Session 388 11/24/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are obviously in the area and as we have told you before we are remaining here for periods of days to come. As we have been here for a long time and visiting back and forth to this area. Of course we fly overhead and look down from outer space and the energy field in this area is tremendous and is unbelievable from outer space. It is a golden yellow and purple that is purple light that is coming from the house. Of course it is beyond understanding when humans get together and dedicate themselves for the spirit rather than for the earth but so it will be. We are here to give you a predawn experience of understanding but we will go around the room and have one question each and then we’ll talk some more.
(?): last night—–?
Forces: We don’t want to start with you. No offense of course you do take that as not. If you do that’s of course your handling.
IS: Should I—–?
Forces: We don’t feel like we want to start with anyone right now we think we will start with ourselves. Now tell us where are we going, whats in it for me and whats in store for tomorrow. How am I going to pay my fuel bill from one galaxy to the other. Now you give me some answers.
Forces: We’ll start with the entity LU of course. I need some answers on how I am going to meet my overhead. Well for 10 some odd years I’ve been answering questions for you. Tonight you’ll answer questions for me. OK (—-) go ahead.
LU: In order to solve the fuel bill is to set up a system—.
Forces: Remember your going to be responsible for your answer (—) you’ll have to meet it too. Oh excuse us go ahead.
LU: Set up to charge so much for rides and then you could advertise and everybody could pay 50 dollars for a ride.
Forces: 50 dollars for a ride.
LU: Or whatever more could go further.
Forces: Give yourself room to breathe
LU: If you charge rides would probably make a lot of money because Close Encounters is out and they might jump at the chance.
Forces: They might ruin my upholstery.
LU: Part of that comes out of the 50 Dollars.
Forces: We deep freeze people when they come on board you know they don’t feel a thing nor do they see anything.
LU: Don’t tell them that.
Forces: We have the viewing room in our space encounter points not anything that would be remarkably unbelievable but certain visitors are allowed to wander at a certain point in there flight to view what they have seen. Taking off from the earths atmosphere is nothing but it’s the traveling of billions and millions of miles out of your universe that’s boring.
Forces: OK but go ahead with your answer.
LU: That one is done.
Forces: Charge people for seats airlines do that today don’t they and they still don’t meet enough money.
LU: This would be better.
Forces: This will be better Um.
Forces: Who runs your operation.
LU: You could.
Forces: You work tomorrow.
LU: I don’t know.
Forces: Then we will pay for every seat on your van tomorrow. All those who use the bus the Gathering will pay for. How much do you think we will have to pay.
LU: You would have to ask JE.
Forces: Him how much do we have to pay.
JE: Depends on how many people are on there.
Forces: Give me from your lowest to your highest Him.
JE: About 15 to 20 dollars.
Forces: One bus a dollar 25 that is your lowest I guess, I guess the driver has to pay. Well that is what we would want to do tomorrow and we will be glad to pay you out of IS budget of course. Do you want to say anything else you.
LU: Me
Forces: You.
LU: No.
Forces: Alright next one what do you have to help me with what would be considered electrical on the ship how would you handle that.
NN: Maybe you could use GAB
he’s helped us out a little?
Forces: Use GAB well all we know is he’s blowing a horn all the time you’re speaking of your GAB.
Forces: Use GAB hum. Alright we’ll do that thank you.
Forces: Next question how would you help with the steps that, that are not working out right. Go ahead we’re listening who’s next. Don’t be shy step up.
JE: What steps?
Forces: That’s for us to know and you to find out as you say. We have steps a series of 1452 steps going up and going into the (—) ship. They don’t work too well they used to glide in between one another and disappear to fold into the machine now they just stay out extended. Well what do you suppose we should do with our steps.
JE: You mean like landing gear.
Forces: All right landing gear
JE: I can you fly if its hanging out?
Forces: That’s exactly what we’re saying how can you fly when its hanging out.
JE: Maybe you can put it down so you can look at it.
Forces: That’s exactly how we feel about it we have to set it down and look at it, OK then what.
JE: See whats wrong with it.
Forces: Try to see if it still works um and then what.
JE: Get inside and discuss it.
Forces: That’s exactly what we plan to do with your–.
Forces: Alright shut it own and try to work so you can discuss it.
Forces: Um very good. Any thing else you want to add on to that.
JE: What makes it run?
Forces: What makes it run, what. The steps is operated by a mechanical device as you would consider it what would be considered liquid fusion in this liquid fusion is nitrogen and the nitrogen is of a cold density in which when the plane rotates or shifts it heats up to a tremendous amount in which balances out the nitrogen. Nitrogen cannot be heated up but in this rotational pull nitrogen is heated up which supplies energy and elevates the ship.
