Session 343. 1/13/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been operating in the area as we have said. Many things we strive to accomplish during this day. We know that the movement and pace is pretty demanding in many respects but it is all worth it in times to come. As far as the world situation again is concerned Israel’s situation will change as on schedule along with some changes in France and Poland. Of course you always see uneasiness in Spain and this for us to one of the many great frosts that are coming in but there are many other ice age movements that are about ready to happen. The climate situation will alter tremendously and change considerably the surface of the earth. We have other odds and ends that we are working on but again in time until we have them into order we cannot talk on them but they are in the, in the makings.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

JU: There’s a great deal of writings and teachings and lifetimes in alchemy especially in the Middle ages can you give us some enlightenment on what actually was accomplished or what actually they were able to achieve the alchemists if anything or what was the substance of what they were involved in?

Forces: More involved in the metaphysical laws of chemistry and trying to bring other original chemists together to find the components of not only the invisible gold elements but also the elements of the spirit world that it might manifest on the earth.

JU: Were they successful in any of these things?

Forces: Some were very successful in some of these things.

JU: Can you give an example of it?

Forces: There are plenty of examples in the Old Alchemy translations from German to what would be called Old English in which they had successfully made a dome or caldron of shape or force so elements could appear from the other side.

JU: Thank you

HI: In some of the miracles that Elijah and Elisha did like the water and the oil and multiplying it did they use magic or incantations or was it just a state of mind like a pure faith?

Forces: Repeat.

HI: In the miracles that Elisha and Elijah did in multiplying the oil and healing the water for instance did he use magical incantations or did he—?

Forces: All the time there was certain magical inclinations, incantations being said with the elements and there were also sacred rites or performances done to hold the proper thoughts so these elements could multiply.

HI: Thank you.

BH: The dream that I had anything to do with trial?

Forces: People coming into the house and all around the house and taking things and got to the point where everybody was in the boiler room?

Forces: Is going to be a great deal of uneasiness as far as world conditions are concerned but we will never let it reach the point where people will come in to this house to take things. We would rather settle first before someone would take something from the house.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Would the Psalms in the 80’s still be the best ones for me to read this month?

Forces: They would be.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Is it good that Begin is going to be removed from power in Israel?

Forces: It’s very good even though he was used ah in the best way but should be a stronger one coming in but its not.

IS: It’s not a strong one?

Forces: There is not a strong leader coming in no.

IS: I’ve always related our situation with the Khomeini and Iran situation is that correct?

Forces: It has some parallels and simile’s yes.

IS: And would that also parallel the thing as we somehow with our case, America and the hostages and Iran will also serve.

Forces: Something similar.

IS: Thank you.

HI: What is the quality in meal that Elisha used to remove the poison from the pot of stew?

Forces: Repeat.

HI: Elisha used meal in a cooking pot that was poisonous to take away the poison? It was also used in the Old Testament with the sacrifices they always used meal with the meat sacrifices?

Forces: It’s more of a cleansing attribute to take in or drawing stagnant poison the waters from the from the pulp.

HI: Thank you.

JE: Sometimes people repeat themselves over and over would there be any lifetimes where the situation of the trial happened before?

Forces: Well let us say it dealt with David his first wife.

IS: Michal?

Forces: Where there was a jealousy involved.

IS: You mean (—-) was Michal?

Forces: No we didn’t say she was that but we are comparing a situation that will be closely associated with an element that you are going through now.

IS: You’re not giving an actual lifetime?

Forces: No we’re not saying that.

JE: Could you give an actual situation that happened with us and (—-)?

Forces: It started in the beginning of the Atlantis time of course and the breaking up of the moments in which the great decision was being made to go either to Egypt or Yucatan or to stay in the area and she preferred to stay after a while moved and stayed again and then came back after moving out of it and went back to her whole cycle all over again in which she finally was the instrument of destroying not only herself but her whole household in that time.

BH: Could you tell me why I had that dream?

Forces: Well there is that aspect of Faith and which has to be intertwined in your thoughts right now and not to become easily ah upset or frightened or insecure ah from that which seems to represent insecurity from out ward.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Is the candle the closest thing to the divine plane that the worldly mind could understand?

Forces: You can try it that way it would work.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: Uh huh.

JU: Is the purchasing of a table saw ok?

Forces: That could be discussed among the members and see what they feel as right for the future work and the workload.

JU: Thank you very much.

HI: If the lines on the hand represent destiny what do the lines on the feet represent?

Forces: Applications of destiny and how energy flowing in the body and through the body.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving but will speak to you again tomorrow.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.