Session 348. 1/26/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have remained in the area and surrounding places just to be to see and to affect different conditions. We try to emphasize the fact of order and positiveness in all that you do. In these structures in the days to come will manifest the most rewards order and the system of work. In these sections we have creative ability and expression, which is an ever-continuous flow of spirit. Creative ability is only the flow of spirit in its right way. All these qualities manifest a greater one which will eventually have its beginning from the simple. We understand the (tests) blankets, sheets and all sorts of other odds and ends as a covering system, as we talk we have this same blanket system that still remains and covers. All those qualities within begin to develop and all the braces of tomorrow’s world will be seen in todays.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

BA: How can I interpret my dreams so I can tell when they’ll be coming true?

Forces: Just write them down and having them come true is moment of time.

JU: The on and off ringing and fullness in my right ear?

Forces: Sometimes a building up of inner pressure inside the tube canal it causes a slight ringing of ear pressure disturbance this goes away in time but it is also the captivating factor of someone on the same prescription would have had a different history and communication all these elements have more of a positive affect.

JU: Thank you.

FS: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: One step art a time develop your reading habits keep your spirit proof that the spirit of life comes in male and female but keep it in a cage until he’s ready for it.

DD: How do I spell my last name in Hebrew?

Forces: MURPHY.

DD: But that’s not Hebrew?

Forces: Its how we spell it. Your words would be that of the 4th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet along with the 20th and the 18th and 15th.

DD: Thank you very much.

ES: At work I spend months with one patient?

Forces: Your growing to that precepting quality.

ES: Should I continue that?

Forces: Yes.

ES: Thank you.

GL: The dream with the paralyzed white haired Chinese man and the man with the guitar and what Tom was saying to me in the dream what it meant?

Forces: Explain the paralyzed.

GL: It was a Chinese man with white hair and was like paralyzed? Couldn’t move or could barely move?

Forces: Different approaches to the spirit might paralyze you but if you conquer those qualities than that which paralyzes people could also have them behave.

GL: The man with the guitar and what was said about him?

Forces: We are just discussing different points of view up here and we are discussing what these dreams might mean there is an evolution that is going on move of a positive approach in these evolutions.

GL: Why was the man with the guitar thought to be the antichrist?

Forces: This represents certain qualities that gradually get in or sneak in that are not the Christ Spirit thoughts but more a antichrist type expression.

GL: Thank you.

BR: The people that follow Buddha what centers or laws are they working with?

Forces: There is the solar plexus the thyroid and the thymus occasionally the hand and sometimes the mouth.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Is it determined before a soul comes in how long it will be on the earth?

Forces: It is yes.

BH: Could you tell us what that’s based on?

Forces: Based upon time that will be given and what one has done with that time.

BH: Thank you.

BN: You said before that the red spot on Jupiter was a source of power in the session before when it talked about Stonehenge being used to draw power from Jupiter?

Forces: Right. Go ahead excuse us.

BN: It suggested previously that a comet or a planetary body was drawn out of Jupiter and came toward the earth and knocked it around or something.

Forces: Jupiter did affect the earth’s atmosphere tremendously and one satellite did leave it, it affected the moon system tremendously.

BN: Did the satellite leaving Jupiter actually get drawn out by people on earth drawing so much energy.

Forces: No we have more blood than what we need.

BN: What do you mean?

Forces: Would like to take donations if you clean your blood adequately you can live longer than necessary and if you drink the water, plenty of water a day this is a great cleansing agent and it is through water that the blood is filtered perfectly 8 glasses of water a day is fulfilling the job requirement.

BN: Thank you.

BA: I would like to ask about the neck problem that I’ve had over the past two years?

Forces: We know the tension.

BA: Umhuh I’m concerned about which vertebrae or is that significant?

Forces: Third and Fourth Dorsal is the problem area.

BA: Third and fourth which was that?

Forces: Dorsal.

BA: Ah I’m not familiar with that?

Forces: Ah lets see count from the neck well 7th, 9th vertebrae down.

BA: The 9th vertebrae down?

Forces: (—-) Yes.

BA: Does that have any significance on the spiritual level?

Forces: Sometimes a fraction of stopping the energy from flowing up or one of the shortcomings that need to be worked with.

JE: Who was Buddha can you give some lifetimes before then or after?

Forces: Let us say that Buddha was a man who had tremendous influence politically ah but not shown openly he lived in ah it was a quality of a state that is more acceptable to those who ah serving or giving or receiving from those around those qualities again sounds like a lot of talk but it is a lot of things of ah being receptive and positive but yet at the same time seeking and seeing the mysteries of your God unfold up in front of you.

Forces: Now as far as what you are doing it would be all right.

IS: Referring too?

Forces: This is referred to as a general statement.

IS: Dealing with the lawyer?

Forces: Generally. A general statement. As far as your lawyer is concerned approach the matter with a certain finesse and humility but there will be times in the conversation that you will want to do just that.

IS: What’s that?

Forces: To create a qualities of flowers and making a unicorn of the qualities of flowers around it.

IS: That’s what you mean by finesse?

Forces: A short story for it yes.

NN: What effect does brass have on the centers and on the body?

Forces: More of electrical charges of qualities that are negative to the body.

NN: Thank you.

