SESSION 394 1/14/82


Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are most in the area and areas and have been following a certain pattern the past week as you can see the rains and feelings of bad weather have been postponed to this moment and other aspects have been leashed out and (—) in its fields. We are centering on the south for one reason of working with them and moving it forward. There are many changes in the land areas that you belong. It is not the best of times as we said it is times when things seems to be (you could remove that cat somewhere else. There is a drastic change in plans as has been mentioned in different forms but there is certain mental attitudes of people that are not changing in California in the Midwest especially down in the Texas, Oklahoma area it is getting worse and in the Florida district. We are not saying lightly that things are easy but we are saying things are critical and it is time for certain actions to be taken different plans that were in the making(phone rings) We will hold on a minute. And according to these changes it will affect the entire country. We are trying to protect you as best as we can these changes seem to be filtering all different directions.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: What are the changes you are speaking of?
Forces: There are drastic physical and emotional and accidental changes in the areas, there are certain worldly changes that are beginning to happen and confrontations especially down in South America near the mid America area Ecuador, Guatemala all these areas are very potential eruptive areas. Of course Cuba and its nonsense but there are many accidents and freak accidents that are happening and will continue to happen in manifestations to the thought forms around these people. There will be eruptions and cold weather ice age eruptions and splitting of earth and there are what would be called freak un-explainable hail stones and that what would be considered mountain slides. This area in it self is going through a re-planning and we are concerned about it at this moment because of the thought forms of the people in the area and we are redistricting and reevaluating certain plans.
IS: Are you speaking of this area here?
Forces: Correct.
IS: What are some of the things that are going to happen because of thought forms and whatever?
Forces: (—–) is already taking its toll and place as time goes on.
IS: (——)?
Forces: That is secondary.
IS: Could you tell us (———)?
Forces: Your are(———-) a political uprising and you have a depression that is going on and you have lack of funds and money in large areas that will cause a great trouble.
IS: In this area?
Forces: You will have what you would call racial unrest in this area.
IS: Thank you.
ES: Is there any more guidance about the card readings I had about the dreams?
Forces: We would only suggest to you a total commitment and alignment with the one called IS in all regards so that future plans of spiritual development might merge with you.
ES: Thank you.
HI: Is there any guidance for me specifically to the dream I had this morning I was attacked by a dog and as it was attacking me it couldn’t?
Forces: Is that the entire dream.
HI: The main part I remember was walking on the street doing upholstery work but I was on the street and then a dog unleashed itself on me and as it had me in its paws instead of fighting it, it started to whimper and lick my face.
Forces: What it (——) senses if you continue to work out on the street you will be attacked by the black force of a dog (——) but if you busy your hands with the work of the house you will be saved.
HI: Thank you.
Forces: Also what we are saying if you focus your thoughts on the outside world it will destroy you but if you focus your thoughts and main interest in this principle of the house you’ll be saved.
HI: Thank you.
Forces: Not only to mention the freak accidents in your household.
HI: Thank you.
DD: Do I understand it right now that the Emperor and the Empress change positions as you gave before and the Emperor now represents the letter Daleth and the Empress the Heh?
Forces: There are many changes that are coming down into the world. We are only trying to keep as busy as possible to put you all on the right place at the right time to prevent the least amount of damage.
DD: Could you answer the question about the cards?
Forces: We just answered it.
DD: Thank you.
LK: When we talk about UFO sightings and things and in one session you said that the type of sightings where people are picked up and given examinations and all aren’t done by you but are done by other types of beings or ships. Is there any percentage of those that are ships that are made and operated by people on the earth?
Forces: Let us say this they are what would be called a black force type ship and not in harmony with certain laws that we abide by. They are in disharmony for even taking of a person physically and doing experiments with a person. It is against the laws to do this exactly but none the less they are other items in which you have in the Bible where Jacob had wrestled with an angel and his hip was never the same. This is the exact operation that had happened to him. There are those ships that do, do this as a safeguard for other inventions or future moles of implanting this is what you would be called implantation ships.
LK: So none of the flying saucers or ships are earth made?
Forces: We will not say they are not earth made you have a few that are earth made.
LK: Are most of them made by people who were originally working for the Germans the Nazis?
Forces: This is correct.
LK: So the book that I just finished reading by( W A Harbinson) and gave to IS has some things right in it?
Forces: It is 89% right.
LK: Thank you.
IS: So Jacob wrestled with a black force angel or with a white force?
Forces: He was wrestling what would be considered a black force angel.
