Session 391 12/20/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present.
Forces: We, we have, have been here for awhile as you all know. These things as we see them are falling into line and have a straight strong force to them
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for all the different things that happened and how we came through with them and how we came through. What would be the affect of last nights party?
Forces: Many of them have witnessed to a spirit and a force of godliness that is strong that is a major strength that will be strengthened as time goes on. This force is what they hunger for and is what is given to them, also the cleanliness the harmony the love and atmosphere of love in the house. Also the beauty and the meditation room being for them the climax of the unseen. All these coupled together this particular season reminds them of the soul and spirit of life which is in abundance. In all truth regardless of all physical elements when all physical and mental things are taken one should realize that it is the soul that has dominion over the earth.
IS: Thank you very much. And the things that the way we had done on the physical level was that exactly we could have done on other things that—-?
Forces: Yes at that point it is the best. As time goes on we do understand the evolution of greater things can happen but for that night last night it was the best.
IS: Did all of my dream happen all these important people coming in and I’m showing the house and they all wanted Tom but in that dream I also had RU in the guest bedroom and it was two months before she left and that’s how I knew shes not going to be with us two long?
Forces: Well it can be a part of it without manifesting in the (———) of the dream.
IS: Thank you were they aware consciously of all these different things of the spirit?
Forces: They were.
IS: Thank you.
Gab: Any guidance for me at this time?
Forces: One step at a time theory is the best to be implemented.
Gab: Thank you.
Forces: Yes that always helps.
JU: The Frankincense incense what does it do?
Forces: Reminds of the spirit of love and heath and brings happiness in the spirit.
JU: Are we using it the right way?
Forces: You do.
JU: Thank you.
HI: When was the last time the Philosophers stone was created and when can it be created again?
Forces: It was seen in the year 2,000 AD also it was seen in the year of Atlantis and can be created when symbols of faith have come together.
HI: Thank you.
JB: I had an experience with someone wanting to rub Aladdin’s lamp. I told them it was magic is there anything else that can be said about that?
Forces: It does have its own qualities around it.
JB: Thank you.
DD: Can you help me with the cube a 3x3x3 cube 27 letters go inside the cube that’s 27 small cube go in it and the 27 letters are on each small cube (——-) 6 faces (spaces)?
Forces: And.
DD: This is the symbol that Abraham was talking about you said he wrote about the letters?
Forces: It could be used as such yes.
DD: Was that the symbol?
Forces: It could be used yes.
ES: Any guidance for me?
Forces: Again the service and bringing in the spirit in your area of existence this what has to be done during these two weeks to come.
ES: Thank you.
JE: What was the real purpose of the children Christmas party?
Forces To have a good time.
BN: Could you describe the circumstances when the star and cross first came in to physical manifestation?
Forces: Actually it started way back the time of the White Brotherhood in Atlantis and followed (—-) all the way through.
BN: What was it used for/
Forces: Power of concentration and evolution.
BN: Thank you.
NN: What does it mean in Ecclesiastes that the Lord put the world in our hearts?
Forces: That quality can happen when the world becomes too important in your heart and not filled with the spirit but of the world.
NN: Thank you.
IS: In the last month Tom has been not sleeping.
Forces: He’ll make up for it. He does not operate on a normal level anyhow.
IS: Is there anything for me or for Tom that can be given? Have I achieved any of my personal goals in these parties>
Forces: You have.
IS: As a permanent thing inside of me?
Forces: Um huh.
IS: Is there anything for Tom and myself?
Forces: Not at the moment.
DN: Mathew Chapter 10 the last two verses could you help me understand it?
Forces: It applies more within a perspective rather than an understanding it in a concrete its more of a perspective overtone.
DN: Thank you.
Forces: All things for good boys and girls we have things ready you have no idea what this place will be like for all good boys and girls.
IS: We’re going to have in the house what we’ve got now and then another 200 in the garage or should we get 300 in the house and a hundred in the garage?
Forces: Well you could have a 1000 here and 2000 out in the garage gets to the point it doesn’t matter any longer (Laughter) Come in and open up your front door be one bulb and blind you to death. Make sure they see the light won’t we.