Forces: Any other questions smartie.
JE: (—–).
Forces: Keep digging like that and you’ll get all of our secrets. Set it down and discuss it sounds good.
Forces: OK now we have trouble with our windows they do not operate well what do we do.
BN: What are they supposed to do?
Forces: The windows have a dimensional (—), optical impression that shows us distances many millions of miles away pressing certain force fountains can zoom on any place in the world showing us pictures, cities, towns even to who’s selling what in what candy store.
BN: How are they not working?
Forces: They are only reflecting our ship and not the cities or place or planets.
BN: What usually makes them work?
Forces: Perfect reflection within.
BN: (—-) they reflect now?
Forces: They only reflect the outside of the ship.
BN: And they’re supposed to reflect the inside (—–)?
Forces: Repeat that.
Forces: In order for the ship to have distance and visions and future and prosperity they must reflect within first.
BN: How come they just reflect the outside?
Forces: That’s what we want to know you have to answer that for us.
BN: Maybe the outside has become to thick.
Forces: Alright what do we do.
BN: Find out why it is too thick.
Forces: Alright and then what.
BN: Figure why its too thick and get rid of it and then the reflection will shine through the inside.
Forces: How do we get rid of it.
BN: It depends on whats making it too thick.
Forces: Alright we have what you would call an area of silicon around the ship that has build up over the years.
BN: You need silicon remover.
Forces: Silicon remover can only be removed by practice and heat, movement.
BN: That’s what we have to do.
Forces: Alright that’s what we’ll do then. We’ll leave it like that for the moment.
Forces: Anything else.
BN: No.
Forces: Next question. As we left our port we had distant what would be called employees that are always bothering us they want to fly with us but we cannot take them on this mission now they refuse to talk to us what do we do.
ES: If they want to go the first time they’ll probably want to go again and they will have to show that they can be of help.
Forces: Be of help very good point I like that.
ES: So the next time they’ll be able to go.
Forces: Exactly we will remember that. Anything else.
ES: (–) go through whatever sulking they are going through.
Forces: Right exactly that’s what the big cheese said.
ES: And if they really want to go–.
Forces: Produces character. Go ahead we’re listening.
ES: If they were to that point in the first place they’ll get over the sulk and want to go back on the next mission because they know that they are helpful.
Forces: But they are not allowing us to communicate with home base they are jamming our signals.
ES: Maybe in time they’ll cut it out and listen again.
Forces: Well what do we do for the moment now.
ES: Leave them alone.
Forces: But we need to communicate with home base.
ES: You have to communicate with them now?
Forces: No we’re not communicating with them we’re trying to communicate with home base.
ES: Is there any other way to communicate with home base through what systems they can get hold of don’t they have (—–)?
Forces: Yes that’s true we forgot about that aspect. We can communicate with home base by going on to another ship. Very good. Take another fellow friend or comrade in the sky’s
and communicate that way. Very good. That’s your point of view right.
ES: Yes.
Forces: We shall take that up with our next meeting. Anything else.
ES: I can’t think of anything.
Forces: That’s more than enough thank you.
Forces: We have here a problem with on of our bosses very dictatorial. What do we do.
BB: Well you can try showing him how to do things himself in a nice way.
Forces: He will not listen to us. He knows it all.
BB: Well just work with him and do whatever he asks you to do.
Forces: Now then that would make us go insane you know that if he tells us what he wants us to do whatever that is we will be in the dump pile. Now we need help what do we do with this dictatorial boss.
BB: Show him as much love as you can.
Forces: Love dictatorial that does not compute.
BB: Well (——–).
Forces: He’ll fire us because we’re being (—–).
BB: (———–).
Forces: Oh come on now there’s more inside you than that come on now lets dig it up you got a dictatorial boss obnoxious to be around board meeting are just repulsive nothing gets done we go from one galaxy to the other with him always on our tail. Come on your next answers it lets have it.
BB: If it doesn’t work then you should do everything he wants you to do if that’s not enough. Then you should, if you tried showing him how to do certain things himself you tell him you can do it here it is I’m busy right now or if you ah are doing other things and you just don’t need the demand at the moment cause you’re doing something you just haven’ gotten to it yet then he finds he has to do it himself.
Forces: He’s married now.
BB: Are you saying that you want to get his wife involved?
Forces: There you go. I think that’s our point of view right.
BB: Yes.
Forces: Get his wife involved. You solved that problem thank you.
BB: Thank you.
Forces: Next question anybody else lets see hum.
