Session 372 7/5/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are in the area and have been here all week. There are many things now that we must get to do. Your cool weather has been given and now we must allow a certain warmer days to come and dryer days. There are those new developments in Israel that still has the country unsettled of course there has to be some disturbance with the elections and with the very slight victory of Began in the elections but this should on forward to other things to come. We do look to Syria again as aggressive in the retaliation to its bombings and Iraq in its retaliation to its destruction of its own plants. We find that to live and to work under certain conditions dictate a great deal of confidence and inward unity. The spiritual ideal should always be upheld and the unity must be in cooperation with one another. We look to the uneasiness of many conditions in the United States and racial violence in England along with upheavals in Ireland. Its not the best time for England.

Forces: We’re ready for your questions.

IS: The dream I had could you give me an understanding?

Forces: Lets hear it.

IS: I was in Alexander’s with somebody from the group and I saw RH behind the counter and I walked over and I said RH why did you do it and she wouldn’t answer me and she says none of you are going to hurt me and I said no my mother and I said no but she wouldn’t answer me she was just getting information from me and wouldn’t answer and then I saw the woman who used to be my first boss in Alexander’s and at the time she was a very fat lady and now I saw her she lost half of her weight and looked very good and she recognized me because I barely recognized her and we talked a little.

Forces: Well it only shows the encounter that will happen and the tremendous amount of fear that is in this persons mind and how no one can really eradicate that fear.

IS: That confrontation will happen?

Forces: There is a situation that will happen in time in that condition.

IS: Why in Alexander’s?

Forces: There is a gravitation to work in a department store.

IS: But isn’t she a nurse?

Forces: These things quickly fade away.

IS: When I woke up the feeling I had was how stupid I am how come I was answering her questions without making sure she was answering my questions?

Forces: No problems.

IS: The way she was she was like very cruel very to get us or very collected she was throwing more it was like a fear for her and her mother and She wouldn’t have believed no matter what I said even though I reassured her?

Forces: She has a very paranoid mind her own fears and anxieties will be with her.

IS: Thank you.

GL: What is the cause of my talking in my sleep?

Forces: Kind of a vivid conversation with your Higher Self going on.

GL: Thank you.

JU: The job with the painting company is that the best?

Forces: Its not the job that it is how you handle the situations that you meet at your job. We all know the things we need to make stronger just come right down and affirm those things that you find yourself weak in. Every job has its so-called bad points but the bad points are because of our weak points.

JU: With the changes that are coming should I just work with them as there coming?

Forces: That will be the best thing for the moment.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain the dream where IS was telling me a whole lot of things to become more sensitive in certain things?

Forces: More of a direct communication with the higher self to the laws being learned and applied in the earth.

DD: Was it like a literal dream?

Forces: It was.

DD: What does it mean being able to heal all the parts in the SICU?

Forces: Those are the critical parts that are within self.

DD: But it can be taken also on a literal level?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Thank you.

ES: The other night at work was crazy could you tell me what I was working out?

Forces: Comfort ability within.

ES: The out come?

Forces: Working with it.

ES: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell us please how the Tarot got started and how in ancient Egypt the Tarot was used?

Forces: Well the Tarot got started by the priests who were of the Law of One wanting to record this Laws down because of the hypocrisy and the lies that were going on around them they wrote it in picture cards and sent it to all those around to cover the Law without saying it so eventually it will come out in time.

HI: Thank you.

BR: How come I’ve been getting so light headed lately?

Forces: Well lots of energy that’s not being so called channeled ah disciplining and trying to guide your day and certain one to one levels of just writing down the things you need to do and working with that rather than to have x amount of things to be done and not have anything being accomplished.

BR: Thank you.

BH: What does the Book of Malachi represent?

Forces: It represents the changing path.

BH: Thank you.

BN: Could you tell us more about the nature of the cycle that’s starting now?

Forces: There are certain items that need to be worked within and certain responsibilities without that needs to be worked with certain areas that we can’t inform you on as far as new developments ah as far as governing bodies of ah interesting projects to be had there are many things that will be coming down the road to be creative.

BN: Any particular principal or thought to keep in mind to help us through it?

Forces: Its not a difficult point or moment to be helped through its just a learning period and developing and creative period to be worked through.

BN: Thank you.

JE: How many Arks were built and what happened to them and where are they now?

Forces: Well one major one was built and a minor one was had. Ones of course in Egypt, there’s a minor one that has been brought to England.

JE: And the other one?

Forces: Just two.

JE: The one Moses had and who had the other one Solomon?

Forces: Moses had the major one and the minor one was held by the priests in the mountains of the Essenes.

JE: And the one in England where’s that?

Forces: That was the one that was from the Essenes.

JE: And where is the one in England?

Forces: Buried in the grounds of Coventry.

JE: Thank you.

NN: Why is England having such a hard time?

Forces: Because of their inability to deal with psychic visions.

NN: Thank you.

IS: You don’t mean inability but rather refusal?

Forces: This hardheadedness and stiffness of the spirit.

IS: Thank you.

JB: Does something happen on another level when people celebrate a holiday like the Fourth of July?

Forces: Sure.

JB: What usually happens like for the Fourth of July?

Forces: Certain angelic forces come down and try to make the people lighter and spirited.

JB: Thank you.

LK: I go through these periods of depression because of only doing things like arts mediocre and not being able to get any better with something?

Forces: That is when the spirit must come in and work with you through it and develop it. It’s always the spirit that transcends that moment of, of limitations for you work to a point and that is the limitation it is the spirit that takes over from that point on. The entity can work with you on that but there is a spirit that transforms all things around.

LK: How can I make myself more open so that, that spirit can come through me or manifest?

Forces: That will be given to you and guided to you.

LK: Thank you.

IS: The dining room the way we are building it and the arches the height where we have lifted it up to and the way we said we’re going to do it is that correct?

Forces: We are watching that progress and we are in agreement.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Who buried the Ark in Egypt and why?

Forces: It was buried by the priests of Israel because of the fear of being captured and it was in a comradeship an allied-ship with the mystic order of Egypt and buried for the time that when the world was ready for it, it would come forth.

JU: When was this?

Forces: This was the second King of Solomon more or less the first King processed for it after Solomon died the process of transferring the Ark to Egypt was being there planned.

JU: Thank you.

IS: You mean Rehoboam the son of Solomon?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So all the way until the time that the Babylonians capture the Israelites they were without an Ark?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is there like a book that represents the Laws and the Relations and how they’re with the Weavers Beam. Or as I understand it like I was thinking Genesis combined with Revelation would be representing this. Is there another Book in the Bible that deals with it the precepts and everything?

Forces: The Book of Esther is the beginning part and the First book of Samuel.

Forces: At this point we would only try to say that the spirit must keep all things and keeping in the spirit will give you all things.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

The Group: Our Father.