Session 339. 1/3/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: There are many changes as far as the world is concerned and we are heading into many political changes as far as 1981 is concerned there will be the new revolution as we had spoken to you in the Soviet Union and of course it will start with the farmers the farmers and crop growers will be the first to undertake these principles. In America you’ll find that there shall be stronger methods of understanding there own spiritual principles and ideas and there should be more of a searching for new answers and new answers for tomorrow and new answers for tomorrow opening ears and eyes for not just religious overtones and religious remarks per religion but more so now answers, answers that people can recognize and hear not just answers they have learned and now are not interested these are answers to their beginnings, to their purposes what good is that of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and all the answers there if they do not use them do not give them out there not sent out in its proper way. We are choosing to send them out so that the world might understand who and what these things are people should know about reincarnation they should understand about rebirth they should know about the (cup) karmetic ties they should know about astrology and they should know about those things of color and sound these things are not secret they should be told openly but they should be told in the right time and manner. There are many things in America that will begin to start moving once more in the 1960s you had the culture revolution the 1970s you had more of a searching now comes the manifestation to this search for all will be interested in their own spiritual development within not only that of religion but their own psychic and spiritual development of what they are. We have planned many things and many forces we are hoping to manifest as much as we can there are the ups and downs of course but these ups and downs do have a tendency of fading away.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Now you spoke about ARE and what good is it they have all the knowledge there but its not given out correctly. Is what is happening to us part of what you’re doing to give it out correctly?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What is it how is it?

Forces: Just by the very fact of focusing in the ARE as a conscious organization for the so-called metaphysics this will bring people to the attention of that.

IS: To us?

Forces: In an indirect way yes.

IS: Will they feel that we got them into trouble?

Forces: Some would yes.

IS: Will Gladys feel that?

Forces: You can speak to her if you want but her first reaction will be that of joy and a lot of anger.

IS: Charles?

Forces: Confusion as always.

IS: And how is it helping by publicizing again the whole thing?

Forces: What whole thing.

IS: I mean us?

Forces: Well its not really you are going to do it directly it’s a indirect way not more of a outwardly publication by you but as an indirect reaction that will happen from these conditions all over the United States this is not going to be the first condition.

IS: We are right now in the middle of a persecution is that correct?

Forces: In an indirect way yes.

IS: Do you consider this a persecution we are under or do you consider it child’s play?

Forces: The world will have much more to handle than to persecute so it would not be considered serious.

IS: Does it mean that there is more serious persecutions for us?

Forces: No ah the world has to move on to other things.

IS: And in that world is included that (Terry?)?

Forces: The world is including her she will have to move on to other things.

IS: Thank you.

NN: What happens to the soul for those that are in the body banks?

Forces: This spoken before they are its more or less into a state of semi-movement and, and frozen in a state on earth but in the heavens they are just waiting out for the time in which they can be free.

NN: Thank you.

IS: If they give a part after they are dead to somebody they cannot move on they have to wait until —?

Forces: They would have to wait.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: There are sometimes when souls are strong enough to release the soul elements of the organ so that they can move on and the other soul takes over the organ these conditions sometimes would mean a positive nature ah in which the soul individual receiving the organ can in fact replace or send out the soul essence of the soul that was in the organ and thereby taking over the elements of the cells that is placed in the body new but this takes many years of transformation before it can be completed.

IS: Is that why there are so many transplant rejections the body rejects?

Forces: This is the reason why the organs do not take is because the soul from the other body organ or whatever is stronger and will not take in the body of this.

IS: Is it that the soul that has passed on realizing they will have to wait –?

Forces: Tries to take it back and if he’s strong enough he will succeeds. That’s why they say it in terms the organ has not taken, the organ has taken simply the one is not taken was taken back the one that has taken is stronger.

IS: Thank you.

BH: What does John 3 represent or what is it working with?

Forces: This is the Solar Plexus with the Leyden center.

BH: Thank you.

BR: What happened to Einstein since they have his brain?

Forces: More or less there’s a connection with that but there is a state of calmness and sleep a sense of rest until the brain is given back.

BR: Thank you. 12:20

FS: What was the object that fell through the sky in Pennsylvania this week?

Forces: This is a meteorite substance some of it is connected with particles that have been flying around the earth for thousands of years and others is that of substance from the earth.

FS: So there was no significance with it coming through and producing a sonic boom?

Forces: Oh yes the significance is that it brought with it many of the spiritual qualities that needed to get into the earth fast.

FS: Thank you.

Forces: Nothing happens without something happening.


Forces: As far as what condition you’ve been contacted by us or contacted by another alien or contacted by–.

