Session 357 3/19/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are busy in many areas during this week to come and there will be many physical changes in the United States as you know it this of course your place where you live these changes will affect everyone one way or the other. There are many social changes in other countries that will begin and there will be great demand in many free countries to supply those that are in prison or to smuggle those out of prison. There are many new what would be called considerations in the family more of a new structure being devised of open family where the husband and wife live separate and the children can move back and forth to one unit to the other this is the new family. We find that there shall be much drought in many areas of course its already been said but there are much more implications to this. There seems to be difficulty or will be in Nevada and a lot more difficulties with the movie stars there fame and fortune would cost them too much money to continue to be famous or fortune. We also have bad crops and Florida and California will have some sort of brie, blight or bug disease and there should be a general depressive feeling when it comes to these conditions. You will have many confrontations with the Soviet Union over the airways and waterways and under the water (–) Cuba will also be involved along with certain countries in Africa all South America being the uneasiness as it is will also keep things busy. We are working on several conditions or situations that you are all involved in and try to work on these things ah as our plans are evolving. We also would like you too plan or slate a visit or trip to a place in North Carolina as you have heard of it in different areas just ah from Virginia Beach a little bit lower than Virginia Beach into North Carolina and if possible a visit to the place called Nags Head. This is the area that we will be working in as time goes on ah many areas we will be taking into account but these are the qualities that we are coming through and we are planning some cultural events ah to be given over the radios and to reach you people hear so you will not be neglected in a distant world.

Forces: Ready for some questions.

IS: My back pain (——)?

Forces: You have to be realistic about the Bible and how every action has an equal and opposite reaction this is the Law of Physics every action that is done in the earth has an opposite reaction. If we can only keep that in our minds then we can perceive that anything that we do, do will also be reacted with us.

IS: Does it happen to everybody that reads the Bible?

Forces: Not everyone no different levels but it happens to you in this particular level that you are on and it manifests in your life because of what you’re working out.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Do the Mennonites really believe that the mother creates the soul?

Forces: The females in the Mennonites have a head trip about being the Demagogue more or less the woman god of the family and its more of an ancient tribal tradition that goes into this church that the females are go to church seem to enjoy the popularity of being able to procreate children and being fruitful as the Lord God had intended Eve to do and of course they have an enjoyable time in being fruitful and not abstaining from anything in fact absorbing themselves as much as they can have as many children as they can have.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving but there are things we have to work with at the moment we’ll be back this evening. Ah as far as your fast is concerned your fast can be ended for this moment until Sunday and so is it with the entity we speak through. We will be back later on this evening to talk some more we just have a few things we need to work with at this moment.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.