Session 387 11/23/81

Forces: Greetings to all present here.
Forces: And (——-) physical appearance is in the State of Virginia (—-) four days from now. You will see many of our ships and many people in West Virginia and Virginia will be openly without any shields to cover us our shield system will be gone and we will make ourselves visible. We have a world situation that is quiet crazy and we have a United States position that seems to be tightening its own the big businesses feel the only way to bring America out of depression is to make a depression. Reverse logic. So create a false depression and stopping it any time you wish to bring it back into a strong economy is what is about to happen thousands of people of course will lose their jobs of course you will see the rising of soup lines and bread lines apples on the course but most of all you people will be able to experience it move through time and space without handicap and know to be the high point of the spirit world. During these times the spiritual aspects become stronger and more dominant in the souls of people. Russia we have slated for some physical earth quakes and for some setbacks in its own people. The people as we have said to you refused to make the productivity and refused to make the quota it has fallen short. There is tremendous trouble in the northern part, north west part of the Soviet Union and we are now going to focus a certain amount of our own strength in its own system this should keep the Soviet Union busy. We are doing that immediately of course Brezhnev should be removed from office but he will stay on for a while. On the 15th of February there should be some major changes in the Soviet Union. We also find China to be very uneasy about Taiwan. Taiwan should never go to China but Taiwan should be protected by us it is a hope that it should not go under. We also look to Tibet to become stronger and many of the Initiates will appear on the earth and speak and give the blessing and guidance that’s necessary. You have all heard and listened to us as the years gone by there are those moments in life that is completely for the spirit more creative music will come in, in these years and the slow beat will now pick up. We are looking at a group that is known as the Wanderers I don’t know if you have heard it they should appear. Remember that the spiritual world of the spirit is around you draw upon it and life changes if you do not draw upon it your life cannot change if you are drawing upon it your life I guarantee you will change.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: It seems as though Reagan got what he wanted is that really so or is it now the decline?
Forces: It is the worst moment of his victory by the 17th of December there will be absolute terror in congress and by the 25th of January there should be a complete turnover of political leaders and bosses in Washington.
IS: So his victory is really not a victory?
Forces: His victory is a false victory which will demand lots of footwork in the coming weeks to cover up his mistakes.
IS: Does he know that things are not going as well as they seem for him?
Forces: He understands his charisma is losing in the fight against the system but he is also backing the big corporations and their interests first.
IS: The thing though he was backing the Arabs which automatically goes against the Jews thinking that they will help him out are they really?
Forces: There is no helping out from them in fact they will make more demands from America.
IS: Is he aware he aligned himself with the wrong people?
Forces: Temporarily he had made a mistake in his judgment but his judgment was affected by his pride.
IS: Thank you.
IS: How long does the depression last?
Forces: Depression is variance from some people those in depression, those who have money will gain those who do not have money will be in depression.
IS: It will be an official thing right?
Forces: It would be a standard of living for awhile.
IS: Thank you.
IS: How is the entity ES doing is she a good prospect?
Forces: There is some movement and some progress but of course there is those qualities are being worked out and put into order but the movement is being done.
IS: And the conversation?
Forces: Constructive and much needed.
IS: Am I overdoing—?
Forces: Temper it now with patience and the rest will (we’ll) take care of it.
IS: What about the Wanderers?
Forces: The Who?
IS: You said a group was going to come called the Wanderers?
Forces: Oh yes. Yes they are so unknown that we don’t even know. They’re still wandering. They will manifest you watch and see. (——–).
IS: Now that you are going to manifest actually remove the shield will you also manifest to us?
Forces: We have been doing it.
IS: But with a ship coming down?
Forces: Relax we have some things in store for you to (——).
IS: Yeah?
Forces: Yeah.
IS: Thank you.
(Some missed)
DN: With all the radioactivity being dumped around the world and all the poison—-?
Forces: Bad, bad.
DN: Whats going to be left of the planet for—?
Forces: Monkeys.
DN: Anything its almost like–?
Forces: Elephants.
DN: Are you going to come down and reverse all the radiation or whats going to happen?
Forces: We wont have nothing to do with it.
DN: Then there’s not going to be anything for anybody?
Forces: That is a shame.
DN: Why worry about it?
Forces: Right. You’ll all have to get a big vacuum cleaner and clean up your own mess.
Forces: We are not going to do it and do you know that they wanted to put a rocket ship out into space that exploded atomic bombs put them forward in a put, put motion (——) dumped that one.
IS: They actually put it out?
Forces: No but they wanted too we sent some of our forces in it and scrapped the deal.
IS: So actually your really not interested in the earth per earth or even the physical you just want to get out all those souls that you can possibly get out?
Forces: Were interested in the souls. There are other evolution’s and courses to be learned this is baby stuff.
