Session 356. 3/16/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are surrounding the area and will remain here for 4 days or nights our presence will be felt and seen and we are just vacationing.

Forces: So we will go right into your questions.

IS: Who is killing the children in Atlanta and why and how are they doing it?

Forces: Well let us say it is one of the seals and a force of evil has spread through this area. It is a crime of the own what would be considered when sin becomes so rampant and crime becomes so great then it becomes a, a cataclysm of a force that acts on its own people. Of course you have mounting tensions that is incredible and Lord help the white man if it is white, who is killing these children of course the racial tension is tremendous and is such a force that would not be able to control it if this was to be found but there are a force of people in Atlanta thoughts concepts and also there is this individual who has information and understanding of where those who are searching for him are at so he always finds himself in the opposite direction and he is of a nature that would least affect a person to be suspicious of sometimes it could be of disguises of religious clergy or sometimes it could be officers all these elements are real and do exist. Then there is the second part that is still being worked out. This in itself is the conditions that are being felt down in Atlanta and also deals with other individuals who are also involved in the killing.

IS: Are you saying there is more than one person that is killing?

Forces: There is a series of different people connected to this.

IS: Are the KKK involved in it?

Forces: They have an influence in it.

IS: Are there black people involved in it?

Forces: Well in a indirect way they would be involved yes.

IS: But not directly?

Forces: Not a direct hand no.

IS: What is there reason if it’s the KKK is the reason ah just one way of getting rid of black people?

Forces: It’s more of political tensions and also a invert tension within a personality to get even with the past in his own record.

IS: I see but the actual killing is more than one person is that correct?

Forces: Connections with other people.

IS: But it is one person that is doing?

Forces: Yes.

IS: One person connected or influenced by other people. Is he then possessed?

Forces: Of an evil nature yes.

IS: But not possessed the way we understand possessed by an evil entity?

Forces: Possessed.

IS: And he’s white?

Forces: Well let us say that the conditions both involve black and white he could have a father who was black nature and a mother who was white, could have that type of relationship going for him.

IS: And his profession is either a priest or priesthood or—–?

Forces: This is involved with the killing along with a police officer and the law indirectly.

IS: Is it a police officer?

Forces: Every, every single time a killing thought happens in this individual he is involved with the police and the clergy at the same time.

IS: So it’s not necessarily that he’s the clergy or the police?

Forces: No.

IS: When will this be discovered when will he be apprehended or will he?

Forces: Before May into April they should have it, April 14th should have some strong evidence on.

IS: Why is it that none of the psychics were able to help out?

Forces: There was a blockage in the area because of the tremendous amount of crime in the area.

IS: So its something that they bred themselves its like a cancer that is eating them?

Forces: Well the crime rate is high and this causes a great deal of strife in the area.

IS: Is also the reason you said before political is it to create this tension between white and black?

Forces: This is a fact that’s being felt.

IS: But the person is not just a sicko—?

Forces: Oh yes, yes.

IS: Oh he is.

Forces: Possessed.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: Could anything be given for my right neck and shoulder and back?

Forces: Well you know the best way is tension forms there easily you need hot water running on it helps and also the ah the ah castor oil pack itself always helps these areas and the area that has the tension or pressure in.

GL: Thank you.

JU: The feelings of heaviness felt during the week how do I work with those?

Forces: Well first understand what creates the heaviness and anticipation and justice and fear and envy all piled into one and try to understand that what you do and how you do it is for a perfect pattern and just be one with that pattern.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Is the handwriting of the angels or the Malakim handwriting the one you were talking about the other day with the math?

Forces: Yes this yes this is right.

DD: Thank you.

BR: With the killings in Atlanta the person or the people who killed these children there’s also stolen police cars did they also steal those cars and use them?

Forces: Yes.

BR: Thank you.

BH: With Jacob and changing the cattle from plain to striped was that the Weavers Beam that he was using to do that?

Forces: Yes.

BH: Where did he get it?

Forces: Given down to him from Moses.

BH: And who did Jacob give it to?

Forces: Anyone who would take it.

BH: Thank you.

JE: The average record for child killings in Atlanta is about 12 or 13 or 14 a year and it has been for a while is this the same person or people that’s been doing it all these years or why has it come up now and so much attention is being paid to it?

Forces: Because the craze and the proportion in which it is being done and of course the black peoples protest.

JE: Is it the same person or people that’s been doing it for a long period of time—?

Forces: But he had his hand into it to raise the statistics of the killings.

JE: Thank you.

JB: Is there some reason why this coffee situation came up?

Forces: Political but of course coffee taken in tremendous amounts of does affect the heart and the brain.

JB: Thank you.

HI: How much is a tremendous amount of coffee?

Forces: For some 3 cups for some 7 cups for some 6 it all depends upon the individual.

HI: Could you say how much it is for me?

Forces: 2 and a half cups.

HI: Thank you.

NN: If Josiah had not gone out to fight with the king of Egypt would that have not opened the door for the King of Babylon to come in later?

Forces: This might be true.

NN: Thank you.

LK: A group of the Guardian Angels from New York went to Atlanta trying to do what they can do to help find the person killing the children. What kind of influence are they going to have on that and also on the people of Atlanta?

Forces: Well its going to cause a great deal of negativity and also its going to cause a great deal of hostility and they might find other crimes that will get them involved in other things.

LK: Was it good for them to do that?

Forces: Well their intentions are good it was positive but there’s more down there than can be handled at one shot.

LK: Thank you.

IS: But its true that they will eventually become like and army with uniforms and an army for hire by population?

Forces: It seems to be leading that way.

IS: I mean like in my dream?

Forces: Um huh.

IS: At Toms work what is happening there?

Forces: There’s a great deal of forces that have to be put into line and other forces that are being worked with. These are things that will work as time goes on.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Could you help me with the lessons I should learn with the job that I have?

Forces: Meeting of self and trying to preserve the aspect of judgment and just to create and do for the sake of service.

JU: Thank you.

DD: With the other 8 Trumps it talked about that aren’t in the 22 could they be found in that first chapters of Genesis like you said the other Trumps?

Forces: They’re to be found in the third Book of Genesis and the fourth Book of Genesis the 10th verse and and the 4th verse of the next.

DD: You mean the Chapters?

Forces: The 3rd chapter 10th to the end and the 4th chapter the 4th to the end.

DD: Thank you very much.

ES: The enfant this morning when I came in to work was he about to die?

Forces: He was about to terminate, negligence.

ES: No one was paying attention to it at all.

Forces: No.

IS: In a case like that what does it mean the soul was withdrawing or murder well it could be murder and the soul withdrawing?

Forces: Could be both.

IS: But it is a definite decision on the part of the soul?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

BR: I had a dream where a man came to the house Tom was there and he was talking to Tom about something and then Tom stopped the conversation and came over to me and said he doesn’t think I know and then all of a sudden Tom pulled out of the air this little type of box with little things on it sort of like a space computer and started punching on it and then out of this box came everything from the mans past his history his past and future then Tom said I guess I’m going to be using this now and walked over and started talking to the man again. What does that dream mean?

Forces: We have no comment on it.

IS: So I’m understanding it correctly.

Forces: We have no comment on it.

BR: Thank you.

BH: With all the different offering does each one represent working with a different center?

Forces: Yes.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving will talk to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.