Session 282-2/7/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We find this moment the changes in times movements on in different areas. Different opinions in the world different influences. Worldly situations seem to be chaotic; of course as we had said the Soviet Union is loosing many of its finest citizens and the defection ah seems to be growing high but there is that moment those who are born in the Soviet Union needs to work out some elements there, coming to the west is like starting a whole different ballgame over, complications do set in. As far as the crisis in Iran this situation should be coming too some sort finalization next two months carried into March. As far as other problems the world is very ah concerned with moves that the Soviet Union has made be it known the Soviet Union has now become stronger in many of its policies not to release any land that it has conquered. But there are those internal conflicts that will cause them many lives and many moments of anguish. As far as you are concerned as a group we are watching and seeing the different movements inside the group internally causing much progress in many levels. The group’s movement is very vital for stability and growth and success in its own plans before or after their own process. Its so easy just to go into a state it is salvation to have those and forces of meditation brings you in to a different level of consciousness as time goes on and though you are not aware of it openly or consciously or objectively as you would like to be. We will be watching and coming up with some new forms of ah ways of incorporating some items that would give some successful plans in the future.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: On the Tarot cards there are 22 major cards, you said before that there are 22 galaxies if you visualize a card will you go into that galaxy?

Forces: Each particular galaxy in the 22 series represents a finite being of development and experience. Each particular galaxy makes up a series of lessons and groups of learning ability and each has its potential of its own development and spheres of expression. There are those 22 major forces in these galaxies that has a strong connection with the patterns of the Names none the less through these particular cards you do mention coincides nicely if put into the order and it would prescribe.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Should I put these things on my right foot?

Forces: It could be done yes.

IS: Its all right?

Forces: Yes.

IS: (—-)?

Forces: It can be done.

IS: Thank you:

LK: Dream and in that dream I was with Solomon and he was 8 or 9 years old. After I hugged him because it was the first time I had seen him he told me he had something called Frederick’s disease and I asked him if he meant Hutchinson’s disease and he said no Fredericks disease. What does the dream mean?

Forces: Seems to be very explicit in its statement. There is that chance or possibility that he is carrying such a, a genetic structure of that disease in his structure or it strikes that area ah genetically speaking but the structure in the higher level is lifetimes past, that is working itself out of karmetic ties of a particular lifetime of attachment. Prayer is the most important element and facet of removing such a ah disease and strangely enough the prayers are very powerful in this particular syndrome. Its saying or saying to you the possibility of this happening but this to can be removed and eased and retired rather nicely into its own dormant state.

LK: Thank you.

JU: The ring that I have can you tell me what the ah one that I got along time ago with the feeling or it gives off or causes it and is there any reason for me to keep it any longer?

Forces: It is a ring that has a great deal of attachment to the owner before the possessiveness of power and material wealth. There’s a certain power to it on the worldly level of physical things, it’s not a dangerous ring, it’s just a ring of tension and power of tension but it can be ah changed by ah certain thoughts (—).

JU: Thank you.

HI: In the legends of Isis where she put a serpent across the path of the god Ra so that she might know his name. How could that be interpreted?

Forces: This is the spirit of creative energy in which all those who would develop the soul quality must consecrate their desires and the serpent must be laid across the path of evolution in this particular field the name is revealed when those desires are consecrated and given up therefore a new evolution talks hold of the body when the mind, the Heart of the Soul, more or less the commitment of the heart finally gives that right of the spirit to take over then truly development takes hold and a new consciousness begins its (—-).

HI: Thank you.

BN: Could you give us the positive and negative qualities of each of the centers?

Forces: Well of course we try to simplify it. The gonads of course is the creative center life, comes the strength and health of the body and bodies health is, is put into its position by the strength of this energy going through the body. The creative source gives strength in endeavors, the physical body to move through the earth with thoughts of creation and power which helps the leyden center form its basis between the Leyden and the gonad starts the creative process of expression of not only other lifetimes but also the present one and this is a double edged cycle or circle gravitates and rotates around, it creates a spiritual message from above that gives insight and can affect the future of the person by simply following the sacred prayers just prayers and, and abstaining from those thoughts that would create on a physical level substance of power, it is a very strong network of creation, of course the solar plexus is the center in which all creation comes from in the earth, artistic creation of music and arts comes from this woving or rounding center that has the strength that can manifest much power into the earth or in fact all creative ability comes from this center in the earth, of course the negative quality is the abuse and misuse of these centers, the lower and the secondary creates ah mental disorders and tension and inharmony and the lack of ah communication with the spirit ah the spirit is a very vital substance and like a weight of scales on a weighing instrument, can be tipped very easily by the breath of the wind. So we have constantly before us to balance of these scales everyday so that the spirit might operate to its highest capacity in the body as it move s through time and space. There is much damage in these centers not only through drugs but there much damage through the creative mind of this center and fear itself can come from these centers when ah mis, maladjusted, even that of the lack of the spirit. So the spirit must be surrounded in these centers by the force of understanding and, and healing of peace and putting it to the higher Deity of consciousness of God to guide you through these centers and that faith through prayers gives tremendous strength in these three centers of creation. The other centers we speak to you about at another time.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: We had promised that we would speak to ah the entity JE first about his condition with ah his the person ah he wanted to talk to us St. Germaine. We can listen to him if he wants to ask the question now, but we did promise we will give him some answers on it ah so if that’s what he wants to ask.