DN: By a newspaper reporter in Lynchburg.

Forces: Ohhh. Well this all has to be up to the group as far as what you would like to do ah there are things that we are working with around the area and we are none the less thinking that you would have to discuss it among yourselves.

DN: Thank you.

BN: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: There are new changes coming about for your job and new understandings of (—-) ways but keeping certain systems and forces about your patients (—) these should have some guidance with certain Psalms and certain (—-) again coming your way.

BN: Could you mention which Psalms?

Forces: 42, 50.

BN: And which systems of application?

Forces: Systems of applications would be given as time goes on and different designs and abilities.

BN: Thank you.

JB: Is there going to be any immediate changes for the country when Reagan takes office?

Forces: They’ll be enough changes happening we look more to the army and more to the air force in changes contributing more to war items than anything before.

JB: Thank you.

JE: The souls that die and donate their organs where is that they go and wait and what do they do?

Forces: They wait in more of a hospital or staging room in which they just rest.

JE: What do you mean just rest?

Forces: Until they receive all their members again.

JE: Is it like limbo?

Forces: More of a hospital type.

JE: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me understand the 144 spiritual elements we talked about along time ago and how they appear in this dimension as related to the higher dimensions?

Forces: Well they appear in the genetic structures as far as your DNA structure that is one part of the 144,000 the DNA structure is not completely finished for there are three offshoots that will be found to explain the missing genetic structures of diseases. There is a two bead bolus on the northeast side of one, directly south of it and a third one that shoots from the south one to the right these are the three extra findings ah sections where to look to find another type of hereditary or intelligent beings that is in man that will soon develop.

DD: Does it connect with the missing elements on the periodic table?

Forces: Missing elements are a whole different concept and there will be found a few more missing elements as time goes on.

DD: Thank you.

IS: When a child is born sometimes the soul enters into the child weeks later. What is the thing then that is in that child that makes it move?

Forces: Natural forces of energy and electricity and natural impulses of the preparation of the body of the child natural qualities of so called life-sustaining forces of the body. Remember the soul is one thing and it takes a complete 7 years before the soul actually finally manifests into the body of the child.

IS: If there is a population explosion is there a possibility there would be more bodies than souls?

Forces: Say that again.

IS: There are no more souls being created right?

Forces: No, no.

IS: There was just the creation and that’s it and it all sprung from that right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So there is an actual certain amount of souls?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is it possible and what would it look like if there was a population explosion that would take up the whole entire number of souls and then—-?

Forces: Never would happen.

IS: So its impossible that—?

Forces: The key element is the Creator who allows a certain amount that come and open up and come into the earth.

Forces: So there could never be a population explosion?

Forces: There wouldn’t be a population explosion because there are thousands upon thousands of souls that either are resting waiting to come in or have been waiting to get out.

IS: So there is no such thing as a human being without a soul?

Forces: There are human beings whose souls are there but are not functioning properly but every human being has a quality of a soul that is up to them to function properly.

IS: But it is also that a soul puts out and sends in puppets right?

Forces: This is also another quality correct.

IS: Then what is done a part of a soul or a photographic image like of a soul?

Forces: More of the element of the bi-part of the soul impressed into the, impressed into the body.

IS: Thank you. Is there a possibility for any magician to actually manipulate that sort of a thing?

Forces: There is a certain time span that you can work with it mathematically but manipulated is beyond our control.

IS: So there is no magician on earth that ever was that ever will be that can actually maneuver around?

Forces: No because it deals with an angelic or Archangel force that opens and closes what comes in and what goes out.

IS: So in that case in that book with Charles Williams what he has the magician do is really impossible?

Forces: The magician is not of the earth it is a communication of the Higher Beings that is the magician.

IS: You mean like one of the Higher Forces or—?

Forces: One of the technicians (who) takes census of in and out.

IS: But even he cannot maneuver with the soul quality to that point?

Forces: No this is all functioned by a preordained system there are those one, two or three percent’s that things can be altered.

IS: You can snare a soul but you cannot do all that stuff with it?

Forces: Something like that alright.

IS: Is that right?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could you give the significance of the Sessions being in a different position now?

Forces: Well more or less ah for a new year different sections of forces that have come in that needs to be given out and the facing for nothing too complicated just allow certain of the energies to be balanced and reenacted in a different state.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Is there a prayer or a chant for Archangel Raphael as we have for Archangel Michael?

Forces: Well the Prayer would be’ Oh Teacher of the Way guide our path send the light of this day into the narrow streets ahead that we might understand the Laws and the Shield that you send the message of the Sound before our ears.

