SESSION 396 1/25/82

Forces: (having difficulty at beginning)
Forces: Greetings to all here.
Forces: We are in the area and working out several things with other countries. We have been watching progress and find things to proceed we are opening and seeing certain positive movements forward.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
Forces: Confusion of the future days as far as worldly conditions.
IS: How did that affect the reporters story?
Forces: More or less putting it off for another moment.
IS: I want to thank you for the vacation spot is that correct?
Forces: We have many movements about and it does not take away.
IS: Thank you.
DN: Why did you have that place picked out for us what was the purpose?
Forces: There’s always wherever you do go it is it is a spiritual intake and always a spiritual focus.
DN: Any particular reason that spot?
Forces: It is a high (—-) concentrated spot for many reasons contacts and the availability of other areas.
DN: Thank you.
ES: Is there a prayer or affirmation for the heart center that would strengthen it or help open it that you could give us?
Forces: Many affirmations for these centers have been given
ES: Thank you.
Forces: We’re not finished. Many affirmations have been give for these centers. The centers are always pliable and should always be moving in a high direction, or higher directions and not have an emotional direction. The(——-)of the Lord is still on my heart and the power of thy Love and the Spirit of thy Light.) This should have some power over that center.
ES: Thank you very much.
BN: Where could I find those objects that I want to find?
Forces: (—–)?
JB: Dream I had I was being followed by a cat all over and I couldn’t quiet get rid of him?
Forces: Well that’s self explanatory, followed by a cat deals with certain types of humanistic feelings.
JB: Indicating what—–?
Forces: Dealing with the human, humanistic expression or feelings now, today and tomorrow different aspects of emotions.
JB: Thank you.
Bath: Is it correct in this book on palmistry that your astrological chart is in your hand.
Forces: Yes.
Bath: Thank you.
JE: What is the Highest name of God we could call on and be able to handle it?
Forces: (——) it would not be that easy It is a question that cannot be answered at this moment.
JE: Thank you.
HI: In the book Shikasta that I an reading the way the author is dealing with the cosmic laws. Is it accurate?
Forces: It could be a certain percent accurate yes.
HI: Thank you.
NN: Is the soul that was Pharaoh at the time of Moses incarnated in the earth now?
Forces: We do have this————-.
NN: Thank you.
LK: How was it that the entity that was Paul was able to have so much seemingly power and yet living at the same time as Jesus he didn’t actually get to study under Jesus?
IS: Should we ask questions?
Forces: We’re waiting for you questions.
IS: Why is it not coming through clear?
Forces: We’re working on other levels but—–.
IS: Did the people with the spaceships that one genius the group or the colony of them that have the super duper spaceships here on earth did he ever meet up with you.
Forces: Let us say they don’t have directly or indirectly super duper so called space ships (—–) but they do not directly meet up with us either.
IS: So there spaceships are not really the sightings of UFO’s?
Forces: Well one percent might be.
IS: So the encounter of the third kind it still stands as what it was as you like the movie or—?
Forces: Yes.
IS: The feeling of it?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And if there’s really such a genius or either such a colony?
Forces: You do have colonies and people involved in this yes.
IS: Is it on a governmental scale or is it on—-?
Forces: Personal, private one or two governments.
IS: Can they get out of the 3rd dimension what I mean is can they get out—?
Forces: They’re working on it and having certain possibilities of doing it.
IS: How far can they reach at this point?
Forces: They hit for 8,000 miles away ah from the earth revolves around the moon when I say 8,000 its 8 to the 4th power but they seem to experience (——) off of energies of the spirit and energies of movement in itself.
IS: So they are tapping on to the energies that are in the spheres rather than fueling?
Forces: Yes you could say so.
IS: Can they reach any further than the moon?
Forces: No I mean in the third dimension (——).
IS: Does it mean in the 4th dimension they can?
Forces: In the 4th dimension a lot more can be done.
IS: Can they do it?
Forces: No.
IS: And they are only in the third dimension
Forces: Yes they have (——) to that.
IS: So in that case its really not all that dramatic?
Forces: No.
IS: And medicine wise have they achieved more things than what we hear of ? And are they using people as guinea pigs?
Forces: Occasionally it is being done (—–).
IS: Thank you very much. So they really don’t know about you and they’re probably the ones who don’t believe is that right?
Forces: Yes.
ES: The Bible reading that I do now should I stay with the same Two?
Forces: It could be done.
Forces: Next question.
ES: So I should stay with the two?
Forces: For the moment.
BN: Any guidance for me?
Forces: This is the moment of change (—–).
Forces: Town house.
IS: Are we speaking about massanutten?
Forces: We’re speaking about movement in time and space.
IS: Electricity in the town houses?
Forces: Yes.
IS: What electricity>
Forces: You know those electrical boxes of force and energy that the management is trying to put into order.
IS: Is there something wrong with the electrical things there?
Forces: There are minor things(–) something that they will have to straighten out as time goes on.
JB: What does the resort scheme represent for us?
Forces: A spiritual (——).
JB: Thank you.
Bath: Would it be right that we as a group spent more than one lifetime in the Temple Sacrifice and Temple Beautiful
Forces: Well let us say you were involved directly and indirectly.
Bath: Thank you.
JE: What is the physical thing that would have to happen for something to manifest physically from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension?
Forces: Different sections within for different areas.
JE: Thank you.
HI: The lines in the hands where are they registered in the Brain and what makes it change?
Forces: We do some altering here and there but. Yes we do see some changing elements of course.
IS: What is happening?
Forces: Working on other levels.
Forces(—-) for some more questions before we go.
Forces: At this moment we will be leaving it wasn’t a long session things we were doing for our own work.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.