JE: Yes.

Forces: Well St. Germaine as you know it is a very powerful instrument in Europe took on many facets of expression in his body and many personalities. He would weave in and out of systems and structures and Courts and could weave this power tremendously in his deliverance of the metaphysics. He also had many fraternities around him and many organizations of the inner secrets in which he would take individuals and slowly teach them the rites of magic of the inner magic of themselves. Some of his courses would last for years before they would reach the first step of development. He had tremendous powers with lots of Royalty and lots of powers with the Courtships of the Empire (—) and formed many prophetic institutions which he would consecrate and seal with his prophesies and his learning’s of the future days. He had tremendous insight of the Far East and the workings of what they would do into the world. Then there were also a structure system of the atom that he had devised and introduced long ago along with the different forms of the Universe and structures of that. In his scale of the Universe he has likewise put ah 3 more extra planets and 2 more extra planets that were moons alone. So its interesting to finding ah looking seeking for these other planets and moons that are about. He also had the power and understanding of his movements through France and England, the power of gold and making of gold out of fire and out of charcoal and ah ore and hard substance of rocks. He had the power of making this gold and substance and even diamonds out of mere flames and flickers of heat by certain cylinders and working certain names forming the energy field around it to transpose these elements into the gold fractions. Ah there was also a great ideal of England in his mind and forming magnetic structures that were there since the beginning of time and putting markers throughout England of where these energy centers were in which some of those markers are still in existence in the Latitude of England from the top to the bottom you would find them ah corresponding to other landmarks that are under the ocean at this moment. Ah this should do for the moment and we’ll continue to speak to you about him if you wish at your next meeting.

JE: Thank you.

BR: When King David ate dirt before he died for his next body what was his next lifetime?

Forces: It wasn’t an earthworm of course. (Laughter) but he had certain elements that were there that he had to take on in playing a role as a person in the Israeli ah army and ah structure system of a commoner in the farms.

BR: Thank you.

IS: How many years after his death did he incarnate?

Forces: For that particular life just privately a hundred years.

IS: Thank you.

JB: Falling stars…?

Forces: Falling stars are, there are many different types of falling stars you have meteors that ah fall into the atmosphere that look like parts of bits of rock or stars, giving the impression of a star and a falling star is the inspiration and aspiration on the earth, the ideal had been stopped and when the ideal of even humans ah stop then of course the star must be removed from the heavens.

JB: Thank you.

JU: Why do I feel a certain type of affinity toward like the entity that is called Asher Bloch and people like that in parts of my life, I continue to go back to thoughts of them, I feel a certain affinity to them. Is there something I can get rid of or is it caused by something else I don’t understand?

Forces: (tape switched) thoughts or forms of attachments to these teachers generally you must put them in perspective and progress forward in your evolution.

JU: Thank you.

NN: In the Book of Jeremiah why spelling of the name Nebuchadnezzar changed slightly back and forth or is it two different kings?

Forces: Well there are different forces of this particular King and there is that force when it is changed or altered that a more physical force comes in and in such a strange wakening force that had happened to this King in the physical level.

NN: Is that with the N or with the R on the physical level?

Forces: This would be the R reference.

NN: Thank you.

ES: Can you tell me if I am going to have very many more associations with the Women’s Health Cooperative or if I should leave them alone and help them later?

Forces: You’ll have several meetings with them but they seem to be, for your own progression you’ll be gradually moving on to other things.

ES: Thank you.

BN: When I get kind of fullness and a ringing in my right ear is that some kind of message trying to come through and what can I do to receive it?

Forces: Stillness plain stillness should be taken and the fullness and the ringing is receiving a message, and just stillness needs to be done.

BN: Thank you.

GL: The people that Jesus met in his journeys, you said in the last Session that they represented certain lessons the different body forms. Could more information be given about this and what lessons they represented?

