Session 346. 1/24/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have seen many different changes coming about in your daily activities and in your country. We are not carrying bad news we are carrying the news good news. We have taken several things in our control and it shall move very quickly from this point on. As far as your legal battles are concerned we are now taking over and will work several things out. We will force COC to alter his plans and to come more into suitability. We have several things lined up for him. As far as your lawyer is concerned we have set a few tidbits for him to correct his approach fast. We have taken over the control of this case and (—-) and situations is now in our hands. We have seen enough and had enough and now as per se we’ll work with it. As far as your government is concerned not good. This particular leader is not a good one his jelly beans on the table stinks its not good for his health and it will be that his conference table is a jelly bean table he must get rid of his jelly beans. As far as the economy in your country it stinks. It is a group of people that have debased themselves, gratified themselves, comforted and pampered themselves to the nth degree and now is ready for a chapter that will be unbelievable. There are some cleansing and cleaning in the making America is now ready for the purging knowing that you as American citizens might not appreciate what we’re saying to America, America is now at hand for their own personal tests and trials and cleansing it has gone too far out of control for it to be responsible for the world and teach the law, the principles and yet do the complete opposite it must be corrected and it will be. As far as your weather is concerned a few tricks more. Your sign of disapproval is your volcano’s, earthquakes, fires and floods and famines and droughts take your pick.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

NN: With Paul and with Ephesians was that a big turning point as far as taking him away from worshipping the goddess Diana?

Forces: Repeat.

NN: With Paul in Ephesus was that a turning point away from the goddess Diana?

Forces: Well it was a turning point there are a lot of turning points but everything in religion seems to deal with politics too.

NN: Thank you.

HI: Is there a similarity between King Saul and Paul the Apostle could it be the same soul?

Forces: We won’t go that far there is a similarity as far as their approach Solomon having more wisdom of course.

HI: King Saul did you say Solomon?

Forces: Well if you would read into the sentence you would find your answer.

HI: Thank you.

JB: What’s happening with the American people in relationship to the hostages returning and everything?

Forces: Sheer bedlam there are many disinteresting parents and wives lots of breakups lots of psychological problems of course you know the psychological problems are a very touchy subject anyone could have a psychological problem a dog pees on your leg you have a psychological problem its getting to the point that if you wake up and your mirror cracks because you look into it you might as well go see a psychiatrist cause you definitely have a psychological problem. America is so confused that what is up is down and what is down is up that they do not know themselves who’s on first and what is on second. It is a confused debased gratifying society that is only interested in the material things first. They should learn an important lesson that applying the spiritual principles in life affects the material quality of life, not the material qualities versus the spiritual principles, it is the spiritual principles first, your fasting, your praying and meditating brings the material qualities too you.

JB: Thank you.

BR: The reporter this week did she understand anything?

Forces: You were very lucky she was talking she came with her own fixed ideas and tried to force them into her framework totally useless conversation for herself. There are some ideas she acquired and grows to learn but it will take a while for her to understand what had happened to her on a subconscious level, it does filter down.

IS: Will the article be good?

Forces: It will be the best under the circumstances. You cannot get a watermelon out of an apple seed nor can you get an apple out of an onion.

IS: But GM was much better?

Forces: Well these is quality material in one respect or another remember the seed itself within the person will develop if allowed to. Some will be onions, some will be apples some will be watermelons.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Is there any precious or semi-precious stones to be found in this area?

Forces: Dirt, any precious stones that are over there must come from within first and then they will materialize on your land.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Anytime.

BA: Regarding KN and I who met Andrew on the Train yesterday what was the purpose behind that?

Forces: To relay certain messages to people in the group here.

BA: Is there any particular reason why it happened on the train and to us?

Forces: Symbolic.

BA: Can I ask a question about—-?

Forces: Anytime.

BA: He wants to have a talk with me.

Forces: Don’t do it.

BA: Thank you.

Forces: He must develop within his own perspective guidelines, his talks are going to be demented in his own perspective fields of comfort ability he has a lot to develop we’re not against the poor man we just understand he’s been hurt inwardly in his own personal desires and must give them up once he gives his desires up he’ll get perspective of the situation not until then.

IS: But he’s full-fledged to go against us?

Forces: No, no, no, no he’s not going against you he just wants to fulfill his desires you just don’t suit his desires.

BA: Ok thank you that’s it.

Forces: That’s it.

BA: For me.

Forces: Oh you think so.

BA: Is there something I should know?

Forces: Ah definitely, it will take time.

