Session 380 9/16/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are just waiting a few minutes. In our review of many things that are happening we find the Soviet Union very, very frustrating and very capable of aggressive movement in this month to come. We also find some internal conflicts in their own land that they are covering up which would allow them not to move and we will wait a few more moments of course the reason why we’re waiting is for the other one to come. We are watching a lot of things happening around you the best we can say to all of you is patience and strength you have it its yours and don’t let anyone take it away from you. In a few more moments. This reminds us of our transport ship it never comes on time and when it does you have to wait before it leaves and the transport ship is a vehicle that can transport you from lets say from this planet to the edge of the Universe in about 3 minutes not even we’re just saying 3 minutes to include their dinner. A few seconds more, some visitors that will be coming your way soon be nice to them. Bring the person in come in. Now that we’re all here we’ll move on. This is a new beginning for all of you new and in many respects of a new center, a new understanding we encourage a spiritual attachment that must be had and cling hard to the spiritual centers and fulfillment of the invisible world of that of that of Divine growth. All things are yours don’t be disgusted nor dejected but keep in a creative and positive attitude and things that will manifest in front of you will be what you will create and these creations must be good then. We have many different avenues coming up that would be interesting and transpire much giving and receiving the whole section of life and of understanding of this life many new encounters with Us and many strange revelations to your scientist world and that they will discover new miracles they would call it of laws of atoms connected to the nervous system and tissues. Interestingly enough around you one of you who works with the eye you have a field that will be analyzed and pictured it is the electric field that is about a centimeter around the eye and is very sensitive to all sorts of light and sunlight of course the field protects this eye and also invisible light and ultraviolet light it shall be a new discovery of great magnitude

Forces: Now we shall go on. Questions

IS: You said take our patience and strength away from us. Who?

Forces: Yes this big green monster is coming down the road and, we are referring just to the world itself worldly ideas and feelings of not believing in the spiritual world.
IS: Could you give the astrological chart for this group?
Forces: More or less working more with a spiritual communications of the laws for those who need that enlightenment of the kundalini center of the third and fourth sections creative sections in the thymus and sections.
IS: So its nothing on a visible level?
Forces: Well no not—–.
DN: Why was I so cold today?
Forces: You were picking up the changes in the ether and the changes in the group as far as the next frontier that’s being opened.
JU: Any lifetimes in or near the druids?
Forces: More within a beneficial state the building of the Circle which you will be needed to visit this lifetime.
JU: Stonehenge?
Forces: This is true.
JU: Is it —things like the dance come from—?
Forces: More or less.
JU: Thank you.
BN: Could you explain more which qualities and which new center could be worked with and how I could?
Forces: More with that of the solar plexus and the thymus center and great possibilities of just endeavoring into that of the creative ability of speech, word, song and (—–).
BN: Is there anything that I should do?
Forces: Well each one will be doing it as they walk through it and guided.
BN: Thank you.
JE: Why was so much of the Pyramid built with so small chambers inside of it and the difference between the limestone and the granite?
Forces: Represent difference consciousness’s, different elements of movement and different sections in the body representing the glands within the body.
JE: And the difference in the stone?
Forces: Consciousness more to do on a physical and mental and then a spiritual. Those which is lined by granite is more of the physical and that which is the lime nature is more of a mental. The between part is the spiritual.
JE: Thank you.
JB: Is there anything that might help my relationship with others at work it seems like they’re on a down plane or something?
Forces: Just time will do not to give into it.
JB: Thank you.
DD: Could you give me any advice on the Weavers Beam?
Forces: Just to bring that of the force of nature the work, the workings of the land and the elements of the little people into conscious reality.
DD: Does it work with the dreams too:
Forces: This through the little people.
IS: Is a dream weaver like a—?
Forces: Involved yes in little people.
IS: Who is the one that I saw and called him the dream weaver:
Forces: A little person.
BH: An affirmation to jump into the new cycle?
Forces: No, no, no lets walk through it.
Forces: Here is the Force that surrounds me and knowing that God is within and around me for the force of the Spirit hovers and is at one with the Peace of his creation.
BH: Thank you.
HI: Is my understanding correct that where there’s true sacrifice that time cannot enter in?
Forces: More or less.
HI: Thank you.
Forces: We’ve been working in that principle that would give you more understanding to it.
HI: Thank you.
IS: The things that HI was telling us about and the things they go through now not much can be done for them or against them what does it represent does it represent the old age catching up karma, does it represent lessons still to be learned because King David also might have looked to somebody on the outside a senile old man?
Forces: Combinations of all these factors. In a society that is not even growing its own discipline and spiritual evolution.
IS: Is it like a finishing crash course?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So longevity is not necessarily a blessing?
Forces: No.
IS: It is more a curse at this time?
Forces: No not really but sometimes yes.
IS: King David was he senile?
Forces: Near the end he would look and appear to be.
IS: Why did it happen he lived a life of spiritual love?
Forces: Moving on to his next frontier to develop.
IS: So his case was more a question of—–?
Forces: Taking on other things that normally wouldn’t be done for the next life.
IS: So he was really in a twilight state?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And is that in a lot of cases?
Forces: More or less.
IS: But most of the cases its just overloading the brain with (——)?
Forces: Thank you.
DN: The three speaker areas were slightly out of phase with one another what was happening in the middle of that triangle area?
Forces: Entering into what we would call the middle path.
DN: What does the middle path mean?
Forces: More of a oasis of protection representing that which is within a person when he finally enters it he can go around the obstacles around him and the outside experiences and yet obtain, sustain the peace that he alone can experience.
DN: Thank you.
JU: The attraction that I had for certain things that I would call warped and negative things is that something that I developed in another lifetime>
Forces: Well it is something that must be undeveloped for this.
JU: Is it another influence coming into me?
Forces: Its the opening of a certain inoperative feelings that is not really productive for your development.
JU: How may I best deal with that?
Forces: Positive thinking.
JU: Its a pattern to be (—–)?
Forces: It is a worldly quality that looks good but is not really beneficial on a spiritual level.
BN: How does the 12 pulse system of acupuncture work?
Forces: There are different meridians along the body and latitude and longitude and lines extending from the body that the body is not only healed its touching it but it is also healed by thoughts and feelings that surround the body. More damage is done to the body by thoughts that are surrounding the body than just the physical damage. These meridians must be consecrated or centers must be protected by the spiritual (war) wall and these walls exist within people who either put up walls who do not want to learn or put up feelings who do not want to experience the spiritual principles. These meridians and latitude and longitude lines extend into the body into the muscles and bones and different centers and sections of the skin area that give the contact of electrical impulses throughout the body ah energy lines or energy flows or energy fields are what they are called.
BN: The pulses at the wrist is an accurate diagnostic system?
Forces: One of the accurate besides that of the back of the neck and the back of ah under the neck and that between the part of the legs.
BN: Are those other systems described anywhere else?
Forces: You will find them as time goes on.
BN: Thank you.
JE: From the completion of the Great Pyramid in 10,500BC to the time of Christ what happened to the Initiates in between?
Forces: Initiated themselves as Initiates.
JE: What happened to them?
Forces: They continue the job of Initiations. It just took different roots and different clubs and different avenues to express it.
IS: Did any of them become world renown teachers and Initiates?
Forces: Different ways they did but many leaders have thought and felt the experiences used the power for leadership or for inner growth. Napoleon was one of the Initiates who had it in the beginning and decided to use it for external growth.
IS: He stole the (—) I mean subconsciously he made the decision?
Forces: Not only that he had been involved with the group that taught him the way and then he decided to use the power for physical rather than spiritual.
(Part Missing)