Session 360 part one?

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have set into operation the things that we had promised you and they are now taking place from severe earth quakes and faults and tidal waves near California to the eruption of Turkey and (——) we also have many, many fine works of explosions that are about to happen. We have some things in Texas that will explode and mess up the whole area especially we have the aiming of Houston to Austin these things we are working on and will do satisfactory. We have many different programs and many different bribe schemes that will surface. We have what would be considered a interesting dilemma between the Soviet Union and the United States that is only to get worse then we also will (—) ourselves with Poland and England will go through a civil war. (Phone rings) We’ll wait a few minutes while you have that. We have some disruption in South America and we have some nice embarrassing things that Secretary of State Hague will do. We find Nixon to be making several mistakes in his operations.

Forces: Now were ready for your questions.

DD: Is there any guidance for me now?

Forces: Contribute in doing it.

ES: What am I going through right now?

Forces: Its your own problem not ours.

ES: Thank you.

Forces: Anytime.

JB: Any spiritual guidance for me at this time?

Forces: We are not interested in the spiritual guidance right now we’re busy with the logistics.

BN: What’s the proper attitude towards the dark forces?

Forces: Kick the shit out of them.

BN: Thank you.

BH: Any guidance for me now?

Forces: Do it straight and do it to the self of just getting it done.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: Don’t hesitate just do it.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Could you explain the dream I had last night?

Forces: You understand it.

NN: No.

Forces: Well how can we help you with it.

N: Thank you.

Forces: Just apply it very basic everything is going to be very basic.

Forces: Go ahead we won’t bite.

HI: When you say the rosary what’s happening inside the cells?

Forces: It is the more you would consider regeneration and a re-acclamation with the Higher Self and Deity.

HI: Thank you.

Forces: You’re safe.

DD: Are the Ancients in the Book—-?
Forces: The Ancients are anything you want to call upon right now, call upon them.

DD: Are they you though?

Forces: Anytime you want them they’re here.

DD: Are they you?

Forces: Even Koot Hoomi could be here go ahead.

DD: Are the Ancients you in the Book that I’m reading?

Forces: You have green lights just go and do, you want to hang off the Tree naked go and do it.

DD: So it is you?

Forces: Anything go and do it.

BN: Are there black holes in the earth?

Forces: There’s some black holes in some peoples heads.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: Anytime.

BH: The tribes in the Book of Joshua and Judges where they say they didn’t slay them but they still live among the Israelites to this day would they still be links of them?

Forces: Ye there would be.

NN: What does it symbolize that Pharaoh executed the Baker?

Forces: The food was rotten.

NN: Thank you.

HI: The substance that is in the nucleus of a cell is that the same as which the soul is made?

Forces: Scientists will begin to understand that the nucleus is not the nucleus of a cell that there is a new center in the cell they’re just too stupid to find it.

IS: Is there any help for the entity Tom?

Forces: He’s being helped in his own way.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What is he going through?

Forces: He’s receiving things.

IS: Thank you.

GL: The dream I had of being in a field with flowers and there was somebody in a robe standing there with me showing me something?

Forces: You’re being guided by a spirit force.

GL: Could the name be given?

Forces: The Spirit Force.

GL: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain the dream I had?

Forces: Not at this moment.

DD: Thank you.

BN: In moving against the dark forces hatred isn’t part of it, its just getting some trash out of our way is that correct?

Forces: You answer your questions yourselves don’t let us answer them.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: Give us more difficult questions like what you want to eat tomorrow. (Laughter)

BH: Where did Mary Magdalene do after the crucifixion?

Forces: She washed her hair.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: Mary Magdalene was also a very good woman to create the so-called society of prevention for cruelty to Jesus, no offence but she also helped the apostles a lot during the transitions. Lets go on.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Can I ask about the dream of that little girl?

Forces: Go ahead ask.

IS: She was in a field-

Forces: nice dream-

IS: anyhow the bombs was flying and she kept running and it’s a repeating dream is it a past life or future?

Forces: Could be any life around this day and age you got bombs falling everywhere (—–) eat a can of hot beans and do a toot you know. Were being nice to (—-) in this session. We got something up our sleeves as you well smell it and its not body odor.

IS: Now?

Forces: Yes right now right at this very moment.

IS: Is it something that you’re preparing?

Forces: Yes were going to do it tomorrow and the next day.

IS: When do we know about it?

Forces: You’ll know it when you here it that’s all you know you’re not stupid.

IS: Thank you.

DN: Who was the beautiful lady with the long dress at the depositions?

Forces: Who.

DN: Somebody was holding me.

Forces: What beautiful lady with the long dress.

DN: The one I dreamt about before I went there the one who held on to me?

Forces: We didn’t send anyone there with a long dress.

Forces: Angels don’t have sexes.

DN: Who or what was it?

Forces: I just told you.

DN: Is it that other one?

Forces: Yes it’s the other one.

DN: The same one as before?

