Session 338. 1/1/81

Lot of noise on tape correct later

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been hovering around and given you some white during the New Years Eve celebrations so you wouldn’t lack too much. We know that there are those moments of trials and tests but remember keep up the good spirit be positive we are working trying our best to arrange certain things. There are certain items we are working on now and we are putting them together for you. We are doing what has to be done just be patient. The world condition seems to be going up and down in strides this year will be a year of advances on many marks but it is not truly notable as a solid advance just a temporary advance for the economy. We have (—) several plans to put into effect but they will be told in some days to come. Those things which we work on be (——–) and of course don’t be discouraged keep your spirits up its not that bad we are working as best as we can to apply certain things.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

IS: What will the year 1981 bring for us?

Forces: There will be a lot of creativeness in the group a lot of developments there will be a lots of what would be called sharing and growing there will be many things to learn and to understand. The year itself is going to be not too long and not too short and its liable to pass its quickly how the years do go by how one time is now and the next time is then but of course astrology the stars things do move and new experiences of the stars do enter into a pattern so as we understand there are new horizons that would be met and no total pictures of the future. The rest of the year will be quiet alternating as time goes on.

ES: Caring for babies on respirators that are very upset the things that the physicians order are medications to calm them is there something else that we could do to Initiate the nursing staff to help calm them rather than give them drugs?

Forces: Lets hear that again.

ES: The babies that are on respirators get very upset and the doctors order meds to calm them down is there anything else we as nurses could do?

Forces: We see a lot of things that are wrong with this (——-) many things as far as respiratory (—-) applications helps to ah, we would tell certain things but I don’t think it would be legally right for you to do it legally, emotionally and spiritually is what we’re talking about. On an emotional and spiritual level they might be right you might have everyone to back you morally (——) maybe or we can answer theses tentative technical questions because of safe grounds versus unsafe grounds but in all and all ah holding the child and being near the child when put on the respirator could help could help (—-).

ES: Thank you.

JU: When encountering negative feelings what is the best way to alleviate that?

Forces: Well understand what the negative feelings are on, find the source of it and then come to decide what is causing it and correct the cause.

JU: Is there any way to do it when it seems to be from outside?

Forces: We do not understand this what seems to be from outside.

JU: I encounter things from outside or seems to be.

Forces: We find those can always be countered by prayer and by praying and giving it to something higher, by giving it into a higher hand it does take over.

JU: Thank you very much.

DD: The book I’m reading explains everything at the physical level I guess he’s talking about the Principalities, Principles or Ideas on a higher level and how inanimate objects would be living on like the 8th dimension?

Forces: Yes these conditions can exist there are many dimensional levels that we walk through in one given day you’d be surprised to see how many levels of consciousness you move through in your given day its amazing where those who do die where do they go what happens have you ever thought on that those questions where they go and what happens is this reality of another world around you so when you have this perspective of the conditions of physical elements turn your mind to the unseen world that can help you through it.

DD: Thank you.

FS: Can you tell us anything about Charles Williams?

Forces: What would you like to know.

FS: Where his source of inspiration was for his life and the things that he did with it?

Forces: More so from a ocean of past experiences and a growing of those past experiences by what would be called automatic handwriting.

FS: Thank you.

JB: In working with harmony is there some way besides prayer that can help bring it about?

Forces: Working for harmony comes in different stages be ye one to one and the level of prayer is very important and also angels can help with harmony.

JB: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell me how much reading a day would be the right balance for me?

Forces: 20 pages a day would be good.

HI: Thank you.

BH: Which Archangel is represented this year?

Forces: Raphael.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Would you give me a rosary that would help annihilate (——) worldly judgment?

Forces: God open my eyes that I might see the unseen so it might touch my heart so that I might feel the things to be seen.

NN: Thank you.

JE: On our calendar its 1981 but what year is it really?

Forces: Are you going to start something new. Well the year could be 789612dash48, 789612dash48148.

IS: What’s the dash 48?

Forces: Well that is the year that you would understand (——-).

IS: Is that (———–)?

Forces: Something like that.

JE: Measured from what point?

Forces: Our point.

GL: The Big Bang that the scientists speak about was that when the earth plane came into existence or was transformed from one dimension to another?

Forces: It’s when the earth was transferred when the positive earth was brought into the other invisible world and the invisible world was brought into this world.

GL: Thank you.

LK: We know that in situations when the white forces have a victory then the dark forces have their turn if Christmas is the high white time would the holiday of New Years be considered a dark time?

Forces: It sometimes can be apprehensive but not a darkness but those who lose their through alcohol and the spirits can enter into a dark force pattern easily.

LK: Is there any force on the day that we determine as New Years day or is it just a force built up through tradition?

Forces: It’s the force where the mind of the energy around the planet is totally evil.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Toms dream of the accident with the red haired lady is that the accident that happened doesn’t mean that RU will get into it right?

Forces: Qualities of yes.

IS: Thank you.

