Session 367. 5/18/81


Forces: Hello to you all.

Forces: We have changed our ways its no longer greetings to you now but it is hello to you all or hi. We have been watching from up here and ah find it amusing but trying our best to work out certain things. We are busy working and the judge has told us not to speak about the case and that is what we cannot do of course its not your judge but our judge (group laughter) none the less take away from the normal type experience we know you are going through many different things and as we said the judge is your judge of course is ah is ah trying to take a certain amount of stand or control over this but ah he’s getting impatient and finds the case very upsetting as far as it being in the courtroom and allowing it to proceed as far as it did well that is his problem now isn’t it he should have at least familiarized himself with the case rather than allowing it to go so far but again that is one problem that he has to work out but he is upset with it. Ah see we are working or trying our best to work out its not the best thing to deal with legal items and legal things not the best to have to deal with it ah there are better things in life to do but again we are trying our best to put this in perspective. We have this cover cloud cover for purposes and reasons known to us and we are trying to do other things with this cloud cover.