Forces: There are certain lessons that he had to learn on Truth, on Faith, on Forgiveness, on Diet, on Sight, on Hearing and Smell and Touch and on that of Giving and that of Learning and Understanding and that of Judgment and that of Justice and that of Forgiveness of course, and that of what would be considered Perception, there were so many learning processes that were going on in these different avenues.

GL: Thank you.

DD: How do the 42 Names of God work with the Heart center?

Forces: They pulsate and rotate around and rivet around the heart constantly. There are a certain amount of heartbeats in the body of the Heart and they are all destined from the beginning of time, so each heartbeat is given a certain stroke there are many different strokes to the Heart too, because they do take different strokes to form different workings, so there are certain strokes for one working, certain strokes for another, this is a pulsation of the strokes.

DD: Thank you.

IS: What is (—–), what do they want from us and if do we want from them?

Forces: Well she would want a certain amount of understanding through the group and the perception of where we are receiving our information from and the source and this would be a very difficult thing to give her the source of your information because she ah quenches knowledge and ah desires information as much as possible, so the source would be important for her and generally just forming a groundwork and a framework, hoping that we would accept her tenets and her choice of beliefs and having a common ground in these beliefs, ah it’s a back and forth growing process (—).

IS: Then should we continue with that ah…?

Forces: Casually and we’ll watch that as it develops.

IS: I cannot sit down and say, I can tell a person in one sentence what I believe in or it will take many years for that person to live with us.

Forces: This is true more so her own personal development is being done.

IS: (—-).

Forces: This is true.

IS: Thank you.

HI: The dream where I saw your ships move through the galaxy and you were exploding several stars?

Forces: There are certain changes that are going to be taking place with ah the earthly elements and the worldly conditions.

HI: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell us what a handmaid in the Temple at the time of Jesus would have been doing?

Forces: More of the metaphysical learning’s of the body and healing certain diseases of the body.

DL: The music we call Classic is that like the true Music of the Spheres or the ethers and how does it compare to the music that we’ve heard…?

Forces: There is really no simple connection ah, unfortunately there is a certain power that does come through that particular piece, but it affects the astral body strange as it is. Ah it’s a nice piece we can understand, but it does only affect certain layers of the astral body, also affects the stomach. Now were not saying that piece is bad its just that there are are more pieces that needs ah, if you are going to put anything into the earth it takes a little bit more work than just beating notes so it reminds me of the Bohemians who would grove over ah the wine tinkling from the bottle, of course in both states you seem to consume the spirits very nicely. Now as far as your Music (—) of the Spheres is concerned, it is something that needs to be struggled because it represents an inner growth and centers in the body are healed and are worked with and one can not only come forth with marvelous creations, but its always the reflection of creation that is being worked within. You have to true and truly dedicate that spirit and disciplines a fantastic amount of growing and learning comes forth and beauty which would be perpetuating the sense of eternity in that particular or particular souls who are taking part in it.

BR: Was King David ever a King again in Israel or leader in another country?

Forces: He was a leader but in some other countries, sometimes not that important his major lifetimes always centered around Israel.

Forces: As far as the last entity Daniel that we had spoken too, we stress to you that you must affirm some feeling of sensitivity in your, but this also must smooth and gradually cover into your daily living of that smoothness of expression and true expression comes forth when you have that spirit and release and allow flow of the spirit ah come through you and express what is naturally yours to give. We find of course we had seen the idea of certain vitamins of course to help as we had stated this or watched this through this week. Strange as it is B complex and C vitamins is what could be used by you naturally of course, that would have a tremendous affect on your on your physical body.

DL: Thank you.

JB: (—-) who’s challenging to Carter at this present time.

Forces: Say again.

JB: Any Presidential candidate look challenging to Carter at this time?

Forces: Oh that deals with politics ah well we would find Connelly very active in his own stride and Bush of course you have him, but more so Kennedys trying. Connelly might have some explosions here and there. It seems like Carter has some platforms that’s solid, ah look more to an unknown force that could come in and affect him.

JB: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us about this person who keeps calling us at work?

Forces: Well try your best to appease the person, they changing the subject attitude or giving the information indirectly but ah try to find out his other interests in life, maybe that might change his perspective in wanting other things.

JE: Thank you.

NN: Did I understand the dream I had this morning about my problem with giving?

Forces: Well this, this can help the situation, but the giving does have some avenues of ah filing out and putting into shape.

NN: Could you explain as far as the dream?

Forces: More or less this explains to you that the spirit that is also there he has some guidance for you in just walking in that spirit would of which has already been prepared for you to take over and work with you in your life.

