Session 292 3/21/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching and are finishing up this week with you we have stayed in the area as we have said to you and strive to accomplish things that we had planned. All things in life have many complications and also stepping-stones it is up to us to take the stones of learning and make stones of learning in the days ahead. There are many situations encounter qualities that we need with each day but remember these qualities are elements within self that needs to be worked with or else you would not be seeing these items. If we had to only learn that important answer that in the item itself is the answer the question holds a lot of time the answers to the problems in life. We ask also that each and everyone strive to keep that Spirit moving and that Spirit with a certain amount of this compassion.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

DD: Thank you for helping out with everything this week.

Forces: Yes.

DD: One time I ask about the Cube and you gave me a whole bunch of names of the Universe or different language and I went through and tried to translate it and I have some of it translated, some of it not and I wondered whether you could go through that now?

Forces: Well dealing with what part.

DD: The whole thing I translated part of it I don’t know if its correct do you want me to read that part?

Forces: No. It is just the right moment in time to give you this information you still will not be able to work until certain other foundations are made like a seal, sealer, something to seal the wire.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Is everything all right?

Forces: It is we are just coming through ah certain interferences with weather conditions and changes to come ah no, no other problem.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Is Archangel Sandalphon in charge of the keepers of the gates of meditation?

Forces: They do have certain control.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Who was Nostradamus and has he incarnated since then in any lives that we would recognize?

Forces: Nostradamus was a man who had a great deal of insight in many avenues and a great deal of answers were given and passed down to him. Other lifetimes of who he was he stayed around that of doctoring and plants and what would he be well any one of the many different spices of tea or interesting combination would have a great (—-) into feeling of him hovering about. This protects those elements within the body it will give the life force, in which he was most strongly trying to discover. Nostradamus and many other leaders had taped into the many problems of societies workload. That should work for it for the moment.

LK: Thank you.

BH: With the Order of Melchizedek it was given in a previous Session that it was about 80 percent correct if that’s still the case. At that time the Schools of the Prophets and Prophetess were separate because of the beliefs set forth in that book and that the Essenes were based on the same thing ah how come it was allowed to change so that females and males were marrying more in the Essenes than before?

Forces: Run that back for us again.

BH: The book the Order of Melchizedek was the basis for the Schools of the Prophets and Prophetess and because of the beliefs set forth in that book that Prophets lived together and the Prophetesses lived together.

Forces: Correct.

BH: And the Essenes were based on those beliefs?

Forces: Correct.

BH: (part missed) based on?

Forces: Other lifetimes ah some of them are dealing with not being or able to fulfill the Spiritual purpose and this lifetime they would come in to fulfill it.

BH: Thank you.

DL: Could I have a physical reading?

Forces: Slight case of mucus buildup in the tracheas ah breaking down of tissues through nervous spasms. You have a syndrome of sporadic spectrus of sporatic ah spit we would call it. What happens here is the tracheae’s would bring up these self created phlegm like substances creating a choking system this of course will be worked with in time of course your mustard plasters works tremendous on this affect ah temperatures, moisture, air density, water, cigarette smoke must definitely be curtailed or broken down ah. (Dogs barking in background)

Forces: If you wanted to check the dogs you can but we are we’ll go on with this reading in a minute.

Forces: Well we tell you that we’ll come back and speak to you again.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.