Session 311-5/5/80?

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching and aware of what we have spoken to you before bizarre weather conditions finding these conditions very bizarre for some parts of the country. They will find that America as it does move moves with many tempos and beats of course this new progress and movement (—-) a new future in these ah processes of movement (——) which society depends upon to that in which individuals of course can. We find the conditions in California beginning to manifest the Heart center reactions the quite a few numbers of reactions in the past few days. These reactions are considered those elements must be worked in a very tier materialistic manner for it to fix and filter certain damages that have been done (thus?) there are areas of improvements and areas of advancement.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

NN: What does corn usually represent?

Forces: Corn is more of a sugar or the spirit and water and it represents the factor of the up and down of wheat and is a spiritual factor in which man must make his move and in so doing it leaves much to be concerned and worked with. Not always those who are good drivers find themselves in situations. Those in situations find themselves in more situations. Question.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Is there a prayer or affirmation I could use that would help me to hear music?

Forces: Well hearing music takes time and being patient try to listen to each words or notes and hear them rather than to copy them and do this for a few days and you will instinctively hit the right notes.

LK: Thank you.

JE: Who wrote the last (psalm?) we read this afternoon?

Forces: That was a group of individuals that more or less involved with Thomas Jefferson’s and they did come over to annoy and placate the constructions of this (—–).

JE: Thank you.

BR: I would like to apologize for the confusion I caused this weekend and could there be an affirmation I could say?

Forces: It was not necessarily more directly from you, more of a force that focused around and bounced off to you. Its not a responsibility of you more of a focus point trying to get through preventing any progress of any spirit of movement of course as we have promised there will be great spiritual movements in the next weeks to come. A lots of doors are opening for these progress and the White Brotherhood is charging a tremendous force not only in the back of your house but at along side of the front of your house. There is a tremendous influx of this force that is now coming in the affirmation is

‘Stand me Lord before the Throne of Archangel Michael ever at his side to protect and to guide and to walk with me through the darkness of this hour’

This should help in certain tests and trials or smells of atmospheric combustion that seems to be probing in the areas to come.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Could you give me an affirmation for the Rosary I say before I go to bed?

Forces: Spirit Divine O lead me and guide me open up my heart that it be thine.

BH: Thank you.

DD: Is there any guidance in the things that I have been working on?

Forces: We find that the things that you are working on is coming along fine and just as you have an airplane with glue you must allow it to dry before the wings ah set.

DD: Can’t see anything now?

Forces: Nor can you see the glue set between the two pieces.

DD: Thank you.

DL: On lifetimes where we come in and we seem to be two or more individuals who are involved in spiritual things but more of the manifestation on a physical level for instance the Revolutionary War ah two or more individuals were involved with that because there was the purpose of creating the country and then we would have other lifetimes like in monasteries or something that would seem to be singular, the soul comes in and assumes several notable characters.

Forces: Run the question over again please.

DL: Just from information that we’ve gotten from the Sessions it seems like the American Revolution when each of us came in at that time as notable, we were two or more bodies with same soul and other life times we came in as a single entity in a monastery setting or something like that. Do we come in as more than one soul to get things started on a physical level? Whenever important things are happening on a physical level that’s the time period that its easiest to have more than one puppet on the earth and then when its really hard core spiritual development you must be confined into one entity?

Forces: Well there’s not a set rule or regulation about that there are many so called extensions we would call them so you can absorb as much information at one given time different parts but there are those times when things do become intense and it becomes more singular as far as your moving these other moments and other lifetimes into one personal body so that the cells have become uniformed and therefore the spiritualization from all these cells coming together finally manifest into a one singular mobile force.

IS: So a soul could gather the best parts of its 1000 lifetimes the worth of it lets say a monk which is a spiritual form then on a difficult time when that soul has to overcome a lot then they would take all of that and bring it in as a monk form and then allow the other part of that soul to work out in other areas?

Forces: All right ok we can buy that.

IS: Is that where the monk force on the earth transmits…?

Forces: Yes we can, we can accept it.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Proverbs and certain prayers and ah, ah Exodus could be used but other than that just keep creative and busy this would be a perfect (—–).

GL: Thank you.

JU: Is there any particular hour or time it would be best for some of the new disciplines I’m doing?

Forces: 3 o’clock.

JU: Thank you.

LK: Could you tell us what the effects will be in the Indian room with the domes?

