Session 281-2/1/80

Forces: Greeting to all those present now. We are in the areas and as we have watched movements there are those (–) will take time to manifest. It is generally a moment of the Spirit coming in entering in to the force, the earth all different does take much patience of listening and attention given the smaller details that will bring the biggest yield. Of course the world situation again seems like there must be closer in unifying Force Corporation between many interesting parties for the same ideal.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: The salt molecule all the lines are the same as the thing that was made?

Forces: The salt structure, you will find it is a represent of the creative element in the physical body. Without this particular element life as you know it really cannot sustain itself. It is a very important element within all life ah qualities species with the salt in its own structure be found for without it life itself cannot be contained.

DD: Thank you.

IS: How come then in so many cases salt is considered one as a person who eats too much salt is a person that has too much will power or…?

Forces: Too much salt of course means too much domination ah too much salt, anything too much of would cause the opposite affect of what it is intended to affect.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Where is the difference between a good Mother and a possessive Mother and how come the child keeps that person chained to the earth?

Forces: Well the difference is the woman’s ideal structure of thinking process moving into the realms of the unseen rather than the concrete and the seen. Everything around us is seen but one must also understand that there is a unseen world that constantly demands from the seen world structure and evidence of movement. It is from the unseen world that we have our truer force and being rather than the seen world. As far as the child containing the woman into the earth its not only the child it is the mothers thought patterns of child mother relationship that begins to nit and weave this contained feeling of attachment in the earth. Instead of a moving and evolving Spirit forward, there is more of a evolving spirit into, rather than out of.

GL: Will the freezer chest as it is now work properly?

Forces: Well we find that with all the years put on to it, it does have its ah limitations, but it should, it should work adequately considering all the ins and outs of it and all the quirks to be worked out, with minor adjustments here and there might be made but this should be its ah, its ah maintaining power for the moment.

GL: The compressor and everything’s all right?

Forces: The compressor itself is faltering but it will take a while before it is really ah ending its service.

GL: Thank you.

DL: After the Castor Oil packs are concluded is it necessary to wash the cloths or can they be reused?

Forces: Well ah its a either way condition, sometimes it can be used again, the best thing is ah, there are those elements that it draws out of the body, that can maintain or retain around the cloths so your best bet is too ah rewash or soak the cloth in hot water and starting it from that rejuvenates the cloth itself, soaking of hot water of the cloth after the third treatment on the same person is ah is in need.

DL: So for three treatments it’s ok?

Forces: Yes, yes for the same person.

DL: Same ailment same person?

Forces: Yes.

BN: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Also try to be at patient ah receptive and learning ah that spirit level too and ah the openness to listen and learn on those responsibilities that surround you.

BN: Thank you.

JE: Since there’s always a Christ figure on the earth at all times is there a female that would compliment that other than Mary?

Forces: Well that is the structure of the woman in the earth and to change that structure of service and of giving is very hard to do for the woman.

JE: Thank you.

NN: Is there a direct connection between the sequence of the heart and the 42 names of God?

Forces: The heart is made out of the 42 names of God.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Could anything more be given about the (part missed).

Forces: Its just that one domain of the angels has its evolution versus the domain of man and its evolution of course must take and follow a course in time and process of accepting the Law. Man is learning to accept the Law through his trial and error while the angel is learning how to help man accept the Law.

BH: Thank you.

BR: Can any more be given on when Jesus went traveling did he go with other people?

Forces: There were always a large group of individuals that ah moved around together as classes, they would move from one spot to another as classes or learning periods of classes.

BR: Thank you.

JB: Can the organ of the heart be affected by the nervous system; I know it’s affected by blood pressure, but nervous system, nerves, spinal cord action?

Forces: The heart is directly associated with all the major systems within the body and each system does affect a part of the heart directly.

JB: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell me please what has been going on with my heart because for the last couple of weeks it has been beating very irregular, its been palpitating a lot too?

Forces: More of, sometimes when we have these ah fast beats they are caused by a certain inspiration or anxiety and a there are those times when silence is needed and calmness is needed rather than the mind racing in time and space. There are two types of beat with the heart that causes this state, one is a communication of a spirit message from the spirit side, another is the racing through on a physical level and ah of thoughts and these thoughts ah sometimes generate a fear anxiety program which causes the heart to skip or to move or to beat a fast force. There is also the changing of the body that creates this in the heart ah changing of a system within the body or evolving from one stage to the next stage of development within the body.

HI: Could you tell me which is the state that I’m going through most?

Forces: Well each particular state has its own meaning for you.

HI: Thank you.

JU: Is there any guidance you can give me dealing with the feelings I had this afternoon?

