Session 360 part two ? 4/26/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: Web have been watching and observing every item in our command and have focused in on all principles necessary. There is these things that must be done and qualities that must be over come in order to enter into this New Age Cycle the next 10 years of course will be a new being a new presence and a new grasp and of course with every new 10 years comes new responsibilities. We see more of a deterioration in the Soviet Union and more of a fear of their own existence Afghanistan will create much problems for then and Cuba will have some reaction to the Soviet Unions conditions in South America. We also have very strong possibilities of major countries in Europe making a strong stand in order to free East Germany and the Czechoslovakia and Poland situations. We have major earthquakes coming and of course eruptions these go hand in hand there is no rest for the weary of course. About your situation with the Court case we ask that you all be strong and be sacrificial in making things happen and also taking on responsibilities where you are at making sure that items and things are done to the best of there ability so you might move through these months more at ease and more with comfort ability. Looking for things that might be comfortable for self might cause kinks in the system sacrifice must be had and bending must be done. There is in every moment the fort of that which is the fortress of life and the battle between that of white and black, good versus evil of course you are now in that battle with the dark forces of course we are on your side and preparing to do several moves starting this week in your behalf. We will become more and more obvious and visible in our presence by giving you certain signs in your meditations or in your daily walking’s in life. We ask that you become adherent and cohesive and alert to the certain demands of your lawyer that you might understand and cooperate and work that it might thrive and bring a spirit of encouragement and of course victory. In all operations it takes a certain amount of giving and also it takes that spirit, spirit must be there who has and possess the spirit can win he who has not the spirit chances of winning is lessened this is a vital point so create a spirit around you we are working and striving to do the best we can under these forces that you are fighting and trying through the laws to work these things out. We will take some active measures in our own behalf without expressing openly at this time what we plan to do.

Forces: Questions.

IS: The dream that Tom had about the race coming out of Charlottesville because of the trial?

Forces: Charlottesville will become a metaphysical city to the United States there is no way in stopping it there is too much at this point it is a spirit of forces that are in battle to take control over the city but its destiny is to be a metaphysical city.

IS: So the dream was dealing with the trial or not?

Forces: The dream dealt with that of the black forces trying to take over the city for themselves there is a major battle going on of course in the city and will be manifested in many different ways.

IS: Can I take from what has been said the destiny of Charlottesville is also a sign for us?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

DN: The dream with the plowing and the dream last night with Mrs. Sperry and the 80-year-old trees what does that mean?

Forces: It represents the truth is the truth regardless of what people may think.

DN: And the land plowing?

Forces: These are the fruits of the land, which will come forth in time.

DN: Thank you very much.

JU: Anything else to do for the case at this time?

Forces: Just become solid and strong in your faith and all these incentives and plans will be taken for you and you will be given certain conditions just getting together the sheets of thoughts or ah expressions that you have already given in order and easily to be found is a point that will be interesting and also searching through your own personal records to see if you might overlook something that might be of valuable interest.

JU: Thank you.

BN: Could you help me understand how to pray better?

Forces: Simply one word at a time and quietly and patiently this is a form that can be done just one word at a time without rushing through it.

BN: Thank you.

DD: Is there any guidance for me now?

Forces: Patience above all patience with these transitional moments just walk quietly through it and it will be passing in order to focus in on your next projects ahead.

DD: Thank you.

ES: Now that I am a member of the household is there is there something in my personality that can be given to me that I can start working on?

Forces: Now let us just absorb you in the moment of the new chosen commitments and just a faith is necessary to move on and to cling on to that faith as with each passing day more will be given as time goes on.

ES: Thank you very much.

JE: Can you tell us the true story of Masada what were there motivations and what king of spiritual development either was like karmetic-ly resolved or created?

Forces: Well if we say the final word that (would) make your life easier. The men had a very strong what would be called influence on the people in the fortress and there was more of a stout strongness that has to been kept up for a period of time it affected the community and the beliefs had to be preserved but above all there were many different factors involved on this in time and history and as man goes through time and space each is a message and a focal point for the soul development.

JE: But they committed suicide it seems to me there was a lot of pride how does that figure with suicide?

Forces: They had pride in their God and in their beliefs. You are seeing an example of dark versus light and you must understand that there were many other factors involved here and for us to go into detail would take time but there were many factors of course from this defeat in this battle actually was the cause of destroying the Roman Empire.

IS: So in that case their suicide was really not a suicide it was a sacrifice?

Forces: In a way it was a course to extinguish the Roman Empire as a power in the world.

