Session 279 1/29/80

Forces: Greeting to all here present now. We watched and seen the events move and progressed as they are and find everything (upside down) Interesting to note how fast items international statutes affecting the Soviet movements into Afghanistan. We on our international level calculate this as one of their drastic moves and fatal aggression and world congregation of their fictions. They are not operating right and the week to come they will recognize their operation as not handling it too well, but none the less this all being said, they’re now in the hierarch of Russia’s society are thinking seriously of pulling out of Afghanistan as fast as possible to save the Olympics and to save the attach of the Arabian nations upon them and also to save the United States from getting into the Mid East. Of course all these situations are taking place as we are speaking so we would not be a bit surprised to see some change of events happening in the next week or so. Ah where the Soviet Union will ah seriously think about pulling out. There are those aggressive ideas which are still in the ah cabinet of ah law workers and therefore there will be internal conflicts that will be going whether to stay or pull and the manifestation of it will come about in time. But as we are saying the thought of pulling out is now come into the minds and this was not there before as we had speaking to you in an earlier Session. As far as the hostages are concerned there is a slow tendency of releasing them through many diplomatic stages and protest and mark conditions, but we still have them tight for the moment and for reasons too. Now we are watching your other conditions round about and we would say these condition as far as RU and RH is concerned rather past names of Beth and Ingrid, it is ah fatal for them in many conditions, things are looking quite anxious for their lives and their on grounds of being pushed back into other areas and terrains that they do not like, they are the aggressors they are moving in areas that they are losing much strength but none the less we are working around them and through them and in them and we are taking charge and control as best as we can of the whole situation. It does look kind of strenuous at the moment for them. They do not want to come to trial; they are only using it as a tact in which that we would be forced through fear to compromise with them. That is not on the top agenda for them to go to trial they would rather handle it outside of the court but nonetheless if it is to go to trial they are losing many points in the operation.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

IS: Are they aware (—-)?

Forces: There is a general fear, feeling of anxiety, a tremendous anxiety on both parts and the anticipation and the feeling of the strength that is coming from this camp they are picking up and feeling much dissatisfied and disgruntled by the episode. There strength is definitely turning to an emotional state of strength rather than a cunning strength.

IS: Have I understood that they are trying to gang up?

Forces: This in all appearance is their last card. Yes is in fact what they are trying or attempting to do in their procedures.

IS: As they gang up that puts in a Judges…?

Forces: Well there is a great tendency now for the mercy and seriously looking at the situation with carefulness. Ah not to be pressured, the Judge has a certain hang-up he does not like to be pressured by those who want to slate times and situations and power and positions, he’s a country Judge and he’s not a city Judge so you’ll find that in the proceedings he’ll definitely have view points on country concepts rather than on the city concepts.

IS: There is a leniency towards those who stay in the country?

Forces: Yes there’s a subconscious leniency especially the connection that we had made with him in another period (lifetime?) of time through certain workings through the entity this too is at bay. Of course all these situations and all these implications all this foundation is at hand and we are working as best as we can night and day of course in the situation. And you can rest assured we do have our beanies on working everything as minute as possible to every last detail to get it out as best as we can like a newspaper.

IS: Is the document picked up, as it should have been?

Forces: Yes its rather interesting and it serves the matter very well.

IS: Will that be used?

Forces: It will be sufficiently used in many areas.

IS: We know what their claims are do they know what our claims are?

Forces: Strange as it is they are not assuming that they are not, they are too secure or too confident in being confident and of course they have even given a thought that we had any claims. (Laughter).

IS: So this is our biggest strength isn’t it?

Forces: Of course.

IS: What are they anxious about?

Forces: Well they thought we were totally unprepared for anything.

IS: So they are just anxious simply because we are not cowering?

Forces: Oh they have a feeling that we’re just a bunch of ah, not we but you of course, ah unorganized a group of people living together and each one pushing the responsibilities on to something else.

IS: And so they thought easy pickings?

Forces: Well they have a general feeling that ah they would be not too much conflict because they feel nobody here would have any power or knowledge of how to battle with them. A little bit confidence is in the making of this pudding.

IS: A little bit confidence…?

