Session 291 3/17/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We find again the world’s situation in the condition that we have stated before. There are troubled times now in the world those who can discipline and stabilize themselves and willing to have a good time with themselves and to enjoy that good time will find success and peace and prosperity in the days to come. Those who constantly have go to big cities, camping places and trips abroad ah these are the ones who’ll suffer the most. Now as far as Iran is concerned we had seen some progress in that particular area we had made some breakthroughs but there is that conflict that (——-) of not being about to resist it because of the stubbornness and the pride in many respects. It is not that Iran will (—-) it’s just that their lifestyles would spread in affect that could control a certain amount and portions of land non the less land and growth are but the same and in such one cannot separate. In this Iranian situation it is going to go on and on for a while because we are trying to work out a new experience there shall be some new outlines that could be followed and this in its own simple way would find its mark. As far as this particular plant with that the main ingredients. We would suggest that certain amount of (oil?) and the normal (—) be. As far as your conditions surrounding your legal matters we find that as had been said the desire of the mother is (—-) to be expressed in her own feeble way to try to diminish and ridicule as much as possible. But the spirit is still strong and will take (—–) moment for it to really be that strong. But we find these conditions very rewarding as we (—) and they shall be (—-).

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

NN: Is there another name for what you referred to as the doers or the keepers of the gates of meditation?

Forces: The Keepers of the Gates well they are the ah (—–) well you could call them Malkuth or, or the ah the Toad of two ah formations.

NN: You also said Malkuth?

Forces: That is the creation yes.

NN: Thank you.

LK: If someone saves a persons life at an accident does it create a karmic thing between the two people or you can only save somebody that you owe a life too?

Forces: That’s true yes. In other lifetimes this particular person had saved yours and in this particular lifetime you are just repaying back the outstanding debt in saving his or hers.

LK: No karma is created?

Forces: Not really there are also other cases where you become the extension of, of keeping the swords of light aflame, alive this in itself is pretty good.

LK: Thank you.

DL: Was IS the entity NN and I discussed?

Forces: That has some basis to it yes?

JU: As you face the Ark in the meditation room that were working on upstairs which of the Archangels stand in which corners of the room?

Forces: Michael always stands to the East of the East, and of course in this particular direction Gabriel is towards the ah Northeast. Of course the Southwest is ah Raphael and north, south north ah. Northwest is ah Uriel.

JU: Can you give the symbol of Uriel?

Forces: Ah more of a U with a ah a line going through it.

BH: What does it mean in Ecclesiastes “This is an evil among all things that are done under the sun that there is one event unto all”?

Forces: Say that again.

BH: What does it mean in Ecclesiastes “This is an evil among all things that are done under the sun that there is one event unto all” meaning the good and the evil?

Forces: This is they speak of like the Atomic Bomb or something that is without mercy.

BH: Thank you.

JE: How much of the original Bible is missing and where is it and what did it say?

Forces: Well you might have some 18 books missing, it speaks about reincarnation, it speaks about the prophecy of the Messiah to come, it speaketh about the tribes that were lost and speaks about the communes of disciplines and creative occult laws.

JE: Where are they?

Forces: Some are found in the Dead Sea scrolls others are found in Monasteries others in Libraries at the Vatican and others found in Jerusalem kept by the Rabbis.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Some are found in Turkey and others are found in Saudi Arabia.

BR: The words on Michael’s sword “To the Glory of God” are they on the blade or the handle?

Forces: This would be on the handle itself.

BR: Thank you.

BN: Should I be studying the Tarot and what’s the best way to approach understanding it?

Forces: Basically approach it just for the knowledge on the first level first and do it slowly and one card at a time under the head.

BN: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain anymore about the Urim and the Thummim?

Forces: This is a force of energy that had comes into the earth to create and refine that which is dross and that which is heavy and gives power from above.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: Also a Symbol that is recognized from the Higher Forces and were left in the earth in the time of Atlantis to be called a Seal of the Government or the Seal of Wisdom or the Seal of Inspiration and Information. It is that which is answering all complaints towards those who what you would know as courts today and would give answers in regards to these complaints.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: What kind of troubled times are coming.

Forces: Well they could be if you want them to be when people look outside of this group for interests or when certain people look outside of this group for activities that is they are opening for themselves that troubled times you must develop the sanctuary here and maintain and become a happy within the abodes that you have created those who are on the outside will have much problems and anxieties with conditions where those who stay on the inside with this structure can cooperate and save from the desires of fear and waste.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: In Psalm 44 where it says, “lift up your heads oh ye gates and be ye lift up ye everlasting doors are the gates and the everlasting doors the same thing?

Forces: These are the gates within the body of course the everlasting doors are in the body too the gates from the higher sphere before a child could come into the earth there must be two spheres above that open ups, open up the gates for the manifestation of this on a lower sphere.

NN: The doors are the lower sphere?

Forces: The doors on the earth are (——).

NN: Thank you.

LK: Is hypnosis a positive thing or a negative thing?

Forces: It could be used positively but it also is very detrimental to opening up self to those who would use it.

LK: Thank you.

DL: Confirm IS lifetime and were we members of that class at that time?

Forces: Lets say you were members of that class at that particular time and we could leave it like that.

