Session 354 3/11/81

Forces: We here greetings to all here present now.

Forces: As the days move on it would be more and more concerned the world economics and politics but these politicians will be kept busy not only in the south of America but also that of the far east. We have many different items of changeability of up and down and crazy as it might seem but there are many changes that are happening.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

DD: Could you help me to understand about the higher letters and the lower letters I was thinking it went along with Genesis being the Higher and Revelation the lower according to a diagram that Tom drew?

Forces: The higher letters of course is a small script like appearance on the paper with gold like emblem in certain ah designs this is done over and over again on practicing of data to the (nose) and characters around. As far as the several questions heard both the items one the first nearly so dissolved but because many people had come to see it they kind of broke down the dissolvement none the less there are many mysteries in the writings and Psalms of this foundation and manifested in the religion and even though there were other forces that were attacking this will not be long.

DD: Thank you.

BR: The dream Tom had with 3 angels carrying the name of God could you explain the dream?

Forces: New Revelations and new and new forces coming in, into the earth to help those who need the help with (—-) system.

IS: What is the condition of the entity Tom?

Forces: Well it’s very much taxed as far as mentally and stress wise but this we all put into perspective. We will be taken off this fast for the day and build certain other things up but no major problem.

IS: The major thing I’m concerned about is the mental stress.

Forces: Well this will work itself out.

IS: Is there any reason why DD has missed just the times a session was given?

Forces: We felt it wasn’t necessary for him to be present and he had other things that had to be done that he had missed but there were other things we were working out through him ah while we are busy here having a session we are sending a few other spies throughout the country to do other things and needed someone out there as a jumping board.

IS: So you were using him?

Forces: Just as a jumping board.

IS: What is the lesson for us with the trial?

Forces: Strength and invincibility and faith and the love aspect and more of the magic of drawing upon inner resources.

DD: About the recursive math could you explain how to apply it?

Forces: The vocation of this is through symbols and pictures and also through diagrams and applying it is through distance and time rather than for the now.

DD: On the first question was that a yes answer?

Forces: It was leading to a yes, yes.

DD: I didn’t understand the answer.

IS: The first question you answered you weren’t just talking to DD?

Forces: More of a general—-.

IS: Was it the fight of the black forces coming in into every kind of opening and him opening something ah sometimes if he opens it and to deal with it he cannot get the answer because if that door opens it also opens other things that brings in the black force and then you said but its not going to last too long.

Forces: This is true.

IS: Thank you.

BR: When Jesus was going to be crucified how did Mary find out and where was she?

Forces: She was home and the other Mary had told her.

BR: How long did it take her to get there?

Forces: About an half and hour.

BR: Thank you.

IS: With Gladys Davis is that true in that case they had no inclination of what the very first article that came out—?

Forces: Not really no.

IS: And she sympathizes with us?

Forces: She does.

IS: In answer to one of the questions about the split up of the Kingdom you said that sometimes it’s a split up in order for a broader—-?

Forces: It was split up only to be rejoined again by a stronger sense.

IS: But it wasn’t really.

Forces: It is today.

IS: But those 10 tribes were lost into other nations?

Forces: Now they are back again.

IS: I felt you were talking to me about this group?

Forces: The group here as it is had to have the females taken away because certain qualities that could not be handles in their demands.

IS: Have we already gone through our split then?

Force s: More or less yes.

IS: Or is there more?

Forces: There are always splits continually in time but don’t look or focus into the next split just keep moving with what has to be done.

DD: How does the recursive math tie in with the Keltic art–?

Forces: That can be but the Keltic art is more of mythology and mysteries of the visitors and trying to preserve that and the communication of the mysteries of the earth.

DD: What sort of symbols goes more with the recursive?

Forces: The early Egyptians writings went a little bit with it more or so the Angelic force writing.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.