Session 342. 1/12/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have seen and watched many of the days go by and understand there are many tests on the worldly level for not only selves but also for countries. All these countries in the European area will be in question and their own safety will be at hand. The Soviet Union of course is trying very fast in their move to take over Europe as subtlely as possible. We have also much uneasiness in Japan and from the same triggers in South Korea. We are watching what you are all going through with your legal suits know that we are with you and working with you and preparing many other odds and ends to help you along. These are the conditions that these situations meet and of course we must meet them with the strength and the ah vigor is met with any objection or object. As the days go on the particular case will fall more and more into light and more and more concrete for you and for your side.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you help me understand the dreams where Tom was talking to me I woke up depressed (——————)?

Forces: More or less trying to get yourself back on the road and seeing the work that is ahead of you and slight depression because of the amount of work that’s ahead.

DD: What are the things I have to do?

Forces: These things will manifest as time goes on they cannot be given one, two, three at this moment as time goes on these items will manifest and you will accomplish them.

DD: Thank you.

BR: Dreamed I was young and Tom was there and he was young and we were playing we decided to take a ride and we were on a board type thing and went all the way up in the air and there was this Christmas tree that was all lit up it was shaped like a Christmas tree and the board went so high we couldn’t see anything and The board started tipping and I said I’m not afraid of heights but this is too high and I said Tom please bring us back down ands then Tom brought the board back down but it was real scary. What was happening?

Forces: More of a astral visit or astral connection with the board being the connection of the earth.

BR: Thank you.

NN: The sons of Obadiah when it got to the (—-) it said and God blessed him was it talking about the son or was it talking about Obadiah?

Forces: More or less the Obed-Edom

HI: With the virus that is going around is it an angelic force that is giving it to us and are we expected to work something out during this?

Forces: Its more of a seal type quality that is being given out ah the good has theirs and the bad has theirs each one is getting their fair share to acquire a certain element within the body.

HI: Thank you.

JE: Why was the Holy Grail split into two parts and what powers does each one of the parts carry?

Forces: So it would not manifest the Supreme power and to come together at the exact time so when it has been called for and each part represents the east and the west section of the world.

JE: Thank you.

JB: I understand the Chesapeake Bay is frozen over about 10 inches deep because (——-) so they cut off water supplies to areas?

Forces: Run that back.

JB: The Chesapeake Bay is frozen 10 inches deep and if the reservoirs freeze will that cut off peoples water supplies?

Forces: Could hamper it a lot the whole area is needing to be relooked at in order for it to make some survival elements and conditions of practice planning.

DN: What kind of music should the group be listening too at this point?

Forces: Chopin is a nice one to look for it’s not a bad one and something is near to you or on that level ah Chopin for this week would not be bad.

DN: Would that be working directly with the physical illness that’s been happening or what would that be working on?

Forces: On the Spinal Cord.

DN: Thank you very much.
(Part of Session missed)

DN: Is there anything you could give me spiritual guidance at this time?

Forces: Try to set a system of saying a three or four prayer system a day and a little system that you privately do yourself this will be very helpful to your inner and outer confrontations.

DN: Thank you.

LK: People that are taking care of the Grail in the United States are they a group of people or rather organization that we might have heard of?

Forces: Yes.

LK: Like on the line of say the Masons or something like that?

Forces: Something like that.

LK: Thank you.

JU: Is there any value to Aloe Vera does it do anything?

Forces: Where do you get it from.

JU: From plants directly or there’s a bottle of it in the house.

Forces: You just stumbled upon it huh.

JU: Well we use it for a lot of things but I don’t know if it does anything or not.

Forces: Its good in its own way if you use it sparingly ah good for the temples———

(Session stopped recording)