(_): Could you please give me—-

Forces: We’re not finished yet hold on a minute. There will be a tremendous change for you BA we call you BA because that’s what we feel like doing. Your name change will be coming soon that should cause a lot of psychological problems. (Laughter) Things will get very uncomfortable for you in New York City but bear with it and don’t get frustrated but be perceptive and watch the signals. We’ll say that around April or May will come a very strong signal which should be watched and guided and don’t get involved in details that make you upset an d there will be changes coming. That should do you for the moment.

BA: Thank you very much.

KA: Could you please give me spiritual guidance at this point in my life?

Forces: Spiritual guidance huh umm let us see we got to say something that is spiritual (laughter), all right, alright I’ll give it, spiritual guidance well you’ve got to learn a very important lesson you cannot have your space and privacy and have God at the same time that’s a very good spiritual lesson. Try to work on that aspect and if you can work that out and understand service and being out front and placing yourself in conditions that would be testing is your spiritual progress. How did we do.

KA: Thank you.

Forces: Did that help you any.

KA: Yep.

Forces: It sure does.

DD: Can you help me with the thing that I am working on any level I don’t know?

Forces: Any level you’re desperate.

DD: What are you working on.

DD: Ah.

Group Laughter.

DD: The thing I was working on I don’t know what it is?

Forces: And you expect us to help you.

DD: Any level?

Forces: Any level to work on something that you don’t know.

Forces: Sure.

DD: Could you give me guidance on what I’ve been working on I stopped on it?

Forces: It that’s right it.

Group Laughter

DD: I don’t know what it is?

Forces: I’ve noticed people down there on the earth that stopped on it and never got out of it.

DD: That’s the way I feel.

Forces: Yeah we understand you just can’t stop on it.

DD: What do to—-?

Forces: Through it away, put it aside work on it ah lets see what we can do for you confused uptight. Write down your feelings about these things that you are experiencing a half an hour for 4 days coming up then count your feelings out and write your synopsis for 4 days evaluation. But we have to explain to you that if your going to try to unlock the mysteries of the universe don’t get frustrated when you find more locks on the door than just one. Remember sometimes we have to deviate from what we want from what would be considered going to something in order to get another key to open the lock on the door. Look at this period as going into the same direction of opening up this door but not having the same horizon a road that appears to be going west but eventually leads you to the south, you start a road that goes to the west it might appear that it is going to the west for a moment but its sure heading south so what were trying to say to you is patience go over the things you need to review learn what you have to learn and don’t doubt and then you can move on.

DD: Can you tell me the basic thing to review?

Forces: Go over what you have already and review it and give a synopsis of it that will be your first project and then there is a book called Broader search, views of Mathematics but see we do not want to give you books to get more in to it then we’ll never get you out of it.

DD: You gave me a list before I haven’t read.

Forces: Well if you never read them how do you expect to get any answers.

DD: I figured you gave them to me to get so bogged down I wouldn’t read them.

Forces: So you answered your own question.

DD: I don’t want to read the books I just want to receive the information.

Forces: Yeah but you can’t have everything easy like that.

DD: I’ve already received without any books?

Forces: There you go.

DD: That’s where it all comes from.

Forces: Sure now your making it go ahead keep talking.

DD: We’ll there are certain books that really interest me like the Zohar certain portions of it which are really inspire me.

Forces: Your main interest comes from within. Write down your inner thoughts and your inspirations you’ll get your answers for sure. Do it for 4 days and we’ll review it with you.

DD: Should I concentrate on the precepts?

Forces: Work on one thing at a time, we gave you something now you want to jump on something else lets go lets jump on something else. Work on what precepts.

DD: The 14 precepts.

Forces: You’ve been working on the 14 precepts.

DD: I know but I don’t know what it is?

Forces: It’s about ready to unlock itself but you can’t unlock it with books.

DD: I know I can’t unlock it with books.

Forces: It must be unlocked with intuition.

DD: Thank you.

GL: Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained by Milton.

Forces: How accurate is that?

Forces: It gives you some idea of a path of learning we’ll give it a 50 cen, 50 cent piece.

GL: So what he described really didn’t happen like that?

Forces: We didn’t say that we just would give it 50 cents.

GL: Thank you.

DN: Low energy level this week cause?

Forces: Doubt and fear focusing to much on self just keep moving your best bet is when you go through those moments just keep pushing don’t concentrate on self things are going to work out alright you focus too much on self and of course your going to get paranoid and of course your going to get fearful and all manner of sicknesses are going to appear that aren’t even there yet so work with it with faith understand that its going to work out and whatever is going to be met by you, you can handle, you can handle everything that you meet things aren’t so horrible and things aren’t so desperate and things aren’t so hopeless there going to be alright.

