SESSION 395 1/19/82

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in this area and have come to speak with you tonight but finding that our many different work (—) areas that are now hitting of course you know the area the west is under attack as far as California and Nevada and Utah. Oklahoma is also under attack in a very different way along with Nebraska and of course there will be some uprisings in parts of Thelma Alabama and along with our favorite state of Texas. We have some work to be done in Texas as far as what we want now and there are several (—–) that are being done as far as the San Antonia area and the Dallas area. We know its not the best spot in the world but none the less there are certain energies and forces that we will take from it to utilize in our plans. As far as your weather is concerned this is unfortunately a condition that we are working and have said that would be happening (—). We also have some many different mergers of course that happens but we are also looking forward to some strange beneficial developments to take place especially with that of ITT ah New Brunswick and ah Bowling and Morris. We see the freak storms, freakish storms that would play havoc with your wind element of Air and Fire. Natural forces that usually run around it during these moments of time. Some internal conflicts with Reagan your President and as far as black people there will be some comments that he will be caught saying completely off the record but he will have to clarify, in fact he will not be able to. We are also very seriously working in Nashville Tennessee and we are thinking of certain ventures of tours or visits in this area ah the style we would want to go its what we will work on.
Forces: ready for your questions.
LK: With the weather and the coldness whats the reason for it and is it going to continue this way for the rest of the winter and for the next couple of years to come?
Forces: Well America is not looking Rosie as far as the weather and you basically are in the best place for it to be happening even though you might not think so ah not so bad in this section.
LK: Thank you.
IS: I heard on TV they said there are some predictions that for the next 30 years its going to get like this or worse coinciding with what you said the ice age coming what will it, it will be obviously more in 30 years or is it 30 years until the final thing and you coming down?
Forces: Well there are many different areas of change you also should have a very mild summer but they will go freakishly hot but it would be progressively hot changing into this ice-ish age of course.
IS: So it is 30 years or is it even more?
Forces: Well we do have a way of saying 24 years give or take a 6 months.
IS: So is it till you coming down or something else?
Forces: Until a new form of our jurisdiction takes over.
LK: Are there any kind of special preparations we should make for this period of time?
Forces“: You are making them.
IS: You mean with the generator and things?
Forces: You are making as you live and breathe you will to make your preparations.
NN: What were the names of God that were involved with the hardening of Pharaohs heart?
Forces: Del,mayo,zoh and Del,el,mor,uzida more or less the names of Elmya, Elmos,Og names derived to of the Sho,mi more so designated from the fountain head of the Tetragrammation.
NN: Thank you.
IS: Why did God harden Pharohs heart and Moses had already a hard enough time?
Forces: Gods plan.
IS: Thank you.
JB: In Ema’s apartment the conditions the people that I just became aware of the conditions of these people.
Forces: Well remember one thing because you have so much life and change this whole place (into your city).
JB: Thank you.
JE: Whats caused all the plane crashes recently and especially the one in Washington?
Forces: That the sections of Washington is the disarray and the internal conflicts along with some karmetic dealings with the area of Washington.
JE: Thank you.
DD: In the book that you gave me to study would the last 10 chapters would that go along with the Sephiroth?
Forces: This definitely would.
DD: Starting with the Kingdom the first chapter to ah?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Thank you very much.
Bath: Does the left hand as far as looking at the lines on the palm does the left hand—?
Forces: Know what the right hand does.
Bath: Does the left hand represent the life just before this one?
Forces: Yes.
Bath: Thank you.
ES: Could you help me understand what the little blue flashes of light were and the little white flashes?
Forces: Different optical densities occurrence’s along the nerves and syndreol of reflectors and cones type (carriers).
ES: What was creating it?
Forces: A lot going on.
ES: Thank you very much.
JU: You said in the previous session that you had concern for this area for problems that were going on or thought forms and there were situations that needed to be corrected—-?
Forces: And we are doing that now.
JU: Is there anything we should be doing?
Forces: Prayers are necessary.
Gab: The gaseous cloud coming from the middle of the galaxy that’s been observed could you tell us what that is?
Forces: This is what you call a Tip of Quasar also what would be called a fast medium or medial. It is a new Era of souls coming to the earth.
DN: For the future is there a spot to drill a well and should we try to rejuvenate that cistern for storage or fill that up and move the cistern to another area to store water?
Forces: Which question first.
DN: Do you have a spot for us to drill a well?
Forces: There are 4 favorable spots on the land to drill a well but these would be given as time goes on.
DN: And with the cistern?
Forces: It could be used as a very back source of water supply when your water system here is turned down or turned off. Simply hook up a pipe to it in such a fashion and bring it into your house and have a valve on the outside turn on turn off for the toilets of course and for your what would be considered ah hot water condensers and that should be sufficient.