IS: But-
Forces: Excuse us.
Forces: Excuse me.
IS: But Satan this is his home?
Forces: He can keep it too.
IS: So its in his interest that it shouldn’t be destroyed completely?
Forces: He’s such a dummy it’s already in Gods hands.
IS: He hasn’t got another place right?
Forces: No unfortunately he’s been thrown out, he’s been evicted from his home.
IS: Thank you.
IS: And he cannot really get out with the soul?
Forces: No slow deterioration.
IS: So everybody else can get out except him?
Forces: Yes.
IS: That’s why he wants to keep everybody?
Forces: Well yes, yes, yes. You ever see the worldly human emotional body fight violently and emotionally from change and evolution (that’s like this).
IS: Because he feels that as long as there are humans on the earth soul Gods souls on the earth that God wont let the earth be destroyed and lose his home?
Forces: Well there are other things involved but something like that.
IS: Thank you.
GAB: The microbes that these people are treating to destroy toxic chemicals and stuff what will come of that?
Forces: Well its not going to be a positive (—).
GAB: Do the same people that did it in Atlantis?
Forces: Yes and no but it can be taken care of by other elements (—).
GAB: Thank you.
JU: Islamic art and architecture seems to be not in harmony can you explain that?
Forces: It ends with just half arch of arches its more of an energy field that’s not fully raised limited.
JU: That’s why the frustration?
Forces: Well if your going to have a complete message you can’t have a complete form.
JU: Thank you.
JE: The little people or the flower people as Tom calls them where do they come from do they have like a lifespan, are they born or do they die. Can you tell us more about those?
Forces: We could.
JE: Would you please?
Forces: I guess we will. Ah how are they borne anyone have any idea.
IS: (——–)?
Forces: That would be one way. They are born every single time you have an electrical storm, thousands of little people are created and reclaim the area for their dominion of course a lot also get removed at that time too. How are they, they are sensible individuals and very capable of reading your thoughts if your thoughts are in harmony they will help you but if your thoughts are not in harmony they will go up and do everything against you. Some live in trees some live in mushrooms, some live on blades of grass, some live on rocks, some live under the rock, some live under the waterfall some live under drops of the waterfall, some live on top of the water, some live on moss the best type of entity of little people grow near moss, green moss and usually when you have green moss growing near you its the luckiest little people to have because it brings wealth, didn’t know that did you. Lets go on now.
JE: Thank you very much.
JB:( With all these situations economical, political and the armament there some particular issues that’s kind of like the same for each that’s being overlooked to solve the situation?)
Forces: The inability to share, trust and faith. Depression is the inability to have faith.
JB: Thank you.
DD: How does the Weavers Beam connect with Noah’s Ark?
Forces: It is more like the base, the bridge of the (beam?) of the Ark that ran through the top to the extreme ah you have like the rudder to the front parcel part.
DD: Is it underneath or on the top?
Forces: It is the framework of the boat.
DD: The Weavers Beam?
Forces: This symbolic system of it yes.
DD: So all these numbers are expressions of the (genes)?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Thank you.
BB: Are the 12 minor prophets in those 12 like 12 apostles, the astrological, do they fit in with that 12?
Forces: They do, they can sure.
BB: Thank you.
LU:: In the Book of Joshua it gives all the descriptions of the breakdown of the Promised Land what areas of land go to each Tribe?
Forces: Isn’t that something.
LU:: Why did they divide it that way so that one tribe had to stay in a particular part of land?
Forces: Anxiousness.
LU: So all of the names of the borders, the cities within the borders represent different elements of consciousness of any tribe?
Forces: Exactly.
LU: Thank you.
NN: Would you give me a prayer for (——–)?
Forces: Well you have the classic one Be Still and know that IAM. You also have (—–) let me stand within the silent door evermore to listen to the Word that lives within and guides us out to that strong door that is above where we all must go to the Universe.
NN: Thank you.
HI: Was there a time in mans evolution when he didn’t have the cerebral cortex?
Forces: Well we kind of understand the (caution?) of this what you call evolution we still consider man not having a part of his brain in fact hes lost it long ago. Man didn’t vibrate with the brain he pulsated with pure energy up there. The brain is nothing but electrical impulses right, right.
Group: Right.
Forces: Proves to you that the spirit is electric and proves to you that electricity is spirit and proves to you that electricity produced in the brain does not stay within physical but comes around and transcends physical matter. So the soul is electricity and energy and has its being and its very essence to change and correct and alter things around. When you have a very strong electrical field then it is when the soul or the spirit is very vibrant and is in contact with this energy that you call the person or the individual is known to have charisma and that is what you are talking about chrisma.
HI: Thank you.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving but we’ll speak to you again soon. We have many things planned for you in a positive manner to bring the spirit into the earth. We will speak to you again.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.