Session 355. 3/15/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have watched and stayed in the areas and seen that there are some major trifles to contend with on a world basis upheaval in the Spain and Italy dissatisfaction with the disasters taking there toll with the Italians emotions and of course the first thing to go is their spirit of course these things are sad these items will have to be worked out. Poland is still in the critical position of the Soviet union many times wanting to invade Poland in the 80s, 81 it is still pressing in their mind to do so. They’ll be many new ways of creating energy interesting way of creating energy by the wind is been devised and worked with ah having a type of a silo with wind ah wind coming into it into a fan type aspect and turning it around in the direction the silo to the wind and forcing the blades to turn in the turn the blades turn the water and water that is being turned by blades below creates friction in the water that water is heated and is conducted throughout the place by pipes that is heated by the rotation of these blades and interesting enough the colder and windier it gets outside the more heat you have inside by the wind and ah it’s a interesting device but its been made and other devices that are coming out of taking sound waves and making them change certain elements into heat and conduct it into cell batteries type conditions that generate electricity through ah radiators.

Forces: We’re ready for your questions.

GL: The dream that I had this morning about being outside of a park area I guess it was Lee and Jackson and they were digging everything up and I got the impression that it was better to do it now than later and that the healing of the land would begin now?

Forces: There are many changes that are coming and the healing is just on its way and internal and external as far as the country is concerned too.

GL: Thank you.

IS: Its not the group?

Forces: The group and country and other elements around.

IS: Thank you.

JU: The negativity that affected me in a recent day how can I better perceive it when it happens and how can I stop it once I perceive it and get rid of it?

Forces: Well not to get rid of it but to understand where you are coming from and understand what is motivating you this is the basic question.

JU: I felt it and sort of understood it yet I just wasn’t sure of the scope of it?

Forces: You must control the emotions and the disciplining of thoughts so it would not run rampant.

JU: And that will put it in its place?

Forces: If you have this discipline within self it will be the best guide.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Can you tell which 5 Books of the Torah are which 5 suits of the Tarot?

Forces: Leviticus would work more so with it and then Numbers more the Numbers than anything.

DD: Doesn’t go along?

Forces: Numbers would go along with it.

DD: With all 5 suits?

Forces: Leviticus would be the last two.

DD: Thank you.

ES: Is there anything I could know from the card readings we had last night?

Forces: That should help you about the progress that you are making it’s a slow progress but it will be time before other things come into it.

ES: Thank you.

Forces: Generally but it just takes time.

BH: Can you tell me why I got burned today?

Forces: These are qualities within self that needed to be purified but none the less the application and purification moving on forward.

BH: Thank you.

BN: Could you help me to understand better about the nature of patience and how to discriminate when its time to have patience and when its time to take some action?

Forces: Patience comes to the point of trying to work with things constantly and gradually perceiving things or items that need to be manifest and revelation of those items. Patience is accepting and moving and sometimes not moving in order to allow items, aspects to manifest and the spirit usually guides when action should be achieved and patience should be had.

BN: Thank you.

HI: The accident Jacob had Friday and the encounter with the man I had yesterday could you tell us what we are meeting?

Forces: These are built up negative forces that need to be eradicated and wiped out ah on worldly and logical levels.

HI: Thank you.

JB: Is there any special messages we got from the circus yesterday?

Forces: The Spirit of Life and the ability of sharing and working together is a tremendous message.

JB: Thank you.

NN: In Ecclesiastes where it says with Wisdom cometh grief. Is the grief the responsibility that comes with the wisdom or could you explain?

Forces: There is always a certain amount of grief with Wisdom for the work that needs to be done versus those who refuse to do it and the grief is the battle of not wanting to accomplish what the Spirit would want to accomplish and time and energy and just the wisdom of knowing these things.

NN: Thank you.

NN: What is the sorrow?

Forces: There is a certain amount of sorrow that comes through knowledge and wisdom is the application of this knowledge.

NN: Thank you.

LK: The people in the circus I believe it was said they reincarnate continually over and over into the circus what is it they’re trying to work out and what is their motivation behind—?

Forces: Usually they reincarnate near or around circus life and that is the balance or the joy of the fun or the laughter or the magic life in that sphere of sharing it with people and also it’s the ability to rise above different personal petty problems and to manifest the Spirit life constantly always with the Spirit under all circumstances.

LK: Thank you.

GL: Could you tell us something about the true astrology that was shown to Jesus when he was taught by Judy and the Essenes?

Forces: This comes with time and age and passed down through countless of experiences in lifetimes and the astrology of the inner scales and horizons within man and the Revelation of each particular house that he was working with.

GL: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be going but we will speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.