IS: The pipe should it be then buried.
Forces: For sure yes.
DN: Where would we attach the filtration apparatus would that go inside the house also?
Forces: It is sure right there. Um huh there’s your (—-) was it could be a little box a little portal of a man a manikin we see it all a porch could be a underground house it could be a secret place (——).
DN: If we fill it with water it can’t be a secret place?
Forces: Oh we’re not talking about that.
DN: Are you talking about building another one?
Forces: Well in time yes.
DN: What are you talking about?
Forces: As time goes on our works come out and you’ll see what we speak of.
DN: Thank you.
IS: What attacks me like last night could have been for whats coming today on the road I feel like I’m going to end up having tranquilizers all day?
Forces: It is been a stressful day unfortunately your not the only one who’s been in the same position. Ah of course we understand what your saying but you must rest assured that we have it in our hands and we are taking control over this TV tube.
IS: Can you change that thing in me whatever it is that I am not so—-?
Forces: High strung.
IS: I guess super stressed or whatever it is?
Forces: In time.
IS: I don’t want to have to stand up on tranquilizers.
Forces: They wont even help you.
IS: Is there anything—?
Forces: It is being taken care of by us. You have these moments of receptivity it has nothing to do with being high strung its certain planets coming in certain ways.
IS: But I get to the point where a day like today or whatever—-?
Forces: (—)Days of (——) make anyone back arch and on top of events.
IS: Where I become its almost painful if someone walks into the same space or whatever.
Forces: Well we of course have to put this in perspective as time goes on.
IS: Yeah can something be done about that.
Forces: Well this can be put in perspective. In fact a lot of people feel like there space is very painful in the world because of tension.
IS: Can I do something about it?
Forces: Time and (—-) isn’t particularly your spectrum certain planets that are coming by at the moment that are aspecting or in conjunction with your other sections but its for other receptive areas to be given.
IS: Thank you.
IS: There’s nothing that I can do about it?
Forces: You keep asking something about what you can do about it if you want us to diagnose a disease then we will.
IS: What I really want is for you to do something.
Forces: Do something about what.
IS: About the conditions.
Forces: Conditions of IS.
IS: Whatever it is?
Forces: Whatever it is then.
IS: I mean if you can harden Pharaohs heart I mean you can do something, no?
Forces: Yeah we could.
IS: I walk around with my extremities in pain.
Thank you.
IS: Did the Higher Forces the white forces come in with what we call space ships only after the black force manifested their physical space ships or did you have space ships as we call them as such?
Forces: There were common grounds.
IS: Meaning you had them before that in those shapes and things?
Forces: The shape changes as time goes on.
IS: What I mean is did you have to come up with the same ah which is a lower weapon actually but did you have to come in with that kind of a thing into the 3rd dimension something physical manifested in order to combat the other side?
Forces: Yes you could say.
IS: Until then there was no need to come into the third dimension?
Forces: Well no that is why you call it when Noah was shut up into the Ark and was not allowed to see ah there are certain ships that we call the Angel of Death and just as Lot was not supposed to look back these ships are actually a destructive forces and when looked upon could be very destructive ah that is why you have ah Elijah being taken up in a world wind and Elisa looking upon certain forces ah that is why you have Moses receiving the 10 commandments coming down going up the force of the energy had come onto the earth and gave the Law that is why you have certain Laws ah Moses and the Deuterominies have been told to build the Tabernacle without any of the foreigners correct.
IS: Yes.
Forces: And these foreigners were those who would gravitate to the Angel of Death the dark side and the Tabernacle could not be built until the original dedicated ones of the force of Light were composed together. That is why you have many elements brought together by different forces. Do you understand what we are saying.
IS: What your saying is that the actual physical manifestation of a space ship in the form of a space ship—-?
Forces: Alright.
IS: Is ah.
Forces: You all here form your own spaceship together.
IS: So all those other things were spaceships or—-?
Forces: Let us put it this way you know that the female brings judgment upon the male, you know that, did you not know that.
IS: Not so clear no.
Forces: Well now it is made manifest clear. When there are 7 females together the judgment goes against man or 10 females together the judgment takes away in death a destructive (——). When there is less than 7 females it is a positive aspect and a protection for you.
IS: And that’s why the number in the house here is (?)
Forces: For eternal protection in a positive field so judgment would not be cast and measured.
IS: But now with the spaceship thing?
Forces: This all deals with the spaceship thing.
IS: So this force here now this group is a spaceship and the house is the vehicle?
Forces: This is the established form those that come after is outside the form.
IS: And those spaceships that we call—?