BH: Thank you.

LK: The people who practice witchcraft would that be considered a black force or a white force?

Forces: Witchcraft of who.

LK: Not like black masses but more like a nature religion?

Forces: We can’t really give you a terminology of it but there is a definite lack of growth in it of course it reminds us of another quality of mother earth religions that you can get from your catalogue book its not really there’s a lots of complications involved in it.

LK: Thank you.

BN: Could you give me a prayer for healing?

Forces; Lord send forth the energy of Light surround this soul that you have incased in this body heal it heal it from its thoughts of negativity and make it that of positive quality to enhance those around it and to bring forth its own rejuvenation.

BN: Thank you.

JE: If it takes 7 years for a soul to inhabit a child can a soul switch any time before 7 years a different soul takeover?

Forces: There are many factors involved here the first 7 years of a child’s life is very essential to its development there are many factors of having a negative force take over the soul or negative personality of another lifetime take over the soul this is what is considered the black forces taking over a personality it is that when the soul is young the soul is being developed and when the child is being disciplined it is like bumper cars when the soul goes into a negative trait they can get caught in it, it does need a strong loving response to gear it from that direction of getting into a trap by a past lifetime now not everyone can understand or do these qualities of course so it does take a great deal of love and a great deal of prayer and a great deal of ah focusing on that which the higher beings want done that of your God so in short children are very ah vulnerable to getting into different patterns and possessions ah for the highest purpose one can be watching the child where the child not watched it goes through many different scars.

JE: So it’s not necessarily a different soul but different aspects of the same soul?

Forces: There you go.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Different personalities are other lifetimes.

DD: What IS was talking about does that mean all the things the magician did the black magician is not really possible to do (—-)?

Forces: Its not saying that its not possible to do its just that the quality in which is doing or being done happens on a different level.

DD: So it doesn’t happen on the physical level?

Forces: It cannot manifest on the earth.

DD: What is he writing about?

Forces: What he’s writing about is the qualities of developing and bringing into the earth new consciousness or those qualities that need to be developed in a future date.

DD: What qualities are those?

Forces: These are qualities from other past experiences or lifetime’s souls need to develop and cannot find the right atmosphere or conditions on the earth to develop them.

DD: Thank you.

IS: If a lot of love has been put into a child and then the child is taken away before the age of 7 what happens to that child?

Forces: After the child reaches 7 is one thing if the child is taken away before 7 it goes through many different personalities and tries to find which one is the best to learn or go through and it will go through many other different personalities this is clearly a case in which there shall be confusion of course in certain states but in all reality there is this when you do start a child on one set of thought and change in midstream it is up to something greater or higher that allows or tries to take and mold this particular child to the continuing process if you have more than 5 or 6 years in the process of that spirit training then the child has a chance of continuing on its course.

IS: They all left at the age of 5?

Forces: This is the age in which the mother influence takes over to the age of 7.

IS: 5 to 7?

Forces: This is the age in which the mother if she had made a commitment or if she is in that commitment of the process of development where her influences take over the child.

IS: What does it mean to us—?

Forces: The parent or the mother aspect had taken on a to work with the child and to work some of their own thoughts out with this particular child or children and but yet the child itself continues on its own progress.

IS: And why is 5 specifically the age?

Forces: 5 is more of a ah factor of leverage its, it looks like a sickle in itself and it looks like an airplane strip taking off and it looks like a decent into matter.

IS: The entity Tom mornings getting up and things like that is it the persecution?

Forces: More or less more trying to find and get answers from the other side and staying on the other side to get the answers.

NN: Would it help me right now to write down the Book of Job?

Forces: It wouldn’t be a bad idea.

NN: Thank you.

BH: A heave offering and a wave offering what do they represent and what spiritual affect do they have?

Forces: Ones on one side of the body and one is on the other, ones a positive and ones a negative, ones the receptive and ones the passive, ones the past and ones the present and the future and this represents those qualities of development.

FS: Is there a particular Book in the Bible that I should concentrate on?

Forces: The Book of Esther or the Book of Judges second book of Judges.

FS: Thank you

GL: Would there be any guidance for me now?

Forces: One step at a time, patience try to be receptive to the things in the home, the people in the home so that your inner qualities can develop we also say as far as your creative abilities and receptive abilities this is essential that you pay attention to those who you do live around so that these qualities that need to be developed within self can start practicing.

GL: Thank you.

DN: Is there some guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Be patience be acceptable of the spirit and have the faith, faith is what is necessary as once was said there is nothing else to live for but the spirit all else is naught.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you on a later date tomorrow.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.