Forces: We here on the ship have 4,444 employees 100,000 of them are at main base 444,000 always come on the ship of this 4,000 are always rebellious, creates lots of problems for us what do we do.
JU: Leave them home.
Forces: Who said that.
JU: I did.
Forces: How come.
JU: Or find out why they are rebellious.
Forces: They want to do it there way. They don’t work. They always have excuses and the windows never get washed.
JU: Give them there own ship for awhile.
Forces: Ah huh.
JU: And check in on them later on.
Forces: All right that sounds very good. Interesting give them there own ship and check in on them and see how they are doing. Where would we put them.
JU: It could be a part of the ship and ask them to take care of that part and see how it works and (——).
Forces: You think this will work.
JU: Maybe.
Forces: And if it doesn’t.
JU: Help them to understand what there doing.
Forces: Hum but for years they have been telling us what we’re not doing.
JU: Trade with them let them (——-).
Forces: Ahhhh. Interesting OK we shall remember that ah huh. Interesting.
Forces: You mean walk in the other guys moccasins.
JU: Sort of.
Forces: Um huh very good. Lets move on I’ll put that in our book and now.
Forces: We have this control system that never works in the ship it feeds every thing and wires go everywhere, electrical patterns do not work or operate we had dumb waiter for garbage that goes the other way when it should go into space and we have what you call the maids that do not work they only take they’re not part of the 4,000 that are on the ship 444,000 they’re part of the 2 what do we do.
Gab: Maids you said.
Forces: Maids yeah milk maids.
Gab: And what was their function?
Forces: Just milk.
Gab: What does the milk do?
Forces: Milk ah we haven’t thought about that for all apparent reasons or thinking they never do anything with the milk.
Gab: What are they doing on the ship then?
Forces: What are they doing on the ship that’s interesting we should take time to think about that right. OK how about (——-).
Gab: The control panel?
Forces: OK go ahead.
Gab: Problem with that.
Forces: Control panel problem with that OK go ahead.
Gab: Whats the main function?
Forces: To keep in touch with the higher communications.
GAB: Radio at what wavelength?
Forces: Sonic 4.1 frequency higher part in sync with that type 2 sequence to the ratio of the 4th power divided by the equinox of X21.
Gab: Is that what you use all through the ship? Forces: (Sneeze) Excuse us we didn’t mean the information to blow your brains out. Go ahead we all are human, some of us whats your questions Gab go ahead go ahead.
Gab: The control panel who operates it?
Forces: Self, me, I other waves (—). Go ahead.
Gab: Is it a computer?
Forces: Activated computer 4 % ratio of 4% its more of a hemolyte structure laser contents disc movels and band frequencies to the ratio of the 8th power.
Gab: And it controls the whole ship?
Forces: Definitely.
Gab: The generators as well?
Forces: There are no so called generators that you know of there are frequency levels.
Gab: Connected to the nitrogen?
Forces: Nitrogen is only a part of a law that elevates the ship.
GAB: That’s where you get your energy from?
Forces: Um huh go ahead.
Gab: You know whats causing the problem with the panel?
Forces: No that’s why we’re asking you.
Gab: Are all the wires in the right place?
Forces: Alright go ahead.
Gab: Do you have any method of checking the circuits?
Forces: The keys are with the maids.
Gab: Maybe the milk needs to be connected to the control panel?
Forces: It would short circuit it if milk got on that. You every try to put milk in electricity two very flammable items both good by themselves together a mess.
Gab: Do you have any maintenance people that can break down the control panel?
Forces: The control panel is operated by self, me, I.
Gab: If its operated by you is the problem–
Forces: with me
Gab: with you or the panel itself the machinery?
Forces: Ah um OK go ahead we’re listening.
Gab: Once we determine what the cause of the problem is-
Forces: Ah huh.
Gab: Then we can work with the rest of it.
Forces: Right. So where would you suggest I start at.
Gab: Well.
Forces: You better be careful, only kidding.
Gab: I’m sure you’re working fine.
Forces: You think so should I take that for granted.
Forces: Go ahead we’re listening.
Gab: First self check.
Forces: Self check very good, excellent I like that word self check.
Gab: (—–) do you have all the buttons turned on a lot of times that happens?
Forces: A Lot of my fellow workers always think I’m turned on OK we’ll think on that anything else.
Gab: Just the go one step at a time with each of the circuits.
Forces: One step at a time alright we’ll do that.
Gab: And see which problem it is.
Forces: Right and fix it uh huh.
Gab: And with the generators–.
Forces: Should we take the keys to the door from the milk maids.
Gab: I guess so.
Forces: No one else should have keys but ourselves right.
Gab: If its going to be to the control panel I’d say you should have them if possible–.