Forces: Well they have the confidence in themselves that they think they are right and they have not even given thought on the account of what we might have to say, or you.

IS: That letter that he has sent is that a valid document where she states no assets no nothing?

Forces: This will have a considerable amount of looking into and weight, you don’t write in a document a statement like that and then cancel it and say its not true.

IS: And then send the letter twice at two different times.

Forces: Cause if you cancel and say it’s not true the Judge just might throw everything right out the window, see in the courts as you have them the Judge gets very picky if you take a document and you write something on it that is considered the Gospel truth. If you say it’s not true then everything is thrown out, it is kind of painting on a canvas and if you put the wrong color on the paint ah a Judge has a tendency of being very upset with you so he becomes prejudice from the very beginning with your documents. And many a times this particular Judge has sent papers and documents on to the floor because of a judged inept handling of the situation, that disgraces the so-called legal chains and legal demeanor struggle. So of course he this particular Judge is very picky as far as procedures and he’ll walk right over the lawyers and make his own decisions very country like.

IS: Does her lawyer realize what’s in that paper?

Forces: The lawyer is not he’s not, he’s not cut out as what he is to be; he’s showing his ineptness in a lot of areas now and just as (—-) had shown his ineptness by carrying the (—), (—) to the Judge.

IS: (—–)?

Forces: Let us face some facts here you have many so called verbal written down facts on her behalf that she has transmitted through the mail on legal paper documents. These documents become legal because you have a copy of it , presenting in any court of law they do stand up more than the word itself they are written down and signed, therefore you have a certain amount of strength, you have many facts and figures that are errors wrong this in itself makes her case completely indescribably delicious but what we are saying is when a person or lawyer presents a case in flaws of facts or figures or words, accusations are proven immediately to be wrong, it destroys the lawyer and the lawyers case. Shows the lawyer to be a boob and no lawyer wants to be a boob, but it does show the lawyer very strongly to be inept.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: In the last session you said “for all the secrets of the books of lue is written”. Could you explain what that was?

Forces: Before we start answering your in depth questions we try to say as we had said before we will work with these divorce proceedings as best as we can, we’ll work with the Judge and we are working with her their lawyers, we are working with the environment and we’re working with conditions, we should get paid for it but we are trying to do our best in the circumstances and to right and bring a rightful conclusion to all that is possible so just do your best seek not for a what would be called a fierce victory but just seek for a satisfying ah movement forward, just allow us to work with it as best as we can.

DD: You said in the last Session for all secrets of the books of lue is written. Could you explain what that was?

Forces: The Book of repeat.

DD: Sounded like Lue.

Forces: This is the information you had received on your question of the origin of the Universe.

DD: Yes.

Forces: Blue, the Book of Blue.

DD: What’s that?

Forces: It’s not Lue. (Laughter)

Forces: You are known to have a Blue Book here on earth, spotting us we’ll we have a Blue Book here spotting you. It is a Blue Planet we call it and it’s considered the Book of Blue.

DD: The Blue Planet the earth?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Thank you.

NN: Is there a Book or segment in the Bible that represents more than any other the aspect of Patience?

Forces: You know, Job.

NN: Thank you.

DL: With the music the tape are you satisfied that it could be released to the general public?

Forces: Well you could make a special trip to the area of the studio and decide how you would have the song displayed and produced, this could be done.

GL: Could any guidance be given to me at this time concerning my job and what took place there today?

Forces: You must strive as best as you cannot to become or create a panic, I know that the situation was panic to begin with ah but this is a most diplomatic area of operation, it is walking a tightrope we realize that but it makes you a finer person if you can walk this tightrope through panic situations and control and mastery of it. Granted everything you had done today was correct but the individual does and will need some guidance in operation procedures and also in attitude concepts. This could be handled in that vane. As far as when you get through these situations don’t handle it by yourself, call upon the spirit or the Higher Forces Name to work with you through it, do not handle by yourself.

GL: Thank you very much.

BN: The Indian Magician Don Juan written about by Carlos Castaneda what sort of…?

Forces: We have Nah-da. (Laughter)

BN: Was he a good magician?

Forces: Yes he was, yes.

BN: Thank you.

JB: Is there any particular way of mounting stones for the best display or…?