IS: And yet that angel had power to give him the new name and everything?
Forces: Because he was over the angel. Only by saying his name was he allowed to let go of the angel.
IS: What would have happened to that angel?
Forces: Would have deteriorated or decentigraded by the force of Jacob.
IS: So was Israel a center within Jacob?
Forces: Israel represented the Spiritual Center of Jacob released.
IS: Any advice for me personally?
Forces: We understand what you are going through, you are wrestling with the white versus the black. We know that it is difficult to perceive totally on a spiritual level the things that need to be done but we can only say to you be patient a few more moments its a difficult moment in time and there are things about ready to happen and you are picking it up on a psychic level.
IS: When I went through some of the works that I had done it looks to me like it was almost impossible for me to do it now.
Forces: This is your logical mind being used it is not impossible it will be (———-).
IS: But not if I’m involved with all the other things?
Forces: We understand what your saying but its still there and will be used.
IS: Thank you.
ES: The two dreams that I had fighting the battle I was in and the older man (—–) that were antagonizing me and the group dealing with the emotion and justice that directly or indirectly deal with IS as well?
Forces: How would that directly or indirectly deal with IS.
ES: I don’t know kind of like the two dreams are coming about with about what you said earlier its connected some how but I can’t understand it.
Forces: Do you feel the antagonism belongs from IS.
ES: No she was keeping everybody calm including me.
Forces: The antagonism of the group.
ES: No we were all sitting quiet.
Forces: Who was antagonizing you.
ES: This older man and woman.
Forces: Old concepts male and female concepts mother and father and society.
ES: So that goes back to the time to the readings that Tom gave about the mental concepts of the past being destroyed the ego being destroyed?
Forces: Again this is true there is to much what would be considered outside projects and the inside is not being focused on which is destroying the spiritual focus of the house. If you focus your interests in this house you will develop and those aspects will not antagonize or not have a chance to antagonize you.
ES: Is that my way of looking at things should I work less in the hospital or there’s nothing physical that I can change?
Forces: The work is in the house when you are here without any comfortable niches or that of pampering self.
ES: Thank you very much.
HI: When you were saying I was focusing too much on external aspects what am I focusing too much on at this moment what can I change?
HI: This must be analyzed by self but too much of the worldly concern and position is being focused on rather than an internal position of responsibility.
HI: Thank you.
DD: Is it alright if I study the Tarot or would that take away from the work in the house?
Forces: Yours also must be the work by the hands. The work of the mind is only a sidetracking at this moment more work with the hands is your grace and also your manifestation of the power.
DD: So its any work that I do with the hands?
Forces: Correct.
DD: Thank you.
LK: Could you give me a subject or what would be good for me when we take the trip to Virginia Beach?
Forces: As far as the trip to Virginia Beach we are looking in to canceling them for the moment for other fields have been opened as we have said things have changed drastic and because of the outward worldly conditions we might be altering plans entirely.
LK: Thank you.
IS: What kind of changes is it good bad——-?
Forces: We must be frank with you its not the best there are conditions of black forces and of evil that are uprooting themselves and taking a certain amount of power over the positions at hand. We are trying to outwork these positions and balance them and put them at bay.
IS: Is that specifically directed at us?
Forces: It is directed at any force that is trying to seek the light.
IS: Why is the black force all of a sudden coming in so strong after what we just went through and are still going through?
Forces: There not coming directly at you but now it is attacking the world.
IS: Where is it going to attack us in the mind?
Forces: That is where it can affect.
IS: Then what we’re looking forward to is more of a tremendous fight. Is that like the same cycle of Atlantis and finally black force won and Atlantis was destroyed?
Forces: It hasn’t reached that point of perspective yet but there are things that must be done.
Forces: As we will leave at this moment. We have some reviewing’s to do. There has been a meeting called by the Council this moment and certain plans are being laid out at the moment. We are trying to tell to you the act of change and affect on a nation that is sleeping in that affect is coming over. We have never spoken like this before but there is some preparations that can be done in order to move or project an atmosphere of protection. There are those that we must meet and there are certain courses that we must plan.
Forces: We will return back to you and give you some of the details that we have learned by the Council and of course these things should not be concerned as far as fear but knowing that we are standing here trying to do the best with you all under these various circumstances, circumstances do change considering the amount of affect the dark side has. As far as the entities fast is (—-) he is released of that for this day but continues on it for tomorrow the release is a certain cycle to that will allow the earth to be released of a certain pressure that when he does fast the earth or the Americas is put through.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.