t handle it?

Forces: This is true.

JE: He didn’t actually alleviate the karma he just put it in a position where it was easier to handle it?

Forces: In a position where it was much more workable.

JE: Thank you

JB: Any guidance at this time?

Forces: We would say keeping your mind in a spirited form, being creative as best as you can, these elements always lend themselves to be a very positive influence in your development, reading the Psalms to again will help you a lot and also planning out different ways of expressing that spirit in the line of creative ability as far as work and electricity.

JB: Thank you.

BN: What’s the best herb or substance for healing the kind of reactions that LK, DD, and I had on our skins?

Forces: You have your best substance in the water nature or the water spirits which run onto them, this is your best element of all combined, the next element that would help out and alleviate (the matter?) are those qualities of what would be called pine ah oil or more or less the spirits of coconut but this is quiet, well let us see, you have your water treatment and after that the ah quality of apple cider vinegar to take certain elements off the top layer of skin and then your water treatment again and then the bandage of, not really a bandage because air is the best element for these condition, but the swabbing of the element of reaction with that of a mixture of what would be considered ah oil of ah amedissa or the oil of ah saffron seeds or sunflower seeds is the best and after that the water treatment again and this would help you along with this the drinking of peppermint tea will calm whatever ails (else?) inside you.

BN: Thank you very much.

DD: Could you give me any guidance at the moment?

Forces: Again it’s the spiritual force and course that needs to be worked and these qualities will help out in a very positive aspect as far as just receiving and recording the dream level when and if it does ah become apparent and is given to you.

DD: Thank you.

LK: IF by chance one day we were to meet you face to face so to speak would we see you in the flesh or …?

Forces: You would see us what we would call in living color.

LK: Would you just be lights?

Forces: Some of us would be.

LK: Would some of you have a flesh like appearance?

Forces: We could put the powder on.

LK: Would that be what you really look like?

Forces: Course not no.

LK: Is it possible for us to see what you really look like?

Forces: Sometimes if you have the head for it.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: We’re not that ugly, as Daniel knows, but. You don’t have to put coconut seeds in our hair or garlic buds in our ears and we get a lubrication job once a week so the parts of our suits can move around nicely, no we’re not so bad looking its just that we, we are quite ah quite interesting creatures you might call us and not so dehumanized, but we could formulate any form or pattern that would come across, you know some of us think we have red skin and wrinkle, wrinkly dinkley eyes and big ears and a nose that looks like a bowling ball. (Laughter)

LK: And could your ships land on the earth?

Forces: We don’t understand that question, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t land already.

LK: No I mean say we walked out in the backyard one night we’re looking up and all of a sudden, could one of your ships come down and sit down on the backyard like that and they’ll open the door and let us walk in or something like that?

Forces: Sometimes I wonder if you just got here. Yeah we could do that it’s not a great thing.

IS: Will you some day?

Forces: We have been doing regular practice schedules ah been doing it yes, we’ve been, last night we decided to ah test our, our ah field of blocking out certain patterns and of course we did some other tricks to cause it and, and ah to see how well it works, it operated well and…

IS: Is that why I was able to see Channel 5?

Forces: Well we thought you needed something to, yeah, we thought you needed something so we put the layer down on the atmosphere so the wavelengths would come this way for you yeah of course.

IS: Thank you.

BR: Last night ah…

Forces: We may continue to get you the best reception programs for your moneys worth.

BR: Last night when the lights went out was that when you were landing?

Forces: Well we didn’t land then we just wanted to see certain interference rays how it would affect the, it works rather well.

BR: Thank you.

NN: The condition my Dad was in, in my dream last night was that something for me or about him or both?

Forces: More or less certain stages he’s going through.

NN: Is he ok?

Forces: Well these stages are developments in certain ways but he needs to rest a couple of times here and there.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Can man or any form of intelligence be without a soul?

Forces: We have not come across such an animal. Only those animals that have been created by man or by the souls themselves but they too become slaves or ah you have creatures like you have in the Atlan, Atlantis period and ah which also became a burden on those who had created them.

IS: Are those created creatures are they partial souls, are they here?

Forces: They are extensions of those who created them.

IS: Are they here on the earth?

Forces: They could be yes.

IS: Would they then be incarnated as separate beings?

Forces: No they would not.

IS: Thank you. So the soul who created them they would be like a familiar?

Forces: Yeah, yeah you would say that, an extension of their own energy.

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: This feeling I can’t get really excited or I can’t get really depressed or whatever. Can you help me understand what’s happening, from my neck to my stomach?

Forces: Well let’s try to understand it ourselves from your neck all the way to your stomach.

Dl: Yeah lower than that.

Forces: Well what does it feel like.

DL: A back (—-), or like I’m turning inside out.

Forces: When did you feel these things?

DL: About a month on and off its not all the time.

Forces: Well what do you think it might be.

DL: I’m not sure but it really seems to be like something screwy happening like a fan or something between my solar plexus and my heart.

Forces: Well let us try to say that these are the centers that need to be worked out and need to be worked with and balanced and there being put into a proper so called balancing factor that does take time, maybe once they regulate and, and a balance out then you’ll be able to work with yourself (not) in a very different form of light and be able to become more expressive and more ah giving without the emotional attachments of the solar plexus.

GL: About 10 years ago I had a dream in which a name was given to me on a sword and could you explain what this name meant?

