Session 337. 12/30/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We’ve been through a lot and have seen many things come and go as they are supposed to. We feel that this kind of —- for you cannot always be comfortable but you must admit we’ve kept your attention. Not meaning to kept your attention in a bad way but evolution has to be made and things must move (—–) people just can’t stand still that’s what is happening in America a lot of things are just standing still. I know you understand what I’m saying and the standing still, got to move, got to help move it and we’re trying to move it. We’re not all that bad as far as trying to move something but things do have to develop and move on. Now we all are not guaranteed to stay on the earth forever you all know that now by now somehow you all have an inkling that you’re not going to be here till Methuselah comes again and if you don’t have that idea now its wise to start thinking that you’re not eternal. Were —– asking you all to (———-)(—–) no that’s not what we’re saying we’re saying only to have a spirit and a soul inside you that’s the most wonderful thing about you not your body that you’re suffering through right now going through or —–through now is it, its your soul. But we are able to sit here and speak to you and commune with you and have a good time that we can travel and leave you and be about our business and then come back at our will not your will whatever it is whoever can get this body to lay down and we can talk again, now that’s remarkable to be able to speak about vast distant things on a conscious level that’s a real eye opener and the eye opener is just that the Kingdom of Heaven was given to you with no problems all you have to do is sit there and stay awake and we’ve given it to you, shared with you, talked over many principles since the beginning of time. Its not such a bad deal now we try to maintain the atmosphere or condition of environment that is suitable for you. We give you a growing process, a learning process, a healthy process into (life). We have many other little gifts for you as you move on and develop more secrets more natural gifts that you will discover yourselves and the rest of the world will share from you amazing as it is there are many discoveries that this group will make that will shock the world (what) we give you, you know if you have a certain light sunlight and you slant it through 17 different prisms you’ll come up with a whole different colors this is a very interesting feat that will shock a lot of people and can be used many different ways. Now what we will see that of many vast amounts of strange minerals coming to the surface. While we speak to you of new things coming —–this new age, new generation, new things are to come you are so wonderfully made and your minds are so involved in trying to find out as much as you can and you haven’t seen nothing yet, gonna have a good time you’re gonna explore and see and experience a lot of unusual things that you might have know before and be associated with it again and chances are you might not have know it before. We have talked to you about the earthquakes and covering many beautiful things and history, knowledge and the secrets. Well you know that there are several earthquakes slated for Africa and in the Dark Continent of Africa comes many, many vast secrets that will really shock mankind. King Solomon of course had the worlds greatest amount of gold and (silver stone. He was some character he operated Us very well didn’t he or in short King Solomon did talk through us we talked to him that’s all it is that he talked to us and we talked to him that’s what ran his Empire things go wrong he would come running to us you know same way with David also King Louis the 14th had his conditions to run he had his own (—-). Any great civilization had their own revelations which was the highest which was the lowest, which kept you on the track, which gave you the right proportions you know these are the most important and adequate things to your own (—–) you have a mind of course the mind is used how much are you using your minds you use it a few percentage or to investigate vast amounts of knowledge its there for you just for you to take and that’s what’s so wonderful about time and space for in time and space there is no end, everything is eternal and you have a vast amount of knowledge to gain wisdom to apply and lots and lots tremendous amounts of experience of divinity with the Deity that is beyond your concepts but its all that for your taking and choosing and, and that’s what we have lost a little bit in societies we’ve lost the childlike quality of being children and allowing that faith and strength in the Spiritual world to take your hand as it was a long time ago. So now where are we at we have a court case a measly old court case (to) you it’s the greatest thing that ever happened the biggest thing in fact it is I don’t know how I would react if I was caught on the earth under the circumstances you know after all we can get up and leave you have to (—) through the whole situation and make it work. But of course we have placed several interesting techniques around nobody will be able to say a word without their tongue being twisted to what we want them to say. We now take possession of the (——) (—–). Now let us see we have promised you several things we are working on we still are fixed to that promise that we are working on several things give us time. Keep your prayers strong and keep yourself close to your God and all these things would be put into its proper perspective.

Forces: Ok questions.

DD: Is there anything that can be given about the thing I was working on before and haven’t worked on in a long time?

Forces: The reason why the project has stopped awhile was just for a resting period so that it is completed totally.

DD: Thank you.

BR: You were talking about a different colored light what would that be used for?

Forces: This could be used for a great deal of healing and also future days (——-).

BR: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell us please how Queen Vashti from King Ahasuerus did she fulfill her mission or did she fall from grace through arrogance?

Forces: Well we see many females around her we also see these marble castles (—) with red domes or capitals and clay prickles, we see these birds of pheasant shapes and lace of a tremendous amount. We also see within the (——) (—-) more of a helmet and with wings on it in a upright position. We take the note of 1632 very strongly for this entity and we find that there’s T’s marked under her there are many types of underlying stockings that she invented or had made for her varicose veins ah there are veins not only in her legs but also in her (——). A great deal of underwear ah she liked a great deal of underwear boxes and boxes of it and we could have a great time just looking into this particular lifestyle but we see the 16th century as a turning point for this soul the 1600 for the soul and this would be the making up for that particular time where she had not succeeded.

HI: Thank you.

BH: What aspects does the Book of Exodus deal with?

Forces: More of a coming out as you know into a higher consciousness of awareness and leaving (forces) of physical attachments, ah dis-attachments with (——-) attachments.

BH: The centers?

Forces: The first 4 centers that we work with basically its the first 2 centers in Exodus.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What’s the spiritual significance of the right ventricle?

Forces: This is the recipient or the receiver of a message or the giver of the word.

NN: Thank you.

JB: Tomorrow being New Years Eve day

Forces: Did you want to do something.

JB: Is there a particular theme for the New Year 1981?

Forces: (——–) Laughter.

Forces: That’s what you usually sing no.

JB: Yes.

BR: What’s the theme for this New Year?

Forces: Go get um. Ah we are working many things out ah be patient be aware be sensitive be understanding and this new year that’s coming up will be new horizons and new expressions of the Spirit.

JB: Thank you.

GL: Could it be given who gave the Sessions for David and Solomon and for Louis the 14th?

Forces: Each one had their own scribes or seer or priest or bard. David had his own sessions being given through him when he played the harp that is what he had gone into at times.

GL: Was it mainly done from automatic writing?

Forces: No it was prophecy singing.

GL: Thank you.

IS: It used to be a very strong thing at one time that through music you would get the prophecy.

Forces: Still can.

IS: Elisha used that too.

Forces: Well we are working out several things we are walking with you you’re not walking alone be patient. We have several things we would like to work out. We will speak to you again tomorrow and promise to stay with you being that he we speak through can come off his fast for 2 days, other than that we have done certain things these past few days for a purpose and now we go back to work on other things.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.