Forces: Tremendous. It is more of a centering the North Star into the energy field and taking that energy field into, those who sit underneath the dome would receive a great deal of inner strength and perceptive ability and things to come.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Should the other room also be a dome rather than the other thing I have in my head?

Forces: The other thing in your head should be all right.

IS: Thank you.

NN: What is the main thing that Psalm 19 works on?

Forces: Solar Plexus and Thymus center at this time.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Could you give me what the Heart center or the Thymus center would look like if I pictured it in meditation?

Forces: Like a Golden Ball of Flame with a ball of colors and Brooklyn Gas and Light company (—-).

BH: Thank you.

BR: In the 10 commandments one of the Laws is thou shalt not kill and throughout the Bible there is a lot of killing…

Forces: Drastic isn’t it.

BR: But in Proverbs it says that thou shalt not shed innocent blood so is it really all right to kill as long as you don’t kill someone that’s innocent?

Forces: Well let us take it from one step further; first you must not kill the creative force within you that is every moment every hour of your life you must try to be as creative as possible and not to be destructive with the element of life around you. This is the first meaning of though shall not kill.

BR: Thank you and the one from Proverbs.

Forces: This could be instructed as, as such.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Killing is a great sadness it’s a consecration from one life form that would eat or digest or consume to another life from that will consecrate what is being consumed ah this goes along with animal worlds as long as the man made world.

IS: Is the killing thing a matter of Law or Mercy?

Forces: A large percentage of it is Law and the few percent is with Mercy.

IS: If God sees that man is going to be killed in a few years then that life force…?

Forces: This can be done yes.

IS: Like I would feel bad for a moth that it’s going to live a couple days anyhow?

Forces: Yes there’s, there’s some variance yes.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Could you tell me what the gashes and cuts and bruises on my hand mean?

Forces: (–) Try not to get yourself comfortable in the Nish noshes of the earth. You do have, before you bandage your bandage of your cut or booboo you have 452 antiseptics, 222 (ienzymes) enzymes, ah pills or kavokeoes to take to fight the antibacteria that has gotten into your body, then you have 100 different types of aspirins or to fight pain what we’re trying to say in a joking way. You have great deals of energy but you also have great deals of (—) to protect thyself from pain and all these cuts and bumps and bruises trying to help you out of that.

JU: Thank you.

GL: The other evening DD and I were on the roof and it was lightning and we were looking up and we kept seeing the ah lightning and it seemed to outline a circle or a ship.

Forces: Yes, yes, yes.

GL: It was a ship?

Forces: Yes.

GL: Was it causing the lightning or?

Forces: Well there are many different electrical charges in the atmosphere ah would have some affect on it.

GL: Could it be given what it was doing at that time?

Forces: Just filtering through the atmosphere to have some parts of creation that have walked with it.

GL: Thank you.

DL: Whenever someone on the earth makes a bad mistake what sort of things do the Angels and things have to go through to rectify that?

Forces: Angels ask for a, ah a squadron of backups and they work that out.

DL: Of other angels or?

Forces: Forces of the elements, angels, archangels, deities of this earth that have control and power.

DL: Devas and stuff like that?

Forces: This the lower forms yes those too.

DL: Thank you.

IS: How come I don’t hear music anymore?

Forces: You hear it just on the other level and just bring it down.

IS: Is it because of something I’m doing?

Forces: Music is there it just needs to be brought down.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with the Keltic Art?

Forces: A clover patch square.

DD: Thank you very much.

LK: What would be the symbolism of the moth that seeks the light until it becomes consumed by it?

Forces: Well it could be two fold symbolisms in this one that the light is a very powerful source and if one enters into it without preparation preparedness the light consumes and burns you up cause the force is so powerful that’s why it takes many years before any light can actually be open be open to the individual but it also represents consecration of the physical body into the spiritual spheres.

LK: Thank you.

NN: Why have I been so drained the last three days?

Forces: Just have to come out of self and keep moving and try to be creative.

NN: Thank you.

BH: With the reading on Caesar that you gave me when I ask about the gates of death I don’t really understand what it means. The part that I read the people that are going to assassinate him come to Caesars house.

Forces: Yes go ahead I’m listening.

BH: Brutus and accomplices arrive in Caesars house and his wife doesn’t want him to go with them because she’s had the dream.

Forces: Amazing isn’t it.

BH: He decides to go with them anyway.

