Session 383 10/18/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and we find that many changes (———-) is at hand. Most of all those who will find it interesting or seek after that Spirit (—–)
Forces: Breathing heavily.
Group: Chanting.
Forces: (——–) We are not leaving you we just ah working on different things. We are here and We are working on many different items and elements in the house to help you along we haven’t stopped or lost our receptive expressions to you we are here. As far as the world situation is concerned of course it is not the best and a lot more to be (inscribed ) to be done and it could be better as time goes on at this point even the long overhang roof is too far away to walk. As we see the constant changes in the world we also seem to see that those—.
Forces: We are ready for your questions.
IS: The dream that Tom had with the whole of New York the water going bad?
Forces: Well this is been doing for some time there is some chemicals that have gone into the water and will make it quite difficult.
IS: So that’s due to happen?
Forces: This is true.
IS: Apartment——–?
Forces: We are looking it over but there are many different factors involved, a worldly factor has come up.
IS: Worldly factors?
Forces: Well we are working on the things out but we are sorry to say this to you all the worlds not in good shape I think you all surmise it by now. The condition in the outside world is very poor and there’s too many factions and frictions that are going on. This has nothing to do with your apartment of course just that we haven’t been in the business of looking yet. There are many other things in this country that we’re trying to avert a revolution of the lower class people and this is what they all want to do but there is going to be a major reaction in the banks of the United States, Chase Manhattan, First National dealing with government bonds and dealing with the things that are pertaining to loans and stocks that’s going to shake up the country.
IS: Is that coming very soon?
Forces: Very soon.
IS: The things that you talked about for years are becoming more on the surface. What is the reaction of those who left?
Forces: There is a freakiness about it they are totally freaked out.
Forces: What we’re here to try to tell you is that in the protective field around you and that you will watch and chose those who will be receptive to the Spirit, those are the only ones who will receive the Blessings at these moments of depression those who are in the Spirit and those who want to do the work that we say to do. Of course you know this protection comes with the (—-) that we have always promised you, that the protection by us through all this as we have promised many, many years ago and that you have seen what you have received manifested right before your eyes 10 years ago this would not have been possible in your vision now it is yours 10 years from now it will be more much more.
IS: The conversation I had this afternoon with the entity (Tom)?
Forces: You must understand that there are vast amount of information being given to him on different levels that is going to be in (—–) for this century Hes putting it all in perspective and working on it faster than (—–) can work on it.
IS: Is that correct that the Jeremiah aspect is coming through now?
Forces: Yeah of course but also to deal with the amount of information hes receiving a normal person cannot handle.
IS: Well hes not a normal person.
Forces: That’s right hes handling it.
(Part missing from 13.30 to 13.51 minutes)
Q: (———).
Forces: There are many civilizations out there that will take on communication with the earth when it feels it is ready and able enough to do so.
GL: In the book Macroscope by Piers Anthony it describes different types of (——) there were levels one two and three technology the third was the pure energy form. Is what is described in the book real?
Forces: What is happening is that you have the children that is around you now that are what you would call electric children they have so much of genius levels and receptive to many of the Spiritual Laws and wanting to find these laws these are the younger children today are what you call cosmic children for they are not interested in the earth any longer they want to leave the earth and travel they are beyond understanding for they are a cosmic children but we are also the cosmic parents and we are very far out.
IS: What age are those children you’re speaking about?
Forces: Ah from the age of 4 to the age of 20.
IS: Right now from the age of 4 to the age of 20?
Forces: There is a lot of stuff more so involved from the age of 7 to the age of 13 from the age of 13 to the age of 15.
IS: So that includes our children from the house too?
Forces: Yes. They’re very electric children very electric and very (—–).
IS: Thank you.
JU: Can you define the (—-) that you talked to me about?
Forces: Just keeping and keeping, pretend your life is like a cliff that you are walking on and you cannot afford to get off or else you fall into the abyss just walking on a cliff and keeping your balance and maintaining that’s all that counts.
JU: Is that for me to concentrate on now?
Forces: For the moment.
JB: This aspect of working with (——-) what does that inspire in a person is that aspect of being worked on?
Forces: Many lifetimes of building many, many different foundational (——–).
JB: Thank you.
ES: The cloud this morning was that you coming in?
Forces: Yes.
JE: When was the last time that the Great Pyramid was used for initiation and who were the people?
Forces: Around 7 hundred and forty AD (740 AD) and the people were evolved with the rites and they were living in the area of Rome and Spain and Greece.
JE: Thank you.
DD: I was looking at the element Helium said it had 72 atoms and I was looking at the Weavers Beam that Tom drew the other day and at the very top of it, it has the number 72. How does all this relate?
Forces: It is of the world that it resides in.
DD: How is the Beam then used the element Helium is it like a (—-)?
Forces: Its used to the thyroid center to Name the Tone and the tone represents the sound of this invisible world.
DD: Thank you very much.
Bath: In 1978 you told me I should be working on Patience and Perseverance and I was wondering how I was doing if you could help me with that?
Forces: As far as you know these aspects are still being worked out but you’re doing much better than in 78 with it but we still must continue on.
Bath: Thank you.
HI: When Nadab and Abihu offered strange fires before God how could that be interpreted if it happened today?
Forces: Run that back.
HI: When Nadab and Abihu—–.
Forces: We knew you would like to say that.
HI: they offered strange fires before God in the light of things today how could the very same thing be interpreted?
Forces: What same condition would reflect that.
HI: In the priesthood when someone offered strange fire before God in a symbolical sense how would you say it was happening today?
Forces: Sun Myung Moon.
HI: Thank you.
IS: Is it his belief that Jesus failed because John the Baptist failed?
Forces: Similar.
BN: Different rooms in the house represent different parts of the body and parts of the Tree of Life what does the room I’m working on represent?
Forces: This is what you would call the closet or more or less the secret chamber.
BN: Secret chamber of the heart?
Forces: Well if we gave you the center it would no longer be secret.
NN: In Kings two when it talks about the Lord being the Savior of Israel so they would not come under the hands of the Assyrians is that referring to Elisa?
Forces: Well it can be applied in this category and it also is implied to those qualities within to get away from (——–).
NN: Thank you.
Luke: When you have a prism and light shines through it and it breaks up into the rainbow pattern and that rainbow pattern falls on some body what is the affect on the aura or the physical body?
Forces: Healing.
Luke: Thank you.
Tape stops here[