Session 366. 5/17/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are in the area and (—-) our presence and (—-) and we’ll stay in the area as best as we can. We see the certain factors that will be and, and generally the building or breaking down of different systems structures movement it’s a general power struggle of, of ones by its
strengths we understand that there has been so much going on that is quiet hard to keep up with everything. We are trying our best to be and help those individual moments and work out situations that would be proper and helpful and beneficial for the purpose involved.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DN: Am I correct in why we had to go all over NYC on shopping trips was to pull it back up again and the people that we met and those that met us and some that snubbed us they were being pushed into their decision making about whose side they’re on?

Forces: Its not the easiest thing to live a life like this and also to go into a position where you no longer are involved in this (—-) to intimidates people that you have a lifestyle the way you do and that they are chained to theirs. This is correct.

DN: Thank you.

JU: The Trial?

Forces: Whe covering it all. What we’re trying to stress is the own strength within yourself knowing the circumstances are not as far as personal the most beneficial environment you would like to be in, we do not like it ourselves but we are trying to work and crack it there is that black negative force element that has a certain amount of influence in the earth ah a free will and position that has not to be neglected that does exist.

JU: Thank you.

HI: Where did the voice come from that we heard in the van?

Forces: Different guiding fields to bring you through and different ah aspects on a spiritual or spirit level to give you certain signs.

HI: Thank you.

DD: Is there anything to help me bring out the love and strength?

Forces: Center on the spirit around you and the meditation force and the understanding of that.

DD: Do I understand the things that happening when I was——?

Forces: Partially.

DD: Thank you.

ES: Is there any guidance for me?

Forces: There is some work to be done but that will come in time.

ES: Thank you.

JB: What happens at that moment when they’re doing a marriage ceremony when it becomes Mr. and Mrs. the name change and the (——)?

Forces: Well what happens is its over legal papers are signed and all set up for divorce and a there is generally a black ah centered on worldly possessions ah there are many different trips or thought forms one could get into as you progress through certain parts of (——-).

JB: Thank you.

GL: Would there be anything that would help me in these next few days?

Forces: Keep the Spirit of Christ around you and ah that will give you the inner strength.

GL: Thank you.

BN: Anything I need to work on in terms of my testimony or qualities within me for the trial?

Forces: This would be ah given to you as time goes on.

BN: Thank you.

BH: Anything I can do to be of help during these next few days?

Forces: It will be given also to you.

BH: Thank you.

NN: In Chapter 23, 24 of Isaiah the earth changes is it specifically referring to the ones that are starting to happen and going to be happening?

Forces: This is part of it correct yes.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Is there a short prayer that we can be saying in the next couple of days?

Forces: Just allow the strength and the angels of light to protect you and to defend you to allow that Spirit of Christ to be around you.

LK: Thank you.

DN: Did you know Israel becoming slaves is it that you knew it and it didn’t have to be?

Forces: Did not have to happen.

DN: That’s why even prophecies about Presidents and Popes and all that stuff they don’t have to be right?

Forces: They don’t have to happen there are certain instances that can change it but a large percentage of it does happen.

DN: In other words it like the odds are 90 percent that it’s going to or something like that?

Forces: Something like that yeah. It’s the 10 percent that were working on. Go ahead.

IS: —–?

Forces: The trial itself is in your hands that we could tell you rest assure on the strength of the group and the strength that you had received during this day at what had happened gives it to you in your hands. Its not that easy to go behind the enemies lines and see how they are at in their camp and that is exactly what you both had done.

IS: How did we do that?

Forces: The element of surprise.

IS: We knew that RH would be here.

Forces: But still there surprise in seeing us.

Forces: There is no justice with the world the more you try to find the so-called justice the more you will not find it.

IS: I’m trying to understand the mind of the judge if possible?

Forces: Know the legal system the political system not the mind.

IS: You mean it has nothing to do with what the judge—-?

Forces: Nothing has nothing to do with nothing.

Forces: We are just trying to raise your confidence if you look through despair your going to carry despair. There is nothing we can do to tell you not to despair. I know that Jesus always came and said fear not but boy there was something to fear it was on a worldly level transcend into this as much as you can. Do not fear we are working on it no matter how it looks like we are watching things (—-). We are trying our best to work on these things.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving. We will be with you in the morning to make the best of it. Do not despair.

Forces: Greeting to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.