Session 370. 6/3/81

Forces: Greetings to all here now present.

Forces: We are watching several areas in particular those, the western seacoast ah a tremendous pressure building up and earthquake size which will cause considerable damage and there are the great floods ah southwest its possible you have some uprisings in certain institutions throughout the south. There are many different changes in Europe Poland again will be a thorn in the Soviets back. There would be also some provisional takeovers even though there are some troops now in Poland they are there as guidance of course we still see certain conditions throughout Spain and Portugal that is uneasy and of course in China there are the attitude against the Soviet Union. We have many new metals that will be discovered and new instruments that will be displayed that will bring some astounding viewpoints to the world all these are characteristics of the new coming age and new environment of cars that will be running on light beams or laser beams this is a strange car operating tremendously by the power of propulsion through laser that will be running on tracks and also rails it is also capable of operating in the ocean and through depths that will go 2 or 300 feet. America again will go through many drastic changes and new governments will form in these areas and new ways of food will be developed.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

NN: What’s the meaning of Isaiah chapter 34 verses 4 and 5 where it starts off 4 And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.
5 For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon Idumea, and upon the people of my curse, to judgment.

Forces: This is a different saying in which the manifestation of authority will be brought into a different focus and man will become aware of them physically.

NN: Thank you.

JB: What
are the precautions with mining uranium?

Forces: Well you have a radioactivity that is infiltrated within those who mine it also explosive quality and also the community absorbing minerals back into their systems.

JB: Thank you.

HI: What attitude on a spiritual level that brings in various forms of parasites that make the body ill?

Forces: These are thought form qualities and forms that leave one susceptible to these qualities of negativity.

HI: Thank you.

BR: Could you tell us about the Leprosy that’s hitting Staten Island?

Forces: These are unleashed qualities within man that has to be focused on and some qualities within the water system that is located there.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Is there something wrong with my stomach?

Forces: It is fine the stomach walls tight and when your stomach swells up again it causes this ah pain or gripping sensation ah it’s the walls of the stomach that shrinks and expands that causes a pain sensation ah we do not find any ulcers located in the stomach but we do find a great deal of acid that repeats up into you and acid qualities of a lot of ah solution in the stomach that could this you have felt be absorbed by bread or ah strong items like (starch) to soften it and different phases also the moon is affecting the stomach area at this time.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: The swelling can I do something for it?

Forces: The swelling is a natural occurrence for the stomach when it lacks food and gains a certain percentage of food. It’s a normal happening its ah its ah quality that happens to this muscle of the stomach. Sometimes it is good just to have a bread and butter ah a little bit of toast without any butter on it ah what else would be good would be a like more of a yolk of an egg that would be soft and this would have some calming to it but its just a turn of events that happens.

IS: And liquids?

Forces: Papaya juice helps out a little bit and you will also have more of a malted would help out these helps out the system to move along and you also have grape juice that can occasionally help it but all in all water too can help.

IS: Bananas?

Forces: Bananas has a calming affect by themselves but must not be taken with anything else.

DN: With the music and Psalm 27 what is the Psalm all about and what is the feeling or the essence of———?

Forces: Oh Psalm 27 is a nice one yes it’s a very good Psalm. You want to repeat some of it for us.

DN: Yeah what the feeling or the color or the taste or the essence of it what has it to depict musically?

Forces: Well there’s a blue and a bright gold at certain points where it mentions the Holy Place. It’s more of a consecrating type Psalm.

DN: Thank you very much.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me now?

Forces: Be advised to center yourself on the Bible and not to deviate from that now is the best time for secrets in the Bible to be opened to you.

JU: What if anything happened about 1:45 this morning? Well there are other things to happen.

Forces: What other things to happen.

JU: Well my watch stopped and went dead and I wake up at that hour.

Forces: A quarter to this morning a new force was coming into the house.

JU: What type of force?

Forces: You’re so defensive.

JU: I tried to squeeze in a question.

Forces: Wondering what type of force you’ve been through so much. It’s more of a constructive force and a revelation type force there are certain secret force to give guidance.

JU: Thank you.

ES: Ah the dancing stars I saw that night was that connected with the dance of the Tarot from the book The Greater trumps?

Forces: No it was connected to you being up to long outside.

ES: Do the stars do that?