Forces: Alright I like that. Next are you ready. We have what would be considered 500 units of plasma blood that have defrosted. The blood is geared for experiments now we had to through them away because they were no longer good bacteria got into them how do we explain that to the chief or mother ship.
DN: Just call them up and tell them.
Forces: We’ll be penalized.
DN: Is that so bad?
Forces: We’ll it wasn’t supposed to happen.
DN: Did you do it on purpose.
Forces: Yes.
DN: Then you deserve the penalty right?
Forces: Right. Alright we’ll just tell the chief what’s happening and the mother ship will give us the penalty which is self test of course that’s a nice word the other one just used. We’ll have to replace the packets take about 15 years. We’ll do it anyway right.
DN: Only if you have to have it but I don’t know maybe you have to have blood to do experiments with.
Forces: We’ll that’s top secret right.
DN: I guess.
Forces: Lets see now I have this other problem with the blood see the blood packets are used to carry souls in now don’t talk about that to much, but we have 15 packets on reserve they have been there since we left port. Now if we take them and use them now what will happen when we get back to port and need something else lets say what should we do.
DN: I don’t understand if you have to use it now then you have to use it now.
Forces: Uh huh.
DN: You shouldn’t worry about getting back to port you might not get back but those 500,000 souls in the packets that you lost. Which is probably good anyway because there’s no accidents.
Forces: No accidents.
DN: Chances are the people up there who are running everything know about it anyway.
Forces: Oh I see.
DN: So you shouldn’t worry so much about it.
Forces: We also have these gold bullion’s we have about 5 of them they are beginning to tarnish a little bit but we found the 6th gold bullion as getting bigger what do we do.
DN: What do you want to happen with the gold?
Forces: The gold helps to operate the ship.
DN: Part has become tarnished-
Forces: A little bit around the corners.
DN: The 6th one is getting bigger.
Forces: Yeah and brighter too.
DN: You should put the 5th one close to the 6th one.
Forces: Ah perfect I’ll do that right ump I tell ya should ask some more to you guys my problems.
Forces: Alright next one. We’ve been planting on the ship in our bacteria labs and micro life specimens pseudos seeds and they are all coming up except for 3 of them now we’ve done everything we can possibly do for these seedlings to come up. What do we do.
IS: Were there other seeds prior to this that ah ?
Forces: They all planted at the same time.
IS: Were there prior to this the species that your speaking of other seeds that did not come up?
Forces: No just 3.
IS: Just these three from all the-?
Forces: Some had there timing a little (—)yes took there time but the battery broke the servers so these 3 have not come up yet.
IS: They have not come up yet?
Forces: Well they look like they had signs of coming but all of a sudden they didn’t appear.
IS: And it never happened in that particular group of seedlings before?
Forces: Well we never did it before this is the first time we did this.
IS: And three?
Forces: That’s all three.
IS: Do they have a chance?
Forces Well they haven’t come up nor have they rotted yet. What do you think we should do. Its been about 7 years now we’ve been waiting for it.
IS: I know what has to be done I don’t know-.
Forces: Come on tell use what has to be done. We’ll do it
IS: This is something already happened or yet to come?
Forces: What are you talking about these are seeds in the ground planted 7 years ago there’s 3 that have not come up yet I’m waiting for an answer to help us with this experiment is there something we should do.
IS: Is this a different kind of seed?
Forces: No not at all we’ll maybe we should we’ll um huh I didn’t think of that. And if it is.
IS: Different methods have to be adjusted.
Forces: Ooooooh that we’ll have to find out and if we find out that its not then different methods have to be adjusted right, right, right that’s what you’re saying.
IS: Yeah.
Forces: OK makes sense we’ll look into that and see if the seeds are different bet you they are different.
IS: Unless the seeds are completely, you were saying they haven’t rotted.
Forces: No not yet the last time we looked at it maybe two have rotted maybe I’m not too sure but I know one is still there hum something to think about right.
IS: I can solve your fuel problem.
Forces: Well enough of asking you questions. We are going to take a break oh by the way we have listened to your conversations here yesterday about giving gifts to people ah candies and ice creams and bonbons and all that we advise you not to do that this year send a card leave it up to this entity to pick out a nice card he has good taste and he’ll make it work this year and symbolic of the countries depression whatever the excuse you want to use hold off on the gift giving for those people this year all right, all right until we think it over in our heads what you should do we’ll get back to you on it.
Forces: At this moment our meeting with you is finished we appreciate your information detailed as it is we will take it to our hearts and work on it and hope it will satisfy you and us that this time has not been wasted until then thanking you for this time until next time.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.