Session 349. 1/28/81

Forces: Greetings to here present now.

Forces: We have been observing moving around seeing many things trying to do odds and ends and putting pieces together. There are many movements and new situations on a worldly level that will be met as time goes on for major countries. We are here to listen to your questions and just to remind you of the spirit that must be retained and the hope that must be understood.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

LK: The Book Order of Melchizedek it talks about Motherhood and regeneration it almost the same as we talk about and in another part it talks about the New Jerusalem not being a physical city but a social state and they describe it is almost exactly the way we are set up in the house. Does that mean that we’re like a prototype of the New Jerusalem that’s coming in?

Forces: You are.

LK: Thank you.

NN: What does Psalm 82 deal with?

Forces: It can deal with that of understanding the days to come and also deals with Revelation of things at hand.

NN: Thank you.

JB: Are the current methods to correct inflation going to be successful?

Forces: No.

JB: Thank you.

Forces: With inflation there is no easy way and to think that there will be a one action one reaction to inflation is foolish. It is only going to make everything worse not better. People will say things prospectively wise better because their making more money but in reality the lower and the cheaper the money becomes and therefore there is no real making money its all in your head if you accept the attitude of sacrifice gracefully then you won’t have to do it by force if you fight it then you would have to do it by force.

JB: Thank you.

JE: Could you give us more incarnations of Buddha through the Bible?

Forces: What did we give you it last time.

JE: I don’t think you gave one.

Forces: Then for this time we have one not to you.

JE: Was he a Christ?

Forces: Was he a who.

JE: Did he make it was he a Christ?

Forces: He fulfilled many qualities of it yes.

HI: Whenever in my dreams when I Am confronted with a herd of horses what qualities am I working with then?

Forces: These are the uncontrolled force within self that run wild like a pack of horses different thoughts on different view points that need to be focused in and put into one perspective.

Forces: Thank you.

BH: And the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses: and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men. Who was left?

Forces: The ones who killed.

BH: Just the sons of Levi?

Forces: A few other people are left hiding here and there but about 250 were left.

BH: Thank you.

BA: Last night as I fell asleep I had the feeling that I was rising up and I saw my Grandmothers face and it kept getting larger and larger then I felt myself crash back into the bed and it jolted me awake can you tell me the significance of that?

Forces: That she did visit you last night.

BA: Is she still hanging around?

Forces: Well she found out where you were at.

BA: Thank you.

ES: Can you tell us any other incarnations of Mary Magdalene?

Forces: Sounds like we went through this before.

Forces: She was involved in the French part of the Empire and the growing of it. That should, that should do for the moment we’re not really in to giving lifetimes to much but it can be done but astrologically it’s not really the right time to talk about lifetimes ah the Suns not facing the right way. We have a bad time of reading lifetimes during the spring and summer or rather than the winter that’s alright we don’t mind answering the questions limitedly on lifetimes.

ES: Thank you.

IS: In what you just said am I understanding?

Forces: Yeah.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is there a Book in the Bible that teaches minute observation and details and analysis?

Forces: (—-) Numbers.

DD: Would that be like the Book I am reading Dune and was that training given to the Israelites in the desert?

Forces: Something like that Umhuh.

DD: Thank you.

JE: Is something wrong with my lungs?

Forces: What’s your problem.

JE: I don’t know they don’t feel right.

Forces: Where does it hurt.

JE: Around.

Forces: Around what.

JE: My whole lungs.

Forces: Well the Bronchitis that has been traveling around could be still affecting you ah we don’t want anything wrong with your lungs we’re not going to say anything is wrong with them you know that. Take an x-ray and check it out and find out if there’s anything wrong with your lungs you have a slight cold around (—-).

JE: When we were carrying the wood the other day I could hardly breathe.

Forces: Well you smoke too much.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Well its not my fault don’t thank me for smoking. (Laughter)

Forces: You stop smoking maybe your lungs can breathe better remember you’re not getting younger I wish I can guarantee you eternal lungs but they do grow old and you have to replace the cells and the smoke not helping them to replace the cells right, right.

JE: Right.

Forces: Right. Stop smoking.

HI: What does it mean in the Bible when someone is shut up?

Forces: Shut up kept up kept in off time kept quiet inner research.

HI: Thank you.

Q: What does the Book of Revelation represent?

Forces: The centers in the body the Higher Self coming down.

Q: Thank you.

IS: The two Prophets in Revelation that will come and ah have power over the elements and things and then be killed and after 3 and1/2 days come back to life and up to that point it seems like a lot of things already happened have those two Prophets happened yet?

Forces: There are many different meanings other, other meanings also that will be there two.

IS: As far as Revelation goes which Chapter of Revelation would the world be in now?

Forces: Chapter 4.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: Can you explain what the metastases of cancer what happens there is it a virus?

Forces: It floats in the canals in the lymphatic system.

GL: The cells themselves?

Forces: No the lymphatic system is the liquid of course the cells is a liquid that it’s a universal system that can go through all organs and make this transform to those organs.

GL: How does a bone cell which has cancer travel into a brain cell they’re two different types of cells how does it operate. How does it go from a bone cell to a brain cell?

Forces: Kind of goes through the system and it triggers off certain responses but its up to the individual to stop certain responses within them so the cell will not take root.

GL: How does it trigger those responses is it through a chemical enzyme of some type?

Forces: Thought patterns and processes create enzymes within the body.

GL: Thank you.

BA: On the 13th of this month I saw 4 rectangular amber objects in the sky was that you?

Forces: Well they’re out there of course.

BA: Thank you.

NN: The changes you were mentioning about the major countries could you could you tell us more about that now?

Forces: Well things are not so good on a world situation because everybody’s bored they want to make money and they can’t make the money so there has to be some changes and there might be some major changes with world attitudes towards different countries. Things never really are changed there is the play seems to be this the ah same.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.