Forces: Right.

DN: Thank you.

JU: The type of feeling that was projected around the house recently what’s the best way to get rid of it?

Forces: Incense and candles.

JU: Thank you.

DD: The things I understand from the books I’m reading are they correct?

Forces: Yeah that’s all right you’re getting the general drift of it.

DD: Thank you.

JE: What you just mentioned about—?

Forces: Excuse us what.

JE: What you were just saying about Saturn and the planets it happened every 20 years is that any correlation with a president dying in office every 20 years?

Forces: No, no, no, no, no, no, no this has nothing to do with that.

JE: What causes that?

Forces: Its planet that hits every 20 years too.

JE: Why is that set up that way?

Forces: We haven’t figured it out yet when we got that figured out we’ll come back and tell you.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Yeah.

BN: It says in Revelation —?

Forces: Does it really.

BN: him that overcomes will I write my new name on him. What’s his new name?

Forces: Heh, heh were not that foolish. Go ahead next question catch us when you think you (—-).

BH: When they say unclean what do they really mean?

Forces: Well what do you think they mean (—–) well.

BH: I wasn’t sure.

Forces: I would be if I was you.

BH: (—)

Forces: Unclean is unclean don’t touch the damn thing. You saw what Moses did with his sister when she gossip about him with Aaron saying that he was she, she wasn’t the ah married to a Israelite and you know that don’t you Moses got upset what did he do then you know what Moses did right. What did he do.

DN: He put the plague on her.

Forces: He put the plague; on, on Miriam right I put the plague on BT (Forces Language).

IS: Is that a physical one?

Forces: Yes I just did it you saw me you do it by getting (—-) now leave us alone on that one. Go ahead next.

Forces: Poem; 18 (—) (—-) walking to and fro each one fighting here and there leaping uncontrolled. Go ahead excuse us.

HI: The center of the cell you were saying earlier where does it lead?

Forces: Da who is what.

HI: You said there is no nucleus within a cell there is a center.

Forces: There you go now you’re learning.

HI: Where does it lead?

Forces: Every circle has a circle within a circle. No leave it to man to go deeper and deeper into the magic mirror but know that the nucleus of a cell is not the center of the cell got it.

Forces: Take it by your quietness you don’t got it.

IS: Does it lead to the Higher Self?

Forces: Oh no, no, no, no pau, pau ,pau. Question anybody.

ES: Is there anything detrimental when someone donates blood to someone else like in the hospital?

Forces: No there’s nothing detrimental at this time there are certain cycles you’re not supposed to give blood and that’s when the full moon is up.

ES: What happens then?

Forces: Oh it becomes detrimental.

BN: The center within the cell that is not the nucleus is it associated with one of the things that have a name in scientific terms—?

Forces: Yeah leave it yeah of course leave it to scientists to give a name to it.

BN: Is that it the mitochondria?

Forces: Yes it I’ll let it be it. (—–) go ahead, go ahead.

BH: The 13 Books of the Bible after Deuteronomy and before Psalms would that be Jesus and the 12 Apostles?

Forces: Yeah that’s a good idea I like that one (—–).

BH: The 12 (——) sets of 12?

Forces: Perfect really great now you got it.

BH: Thank you.

LK: With the donating of blood in the full moon is it the day of the full moon or the day before and after?

Forces: The day of the full moon is not so good the day after before you’d stay away from it.

LK: Other than that it’s not to bad?

Forces: Ahh not to swift but not too bad.

LK: So it’s not a good thing to donate blood?

Forces: We didn’t say that.

LK: Thank you.

NN: Can any more be given on the civil war in England.

Forces: (—-) don’t bother with it go ahead.

IS: Is there any reason why Tom has not painted anything in quite a while?

Forces: He’ll paint again when the spirit is given.

IS: And that’s up to the trial?

Forces: Yes it will be given.

IS: What else can we do to lift the spirits up?

Forces: Just do your best keep moving (——).

IS: How can I help the entity Tom?

Forces: Just keep moving.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We have a few things up our sleeves, we can’t tell you them all but Pope something’s happening now with the Pope (—-) try to hurt him destroy the property around there intervention in Spain something happened in Portugal, something happened in Ireland something happened in Ulster something happened in Denmark England’s upset Germany disgusted Italy wants (once) needed bread al sorts of nonsense ships at sea bang into one another Japan wants new cars China doesn’t want to bother with Japan Chinas coming up with new ideas ah the United States doesn’t want Chinese cars, Japanese cars the Japanese wants to throw the cars back (–) back and forth game fireworks here and there em hu eum oh what we have planned ahh.

IS: Is there anything that has already happened on our immediate enemies?

Forces: Oh wait until you see.

IS: Will we?

Forces: You will. Just be patient were trying our best remember snowflakes aren’t made a dime a dozen. We might want to make it snow you like snow at this hour (——).

IS: No.

Forces: Oh all right any other questions.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.