Forces: We’ll lets go on with your questions we’re ready.
JU: Is there something wrong with my scalp?
Forces: Oh, oh yes (group Laughter) bad, very bad more laughter from group) no hope you should see a Doctor about it fast. We can’t help you. We advise you to go see a doctor. I’m sorry.
Forces: When did you notice it happening.
JU: Its been going on for a long time.
Forces: Its so sad. We’ll our apologies to you hopefully next life time it will be better. You know castor oil always helps even in the most greasiest manner. We used to know a monkey who slid on his head with castor oil he had a (—-) busted his leg busted his leg never regained consciousness again but you could sure bet your bottom dollar on it that his head was all greased up.
IS: And in that case there’s a question for the entity Tom too.
Forces: Whats wrong with his hair he’s not worried about it hairs falls out makes him more like a spaceman what more do you want doesn’t have to worry about hair in the helmet. There’s one thing we do away with up hear is no hair we don’t believe in it, its very unclean tangled mess a rug upon your head much becoming to have bald heads than to have this stupid mop hanging on your hair and whatever it is and you have to comb it and wash it and curl it and make sure its the right shade and make sure the gray doesn’t come through. All these problems would be eliminated for you but you know.
Forces: Is there another problem you might have there along with you.
JU: Guidance for the new cycle?
Forces: New cycle oh we’re sorry to hear that well maybe we’ll go to another person with another question, any other questions before we leave.
JB: Greeting of Merry Christmas?
Forces: Merry Christmas is Its in the heart that we say Merry Christmas right people yes right people.
Group: Yes
Forces: Right. And whats the magic word magic word.
Group: Merry Christmas.
Forces: And use it on yourselves and it will work. Go ahead yes, yes ——-go ahead um huh.
DD: Could you help me with the dream I had last night?
Forces: Somewhere out there. Go ahead.
DD: Could you help me understand the dream I had last night something about the number 50 and going around the diagram?
Forces: This is a half cycle of completion and a foundation of some will from above to make other movements forward possible. Next. Question.
Bath: Anything you could tell us about the Thymus center.
Forces: That’s how(——).
JE: Why is red and green Christmas colors?
Forces: Why is red and green the Christmas color well. The heathens saw I some type of holly that has red and green in it and they liked it and made red and green Christmas colors very winter color very good color and also a very interesting complimentary color for cheer and love and it’s a nice color ok Christmas.
IS: It also stands for the strength of healing?
Forces: Um huh activity of healing. OK next question.
BN: What did the star and cross mean to the members of the Great White Brotherhood who brought it down?
Forces: A strength and an inner strength, comfort and solace.
BN: Thank you.
IS: The star and cross outside the Meditation Room is that the final place for it?
Forces: It is a place for it for the moment. We will tell you where it will go eventually.
NN: What is the meaning of when somebody says there coming out and don’t make it?
Forces: Well kinda makes some cycles of another year to happen all those who did come have contributed to changing their cycles and evolution to move forward. They realize by coming it gives them a good luck charm for the next year its to be know as the place if you want anything prosperous to happen to you, you must step through the threshold to the gathering to give you a prosperous year to come.
LU: Who or what is the voice that comes through Tom when he puts on the Santa Claus suit?
Forces: Isn’t that something. It’s part of us ah our own force comes in and we have a good time you know that right. No you don’t know that you do know that.
IS: Is that the Spirit of Santa Claus or—-?
Forces: Santa Claus and Spirit and Tom is one.
Forces: He was one—
IS: From Toms unit why are they afraid to come out?
Forces: There is a fear but there also respect with that fear and there’s also that feeling of not being able to meet up with that particular level ah the unit that he works in is supposed to be so called sophisticated at the moment so have a level of sophistication its quite difficult to keep up let alone to keep it up when someone knows you don’t have it.
IS: So are they aware of whats going on here?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: Remember the Spirit moves as we move through the Spirit.
Forces: We’ll be leaving now its time.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.