LK: With my violin playing it seems like once I make an advancement then for about four or five weeks afterwards even though I play and practice everyday I don’t feel like I get anywhere and I’m wondering if that a normal pattern or if there’s some way I could speed it up?

Forces: It is best not to speed up these things but in time and memorialization of them as time moves forward that would be very interesting.

LK: So let it be as it’s going now?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Is the energy level low that’s why the session is—-?

Forces: It comes through but we’re trying to work other things out.

BA: What is the problem I’m having with my right arm right now?

Forces: Sometimes its caused by a what would be under the elbow and under the armpit.

BA: It’s more towards my wrist?

Forces: It manifests in the wrist but starts at the elbow and the armpit.

BA: What do I do for it?

Forces: A compress of castor oil could help.

BA: Thank you.

Forces: Any time.

IS: The dream that KA had with the group it was a psychic dream.

Forces: Let us hear it.

Forces: Once upon a time.

KA: The gathering and I were climbing a mountain.

Forces: Sure are.

KA: And we were all walking along the edge.

Forces: Sure are.

KA: We overlooked the country.

Forces: Sure did.

KA: And there were hills and mountains.

Forces: Sure are.

KA: And we looked down and houses that were very tiny.

Forces: Sure is.

KA: The colors of green and white stood out.

Forces: Sure does.

KA: And Tom turned to me and said.

Forces: Sure enough.

KA: This is our journey toward passing over.

KA: He explained that there will be many detours and much trouble along the way.

Forces: Sure will be.

IS: Is it talking about now or is there more detours and troubles ahead?

KA: I dreamt this on November 30th.

Forces: Sure did. Any more.

KA: Yes ah Tom also said that people will stop us and question us as to what we are doing and why. Suddenly we were passing through water but I felt no danger I felt very protected.

Forces: Sure did.

KA: And at one point Tom was delayed ah he wasn’t with us I felt concerned but soon after he caught up and I saw his smiling face and I again felt protected and the journey was long and tiresome.

Forces: Sure enough. Yeah we like that.

Forces: It is a prophetic dream.

IS: Is any of it already?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Have we reached all the detours?

Forces: Sure January reached a point where people are stopping to ask questions.

IS: What is the part where Tom is delayed?

Forces: Ah just details and the legal aspects of things which takes his mind from the spiritual path of worldly conditions ah to be worked out this is what he wants to do truly on a spiritual level.

IS: Does Tom feel bad about not understanding or does he on a worldly level?

Forces: He feels strange but trying to put it in perspective.

IS: How to help him?

Forces: (—-) just work itself out.

IS: It’s a strange world for him?

Forces: It doesn’t make too much sense fro him people act strange ways and does confuse him but he gives it up.

IS: That’s the only way for him to do it?

Forces: Sure.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Can you give me guidance at this time.

Forces: The Rosary for all should be said at least once a day this is a good force field to calm the mind down and to reactivate its cells this would help you.

ES: Have the 12 Apostles incarnated together again other than the time of Jesus?

Forces: They have Peter and Paul, John and Thomas, Andrew and Phillip.

IS: Are you talking about this lifetime?

Forces: Some of them yes.

IS: Are more than one in America?

Forces: Could be.

ES: Thank you.

GL: What does the Albatross symbolize?

Forces: There are certain qualities in the Albatross that represents that of man. It’s the preparation of man in many difficult feasts and feats in order to manifest them with a certain amount of security.

GL: Thank you.

(Long Silence)

Group: Chanting.

Forces: You haven’t gotten ride of me yet we’re still working out some things.

Group: Chanting.

Forces: We haven’t stopped as we said earlier we hadn’t forgotten we’re just working out certain things go ahead. Not that we don’t want to hear your lovely voices enough to wake up the dead. (———-).

Forces: Go ahead.

BH: What is the spiritual law for people who come in and just stay childhood we had a lot of 18yo head trauma?

Forces: No it was necessary (——). Question.

BN: The satellite that left Jupiter where is it now is it around Jupiter or is it a planet Venus or is it somewhere else?

Forces: Ah we are ready for your questions.

BN: The satellite that left Jupiter that we talked about earlier is it a moon around Jupiter or is it the planet Venus or is it somewhere else?

BA: The entity who was my earthly father is he his stated age?

NN: What do crosses in the sky symbolize?

Forces: More from the protection of a negative attack and sends it back where it belongs.

NN: Thank you.

LK: There’s a story in the paper about Antarctica how it’s the last major land mass on the earth that has yet to be tapped by man and also how they have discovered that its abundant with minerals and metals and ores and possibly oil and in 2 or 3 months there’s going to be a congress of scientists to plan how they can share tapping that wealth and I’m wondering what strongholds or what secrets or what is Antarctica holding that may or may not be released once they tap into it?

Forces: This machine can only do one job at a time but it has several other jobs but we find that one job at a time is sufficient ah we should look into that and find out by them without taking all there doctor skills and of course we always have a few extra here.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Just be patient and one step at a time these things will pass away and form not only understanding but there is a certain amount of Faith with it all.

Forces: No considering the ways in which the child has gone through no not really.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we have had a certain amount of time on another level to work with you and on a conscious level to work with you.

Forces: The entity will be going on a fast for 15 days starting tomorrow clear liquids is ok everything else is ah to be abstaining from.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.