JU: In economics they always teach basic market forces that make things happen economically but they never seem to hold true when things fall apart could you give some understanding of what really makes those things move or really changes factors?

Forces: More on the visions of the people and the spirit of the people.

JU: So the Law of Supply and Demand is just an explanation they gave after the fact?

Forces: Ah and also the influx of on what the angels want done on the earth.

JU: Is there a way of reading those?

Forces: They kind of be read every 3 months.

JU: Thank you.

DN: What thing makes a violent reaction to alcohol in my system?

Forces: You must remember that alcohol must be consumed by your liver and your liver has other qualities of breaking down and when you take a certain amount of alcohol it puts your liver into a spasm so chances are not to take too much alcohol in any state because not only does your liver have to break it down and then it enters into your blood stream and the kidneys have to break it down and the blood stream is not really perfect for alcohol contents.

IS: The alcohol (———)?

Forces: The best wine is the red wine.

IS: Manischewitz, Carmel wine?

Forces: These wines, the sweet wines are softer for you occasionally the other wines can be done but that has to be done discretely other than that the occasional sips of this or that can be done but, but once a year wouldn’t hurt anyone but then again you’ve got to remember the alcohol contents in the body can’t take that much it affects itself and that’s a long range (——-) you haven’t overdone it but it could be put into its proper perspective to.

DN: Thank you.

DD: Is the book I’m reading now it seems like its talking about our group here or prophesizing the group they used the word (——) for his group sounds like gathering and it’s the same sort of conditions is that like—?

Forces: You would find all conditions to be amicable to the psychic world or the metaphysical world that implies for the bringing down of truth into the earth at this time.

DD: Is it talking about our group now?

Forces: Yes.

DD: I mean specifically?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Thank you.

JB: Is there anything that president Regan will be remembered for?

Forces: His fast mouth.

JB: Anything else?

Forces: That was more than enough.

JB: Thank you.

BR: When Jesus said eat my body and drink my blood when did he receive that that was going to be said and done?

Forces: When did he receive it.

Session ends suddenly. Will look for rest.

BR: Thank you.

HI: When a certain craft is done by which you don’t have to think what does it do for the mind or brain?

Forces: You go into a rhythm flow we call it because you can pick up on the spiritual level then.

BH: What are some of the other things that can happen when that girl was in the sarcophagus and received future lives you said that could happen and other things can happen too could you tell us what else can happen?

Forces: Correction of destines of other people and the effects of the destinies of the world of governments and changes of the cities and consciousness.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What does it mean in Psalm 80 before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh stir up thy strength?

Forces: It means for Manasseh you shall see action before the great coming of the (Orb)?

JE: Can you give us any information now about the conditions that surrounded Jonathan’s death?

Forces: More of a black omen and force of evil (—-) the territory of evil in that area its more or less a breaking a bridge that he had mastered and had gone in to a other force field that he had brought and opened up a door on the earth but not him particularly but another door was opened and the effect was this.

JE: What kind of door are you speaking of?

Forces: There’s the door on the spiritual level that was opened that will allow other things to come into the earth (——).

JE: He opened it?

Forces: He did not open it he was an instrument for it to be opened.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: A lot of mental concepts more or less there is a mental attitude that is coming in from it, the correct mental attitude.

LK: Are there any ways to increase motivation?

Forces: Motivation is a factor that comes from a spirit and that comes ah through the force of silence with your God and intuition that it is received through it just generally doing the process of doing and not (——) the process of doing creates the motivation factor ah which is the rhythm. A lot of rhythm and music is the motivation factor too in about 90 percent of all (—–).

LK: Making excuses for something you want to do?

Forces: Procrastination is a disease too it’s a mental disease that takes a lot of people and ah it can be worked out and but it’s a game within the (—–) mind ah to see how to conquer our procrastination this ah the spirit procrastinates against the body, the body against the mind each one try’s to procrastinate of course the Higher Self tries to get in contact with the self so there would be no procrastination.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Is this group making it?

Forces: Making it is an everyday commitment to the ideal and purpose of the group. It has to be done as an everyday commitment and each day move on. So either you live with your doubt or you move to that point of living (—–), you do die. A person (who) does not want to take care of them-self or self any longer he terminates into many different states.

ES: Is there a psalm or passage in the bible that I could read to help strengthen me break my emotional ah reactions that I have to certain situations?

Forces: Interesting that you have gained an insight to that ah the classic emotional reactions and judgments to things that this is all interesting analogies of things you are working out personal wants versus divine sacrifice working those things trying to (—-). Lord open my eyes that I can begin to understand the spirit and (—–). Always understand that your there to see the Spirit and strive to see the Spirit in all things you will not be in trouble.

ES: Thank you very much.

DD: In the 8th dimension from last Session how ships (—) the hosts I was thinking that when it comes down to this level it appears metallic they’re in all elements on this level on the 8th dimension are is it the 144 perfect elements I mean they’re hosts on the 8th dimension they are like hosts?

Forces: Well let us say yeah yes they are and they have their Deity Ship in these things.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again this week.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.