Session 381 9/24/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and will be here for a period of 2 weeks and will (—) certain of your sunsets to look bright. There is a challenge with the Soviet Union and the countries that they have and there is also the direct (—-) and aspects of contact dealing with the troops based on certain islands. We also find this (—-) fire that will spread or exist from buildings near Chicago and also (—-) parts of Kansas that would be trying to prevent. We find the economy in your country to be a mirage and something that your president has tried to force a security image that is really false and (in trying to sell this while behind the scenes his real campaign and buddies encourage). These conflicts also will be involved with his absorption of a large amount of land and also the disenchantment of the American people with his. You will also find in this country a good deal of unhappiness and lots of strikes. In this way visitors would come from other planets to see and to try to correct but as it is they have been not so many good of their choice made and sometimes these choices (—-).
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
NN: Is it still safe to put money in banks?
Forces: Well its alright but it is not the best place now for vacationing.
BN: Could you help me understand why I have always been interested in Hermes since I was young?
Forces: More of a direct affiliation with these groups in that local at that time.
BN: In Greece?
Forces: Um huh.
BN: Thank you.
JE: What was the main function of the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid?
Forces: Not only to store the coffin but also to heighten the evolution of mankind and the Spirit of coming down into a new consciousness for the energy comes directly into that room that the Pyramid had been made for and it also will be for the new awareness and understanding of mans next centers to be developed.
JE: Thank you.
DD: Could you tell me what the little people have to do with the Weavers Beam?
Forces: They find of create such a force and the elf type family.
DD: Are they the ones like in Ireland?
Forces: Well Ireland has there own but there are the elf qualities (—-).
BH: Why did I fall on my back?
Forces: There are those forces in that particular area that seems always to catch qualities and taken them off or watching them more or less bringing you in to a different feeling of consciousness and bringing you in to a different slowing pace for a force that would be able to give you some energy that would help others around you.
BH: Thank you.
JB: Could you help me with a dream I was invited as an observer aboard a Japanese submarine And I got there without knowing if they had security clearance on me and I don’t know whether I got aboard or not?
Forces: These are the apparitions on another level which the submarines of Japan are also very busy in their own operation and scaling of different lands for observation of prime takeover or targets for wanting to colonize.
JB: Thank you.
ES: The dream I had with the stable and the little village by the sea with the tornado with a ship and what the ship did to my hands?
Forces: This is more or less a spiritual application and a topsy turvy type feeling that is going to be applied for your evolution.
ES: So that’s something that’s going to be happening?
Forces: More of a spiritual evolution.
ES: Thank you.
JU: Would this period that we’re entering now coincide to the Holy Days is there anything that we need to focus on in thought and what actually happens on a spiritual level during these several weeks?
Forces: Again the evolution of the soul and the review of it and the regeneration for the next month to come and certain accumulations and affirmations and accomplishments on this level for a spiritual sowing and reaping and (—–) watching or seeing these things come to place more or less the culmination of all this energy being focused in.
JU: Thank you.
GL: The dreams I had this week one concerning being in space a future civilization and then being stranded on a backward planet?
Forces: More or less seeing certain evolution’s again of different planets that will soon become in a communication type aspect to this planet.
GL: And the second dream in which black people were trying to kill me?
Forces: Again they are representing the emotional desire type body wanting to take and have command or control.
GL: And it was conquered?
Forces: More or less yes.
GL: And the Spirit that I saw was the Christ Spirit?
Forces: Conquering it yes.
GL: Thank you.
IS: Its been a long time since the entity Tom painted is there any reason why he dosen’t and will he again?
Forces: The paintings (—–) its just different cycles and the door hasn’t been opened for it yet.
IS: Is there a reason why that door—?
Forces: Certain other avenues are being closed and put into order and tucked away.
IS: Does it have anything to do with his family ties?
Forces: Putting that away um huh.
IS: For myself is there any advice for thoughts feelings and all of these things?
Forces: What things?
IS: Just things that go through my mind and feelings?
Forces: You must learn to stay to the spiritual path if you get sucked into the worldly consciousness there’s no hope.
IS: For me right.
Forces: For you.
IS: How do I not get sucked into it?
Forces: By not giving it into your power or authority or making it more important.
IS: I know your talking about the false idols?
Forces: Correct.
IS: I don’t know how to well I know how too but I don’t want to go through that again to go through any of those things. And I know if I do it then I will have to go through those things. Its feels like a never ending thing?
Forces: Any thing else.
IS: Thank you.
NN: Was Seth and Abel the same soul?
Forces: More no, not.
BN: What sort of things did those groups involved with Hermes in Greece do?
Forces: More or less to bring Laws of the Spirit into the earth.
BN: So they were an initiation group?
Forces: In time they grew to be.
BN: Thank you.
JE: Could you tell me the function of the Queens Chamber?
Forces: This was more of a resting place for other lifetimes to be restored and recorded, more of a resting place for the soul to get ready for the other lifetimes it would be brought into the earth.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon.
Forces: Greeting to all here present now.
Group: Our Father—-.