Forces: The name was a passage way or a pathway to a higher development stage.

GL: It wasn’t anything that I had in a past life or any thing like that?

Forces: Not really no.

GL: Thank you.

GL: Why have I been thinking about it recently?

Forces: It is the stages of development that will be going through.

GL: Thank you.

BH: You gave me proverbs 1 to 10 to read every day, shall I just keep rereading those or shall I go on from there?

Forces: You can now do 10 to 20.

BH: Thank you.

JU: On the day we’re given to make a wish, I was undecided between which ones, did I waste a day or did I manifest one, a request like that or…?

Forces: We don’t understand you’re try to say you wanted 2 wishes one on one day when it was over.

JU: I was undecided and the day went.

Forces: Well what do you want to wish now for.

JU: One of them.

Forces: Then that will be it.

JU: Thank you.

JE: Can you continue now with the story of St. Germaine?

Forces: St. Germaine was a very interesting character; he had the power to control the seas and the oceans, he had also the power to project into the future. In fact he had the power to understand what the future would come about. There are certain times that this particular power perplexed those people who were around him because he did not deal with reality or the things or the basics that were in front of him. He had also the power to build without building and he used that power with buildings that had been built to produce the energy field of buildings to come. All buildings have a certain amount of energy around them; if one can tap into that energy field constructively one can build exactly what one has received through that energy at another place, section or part of town, exactly in its duplicate but that must be one stage on top of another. (There is) also this great power in which he traveled under different aliases or names or forces or fields, but this was different personalities he was identified with in other lifetimes so he took on those qualities very nicely. These are ah certain qualities that he had received in the Egyptian period of his evolution and at this particular time being it was so difficult in the European section to bring any of the occult form into reality, as it is also still very difficult even in this time and day to bring back or to bring up into the outside world the occult or spiritual process. That is one of the biggest problems you all facing today to bring up this spiritual fiber of knowledge and Wisdom in a world that is an ugly, the backward age. This will be your first part in your Book of St. Germaine.

JE: You said he had other names is there any other lifetimes we would know?

Forces: No nothing that would be outstanding.

IS: Is he in the Bible?

Forces: He had one or two places in the Bible but ah.

JE: Thank you.

BN: What would be the best thing for me to do or work on to develop and harmonize my solar plexus.

BN: We are also working on that but your best item to in your solar plexus always deals with taking the time to organize things as you are doing and taking the time to put things in some sort of, of order and system, this helps your solar plexus tremendously.

BN: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with this pyramid. You once said it represented an instrument board on a ship. What do the other parts represent, what parts of the ship?

Forces: More or less a communication or a message system throughout the other ships around.

LK: Was it part of an original plan that Christianity was supposed to have been spread over the whole world?

Forces: It really wasn’t spread throughout the whole world, but it was part of the balancing factor, it wasn’t the ultimate outcome but it, there were a lot of metaphysical knowledge and Wisdom that was handed down that was absorbed into Christianity and they used Christianity to maintain its lifestyle of the Mystics.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: In reality Christianity is not the real religion it’s the Mysticism that makes Christianity so real but if you tell anyone who believes in the Catholic Christian, Christian belief that they are Mystics or Occultist they would be very shocked.

LK: So that’s the whole thing that Christianity isn’t really what Jesus was teaching the way that we have Christianity and the people who say that there Christians are not really Christians because they’re not really following what Christ was teaching and doing?

Forces: See He came and gave many words in the signs of life and the hereafter so we a just tell you that ahm there are some things that have been put into a understanding that Jesus got across in the religion today.

LK: Thank you.

BR: In the beginning of Christianity how come all the Jewish Holidays were dropped?

Forces: They wanted to eliminate any connection with the Jewish ah heritage. Pentecost they did not drop, couldn’t because it was too famous in the area, that’s a Jewish holiday.

BR: Thank you.

NN: Psalm 99 where it says with Samuel and Moses God forgave them their inventions. What inventions with Samuel?

Forces: Samuel what inventions, the invention of making zombies or people come back to life again.

NN: Samuel did?

Forces: Any other questions.

IS: What was the reason for him doing it?

Forces: Knowledge.

IS: So he was like a Virgil?

Forces: Something like that.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Could you give me a prayer for my physical body and physical habits to overcome them?

Forces: Well “You rest your mind and rest your eyes, allow the healing light of this purple force, golden in color to come down and enter into you and to heal your body, as you stand before the gates. Let me take the strength that is given to me and put in order my frame of Spirit that it might glorify the Name of God who has given me my being”.

IS: So I do the light and then I say the prayer?

Forces: Correct.

DL: Lifetime I asked about once and you said correct and recently I’m drawn to aspects of that, does it relate to the lifetime before and is that why it wasn’t a complete success that lifetime?

Forces: Relate to what before tonight.

DL: The solar plexus heart.

Forces: It related to that yes.

DL: And that’s why that particular lifetime wasn’t in one aspect as successful as it could have been?

Forces: Well you always had that particular element to work out and this particular lifetime your finding it beginning to work itself out by sticktoitiveness.

DL: Thank you.

GL: Did the Laws of God come from the Spirit and are they just a manifestation in the earth?

Forces: This is true.

GL: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving but we will not be leaving. What we’ll do is that we’ll create such a mist in certain areas that will hover around you and we will not leave you for these days to come and we’ll be back on many occasions.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.