Forces: Yes. Now what’s your question.

BH: When God ask Job has he been to the gates of death what would Job have seen there?

Forces: Job would see through a dream the vision of the prophecy that Caesars wife had received.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: Your welcome.

JU: Any help you can give me on trying to put my work in order?

Forces: Organization power, concentration power and sticktoitiveness of affirmative action. Make a decision and stay by it.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Your welcome.
GL: Could you help me to understand what is talked about in chapter 10 of John when Jesus says “But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep, to him the porter openeth and the sheep hear his voice” what is the meaning of that?
Forces: There are many doors locked inside the body and it is the Spirit of Christ that opens up these doors gradually and they’re opened up through service.
GL: Thank you.
GL: In the same chapter it talks about Jesus moving out of their hands did he just disappear and reappear?
Forces: Yes sometimes he walked fast. (Laughter)
GL: But that time he just disappeared.
Forces: To those who didn’t see how fast he walked yes.
GL: Thank you.
DL: Is there a chapter in the Bible that would be good for me now?
Forces: Of course the 14th chapter of Exodus 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th verse.
DL: Thank you.
Forces: Just think on those things look into them read them and see the mystery of it.
IS: RU last dream was the rotting corn was that her own prophecy?
Forces: What’s the other dream.

IS: That’s what you said the last time when she was telling it.
Forces: And what happened.
IS: She went against everything to go and pick corn with MK and then she came back with rotten corn.
IS: And I can’t remember the rest.
Forces: I wouldn’t even worry about it.
Forces: The person who sees in a dream a message and pays no attention to it even after they are told what it means its nothing to worry about lets move on.
IS: It was a prophecy right.
Forces: Uhght.
IS: Did I do for Don what I could?
Forces: More is needed he must eat applejacks.
DD: Could you explain what the oracle of the twigs (ogham?) were the Celts used to do?
Forces: This used to put certain things in order and certain elements used to manifest a design that will give information when needed.
Forces: How did they make it manifest?
Forces: Into a Cauldron they put certain elements of a tree bark and certain elements of a (hyacinth?) bush. A certain point in time they would stir boiling oil in and this would form a design on the top floating its message.
DD: Thank you.
Forces: The United States is going to be going through many tests your weather is unbelievable hot yes we know, certain areas are being scorched and burned and your areas doing fine. We should visit you with some more fast storms, we should start these up every, every so often and keep on giving them to you till the end of August.
IS: Does the weather in Texas have anything to do with the entity (–)?
Forces: We won’t be able to answer that right now. You know what we would say off the record ah ok.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: There are many things that still needs to be put in organizational working power and keep your mind in your own interest to see where you can make things do better. This particular weekend would be a fine weekend to go to New York for many ah reasons.
IS: Who are the people to go to New York?
Forces: Of course you and the entity we speak through of course and ah we have ah BR of course can go and BH of course…
IS: That’s it.
Forces: Well we could fit one more Myself of course and ah yes we’re listening.
IS: I’d be glad to stay home if it’s dangerous for the car?
Forces: Not after that point when you’ll be going north.
IS: Second driver?
Forces: No reason to go to New York without you then.
IS: All right.
Forces: We’ll decide who to go at another time. We won’t speak on it right now.
IS: This weekend…?
Forces: It would be good this weekend or the weekend after. No more questions.
NN: Is there another place besides Brooklyn that there’s a large population of Hassidim?
Forces: Well that seems to take it.
NN: Thank you.
IS: Should we get tiles when we go to New York this time?
Forces: You could, you could look.
IS: Should the Meditation Room have tiles?
Forces: This could but it does not necessarily have to be.
IS: Thank you.
BH: Is there anything I could do to help Mrs. (—-) the lady with the recurrent Pituitary Tumor?
Forces: Everything is being as best as possibly can for her.
BH: Thank you.
JU: Could you tell me what relationship or influence if any with the entity that was Heinrich Heim?
Forces: He’s a guiding force there for you on another level when you were involved with the planet of Mars.
JU: Thank you.
GL: Could you explain the dream that I had this morning involving intercom speakers and rough ins that were already in there on the third floor?
Forces: Spiritual force that every voice that you hear every communication there is a foundation within the symbolism of it. Just look deep into your receiving of instructions and to see the foundation before, think before you leap.
GL: Thank you.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving we’ll speak to you again soon.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.