Forces: Well if you stare at them long enough they can do almost anything. We will also say we had a certain hand in it to give you a sign but none the less remember if you stare at something long enough its bound to (—) at you.

ES: So all the stars were moving?

Forces: No just fixed the ones we wanted to move.

DD: Can you explain what the Waltz represents?

Forces: Rhythm of the Heart.

DD: Rhythm of the Heart?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Does that relate to the heavens the movements of the planets?

Forces: The movements of the Heart the thymus center rhythms of creative ability.

Q. (———)

Forces: things that are in path needs to be worked with.

IS: So it’s the inability to lose ones self?

Forces: Well its—-.

IS: To conform?

Forces: Well it’s the inability to, to allow the personalities of other lifetimes to come in and remember them ah not remembering them means a other personality is too strong and will not relinquish ah the stage for anyone else but itself.

IS: So it does come from selfishness in any form?

Forces: Indirectly or directly it would.

IS: Can it come from goodness?

Forces: It could to yes.

IS: How’s that?

Forces: There are certain parts within the Brain Spectrum that allows the personality to retain its individuality in its quality state.

IS: I don’t understand?

Forces: There are certain times certain personalities are manifested the goodness that does not need to be mingled or merged with other personalities it remains that way so it would not get tarnished.

IS: Did Jesus have a—?

Forces: Yes. That was one personality coming out but He’s on the cross and ah you know what am I doing up here.

IS: You mean he really did not know?

Forces: Or another personality carried him through without feeling it.

IS: What is then the difference between the split personality for the good and the split personality for —–?

Forces: One is more for protecting device and the other is more of a natural device.

IS: Protecting device is for the good?

Forces: For the good for the spirits of these spirit personality would not get tarnished.

IS: Are you saying that every Prophet had to have this?

Forces: More or less.

IDS: But they don’t go through the same thing like a normal person like Sybil?

Forces: Oh no, no.

IS: Split personality?

Forces: That’s a whole different story.

IS: What is the difference then?

Forces: Sybil is personalities that refuse to give up their identity while one on the other side has no power of refusing it just clicks in like automatic in order to protect through certain gears.

IS: So Sybil’s personality then would be past lives of her own self?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Could there be a split personality with external entities coming in?

Forces: No.

IS: There couldn’t like a split personality with what we call ghosts entering in?

Forces: Only for a short period of time and not have a chance of coming back again.

IS: When you spoke of PS many years ago that there are two personalities does he have a split personality?

Forces: For the earthly side yes.

IS: Is it another past life of his?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So it wasn’t that he was possessed but rather a split personality?

Forces: Yes and a possession on top of it.

IS: So it actually is a complete different thing where is the difference then between a split personality and a possession?

Forces: Well one does not have possession on top of it.

IS: One does not have possession?

Forces: One is free from that.

IS: You mean one of his personalities was possessed?

Forces: Right.

IS: Did Sybil have things like that?

Forces: Yes, yes.

IS: Are there some sort of easier way of getting the possession on some of those excessive personalities?

Forces: No, no.

IS: How does it happen then why for instance in PS case one of his personalities was possessed?

Forces: The ability of giving into the dark side and that allows possession to take over a quality of the body.

IS: Then Sybil she had some personalities that were possessed?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Then if she’s a split personality to that degree that she is could she deal easier once she deals with it to take and identify that particular personality as being possessed?

Forces: Yes one step at a time this would be done.

IS: So that would be easier for her —-?

Forces: To go that way yes.

IS: Now Sybil today is she still with all those personalities?

Forces: She has some yes.

IS: They really don’t want to get rid of those personalities right?

Forces: Not really no.

IS: Because it’s exciting?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Does the environment of the parents have anything to do with that?

Forces: Yes Mountains have a great deal to do to protect it along with the oceans being around places where there is no water also has a great affect of allowing possession to take over fast.

IS: And split personality?

Forces: Yes.

IS: How about heredity, parents, environment like did her parents abuse her?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Physically just like they showed in the movie because as I’m reading the book I’m seeing a different picture?

Forces: Well yes and no but painted a little bit more than natural.

IS: Is it the possessiveness of the mother?

Forces: Yes and then not wanting to possess at the same time.

IS: And not wanting to?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: And the things that I sort of understood with that do they go along with it?

Forces: This would be added on top of it yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and we’ll speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

The Group: Our Father.