Session 369 5/26/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been active and moving throughout the areas and seeing many changes and new starts and new beginnings to manifest. Of course we see many different changes in Europe many different governments as we have said in France and Italy Spain is taking a turn for the worst and Belgium is going to get into the news. We find England in turmoil and very dangerous at this peak and we find also Ireland to be confused with revenge all these qualities are personal qualities ah manifesting also Israel will have confrontations with the Soviet Union and also with Lebanon and Syria. We find great struggles in every direction but these struggles will all be just a tell cast of those things to come.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

JE: What happened in Austin?

Forces: It was obvious ah just a total devastation that will cost them millions of dollars to repair several lives symbolic of a figure we have estimated about 23 lives that have gone each one is a symbolic gesture of certain things that we cannot reveal. We also did this act to show many direct and indirect visualizations to those who will be heading back to the area of the devastation and the curse at the same time that is left on the area.

DN: Tom had a dream we should go get Gladys Davis again?

Forces: Well I don’t think she would be available this weekend but it is a weekend that can be planned for her that would be convenient for her in time.

DN: Thank you.

GL: The tapes that are missing can you say where they are?

Forces: How many do you find missing?

GL: About 58.

Forces: Did you say 58 tapes.

GL: Yes.

Forces: And the numbers of them.

GL: I have them written down.

Forces: The same group that was missing one other time the 60’s 61, 62, 63, 64 and individual scattered ones.

Forces: We see some around in the area that are kept here and there some have been destroyed by accident or covered over there are a few that the entity Beth has.

GL: Thank you.

IS: Could you tell us which one the entity Beth has?

Forces: It looks like 72, 73, or 62, 63.

Forces: You will also find the majority of your tapes too they will show up.

JU: Did the trial work out in a certain way that enables you to have a freer hand to manifest certain things and open certain doors?

Forces: You are dealing with the underground society people who know of these things but are afraid to come forward there is a tremendous pressure in this society dealing with the underground and these people will come forward to you.

JU: Is that why the trial happened that way.

Forces: Certain individual key people will come forward.

JU: Thank you.

IS: Is it true the Italian Government was involved with something like this?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: The Italian Government resigned today because they were involved with some Messianic thing.

Forces: Indirectly yes.

IS: A group like this?

Forces: Not like this directly.

IS: Good or bad?

Forces: They had some good qualities yes.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Can you explain what was happening the ships going into the Big Dipper?

Forces: It represents a certain commitment for you to the spiritual side and certain physical realities and proof to you of the Higher Forces and also of the commitment in a spiritual nature of raising the consciousness within self to higher ideals.

ES: And the dancing stars?

Forces: This is a fulfillment of these commitments.

DD: Could you give a picture of the new Trump card called the Unknown the Ghost so it can be made into a card?

Forces: More or less different feelings but it is a white horse that has a eerie figure on top which a fire wand or a sword is placed in it.

DD: Any background?

Forces: Dark and white at the same time.

DD: What would be the meaning of the card?

Forces: Transition from the physical consciousness or mental mind and allowing the spiritual force to come in.

DD: Thank you very much.

LK: Tom said about a picture in the paper of the pope that his eyes were different and it looks like another entity has taken over. Is that what happened when he was shot and what will happen now?

Forces: There is a certain force that is coming in that we are watching closely and there are certain factors within Italy that are taking shape to take control of the country.

LK: Will he try to use the church to take control of the country?

Forces: There is friction between these things that are happening but that is well suited on the path.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: We also suggest that an island off of Florida will appear, springs and hot springs will appear off Florida coast which would be called the fountain of youth that Ponce Deleon was after and finally it will rise from the ground and be hot springs that will give the quality of youth and euthanasia to the body.

IS: Will it really do it?

Forces: It will.

NN: Is it from Atlantis?

Forces: This was the spring in the Temple Beautiful from Atlantis.

NN: Thank you.

BN: What was the symbol of opening the cistern in the back yard?

Forces: This is more of that which is come upon the earth one of the seals being opened.

BN: Does it have anything to do with the opening of the pit in Revelation?

Forces: More or less the items that need to be conquered by the white force against that of the black forces.

IS: Which seal?

Forces: We have the 8th seal that is above that dealing directly with the 7th seal.

IS: You mean the 7th seal is being opened?

Forces: The 7th seal has been opened in a indirect motion that affects an 8th seal.

IS: The 7th seal from Revelation?

Forces: It deals with Revelation.

IS: I thought that the only other seal that was open was the second or the third or fourth I can’t remember?

Forces: The 5th was being opened to the 6th.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: There are 3 or 4 seals within a seal that have been opened this is the 7th seal number.

BN: Did it deal directly with what happened immediately after what happened to the Pope?

Forces: Um-ah it had some directions to that.

BN: Thank you.

JE: Saturday night at the concert the preacher was there why did he have such a strong affect on people?

Forces: There was some breaking down of thought forms around.

JE: Positive or negative?

Forces: They weren’t to negative but there were thought forms around.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Also see a reign of meteorites upon the earth that would be spotted, Newfoundland and Norway and parts of the Carolinas.

Forces: At this point we will return and speak to you again.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.