NN: Thank you.

BN: Could you help me understand what’s going on spiritually in the blood diseases that I’ll be studying soon?

Forces: Your major problem in your blood diseases ah strange as it might seem the amino acids have a tremendous affect on them, of all the blood diseases and if you do proper research in that you could find tremendous insights and cures for many diseases of the blood, also the color of Blue light helps the blood vessels move ah much more rapidly and easily. And of course vinegar itself has a strange affect on the blood to make it much more liquidly as it should be, instead of mushy and mouky as it sometimes gets.

BN: Thank you.

GL: Could any guidance for me be given at this time?

Forces: Prayers and a state of prayerfulness is the energy factor for you and praying is the best form of your medicine.

GL: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me about this dream I had along time ago where I was in this church, it was a Keltic church and they had a service…?

Forces: It’s just a past life that you are involved in.

DD: Is this a church that exists though?

Forces: It did.

DD: Doesn’t exist now?

Forces: Not today.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Dream from this morning is there significance other than for myself?

Forces: More for personal growth.

IS: Did I understand it?

Forces: The understanding is ah known yes.

BH: The enemy that David is talking about in psalm 55, his friend and acquaintance and guide, who was he talking about?

Forces: There were certain peoples in the courts that ah went to Saul on many different avenues and this upset David a lot.

BH: Thank you.

HI: All the finer aspects in needlepoint what does that represent on a spiritual level?

Forces: This is the heart center.

HI: Thank you.

LK: I’ve been reading a book on the painting of stained glass and using that aspect involving stained glass. Would that be something I can experiment with?

Forces: You could set aside certain time for these experiments yes.

LK: Thank you.

JU: The certain squeamishness, fears or physical hang-ups I have about some body things how can I overcome that?

Forces: We’ll work with you on them.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Were we together as a group on the Mayflower coming over?

Forces: There was a tremendous power in that ah some of you were involved on an astral level and a spirit level and some were involved ah let us not say physically but some were involved physically.

BN: There were 4 people that were involved physically on the Mayflower.

BN: Who were they?

Forces: We could say none of your business. The 4 people were you and DD and DL of course and NN.

BN: Thank you.

ES: Should I be more attentive to the teachings of Elizabeth Clare Prophet? I feel like I’m not reading as much of her work as I could be, but should I be?

Forces: Well we would always say that she has a purpose and a function and that is for the souls to develop and to become attuned and aware of the spirit. That has to come from an inner call within you, a balance not a set system in which you have reached a point that it is ok. So we would express this point as an ok system, so if you have reached this system of ok, then in your language that’s ok.

ES: Thank you.

NN: What does it mean in chapter 31, verse 22 of Jeremiah when it says, “ How long wilt thou go about O thou backsliding daughter? For the lord hath created a new thing in the earth: A woman shall compasse a man” is that referring to women’s lib.

Forces: Run that back to us again.

NN: In Jeremiah when it says, “ How long wilt thou go about O thou backsliding daughter? For the lord hath created a new thing in the earth: A woman shall compasse a man” is that referring to women’s lib?

Forces: Well we have that problem up here too, but it is no problem of course. Women of course must compasse the man in short in order for man to become great the female aspect around him must be receptive, simply that he becomes receptive to the sensitive female qualities around him and this is what this is pointing too, of course it is also pointing to the prophecy of the offshoot of Women’s Liberation not that we are against them and do not really cherish the fact of them picketing our ships but we do have a certain amount of understanding of the growth that Women’s Liberation movements have to go through.

NN: It says it was a new thing. Were there aspects at the time of Jeremiah?

Forces: Well yes of course.

NN: Thank you.

GL: In the last session it said I was involved on and astral level with the concentration camps in Germany. Could it be given what work I did?

Forces: Meeting of the souls who were put in the chambers and bringing them to the other side.

GL: Thank you.

DD: The Model of the Universe would that be the same as a molecule of Gold or some other element?

Forces: This is correct.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we have watched your progress and we are working with you and for you. There are many new things we are have ready for you to create and to get involved with. Of course there is the diet system that we planning for you and we have our own menu set out to give you ah leeks and onions, not really, but there is some diet that we want you to try and if it should make you hopping ah it should be interesting but it’s a diet we are working on to give it to you at your next session, speaking of diets ah the fast that the entity is on is accomplished its mission for this week and he’s released from it ah partially tonight and resumes it again on Monday ah we will keep in touch and be over again on Friday in the evening. We’ll be sifting through and be speaking to you again before this weekend is out.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.