Session 307-5/1/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching (——) actions dealing with Poland and observing and watching that of the national level all and various different commissions. We find that some of the conditions are in line and active other conditions have subsided but we are watching and observing those especially in your west coast area for major results ah preferably on this Friday and Saturday strange and encounters of the under underneath layers to be had. There will be many changes coming now some minor some minor in minor areas that will later lead to drastic aspects. We are watching certain boats and areas of navigations some skirmishes of course will be ah confronted in these areas ah of course we see the political and racial qualities in America growing (up more with steam) as the season of summer continues we find that these conditions of racial uneasement can be ah put into its own factions by control and guidance and these individual factions must look ah unto a spiritual pattern rather than on an emotional and essential pattern which creates a tremendous amount of discord and disharmony within their structure.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: On the diagram I was talking to Tom about with the Higher Letters in the middle, the middle letters in the lower letters do these go in sequence taking out the Aleph and take the next 7 letters for the higher letters?

Forces: These would follow in sequence and would continue a pattern of 42 patterns.

DD: The second 7 symbolize the Sephiroth in the diagram?

Forces: This is true creating 17 to 21 patterns.

DD: Thank you.

IS: What you said about the emotional and the essential could you explain?

Forces: It is referring to the racial and a minority factors of this particular society in which the emotional adrenals and Leyden centers are activated in which if not producing a creative stand can only create a destructive stand of an emotional aggressiveness and ah behavior analytical in their thought patterns and processes of ah thinking ah there is a tremendous ah need and drive for expression of these centers creatively and when these centers are not creatively expressed they have a tendency of having a destructive ah process and pattern of boomerang onto the individual minorities in societies ah in which creates a destructive pattern when not applied in a creative sense. These conditions come at a peak during the June, July, August period when the Sun is closer to the ah Northern Hemisphere and the creative pattern should be the highest in the period of structures which the best form of channeling this individual creativity and energy for it is pure energy that is being channeled the energy must through imagination be constructive or has a, a, a destructive and ah breaking down process as times goes on.

IS: How can the majority protect itself from that kind of minority?

Forces: Well this is in time through patience and prayer and ah the strengthening of the own individual spiritual imagination and creativity which eventually has a ah affect of ah creative expression of creative industrial aspects to these minority ah quality developments of the races.

IS: What if the minority refuses to put that energy into creativity?

Forces: Well of course that will have to then play its ultimate outcome in the process.

IS: What is the ultimate?

Forces: Well any society or group or classes or races that refuse to put into expression their energies for creative endeavors and for ah heightening of the social consciousness and spiritual linkage of their destiny have always been that what would be called tendency for a destructive pattern that creates the natural forces around them to ah internally and externally to break down and go into disrepair and non creative functions do happen.

IS: Thank you but there really is no protection for the majority then?

Forces: Not protection ah is the Spirit is what is ah through Love the aspect of growing and that is the Spirit that will give you the strength to help these particular developments in their strides and forward processes.

IS: Even though the majority doesn’t have the Love aspect in control, what then?

Forces: Just striving to do the best with each circumstances that one ah does meet.

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: Anything for Barbara and Andrew and the possible hospital strike?

Forces: There is a, do you want a physical reading or individual reading or do you want a reading for their station, employment.

DL: What ever you feel they need most.

Forces: Well there is a structural change about to happen where they are situated there is a tremendous ah tense atmosphere and electric atmosphere of energies that a lot a large percentage is not being creative enough. There is a possibility of this strike as foreseen but there are many forces that are looking for a early settlement in it. There is this quality of knowing that it would lose much more if it did go out and the inability to take care of the demands in the union for those who are employed. There is also a structural change of course and individual realignment and attitude approachment within the hospital and as far as their individual qualities are concerned this will eventually be met as time goes on there is ah more of that as you call (—-) a spiritual evaluation and a physical analogy of these evaluations that must be made and must be more of a dedication and commitment to these spiritual principles in order to continue and to be successful in the coming months. As far as the entity Andrew more of a commitment to the spirit rather than to the worldly comfortable side of, of socialism or society ah there is also a lack of ah of commitment and some of the spiritual purposes which can create a certain amount of stagnation and also discomfort in the days ahead.