Forces: As a rule you must set certain disciplines and guide lines down for yourself and stick to them. Once you break those rules you leave yourself wide open for a vast amount of ah energy takers.

JU: Thank you.

LK: With the concept of time once you overcome the third dimension and there’s no time so the past the present and the future would all be happening simultaneously does the astral body, would it be able to go to what we call past present and future?

Forces: Oh yes definitely.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Past also?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Would it be possible to take a Tarot deck as we have now and take the lower cards 56 cards and add it to that and take 10 number cards…?

Forces: It would be possible yes ah.

DD: You would have 144 cards.

Forces: Yes it would be possible.

DD: Take the 56 cards and mark them, put a mark on them…?

Forces: All this would be possible yes.

DD: Would that be more complete?

Forces: It would find itself a manifesting more of a physical completion on a conscious level.

DD: Would it be more like the whole complete deck?

Forces: Well that is ah to be discussed some of the old decks just constitute 13 cards or 22 cards or most of all ah 10 cards, so ah it is to be thought into.

DD: Would it have a better affect?

Forces: It won’t have a bad or better affect it will have more of an expression on this ah topics.

IS: Now the entity Sherah I think she was from the tribe of Manasseh or Ephraim and from that linage at that time and it seems like she was a Queen and Built cities, the lower city and the higher city is this connected somehow with an Egyptian Queen and lower Egypt and higher Egypt.

Forces: Yes this is exactly is the meaning of it.

IS: What was the name of that Queen in the Egyptian language?

Forces: Well the Pharaoh usually was the strongest of their names and names were usually printed all the time of that particular personage. Ah you have had many, you have had (—) a Queen for the Nile one of two that did have power over it so there’s not too many Queens of the lineage but ah of course you have ah Nee-tah, Neea-tae or ah Dice-ni-fri-dah all these different sounds or names would be had for the different Queens that had taken possession or power over the throne with a great Pharaoh ah but remember the, ah there are many ah Pharaohs that did take over ruler ship of Egypt ah before they got into writing down their own linage until ah when they had gotten to a point that their linage became more involved into the earthly things then they had lost the Spiritual linage and gotten into a physical of keeping of records ah and a this kind of ah brought them more into a worldly consciousness.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: A lot of the Pharaoh King or Queen Egyptian history comes directly from the Spirit world ah the reason why they had wore, want the Miter or the Crowns or the Beard covering or the chest covering all represents a Spiritual attribute of the soul manifesting in the body. This used to glow and needed to be protected ah there also ah visitors from other galaxies that wore this ah apparatus for ah the ability to survive in the earth, there were also some who had heads shaped like the Miter Crown, so the people who dealt with the King of the Nile, of Egypt, or lower or upper ah when they had lost their ability to communicate in a spirit way ah giving way they imitated these visions handed down to them by word of mouth and tried to communicate by putting the substance in a physical state ah remember the Egyptian evolution had come directly from Atlantis. The more they struggled to put it into a physical state the more they had lost that spiritual essence of creativity so there was a high status in itself, the spirit state ah gravitated more ah purely around the essence of gold and that is why gold is considered consciously as the ah exchange of ah of society’s for the structure of that society’s sustability. What it is in that gold is the element of the finest spirit for before the ruler ship of Egypt took a dense structure gold was much lighter, much purer, much vibrated, much vibrative in its ah essence and it used to ah have more of a glow than the sheen that it has now even though the whole structure of it is incorporated in its full essence. So these communative messages or talks or people from the other force had a gold aura or light around them which the people of the Nile tried to immolate by the only metal they knew would emulate this color, was the gold that they would find in the mountains and in the areas of Africa and on and on. So you have that linage of communicating with the Spirit world that was gradually taken away the more they got involved with the physical body and the lower centers got more involved to express rather than the higher centers to be expressed.

IS: Would that also indicate that the linage from that point on in Egypt was really the linage of Joseph?

Forces: Yeah you could ah..

IS: This linage happens because Joseph marries the Egyptian daughter of a Pharaoh.

Forces: Yeah.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: What were the lessons that Jesus was learning during his travels such as in Turkey?

Forces: Well you had certain lessons of the mind of course you know and certain of the bodies, most of it some of it was the communication of the body force that had to be worked out as he moved through ah different countries.

Forces: Communication of the body force?

Forces: The body, the lessons of the body of different parts of the body through different states of consciousness which each people or group of people would represent.

GL: Thank you.

DL: How can each of us have more than one body on the earth?

Forces: Run that back to us again.

DL: Is one of the bodies strong and the other not so strong or all strong personalities?