DL: Thank you.

JU: Situation where I am near people with wild emotional energy is there a way to protect myself?

Forces: Visualize yourself as sun reflected and reflect your radar that protects you upward so that when they do project this to you your reflectors takes that energy and sends it up into the Universe.

JU: Thank you.

BH: You gave me Ecclesiastes to read and I’m finished and I wonder if I should just keep going or is there something special I should read?

Forces: We find that the Book of Daniel will be good for you and the Book of Esther would be good for you.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Why were these 18 Books taken out or lost?

Forces: Some were taken out for political reasons others were taken out so the Truth would not be heard others were taken out because of lack of interest others were taken out because of spite and not wanting to give the truth others were taken out because of religious persecutions and wanting to keep the religion in a formulized way.

JE: Thank you.

BR: Could you explain more about the Angels taking on the shape of a harp?

Forces: Angels that would take upon the etheric shape of the music of the spheres and the music of the spheres is in the shape of a harp that you see on the earth but in this way they would communicate the strings of life it is called and in the strings of life comes the power of creation in each form.

BR: Thank you.

BN: In Egypt the word (Ah Ah-kut) that was translated, as the vessel to carry one to the land of the dead was this something to propel people to the other plane?

Forces: It was a force of protection at first a force that would take the physical body, the astral body and project it onto the other side and then when it got heavier it was just an encasement or coffin that held the physical body that became hard.

BN: Did it trap them?

Forces: More or less for the moment but it allowed their beings of spirit to move on without feeling that they had to stay.

BN: Thank you.

DD: In preparation for Judgment the High Priest would say the 14 Stations of the Cross then he would say the 14 precepts from Zohar then he would say the 14 Formations of the Beard of the Ancient One. Would he say them in that sequence and gather the energy then transferring it to the head by a magical ceremony?

Forces: It transfers through chanting and through colors and incense and through noise and symbols.

DD: Did he go in that sequence saying those?

Forces: Yes you could say so.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Where are the lost Books of the Bible that deal with reincarnation who has them?

Forces: Some are still buried in Egypt others are written and kept in the archives in Rome the library below Rome and some are kept in Turkey by the same manuscript and there are other books that are thin and compiled in different estates that refuse to let them go.

IS: Thank you.

NN: How many gates are there in meditation?

Forces: There are about 44 gates (but there are?) 22 and some are 72 gates.

NN: Thank you.

DL: Is that entity that received a reading from Edgar Cayce alive in this group now and is that trait pattern something that IS helps musician’s as such overcome?

Forces: Well let us say that was a direct relationship of that particular reading on an astral and physical level.

DL: Thank you.

BH: In Psalm 55 it says because they had no changes therefore they fear not God what do they mean by changes.

Forces: Physical changes that come down into the earth, as it is the growing into the physical matter.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Could it be given at this time the 7 Spiritual Principals that would correspond to the 7 cervical vertebrae in the spine?

Forces: Well you have that of Love and Patience and Service, Sacrifice and that of ah Hope and Joy and Forgiveness and that of Faith.

GL: Thank you.

BR: Are there other angels that have taken on musical forms (—–)?

Forces: Correct um huh.

BR: Could it be given which other?

Forces: Musical notes are certain points of angels created by the sound.

BR: Thank you.

BN: The books that James Churchward wrote on Lemuria how correct are they?

Forces: 70 percent accurate.

BN: Thank you.

JU: The ideas of how to do the meditation room are they ok and would an arch form be good?

Forces: Give a little here and there and they (shall) be ok.

JU: Thank you.

DD: How does the Cube that I have in my room go along with the Breastplate and all this?

Forces: The Cube is the creation of everything within and without and it is from this cube that the earth or the Universe was formed.

DD: Thank you.

IS: If I know something to be right and I know that you think its right and yet I can do nothing about it. Not for myself lets say for somebody else how can I deal with that?

Forces: By letting us take care of it.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Would the key of G minor correspond more with the Tribe of Judah than the key A minor or this there a specific key that corresponds specifically with each Tribe.

Forces: Each Tribe can take on a particular key or an accent or an aspect of that sound to express a certain note or feeling like the mood of a day so each Tribe has its own scale that it will manifest its own ah spirit.

NN: Would G minor be more for Judah than A minor?

Forces: It could each scale has its own house within the Tribe.

NN: Thank you.

DL: Are the particular thoughts I just had about what happened in that class are they correct?

Forces: They have some basis yes.

JU: A earlier Session you told me to work with ideas of economizing and efficiency and cutting down of waste and I haven’t been able to get started can you help me in that?

Forces: It will start tomorrow.

JU: Thank you very much.

BH: Can anything be given on the centers at this time?

Forces: Not at this time.

BH: Thank you.

GL: What happens to a person’s spiritual development when they become a quadriplegic?

Forces: Kind of slows down outwardly ah hampered but their inward qualities that need to be worked with and those are those that are unseen but those are thoughts that need to be answered and questioned and worked with correctly.

GL: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we will stay with you during these days to come we are with you outside as you can see but we will be with you in strange ways and we’ll let you know that we are with you ah this Thursday we will be with you and do our best to guide you through it and relieve you of the burden.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.