DL: Thank you.

JU: Is there a mineral or metal or something of that nature useful for the aligning of energies or thoughts?

Forces: Well copper has a tremendous affect with you along with zinc.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Would you give me a prayer for humility please?

Forces: Lord teach me to walk in thy steps, where there is arrogance soften it with patience, where there is pride temper it with endurance, where there is arrogance ah wash it with thy Divine Love. Let me walk always in thy steps and not in my own.

BN: Thank you.

JE: Would you tell us what is the function of shape changers?

Forces: Well these are those qualities that are facing into the earth that are preparing for the major changes about ready to happen.

JE: Could you explain that please?

Forces: Ah groups and sets on a astral level that are at this moment being set up to prepare and to weed out those ah, ah souls or individuals who are will not continue on to the next circle ah cycle. This weeding out process will continue to happen ah in different and various ways ah there is a, a ah structural weeding there is also a biological weeding and there is also a weeding of defensive mechanism of weeding ah we don’t want to speak to it as far as weeding but the times ah approaching do dictate a certain amount of the spiritual attributes in order to continue and to maintain ones own personal strength.

JE: Thank you.

BR: In Proverbs when they talk about Wisdom they say “she cried at the gates at the entry of the city and at the coming in of the doors” what does it mean at the coming in of the doors?

Forces: These are different steps ah steps or centers of developments within the soul.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Could you explain why the Widow and the Fatherless are always singled out and given special attention in Psalms and Job?

Forces: It represents part of the soul that is in need of extra help or in need of a certain amount of contributive aspects of giving in order that they might manifest a wholeness in their development.

BH: Thank you.

NN: The affirmations that I’ve taking everyday from the Psalms is that the best for me focusing my thought’s?

Forces: This would serve you well.

NN: And particular ones would they work for each month or are there particular ones for particular days this month or?

Forces: This would serve for only this month.

NN: Thank you.

LK: The incident at the gate at Busch Gardens and is there anything we can do in situations like that to take on responsibility to help Tom in any way?

Forces: This is a, a of course as some have interpreted a confrontation with the ah black forces of the evil side of existence of structure. It is more of the wanting not to penetrate into this arena of ah, ah enjoyment as they say to spiritualize it ah this is one of the reasons why ah particular groups had to disperse in the areas throughout Busch Garden to manifest a certain amount of seeds or spiritual giving’s there is also a certain amount of cleansing that was being done not only for this particular territory for future development for the Brotherhood of Light ah for it is from this area that the White Brotherhood is extending and it is a, a major thrust from that of the gonad and beerish den in which this had transpired as, as you know God works through mans desires and this is a classical example of mans desires manifesting an area that has a certain amount of a spiritual purpose and function ah like unto Jacob and Isaac in their own development and ah Jacob in his development with his brother now Isaac also has his own development ah with this consciousness. But the area of these ah Busch Gardens as you would say is something similar to that of the development of Eden or Busch’s ah it is representative of consciousness of the soul trying to tame and spiritualize mans development on the earth along with Jacobs and Isaacs process. So there was a great confrontation and ah black forces ah refusing to allow the entity to enter into the gates and to delay it as much as possible and realizing who and what was before them they had lost and to allow that even to manifest at that time lost much of their own particular strength in the area. To do or what to do in future stands like unto this is exactly what you had all done is to stay in a united fashion and remain firm until the ah the condition is conquered.

LK: Thank you.

GL: Could you tell me at this time will any of the electrical circuits in the house have an excessive voltage drop and if so which ones would they be?

Forces: Well you won’t have too much of an excessive voltage drop ah you should check your heavy duty appliances first and foremost ah after that there shouldn’t be any major problems ah if you check them in their own adequate functioning pattern ah unless you hook up an elephant or something that is extensively like a circus wire or lights or something beyond your dream capacity it should carry a load adequately.