Forces: What are these things that happened very recently.

DL: Just understanding past lives.

Forces: All right well go ahead.

DL: I just want to know if there is a rule of thumb about …I’m sorry

Forces: Go head.

DL: When great changes happen like the American Revolution and other great changes and one soul can be involved in all of those changes. I don’t understand the rule.

Forces: Now are you speaking about a national soul.

DL: No an individual.

Forces: Because there is a national soul that all souls in that nation represent. National spirit soul that guides that particular nation.

IS: On a physical level?

Forces: For every nation that manifests in the earth there is also a star that corresponds to that nation of course there is also a angelic force that hovers over that nation that gives its life.

DL: I’m speaking about one soul.

Forces: Your speaking on a more of a personal level.

DL: Or more than one body.

Forces: Yeah we, we get the drift of what your trying to explain, we’re trying to show you other things too in explaining it. Yes its possible but you are manifested in the earth. There is a certain ah force that happens when you sleep that you travel to other sections of the earth to work or be with or to ah to handle other parts of another consciousness. So maybe one side is day and one side is night ah this too could have its own creative operation why one has to be day and one has to be night to allow the astral force to travel to its other station for helping. Ah how could we explain it, yes its quite possible that you have ties with other bodies in the earth at the same time, some are guidance, guiding ties some are more just like you have jobs and you have people that you are responsible there and when you do come home you have other people who are responsible there so you have different ties and these ties are more ah responsive in meeting and sharing and working with each tie is set up for its own responsibility and its own action of giving and taking. It is quite possible yes ah a situation that can happen.

DL: Would it be possible that we here now could also be integral parts of the 17 other groups that exist in the world now?

Forces: Well yes and no you all have some connection in a different way astrally and ah higher, higher state with, with some of these developing groups because like attracts like.

DL: But we’re only one physical now?

Forces: Well you are, you are a force field that is physical now yes.

IS: There are still the 17 groups?

Forces: Yeah there’s still…

IS: Could there be lets say if the entity Thomas in different lifetimes was Moses, was Paracelsus. Could Paracelsus and Moses manifest together on the earth at one lifetime or something equivalent, could that one soul bring forth…?

Forces: We don’t see why not, not impossible not at all no.

IS: It would have to be if somebody’s very developed like Jesus what else could he manifest but great tentacles right?

Forces: Yeah and sometimes they manifest lower tentacles too.

IS: But he really couldn’t really go that low he couldn’t go as low as somebody that never has achieved ah that kind of…?

Forces: Well sometimes they do go into, well we understand, yes your right.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Thank you.

BN: What’s the connection between the force of gravity and the force of electricity and magnetism?

Forces: Do you want that in a 5-page disitary.

BN: Maybe just something that would start me.

Forces: Run back the question again.

BN: The connection between the force of gravity and the force of electricity and magnetism.

Forces: Gravity is the reaction of the thoughts of man as man develops we are speaking when we say man the soul, as the soul develops on upward gravity is made less, in different states. Gravity and electricity, electricity is the reflection of the spirit of the soul manifested through the friction in the earth. Electricity is the force of life and the creative name of God in different ways. You have many forces of electricity and many states of electricity negative and positive, neutral. You have the different states of electricity of passive and action and, and non-action. This particular state of electricity versus gravity is a ever constant balancing factor of give and take both are in a spirit level force that structures the whole earth. It is the manifesting of the spirit level through these energy fields that give the eye a glimpse of the ah, of the Hierarchies power, when you see a bolt of electricity coming out of no where in the sky of course this is a physical reaction, the spiritual reaction is a force of ah souls of a force of energy, a force to counteract a vacuum that is filling the earth, the earth of course being a set of atoms, electrons, protons all sorts of, all sorts of movement, when a vacuum happens in the earth it becomes dangerous and that vacuum must be filled and the filling of the vacuum is filled with different eruptions and ah reactions through nature, of course you know hurricanes, ah tornadoes come about because of the thoughts of man on the land that violate the, the force field of the ocean and the force field of the ocean or the angel force of the ocean comes upon the earth or land to balance it out before a destructive means of the invisible force takes place. Because if the destruction of the invisible force happens there is no life so there is ever a constant balancing of back and forth structure of the spirit world versus what you see, so this constantly makes it possible for man to survive in the physical.

BN: Thank you.

JE: Could you continue on your discussion about St. Germaine?

Forces: Huh we were just about ready to end it ah the Session ah we had a feeling you were ready to pop that question too us. Ah St. Germaine do us a favor ask us the next Session on St. Germaine and, and you be the first one to ask a question and we’ll give you that equal opportunity.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.