DN: Doubt and fear regarding what?

Forces: The fear of security, security in the house here, security of youth, future days, personality, ego, what people think opinions all these cause a certain amount of insecurities normal.

DN: Thank you.

LK: Is the case a significant part of what our mission is all about?

Forces: Yes.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Any time.

NN: What happened to the evolution of the soul Michal after her lifetime with David?

Forces: It tapered off for a while, calmed down until another experience had to be made in India for her working it out.

NN: She did work it out?

Forces: Ah to a certain degree yes.

NN: Thank you.

HI: Any guidance for me?

Forces: Yes you’re doing well, patience—.

HI: Thank you.

Forces: Ah wait, wait, wait were not finished. Don’t lose too much weight now and don’t gain too much either and just be confident in, in the spirit and trust the spirit it will guide you to the creative qualities of your life.

HI: Thank you.

JB: I had a dream I was preparing to go to Greece and I didn’t go what does that mean?

Forces: You didn’t go to Greece. It means there are certain things in Greece philosophies that were coming your way to be applied but didn’t happen yet but will eventually happen.

JB: Thank you.

Forces: Any time.

BR: Which one of the Beatles was with Jesus?

Forces: Harrison.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Any time.

BH: Any thing for Tom’s health?

Forces: We wont go into that right now question.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: His lungs need to be cleared up a little bit.

BH: Could you give us anything to help with that?

Forces: Well it’ll work out. Question.

BA: My Mom asked me to talk to a priest what should I do?

Forces: Go ahead talk to us. (Laughter)

BA: She wants me to talk to a Catholic priest.

Forces: Go ahead were Catholic. (Laughter)

BA: If I told her that I spoke to the Forces I don’t think she would understand.

Forces: Don’t tell her were the Forces my name is Father Obrien. (Laughter)

BA: Then I have nothing to ask you.

Forces: Excuse us.

BA: No then I don’t have to ask you.

Forces: Well we are ready to listen go ahead and ask.

BA: In regards to joining with the group she wanted me to talk to a Catholic priest to get his opinion on doing so?

Forces: We can understand her concern ah we would advise you to think about it you must understand that ah joining the group you know takes a certain amount of commitment so you must understand will this fulfill the commitment in your heart that you wanted to meet does this group meet your requirements of and satisfaction for the things that you feel spiritually is necessary in your life if so give it a test a trial period you don’t have to jump into the group and shackle yourself for life but if you sincerely enter anything with a sincere heart and of course bring Christ with you then there is only success in the end and not failure.

BA: Thank you.

BA: What is the light that I saw in the sky the Forces?

Forces: Yes of course, it cost us 500 dollars to do that. (Laughter)

BA: Could you tell me the reason why I saw it?

Forces: Cause we wanted you too (——) little, little gifts like that help out a lot.

BA: Thank you.

Forces: Any time.

DD: In symbolic logic you take sentence structures and analyze it.

Forces: Sure. Isn’t that nice how we say sure doesn’t that give you confidence make you feel happy inside now doesn’t it—-. How do you all like that (—), sure doesn’t it make you feel awhhhh like a breath of. What would you like a person to say, ohhhh-kayyyy. Would you like a person to say when you ask them something go ohhh-kayyy, yeah, umhuh, all right, uhk. Go ahead now (——).

DD: Is there a real—

Forces: Sure.

DD: science like that, that you can actually—.

Forces: You can work on it everything’s a science today.

DD: But is there a real like in—.

Forces: Everything has its purpose.

DD: Was there a science like before that corresponded to that like symbolic logic?

Forces: This could be a science it was more of an art than a science you called it speech.

DD: You can take sentence structure analyze it and it adds up to nothing.

Forces: Well a lot of things in this world adds up to nothing anyhow. (Laughter)

DD: Is there a way to analyze it like speeches and things like that one thing cancels out the other and it adds up to nothing?

Forces: Sure we just told you a lot of things in this life adds up to nothing.

DD: Is there a way of analyzing it?

Forces: Analyze all you want if its the right it has to be and if your heart doesn’t tell you what the person is saying is nothing sitting down and analyzing what the person said can be done to but your heart can tell you immediately. Ah go ahead anybody else out there.

GL: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Patience and keep your work schedule together and by doing so you will be receptive to the things you need to do.

Forces: At this point were leaving and will speak to you again soon preferably tomorrow.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

The Group: Our Father.