Session 384 10/26/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now
FORCES: WE ARE IN THE AREA AND WILL STAY HERE FOR A FEW DAYS. We again have the bigger (—-) plan in the (—–) trying to keep it all in one piece. There are those individual dwellings and happenings in the Arabian countries that will still make charges and explosions to happen we have those elements in Iran that we are watching that can still be very changeable and altering the pattern for future days. As far as your country is concerned we have what would be called the change around there are policies that will be changed and many different backward steps that shall be taken. As far as you as a group there are those advancements and movements forward and we are pleased with some of the elements that are at hand and these movements to be accomplished. There are those elements that have been seen and sought and put in its proper place.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
LU: Is the dream world and the astral world the same?
Forces: No it’s not the dream world consists of elements given to you as messages the astral world can go above that.
NN: What’s the burning bush?
Forces: This is those elements or centers within that have allied, allied themselves in corresponding to the three higher centers when properly in alignment they explode into a light that represents a burning bush.
NN: Thank you.
JE: What’s the difference between the astral world and the fourth dimension?
Forces: That is the thin layer between the fourth dimension is called the astral world.
JE: Is there any limits to it how far does it extend?
Forces: There is no distance as far as you would say but there is a experience of it and it is all on a temporal basis and more or less a healing type comfortable basis of non-movement.
BN: What is the function of the nucleolus in a cell.
Forces: This is more of a storage place for other genes or the creation of other cells from that c ell itself more of future cells and future growth patterns.
BN: Thank you.
Bath: Is the 23 Psalm a good purification or something else?
Forces: Ah it seems to be a very good one.
Bath: Thank you.
DD: Could you help me understand the dream I had last night?
Forces: This is more of a turning over and also of planning and a course of avenues that is for a reevaluation and construction in the days to come.
DD: What did it mean about the black force and the White force canceled it out?
Forces: Telling you that the white force or the white will have its beneficial policies of taking control.
DD: Thank you.
IS: And the sacrifice of the white force in that case?
Forces: More or less making it stronger.
IS: So actually in a dream white force battles black force got killed by self sacrifice that’s how the white force got its white force?
Forces: In its factor in its self.
IS: Thank you.
JB: Is there some significance to the numbers 383?
Forces: This is the force field of more of a angel and that of protection and also movement on a psychological and physical level more or less barriers that wood and should come down and those on a other level of movement forward in the planes of mental awareness and spiritual fibers en kindled in these qualities.
JB: Thank you.
HI: Whenever the word is given is there always a reaction on a molecular level?
Forces: This is true a charging reaction.
HI: Thank you.
JU: What do the two swords represent?
Forces: They represent the cross section within the human being or the soul, the body and the soul.
JU: How can it best be utilized?
Forces: Application and time and advancement and moving with one step at a time in many levels physical mental and spiritual.
JU: Thank you.
DN: The dream with Tom and are we here on the earth subject to tests by those visions of people that we know who are saintly?
Forces: The question or the ability of what you had seen in a particular dream.
DN: Didn’t understand how that negative force could appear as Tom and are we sometimes tested by—?
Forces: There is this level where you are called three times and the irritability of the ego or the personal body finally yells out here I am it is also a test what would be considered a testing dream in which you are told and seeing how the reaction would be whether the commitment will still be Here I am Lord, Here I am to do what has to be done it is the same as the dream of Peter when he was told many times Peter and he would turn back and say here I am Lord and then this same attitude was why you keep asking the presence of me when I keep telling you I am here we have many conditions as we move through the Bible individuals are tested on there belief and faith and it is tested by that of angels, archangels or spirits just the same as Jacob had to wrestle the angel for his own commitment of spiritual awareness.
DN: Thank you.
IS: The conversation with ES what can be said about it?
Forces: That you handled it.
IS: And is that correct?
Forces: It is.
IS: Ezra did he give sessions?
Forces: Yes.
IS: King David and the blind people he has killed it was as if David hated those people was it his understanding of karma:
Forces: More of a fear.
IS: He had a fear of these people?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Why is that
Forces: Just an inborn fear of these qualities.
IS: Was it an understanding of reincarnation as-?
Forces: As time grew on there was.
IS: Thank you.
LU: Does each soul possess its own dreamworld where its astral plane is like a general plane?
Forces: This is true.
LU: Thank you.
NN: What does it mean in dreams the symbol (—-) I think it was with the star and cross?
Forces: It means the accomplishment and the winning of those substance around.
NN: Thank you.
JE: What is the distinction between higher dimensions like I know up until the third and I kind of understand the fourth?
Forces: There are those of signs and shapes and sounds and those of time elements and those of thought processes each one in their own categories.
JE: How many different dimensions are there?
Forces: In your plane let us say cause they constantly do change from in and out there could be easily a 20, 23 plane level.
JE: Thank you.
IS: It’s said the seven heavens and the 8th is where the Elohim reside?
Forces: In its own self yes.
IS: Thank you.
BN: What is the function of the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid?
Forces: More of a Revelation and a Presence and also giving of future predictions for other civilizations to come.
BN: Thank you.
Bath: Any guidance for me?
Forces: Just the ability to keep the Spirit close to you through these weeks and the ability to keep the spirit within you.
Bath: Thank you.
DD: Could you tell more of how the Thyroid center and how helium relate to the Weavers Beam does it go along with the note G as given before?
Forces: It can but also can come more with the Numbers.
DD: Does it more relate to the power of all numbers?
Forces: Yes it can.
DD: Thank you.
HI: Is it true that the ancient Alchemist were able to transform metals into gold through the use of the word?
Forces: Yes.
HI: Thank you.
Gab: The angel that I (—–) that I worked on today what was the name?
Forces: Raphael.
Gab: Thank you.
LU: Is it possible to distinguish between dreams in the dream world and dreams that take place in the astral world?
Forces: More of a color variance the astral world has more color than the dream world does.
LU: So what would be the significance of each for an individual person?
Forces: One is more concrete the other one changeable.
LU: Which would be which?
Forces: The dream world is concrete the astral is changeable.
LU: Thank you.
NN: Back in King Davids time (—–) or at other times when they did get rid of them that way what did it do to their (——)?
Forces: Just continue to work out some more.
IS: So if they got killed by somebody else not their fault was that part of the karma too then?
Forces: In a nation wide element yes.
IS: So would they still have to come back as lame or blind or whatever?
Forces: No.
IS: So it was, it had a value in that too somehow?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.