Session 345. 1/20/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been hovering and moving around the areas and watching as different days go by and different changes and circumstances and conditions that are (—). Its amazing how each day something new happens to alter or change the progress of things. As we see the difference coming about it is the structures that this government and system will be going through will deal more on not only business levels but also underground crime and the Mafia openly. So we would have both structures fighting for a certain amount control advancements. Of course there will be new drugs and antidotes that people will get involved with these coming times. Ah some more of the usual things that go on and new inventions of course will start showing themselves. We are also staying and working with you on many conditions and levels and these conditions will eventually in time manifest to positive ah notes.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

LK: The night the reporter came I had a dream?

Forces: Well from our side there is a more of a inner experience more of a inner light coming through and more of a revelation of many different types but there is also those qualities of development that is going on within self that was and should be used as far as your knowledge and application of it.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: And just apply it as time goes on it will add and make more sense with time.

LK: I don’t understand any relation to what I was asking?

Forces: These qualities that we are speaking about are more of a personal quality and more of a personal development that is going through and more of a insight that’s being developed.

LK: The thing that I saw was it black or white?

Forces: Well let us say they are as a force of insight that’s happening for you and it was not black.

LK: Thank you.

JE: COC has attacked us twice in court what is the karmetic reason?

Forces: This was involved with the French experience in which he was trying to be an instrument of putting large groups of people ah to the scaffold.

JE: Thank you.

NN: Dream about playing the piano?

Forces: There are some again musical experiences that will come to you also there are some experiences of a higher note that is about to come down and the scales of those within self of course and the vertebrae and the spine and the different awareness and sections that are being tuned in. It basically means tuning in to the new experiences that are to come.

NN: Thank you.

BH: The drugs and antidotes that you mentioned could you tell us anything about the antidotes?

Forces: Well they could be for the cancers and all those leukemia type victims.

BH: Thank you.

BR: With the Holy Grail why did Peter and John split the Holy Grail?

Forces: Well let us say when we mean split it was casted into two one was molded into another cup it was more like protection and it fit into a cast and this is what we mean by splitting it by making two cast of the same cup to protect it.

BR: Thank you.

ES: Could you explain the dream I had about Frank Sinatra and the Regan’s and al the crazy people coming into the house and they’re playacting to be old and crazy for a part in a movie and IS and I were on the couch trying to decide who was going to get the part?

Forces: Well I guess you really didn’t have to work hard for the part anyone who was old and a little bit crazy could get it and that means half the United States ah naturally for that means a large percentage of people in the United States wouldn’t have to work hard at it. There are many internal conflicts that are going to go on
In the country and it will deal with these characters and also the underlying characters of Frank Sinatra and his experience is going to be coming more and more to the limelight there are some qualities within him that is not bad he’s carrying a lot but of course he has one foot in the other door too but none the less these qualities will be brought and manifest to be worked out more directly and you are just picking up those things that were to be worked on.

ES: There was a part where I had a cut or sore on my right ankle that frightened me very much?

Forces: One of the weak qualities or weakness within that was sore and needed attention.

ES: Something I should do about that?

Forces: Well more or less the attending to the spirit to heal it rather then to the physical or mental qualities.

ES: Thank you.

DD: I’m reading this science fiction book about how ships were created and at a certain level they attained consciousness of their own how does that relate to your ship I still don’t understand what your ship is?

Forces: Our ship is just geared as a mobile unit but there are certain ships that have life force around them that’s structured in a way that it picks up all that is outside of it as a experience a living experience.

DD: Is that how your ship is?

Forces: Well our ship is not directly involved in that experience but there are those who do travel with that type of operation.

DD: Is your ship living or?

Forces: A ship has its own force field around it, which would constitute as a living force field.

DD: Is it conscious like a conscious entity that can work on its own?

Forces: It can absorb different and past and future data, which could classify it as a personality.

DD: Thank you very much.

JU: Any guidance that you can give to me at this time?

Forces: There are those qualities of, of development that are happening and, and different experiences that will be a contributing factor for self and more or less certain little levels of meeting within self will develop those qualities and manifest positive attributes for advancements to come.

JU: Thank you.

IS: Is there any advice for me with tensions and things like that?

Forces: They will have its own working out.

IS: Thank you.

LK: Thing that happened that caused greater fear than any time in my entire life and yet the force of the thing I know was small compared to what it could have grown to and yet as it was when it started happening I was so afraid I was literally shaking and then I was screaming and I’m wondering what I’m to understand from that?

Forces: There was more of a release of energy that was going on and more of an experience and knowledgeable experience that was being developed.

LK: Thank you.

NN: What does YHVH when it translates into English what would be the exact word?

Forces: The One, One Open or One Way or One God or One Strength.

NN: Thank you.

BH: What was Timothy’s relationship to Paul in the Epistles 2 Timothy he’s talking about his grandmother and his mother?

Forces: More of a close ally and friend in a direct way.

BH: And that’s why he wrote that Epistle just to him?

Forces: In a, in a direct way yes.

BH: Thank you.

ES: I had a dream a couple of nights ago about fighting a battle and being victorious and entering a blue and white bedroom with a lady in a blue and white dress with Brian and myself can you help me understand that?

Forces: There are many battles that will be won in many different ways more of a higher battle that is being accomplished here and the blue and white is of the spirit and healing that is being done.

ES: And the injury on my right arm?

Forces: This is more of application of a of the spirit and removing of the waste quality.

ES: Thank you.

DD: Do I have the numbering of the Beatitudes correct with the precepts?

Forces: It could be worked that way yes.

DD: Thank you.

JU: In the writing for a certain protection things an individuals name in Hebrew if the name itself is in a Hebrew root is it enough to write it ah with the sounds reaching the sounds through the Hebrew letters?

Forces: Yes, yes.

JU: Thank you.

IS: For the entity Tom and the job is there something that could be helped?

Forces: Well there is the working out of many different aspects in the job and it is working itself out and many different qualities being handled and helped through different people there.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.