Session 272-12/27/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We find that the air is crystal clear and should be a perfect night for observing us and observations; we’re having it made such. Also we find very interesting subtle movements with progress and force about ready to flow through many areas around. There is a point of ready evolution as there are changes in the structure and procedures of this Covenant. We also find some deep-rooted feelings and oppositions towards different vehicles of doing things. It is better to take as it is said one day at a time and walk carefully and eventually at the end they’ll be a finish pillar project already accomplished. We find that this quality of moving one day at a time can be quite constructive and productive. There are certain stocks to look into might be good for investments that of salt and copper and that of boric acid or carbon oxide or items of the chemical nature, zinc and copper as always partial to these qualities.

Forces: ready for your questions.

DD: When all three of the things are put together, how will it be used, in what form can I use it in?

Forces: The form would be used more or less to generate a energy force of power through distance and again of time and space.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Dreams with RH what does that mean at this point?

Forces: It is certain amount of attachment in an indirect way for her to be near or here, trying in the astral world to get back. But there is also that connection, but nonetheless that entity in her own form, but breaking of such is the way of doing such connections.

IS: But it doesn’t mean (—-) to us?

Forces: In what respect.

IS: Any surprises for us.

Forces: I don’t think you’re in any avenue of being hit with any sort of surprises of anything that you do not know already.

IS: Thank you very much.

LK: What would be the most important thing for me to work on in the coming year?

Forces: The most important aspect within self is that of refrain and discipline the constructive energies in producing and creating of the artistic forms around you.

LK: Thank you.

BH: Did Mary wait until Jesus was 12 before she had other children?

Forces: She waited 7 years and then had what she could do.

BH: Thank you.

BN: When somebody or something jumps through a black hole to another galaxy what does it appear like from the other galaxy’s point of view?

Forces: The same as from what it looks like from where it left.

BN: Does it just appear out of nothingness?

Forces: The same as one you would enter into from this particular galaxy.

BN: Thank you.

NN: Was the dream that I had with RH suggestive?

Forces: Your best putting it in a disposal type frame of reference.

NN: Working with that aspect in me?

Forces: Just putting different aspects or elements that were left behind in its proper location and disposition.

NN: Thank you.

DL: Was Isis the musical entity I think she was?

Forces: As we have said before there has been a great amount of music involved in and around this particular group and have been connected with a lot of musical famous musical names in societies of the inner knowledge. Let us say she was well familiar with the ah fellow and (—) created in this era.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me for the year to come?

Forces: Creative ability again but also the sincere ability to be of service for those who need the help and assistance of your giving.

GL: Thank you.

BR: Was Chris Cringle, Santa Claus, and St. Nicholas the same type of soul?

Forces: The same Spirit is generated from the same force around the words.

BR: Thank you.

JE: Do all the different galaxies up until you were taking about the (—-) start, when a soul is in this galaxy do they come into one galaxy and have to go through all the experiences of that one and completely finish before they go to another galaxy or they can be different galaxies at the same time or how does that work?

Forces: There are certain experiences that does not have one does not have to go through and there are other experiences one does have to go through. All depends upon the acceptance of the Law.

JE: Thank you.

JU: Are there things taking place in alternate worlds or alternate possibilities that are changing the reality we are in now?

Forces: Yes there are there are a great deal of influences that are entering into the earth that are even changing the generations of children coming into the earth.

JU: Is our present changing, as we perceive it?

Forces: Has already changed.

JU: As those alternate possibilities change?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me what the Beard of the Ancient One represents?

Forces: This is the energy flow of the Universe through the creative abilities manifesting the force of Wisdom and the ability of constructing ah material buildings and Strength into the earth.

DD: Thank you.

IS: J. Jones’s wife (————–) suicide…?

Forces: She started off (—) good but of course went into her own wanting to get into the power struggle ah Judgment cannot be placed readily at this moment on the actions.

IS: (—-)?

Forces: At this moment.

IS: And the rest?

Forces: All information or explanation of this whole particular event is still being worked out and there’s a lot of items that should be carefully be looked at with this whole encounter knowing how desperately there needs the Spirit and guidance of the Spirit and when the Spirit no longer manifests openly and freely then you have pockets of these happenings (—-).

IS: Thank you.

DL: Was the particular person that Isis was is there any way this person can be pinpointed in the history books?

Forces: We pinpoint this individual in Poland going to France.

DL: A relative or…?

Forces: Teacher.

DL: Thank you.

NN: In my same dream could you say what the Italian funeral meant?

Forces: More or less putting certain passions to rest.

NN: Thank you.

BN: Within the particles that make up the atoms that we’re made up of are there any Universes with souls in those?

Forces: Well there is certain elements of souls traveling in the course of their existence to other expressions, they could be yes.

BN: Thank you.

BH: Did have a particular influence on any of his brothers or sisters?

Forces: Tremendous, they all merged in with his following.

BH: One closer to him than another?

Forces: James was very close.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving even though it is a short Session but we will be coming back again.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.