IS: Is there any connection between any of them and in our age the Guyana case?

Forces: That also is the same aspect in many different ways but the lineage is to bring man into different focal points of thinking when man locks into a thought form it crystalizes and needs conditions like to break the chains that the soul might move on.

IS: Thank you.

BR: With the space shuttle what will that bring in the future?

Forces: A great deal of confusion but also their own personal pride and own personal power trips and business corporation making money and on and on and on.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Was any of us involved with Masada as Essenes or were we already gone by that time?

Forces: Well in your own way there were many involved in this?

BH: Many of us?

Forces: Many of the Sons of Light were involved in it.

BH: Thank you.

LK: Would like to thank you for opening the doors for the glass project coming up. In talking with the person he says he wants colors like clear and gray and bronze rather than colors and he wants something not quite abstract but not like a real design like were used to doing I’m wondering if you would have any guidance on that?

Forces: Wheat fields are your best bet along with mountain scenes and of course the Pacific ocean or the Cliffs of Dover all these might be interesting for his different tastes and designs.

LK: So I can utilize paler colors of glass rather than strong colors of glass?

Forces: Well this would be up to you and him but talk to him about different factors of wheat fields and crops and what would be considered ah landscapes of deserts and oceans at the same breath. Also talk to him about a vine or vineyards grapes too this would give him much wealth if he would drape his glass in grapes.

LK: Thank you.

NN: With the children that are being killed in Atlanta what kind of an element is being (—-)?

Forces: Well there is much that can be said but rather not be said at the moment.

NN: Thank you.

HI: From a spiritual perspective what causes genes to change and when they do change can they change (—-)?

Forces: The rebellion against the spiritual laws can change the genes and they can change overnight.

HI: What would cause them to change overnight?

Forces: Rebellion against the spiritual laws.

HI: Commitment would that change them for the good?

Forces: Repeat.

HI: On the other side would commitment or a change in attitude?

Forces: With the great force that is all around us the things seen and heard with the power of what We represent all things can be changed overnight but one must have the faith the belief the strength in the spiritual laws regardless of the outcome on a physical level one must cling on to the spiritual powers of life for a ultimate test is of that very basic nature things do change rapidly what today seems to be a failure tomorrow is the cornerstone of success, what today seems to be success can be tomorrow failures what today seems to be slow tomorrow would be the explanation of the purpose of why, all these things come into being but when commitment is changes it affects the body and when commitment is given to the positive it also changes the body.

HI: Thank you.

JB: In coming across the symbol of the beast the 666 how does a person handle that as far as his personal contact with it?

Forces: Prayer and fasting.

JB: Thank you.

IS: Now with Faith and the belief and the strength its not Faith when you believe that God will take care of you everything will turn out the way, for me Faith would not mean we have a victory but rather just to believe that victory or failure it is Gods will and is the best for us?

Forces: In all in all they hang up on the Spirit of God as he moves you through life.

IS: Is that what the faith in us that has to be concentrated on?

Forces: Cling on to him and he will move you through.

IS: Its irregardless of failure or success?

Forces: Faith brings you up from that.

IS: Whatever conditions are?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Can anything be given about especially since this is a special week how to be closest to the spiritual forces this week in prayer or thoughts?

Forces: Prayer and thoughts and reading and just activity with the spirit it will be tapped into.

JU: Thank you.

IS: With the entity Tom with us going to trial he’s in separate parts the Tommy part how can I help?

Forces: These items will find its way and its course of helping in itself.

BN: When I think about praying I’m not sure why I’m doing it because it seems like, I know the will of God is going to be done so what’s the function of prayer?

Forces: Listen and watch what prayer can do.

BN: Thank you.

IS: Am I right to understand that prayer is not for God but prayer is rather to bring God the man within himself towards God?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Could you help me understand I’m reading a trilogy about Tarot by Piers Anthony about the different universes the different clusters is that similar to what you gave me the diagram and how does it all fit together?

Forces: Repeat your question.

DD: Could you explain about the books I’m reading how they seem to fit in to the things I’ve been drawing but I don’t know exactly how?

Forces: In times, they all fit in.

DD: Could you explain how this new concept does?

Forces: It is the new moments of thought and awareness and growth as time goes on more things become revealed.

DD: Thank you.

ES: Can you give me any suggestions about my daily prayer schedule?

Forces: These things will work itself out as we go along in time we will express and tell certain things that need to be altered.

ES: Thank you.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving but we will speak to you again this week just be in the spirit and in the light and we will try to work many things out so these elements will not be so harsh and the miracles will start to happen.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.