GL: Thank you.

DD: If I conceive of this diagram as a cube, the one I have in my room, would it be a cube of 7 can I put that in there I don’t see how it all connects together like a structure yet?

Forces: Eventually as time goes on it will merge into a structure it could be conceivable for the cube of 7 to manifest this design.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Can I be given anything how to conquer this low?

Forces: There’s, there’s not that to conquer, the work that needs to be done you cannot relinquish the work.

IS: Thank you.

NN: What does it mean in our meditations to focus on a progression or movement?

Forces: Just to focus on that of the sounds or the speeds of ah force around you this would help you out.

NN: Thank you.

GL: Am I doing the electricity right?

Forces: Too much (—) could case a, so you’re doing it what has to be done.

GL: Thank you.

BR: Could any lifetimes of Esther be given?

Forces: Nothing major could be given to help discover some of the factions within this individual let us say more or less a major and contributing work to that of unifying and solidifying that of Europe into the spiritual factions needed.

BR: Thank you.

BH: In meditation now should I be focusing on something besides the candlelight?

Forces: Turn that more so now within self rather than on out, outside focuses.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us what affects some of the rides have at Busch Garden particularly the Loch Ness Monster?

Forces: Well the particular ride you are speaking about affected the Leyden center as far as movement and creative ability and ah as far as the other rides each one having a various affect and positive in one respect and ah to move or to place around certain conditions.

JE: Thank you.

BN: Could you explain where Aesculapius learned his knowledge about medicine?

Forces: More so from the books passed down from pre-Atlantis knowledge written and given to him in the Atlantean structure preserved in a Chinese and Tibetan fashion.

BN: Thank you.

JU: Could you give me some guidance at this time?

Forces: There are some structural patterns that you refuse to let go as far ah looking and perceiving things. This eventually will have to be let go in order for you to progress over it. These structural patterns of course deal with the justice and deal with the desire aspect ah this eventually is what you have to be willing to let go and knowing why and how come the willingness to let it go rather than to cling on to it. Clinging on to it would not allow any development you knowing it and realizing it ah must finally develop and mature in your own growing pattern and allow it to ah go and release it from your karmetic pattern.

JU: Thank you very much.

DL: Who wrote the part of the Bible called James and what is its spiritual message?

Forces: It was written by three individuals, one by the author James, one his helpmate and the other two were that of Mary and Joseph Aramathea and it definitely deals with that of the spirit moving through the earth and the structure of new societies or orders to be prepared for days to come.

DL: Thank you.

IS: What’s happening with HI?

Forces: More of their own confrontation of desires and meeting of self and the inward battle versus that of her spiritual progress which her own ah what would be considered angel force was working ah through her own personal battles and mental battles as you would consider is building up with not getting the right answers which caused a, a locking of the systems which could have been very destructive but ah inadvertently these questions of fantasies and, and forces of traveling off the path into other avenues so one might not stagnate showed that the stagnation was there immediately when leaving the path.

IS: She understood all that?

Forces: No it was part of the process that was being met.

IS: Will she understand?

Forces: In time.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is there something I could use for repetition?

Forces: Yang-Me-Mah-Po saying that yang-me mah-po and that’s it.

DD: Does that relate to what I was thinking?

Forces: We wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t.

Forces: Ah let us try to tell you that changes in the earths structure is eminent. Ah we have certain plans now laid out in front of us. In previous Sessions to come we will give you those plans and tell you certain things that we would want accomplished ah meaning there will be some traveling involved and certain areas preventive medicine is necessary but these plans are not given right now and we will be around you this week the entity will fast starting tomorrow and the fast will end ah Monday coming up ah there will be intakes of tea of course and water and that would be it ah there will be of course as we said changes prepared on the earth level so we only say that ah keep the spirit in you alive and ah keep aware of the responsibilities and things that need to be done.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.