Session 344. 1/14/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been hovering and watching as usual around this area. We are just being observants and trying to put certain things into perspectives. There are many new advancements to come and new ideas about vacations to be applied as time goes on. There are many new investments and understanding those new designs that will (—) and manifest in mans consciousness as time goes on. Those weather changes and patterns can be at a normal flow since the volcanic ash and changing and altering the cold Arctic front forming the cold air (—) into this new condition should also alter and change the climates of countries as time progresses into the 80’s and 90’s.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

Could you give the pattern and some lifetimes of Winston Churchill?

Forces: We’re back on him again.

JU: People are trying to find out something bad about him and haven’t been able to?

Forces: He had a great deal of influence in creating the Roman Empire.

JU: Was he a Caesar or a General?

Forces: No he was just a visionary.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with the dream I was talking to IS and she was asking me if I was happy, she ask me over and over again and I said what do you want me to do jump up and down and I had other dreams something about innocence about being innocent?

Forces: These are certain characteristics that must be reconfirmed within self of a higher principle that means happiness of completion of cycle and ah it deals with a higher consciousness that’s being worked with.

DD: Does it mean I’m falling down I felt depressed I guess?

Forces: No it just means that there are these jobs that are still in front of you.

DD: There’s what?

Forces: Certain jobs that are still in front of you to be done.

DD: What kind of things?

Forces: Dealing with internal completion and renovations within self.

DD: Can I have any idea what they are?

Forces: Dealing with the spiritual natures.

DD: Its not like I’m going downhill real bad?

Forces: No.

DD: I got real depressed from it I just wondered there was another dream about (—) stolen records and things?

DD: Thank you.

BR: With the Holy Grail will the two parts ever come back together again?

Forces: Eventually.

BR: What will happen when they do?

Forces: A new union and a new organization of the Spirit.

HI: Could you tell me the meaning of the dream I had and it was possible there was another lifetime there I was really doing something wrong in the dream my son and I didn’t hesitate to rob a bank?

Forces: Something you had contributed to in Italy that you did rob a bank.

HI: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell me any of those qualities mentioned with the dream interpretation of IS that are within that have to be deeply developed?

Forces: The Faith quality is being worked with.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What was it in King David that allowed him to number Israel (and then nothing)?

Forces: It was a Revelation within himself.

NN: Thank you.

LK: With the group in Montana did black forces arrange that and could we expect things of that nature to happen more and more to interfere before the trial date?

Forces: You have those occurrences happening we are working out some other little details to prevent such things.

LK: Thank you.

GL: My dream about seeing the creation why was I shown that?

GL: A personal revelation and inner growth.

GL: Could you give more about the ball that I saw?

Forces: This is a creative comsect of imagination that was given to you since the beginning of time.

GL: Thank you.

JB: The Japanese are using robots on their assembly lines and their using robots to build robots what does that all mean?

Forces: It means the coming of the Age of the Robots of the Monster Age in which robots will run society.

JB: Thank you.

JU: The aspect of worldly love that people change their whole lives and rip themselves apart and destroy themselves and others for it is it just something that is a result of feeding off of and desiring gonad energy or the force that is generated through the gonads or is there some other thing that happens that is such a force that moves so many people in so many different directions?

Forces: You’ve lost us.

JU: I lost myself I think.

Forces: You’re talking about the creative forces of movement in which is pure energy and through time and space different things are accomplished.

JU: The worldly love thing karmetic ties that causes so much destruction and war what makes that so strong?

Forces: The desires.

JU: Its just desires and feeding off gonad type energy?

Forces: And not wanting to go up higher to creative consciousness.

JU: So it’s a decision to stay at that level and that energy?

Forces: And not really move.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving but we will only try to say to you that the conditions you are going through is not difficult but not easy we understand some of the certain qualities that have been affecting your lives. Be strong and be aware and sensitive to the spirit and let that be your guiding light for it will do a good job in ample time. We’ll be back to speak to you again.

Forces: Greetings to all present here now.

Group: Our Father.