Session 341. 1/11/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been watching and hovering over the area and we find the different progresses that are going on. There are many changes to come again your world situation we look once more to India and to Israel many of their own inner struggles. We find some in a land that will be going through certain elements along with Pakistan again. We find the Japanese people to be quiet strong and bring a message across those who need their products we will find out that there are those who the sheer seeing it might not want it. Of course America will discover many of its own natural resources that always has been there presumably, presumably (—-) they hadn’t known about it these qualities are always there. As far as the conditions here in the house of course there is this flu that is going around and it seems like every other person has it, its ah for those many different changes with the weather type flu’s.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

NN: What was the function of the porters in the time of King David?

Forces: There are many functions in which they took on one was to carry on certain records others was to carry on those things that belonged to the visitors others were to keep ah in the storage way of certain books.

NN: Thank you.

GL: Could you tell me the Session number that has instructions for the aura camera?

Forces: It will be given to you there is no important need for that right now but it will be given to you its found somewhere around 48 or 49.

GL: Thank you

JB: In a dream I had I was in a room with some electronic equipment and it was being used for medical purposes. Could I have help with that dream?

Forces: Dealing with a certain medical procedures that you would be coming in contact with.

JB: Thank you.

BN: What was the place Tom took me to in the dream I thought it was here in the future?

Forces: He showed you on the other side what is located here.

BN: Thank you.

IS: So it’s not something that will manifest?

Forces: It could manifest but it’s still located here.

BR: How does Tom bargain with the devil when they come to take someone?

Forces: He does not bargain with the devil no way no one can really bargain with the devil. The only way you bargain with the devil is your own soul.

BR: I mean the Angel of death?

Forces: The Angel of Death its just postponement.

BR: Thank you.

HI: To what degree is something destined for instance if King David didn’t trespass with Bathsheba then Solomon would not have been born or would he so was it really a sin?

Forces: Those are things that man will constantly ask himself what is right and what is wrong but poor Solomon would still have come to be if David would have only had the patience to wait.

HI: Thank you.

JE: In an earlier session you said that the Holy Grail was in two parts one was in England and one was in buried in something it was traveling across the United States. Could you say where it is now and what’s its destination?

Forces: It is buried here in America and destination is in the ground.

JE: Before you said it was in something.

Forces: It’s a metal container.

JE: I had the impression it wasn’t buried in the ground it was moving around or in something like a statue under a (—-) or something?

Forces: That could be very well but now it’s in the ground.

FS: The numbers that DD and I are working on with the geometric shapes are we on the right track with that for numbers 4 and 5?

Forces: That will take time but it looks pretty accurate.

FS: Thank you.

DD: With the beatitudes would they be the same as the precepts Jesus teaching the Apostles the precepts?

Forces: This is true.

DD: Thank you.

ES: Do you have any advice for me?

Forces: One step at a time and just lots of spiritual progression to be made in the future.

ES: Thank you.

IS: My dream last night with BH what is that?

Forces: Lets hear it.

IS: We were looking for her and couldn’t find her?

Forces: Where were you looking at.

IS: In the house and DN was looking for her and said I was looking for her too.

Forces: Well there’s those qualities and personalities within that needs to be strongly developed or the chances trying to put all those things into order ah sometimes being aloof can have a distance of feeling come about more so just trying to center on God could bring a proper focus for her.

IS: So she represents the patience in me that I can’t find her and DN was in the dream?

Forces: Depends it represents a quality of creating the patience.

IS: Thank you.

GL: What is there about lemons the healing affect they have on the body?

Forces: (—–) to have the acid type affect that the body needs to get and the healing condition lemons preserve or give it as a preservance to the body.

GL: Thank you.

JB: Is there anything to do to prevent illnesses for the rest of the winter?

Forces: This general thing of preventing illness is kind of strange its not easy to prevent illness when there is a lot of it going around generally a god drinking and water diet and plenty of what would be considered balanced as far as the oranges and vitamin C’s and E’s and onions and the garlic all these substitutes have great ability of preserving and warding off these diseases.

JB: Thank you.

BN: What’s going on spiritually with the Red Spot on Jupiter?

Forces: More of a tremendous amount of power and energy it migrates from Jupiter that (—) affects the earth. More of a power and density of ah more of a volcanic type nature.

BN: Is it positive?

Forces: It has a tremendous amount of power.

BN: Thank you.

HI: The race of giants that were living among the Philistines they had 6 fingers and 6 toes was there a part of the brain they had that we don’t have today?

Forces: More or less yes.

HI: Thank you.

FS: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Again one step at a time for you and reading the Bible should also help.

FS: Any particular section?

Forces: First chapter of Genesis onto the Job.

FS: Thank you.

DD: A person at my work said he saw a program that discussed UFO’s being widely spotted around Schuyler is that true and they said they had pictures of landings?

Forces: This is true.

DD: Who’s reporting it?

Forces: There are investigation type groups that are around.

DD: Are they connected with the observatory near us?

Forces: In a indirect way yes.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be talking to you again tomorrow and we will speak to you and many odds and ends.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.