Forces: That is why the one who had come to touch this force was thrown into a mind analysis in which made her entity incapable of functioning for the time period because of the energy charge.
IS: Who is that? (Ericka)
Forces: It is one of the force fields we have now operating around the group.
IS: Did we have it during the trial?
Forces: It was operating very strongly.
IS: Are there the same kind of results on–?
Forces: The same exact results.
Forces: You are all coming into your own be patient we are only beginning but most of all be patient do not allow this energy that is coming in to make you uncomfortable or impatient.
IS: Like me specifically?
Forces: Be patient.
IS: Thank you and now referring to the book with the scientist with the spaceship on earth the Book Genesis that you said was 87% correct.
Forces: Learn from it.
IS: What is difficult for me is to believe that he is the I believe he exists or existed or is gone or whatever its hard for me to understand he must have seen something and imitated it something of the white force?
Forces: Correct. Copied it
IS: Now where did he see it?
Forces: The Bible.
IS: I see.
Forces: Ezekiel’s vision.
IS: Are all the scientist black force?
Forces: Be careful. We will answer that question in a private session to you.
IS: Thank you. But yet what I mean.
Forces: We know what you mean.
IS: Can I continue on with?
Forces: We can’t stop you.
IS: We have spaceships in the Bible and we know those spaceships didn’t come from—?
Forces: You are a people of the Space Ships.
IS: Originally you mean.
Forces: The Jewish people on the earth and the souls in these bodies represent those who are attuned to the spaceships.
IS: So it is going back to my beginning that thing that I received about the little spaceship on top being each soul a spaceship. And is a soul a space ship?
Forces: Alright yes.
IS: But its not made out Aluminum or metal?
Forces: No we go to higher grade metal.
IS: That was my original question.
Forces: We would also say Zinc is a very important part of the metal. Increase your zinc intake and biologically and you can guarantee a vibrational field near to this. Don’t overdose on zinc.
DN: When I take zinc I get nuts.
Forces: Well that’s answering your question.
DN: Is it like an overload or something?
Forces: Do it gradually. What is your purpose for zinc.
DN: A vitamin supplement had zinc but the day after I thought I was dead.
Forces: Um huh. Gradually using into your diet it will supplement the certain form of energy of course.
IS: This guy whatever his name is if that’s the correct name is he still alive by the way that person.
Forces: Let us say he has the threads of connection yes.
IS: Does he have disciples?
Forces: Well now you are bringing it to a more physical thing ah lets not describe that because of what this session represents you understand.
IS: Ok.
IS: So something had to come in to regulate because of that other thing that came in through the Nazi thing. So something from your side had to come in and regulate?
Forces: Yes correct.
IS: That’s what you meant along time ago that you do not pick up people?
Forces: Yes we will not, we’re not into that no. That’s not our scene.
IS: Today would we find your spaceships according to each and every one of ours (—) rather than just metal space. Is it than more a harmony of what is there of the beings—?
Forces: Don’t make our spaceships metal ok.
IS: Right that’s what I mean.
Forces: Right (—).
IS: So that’s the very big difference that cannot be ever be copied?
Forces: Right.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: Very much.
LK: Even though your spaceships aren’t metal do they have some type of substance or existence?
Forces: When we want them to be do you understand now, yes.
LK: So like in Close Encounters they can take on that kind of aspect?
Forces: Don’t get caught up in that remember that’s a third grade penny arcade feature we can do much better than that. You’ll see in time but you I do not mean to depress you space encounters of the 8th kind whatever is bringing your evolution right your consciousness of understanding of what we are about gradually right.
LK: Right.
Forces: Right. Here you have it right in front of you and you still do not understand it fully.
Forces: Well go ahead, go ahead we do not have all day.
Forces: Are you finished.
LK: Oh yeah.
Forces: Sure ok.
NN: Last week in the sky I know it wasn’t a cloud and it wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before it wasn’t like a jet stream it was like a long white pathway. It was snowy night?
Forces: You have to understand people that your dealing with the emethou, ether, efou and physical and matheric and theric and tallic and ah psychic and your dealing with so many levels people so please keep your wits about you, you want to, you want to come on to the other side and understand the mysteries of the universe then be strong enough to comprehend them. You know we can’t stand to its not going to work out if you want to run to the worldly security ABC’s and you got to give yourself the leeway of faith, of trust, of the unknown that is not even known to you yet. I mean after all your the ones who are probing not us. So in your probing you gotta have a little, you gotta have a little chutzpah they say in your probing.
IS: Am I understanding anything we create the spaceship everybody creates their own kit—-?
Forces: Oh sure definitely you walk into the group and any group and you see a fact a group. Do you understand.
IS: So if we want–?
