Session 373. 7/70/81

Forces: Greetings to all, all here present now.

Forces: We are quite busy with many situations here and the Far East are happening and find that there are also other plans the Soviet Union invading small countries and taking over there with some upheavals in France and also Canada. We also have the major earthquakes to come and also many different (—) of breaking down of industrial spills.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: (thrown at us?).

Forces: It is not really directed to him its more of the ethers by being cleared out and a higher thoughts can come in, in a different direction for the focus its ah in another direction. This is allowing us to bring into the earth other elements that would be not questionable or harmed by the dark side you haven’t really been touched by any of those other things.

IS: So the other things were things that were just sitting there?

Forces: More of a decoy.

IS: Why the phone calls?

Forces: Just a decoy.

DN: Can you help me with a dream?

Forces: Yes.

DN: On a rocky area playing and Gabriel and a couple of people hike on this cliff and they’re hacking on something and I go over and it turns out that we all have to have a staff and Gabriel tosses one down to me but its real sharp and burnt on one end and a piece of it is broken off so I say I’m not going to take this one I’m going to look for one myself and so I climb up and I start to look for a different staff and I get to the top of the cliff the sun is shining through all the other staffs and I just I think the view is nice from there and then it turns out the planets not right its up another planet and I’m out on the wrong mission and something goes wrong with the ship and it can’t land on a planet anymore its got to go to earth because the defect it can only accept earths atmosphere and I get really freaked out and I try to get on the outside of the ship to fix it and that doesn’t work and I come back in and I take over the radio and I radio to the control tower that I’m really scared because I hate going to the earth part and I scream the whole way its dropping down and everything like that and I’m just I like dropping into the other planets but I hate going to earth. And then I’m on another mission and being sneaked into the base and I’m wondering why we have to have the lights out then I get up and I see this whole crowd of people and I think oh my god how did this happen here and I just happen to be just inside the gate when I realize that the have gotten whatever it was that was causing so much attention wrapped up in a big gigantic sheet and they throw it and it lands all over the people that are going to be in the ship and its rats and then we get rid of all them and we go in and we’re going to eat before we go so we all try to tell BR not to cook dinner because we have enough leftovers to last 2 or 3 days and I have a very bad cold in my nose.

Forces: We find the dream to be (—–) and also prophetic in many instances. It deals with the spiritual (—-) in the air and evolution and a great deal of getting rid of old karmetic ties this past deeds that no longer be necessary ah taking upon self certain petitions and (—) would help out. These qualities have left so many years that it is up to us to by following the path might stay on it and not be deterred by the rats or false impressions or illusions of past yesterdays and feel the balance with the water aspect that is within.

DN: Does a bad cold represent anything?

Forces: Inability to perceive at the time certain signals with the ability to receive in later days.

DN: Thank you very much.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: We would advise just one step at a time it is a spiritual path tat we’re adventuring upon now and more of an enlightened of evolution on the spiritual laws that will be around you.

GL: Thank you.

JU: At certain times there seems to be a tone or a harmony in the air kind of it can’t quiet be heard and its seems like I vocally make a sound that goes into harmony with it and it turns into a single sound, sounds like its echoed. You can use the Om to do this at least it sounds like that. Can you tell me what that is or what use it can be or what it creates when you’re able to do that?

Forces: It creates a force field of energy to heal to rejuvenate and to make a strength of constructive influences and fibers within the country of America it comes together and brings that action of solidification through the materialistic world then the spirit takes over on a spiritual level.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with the dream I had? It started off a Volkswagen with people in it and there was a nurse there concerned about the people in the yellow Volkswagen and then there’s something about 3 people and 3 (—-) and something about the Higher Forces wanting to speak to these people again and then another thing underground woman killing something down a shaft or pretending she wasn’t killing something but she killed them in the end then Isis was in an auditorium and Gabriel was there and people was sort of separated?

Forces: Many different lessons are being learned in many different classrooms but the same class.

DD: What was the yellow Volkswagen?

Forces: Different changes and emotional states become stronger with your responsibilities to the elect within.

DD: So the yellow Volkswagen is good?

Forces: It can be.

Forces: Situation working and we must leave at this moment we’ll talk to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.