Forces: North Carolina go down there and you’ll find all the stones you want buddy.

JB: Some people put them in their pockets and rub them, keeps them from getting nervous.

Forces: Yes that’s what we do with our, our pockets. No we would strictly all kidding aside certain mines that you will find that will lead all the way down into Tennessee and that is where you can find much stones ah those stones that the entity knows or he will direct you to a, a ah great ah sum. There is a, all you simple do is this week if you want and go and square off a certain square ah how would we do near the water, where the water comes from the ground, 10 paces aum 10 to 20, 23 paces ah a compass would be needed ah north west ah and then about 4 and ½ paces ah due east and at that spot then square off a ah area 4ft or 3ft by 3ft and just take a line or a rope and just excavate that area and dig on down a little bit and you should find some interesting ah stones.

JB: Thank you.

BH: Could you give us psalms or a set of psalms for humility?

Forces: Psalms for humility ump psalm 1, 101 and psalm 142 and try those for the moment.

BH: Thank you.

HI: Where it says in the Bible do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, how does one apply that on a mystical level?

Forces: It’s a little difficult, but try to study with one eye closed and one eye open ah that is there are those times in which you must absorb the metaphysical and yet you just cannot reveal them openly to everyone, that is the implication of it.

HI: Thank you.

IS: Is it also sometimes when you read something you do not really understand it so instead of fighting with it just absorb it.

Forces: Well this applies to a worldly connotation of what we had just said; now you must take a connotation within and that within concept would be what had just been said yes right.

Forces: Thank you.

BR: It was given a couple of Sessions ago that Jesus had lived by himself, could that location be given?

Forces: He stayed in England for a while by himself and in the Far East by himself.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Is it that Church in England that has been…?

Forces: Yes he stayed there for a while.

IS: Thank you.

JE: In Greek mythology there was Mt. Olympus also in the Bible it talks about Mt. Zion, could you explain why is it Mt. Zion and what is actually there or why it was chosen?

Forces: (—) chosen because of its height and because of its ah geological position and the electrical field underneath the mountain is perfect for communications ah simple that.

JE: Thank you.

JU: The dream I had where I smashed something like a pipe and broke some of the rubies out of my room. Could you explain that?

Forces: Its more of a crystallization that is going on and ah and smashing means fracturing or attitude of mine or words or thoughts that need to ah bring into fulfillment the ah commitments of each stone or each center within. It could also mean the hearing; the pipe is to hear sometimes hearing of those centers to hear the centers with patience and the zeal to be controlled.

JU: Thank you.

LK: If a person died in a dream would death be caused on the physical level and would the person remain in the dream projection?

Forces: No sometimes there are terminations of thought patterns or evolutions of lessons to be learned which would imply death in the dream.

DD: Tom said this picture of a computer circuit looked like Hebrew.

Forces: Yes there is a facsimile of Hebrew yes.

DD: How does that work, do you have computers like…?

Forces: Certain computers are in different languages.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Since Nimrod comes from the line (Esau?), from the country of Javan (Greece) does that mean that Nimrod was Hercules?

Forces: Nimrod was the energy of lightning, yes umhuh, yes umhuh.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving there will be some earthquakes of course as you all know California’s getting hit with its own share, fair, Virginia will be going through some changes, major changes in which ah we would say that there will be some battles going on in the coastal areas of the Unites States there shall be great changes happening in the next few weeks up into March and you all shall be excited on those things. Also Russia will still have its conflicts in the North Pole and some parts of Africa. Of course we see our planes, of course you know those situations and we will be speaking to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present.

Group: Our Father.

Forces: There are those moments in our times that you must have that strength and prayer you know attitude of prayer helps everything so you know that we appreciate your praying there that’s good pray so it would help you and in your prayers it all comes true, you must have that faith of course we all know you do, but that faith has the attitude of prayer will help out. And pray when you feel weak. Don’t do it by yourselves, pray. Do not stand-alone but pray and it will work for you as your weapon. The entity is still on his fast we know that, he can be allowed to have ½ of a sandwich if he wants and that’s it. And all of you can have all the sandwich’s you want. Well take to you again, when we get, when we get, when we get here buy. (Laughter)

Group: The Lord is my Shepherd.