Forces: If you want to change the world in the speck of a dime it can be done that’s all we’re telling you people. Its just for you to understand and believe that in love and harmony and just moving and change. You understand.
IS: So if I like your space better your spaceship better than mine than I have to change that—?
Forces: That comes in time because you are molecular structures that constantly vibrate do you understand that.
IS: Yes.
Forces: Well there’s your answer.
IS: Sometimes it hopeless for me.
Forces: Oh that is not we’re not here to give you hopelessness.
IS: I know but how can I ever reach then?
Forces: You are reaching it at this very moment. Just don’t seek into the past norm don’t seek into the future your great Teachers have spoken on this point, be the now point and enjoy the now. Understand no yes.
IS: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
JB: You mentioned the Love aspect what is it in our daily lives that we do that comes close to the love aspect the things that affect us the things that we react to?
Forces: Everything that you do (——).
JB: Is there any one thing that makes us come closer to it?
Forces: Dedicating yourself to God openly or consciously can make you come closer to that understanding.
JB: Thank you.
Forces: Or the God that you call God.
NN: What I saw in the sky last week?
Forces: We didn’t answer that did we. What was that answer that you are dealing with realms not only etheric here we go again you have the answer on that.
NN: Thank you.
JE: If a soul or a person knew his true soul name would that be considered one of the names of God?
Forces: It will be a part understanding of his soul development and part and parcel of a total picture of a part or parcel of a consciousness development. You are reflections of part of the names of God but it will not reveal totally the Name of God indirectly it will yes of course ok right we understand what you are saying.
JE: But then when someone says I called upon the name of God like upon of the Prophets they’re talking about really two separate things?
Forces: Ok we are going to call upon the name of God (Silence for a space) Now we are going to call upon the Name of God (Second) You have just experienced two phases of calling upon the name of God.
IS: Can I ask?
Forces: Yes.
IS: One was the perfected lower centers and one was the higher centers. One hit in the upper (—-) the second one hit in the upper things.
Forces: Yes. That should help you out to understand the affects of it.
JE: Thank you.
DD: In Genesis Adam named all the animals wasn’t that a limitation a limited understanding?
Forces: Man had to do that because of his own insecurities.
DD: There was a limitation?
Forces: Limitations visitations palpitations calpatations. Man is still naming things, he has no right to name things so much he’ll go crazy.
DD: Does that go along with what your saying about the ships that we can’t name it or put a name to it?
Forces: Alright you can apply it on that level.
Forces: Now you all know we’re staying an extra long time with you guys today.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: Yes but learn something from it.
Bath: How come Paul got so many books in the Bible when there’s all these books the Apocrypha that were left out?
Forces: Always the way now isn’t it.
Bath: How come?
Forces: We just answered that always the way now. The open law of truth is never revealed directly and openly. Mans law of verbal truth is Paul ok and this is the way it has to be. The inner truth cannot be spoken openly. Try to speak the open truth openly and you verbalize the fundamental first truths.
Bath: Thank you.
HI: When you see us how does that compare with the way we see each other as human beings.
Forces: We see you as growing spirits and souls and bodies and minds but some for the right and some (for the left?) But in time it will all be filtered into the right section.
HI: Thank you.
Forces: Yeah.
ES: What was the change taking place in the dream I had with IS and the girls talking about I think leaving the (—-) body?
Forces: Well let us say you, you are growing on a spiritual level but there’s much more for you to develop as time goes on it will be given to you but this development is for your soul level and it is only sharing this aspect with you as the work that the entity IS is doing.
ES: Thank you very much.
JU: In the Persian Room arches there are two patterns which should I use?
Forces: Dealing with the Persian Arch.
JU: Yes.
Forces: Well you know indirectly or directly or indirectly Persians thought to use a multi-spectrum of color that in itself gives you the answer.
JU: Thank you very much.
Forces: Anytime.
Gab: What is a Quasar?
Forces: Quasar is an open space to the Universe lets give that type affect it is you can have blue quasars, yellow quasars, white quasars, green quasars ah let us say it is infrared elements or rays that means that its there but you can’t see it with the naked eye but its forming its birth of a universe. Do you understand or the death of the universe. You know birth and death the same. OK.
Gab: Thank you
Forces: Yeah.
Forces: We have planned a trip to Nashville Tenn. For a few and for the entity along with the entity of LU and the entity of ah ES and this is a primary move for that area and which will be more to come we are trying something out simply a fact and anytime we’ll slate the right time to do this move just visit to it and the other area you understand.
IS: Yeah. When should —-?
Forces: In time.
Forces: Ah we’re going to be leaving right now but remember the major points of interest is to what we have already discussed right. Yes.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.