SESSION 397 1/29/82

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are (—-) into the area once more and (—-) certain things be done. There are many things on the worldly level that will begin to focus and different qualities of learning to be done. We have several major systems in work different attitudes of acquiring and producing these things are relative to support and maintenance household and future things.
Forces: We are now ready for questions.
IS: The dream I had this morning with the entity Tom with ___?
Forces: It represents a growth and a moving on and a developing and a celebration of the same sort.
IS: Why the symbology so _____?
Forces: It represents the basic growth and moving from childlike quality into that of higher things.
IS: I see so the regenerative force?
Forces: You could explain it in that way yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
Gab: Is there any guidance for me now
Forces: Dealing with people around you is to share more of your self rather than closing out of yourself the sharing of self must be important.
Gab: Could you suggest a way of doing that?
Forces: Just one step at a time of sharing yourself and giving of the positive aspects within you. This would be the proper way.
Gab: Thank you.
JU: We seem to be going into a new cycle is this from the failure of a pattern we were working with and we’re moving to something else instead or is this something we were moving on to?
Forces: It represents your next 10 cycle year.
JU: Could give me guidance?
Forces: Well again the same information apply s not to turn within self but to extend outward.
JU: Thank you.
ES: Can you give me any advice on the working relationship with the nurses at UVA that I’ve worked with It sounds like the same advice goes with the same question.
Forces: That too but more so you are working with inner growth and self giving. It is a certain amount of trying to retain the spirit and give the positiveness and not to see the bleakness of life.
ES: I feel like I have a hard time getting through the shift myself.
Forces: Eventually in time as you express more of your spirit and sharing that will come to be second nature and become more helpful in your development.
ES: And the problems all of a sudden with the technical monitoring.
Forces: Well if you can figure it out this takes a little bit more time and just to be a little bit more relaxed.
ES: Thank you very much.
BN: Would you tell me how the prayer that was said over that patient in mind altered his disease course and also how it alters the karma or the rescheduling of karma or whatever?
Forces: It allows the positive force to come around and with that strength can heal as time goes on that which is a destructive quality.
BN: Physically what would have happened to him if that prayer hadn’t been said?
Forces: We would think the worst on that.
BN: Thank you.
JB: Could something be given to me at this time??
Forces: (—-) that one step again applied and also keeping at projects that is developing this creative field of wood and to be extra spirit of listening is your gift.
JB: Thank you.
Bath: The five fingers represent the first 5 centers beginning with the pinky and going up?
Forces: Well yeah you could apply it that way yes.
Bath: Thank you.
JE: What is the factor say like pass an object an object into the 3rd into the 4th dimension and also like a physical being from the 3rd to the 4th and is it reversible?
Forces: It can be reversible simple object is very simple law that the 3rd dimension merges like an hour glass with the 4th dimension and at this point they come together and these points on the earth are called Circle of Contact or Measure of Contact and periodically throughout the world they happen as contacts of the 4th and 3rd dimension is coexistence and touches one another.
JE: And only through those points the transfer can be made?
Forces: Yes.
JE: Where are those points located?
Forces: Of course in Bimini in a triangle there’s a point there certain points there’s one in the Antarctic you have another point located near Siberia several points in Israel and several points in South America along with North America.
JE: Thank you.
HI: If anyone was to do anything like Magic or cause changes then there’s a set of laws that you have to go by but in all of that is there one overriding law the law of belief that is all powerful?
Forces: Correct.
HI: Then what is it that in our prayer that one could do that would help foster that belief?
Forces: Faith must come through Love and Faith must come by the knowing of the spirit it is already predestined your destiny. It is in Gods hands that a destiny happens and Faith is Understanding this predestined feeling simply accept it and move into it into the shoes of the spirit has a (large) to fill knowing that you will fill them properly and in Gods will.
HI: Thank you.
Forces: (And) help me in the spirit of Gods will to walk in his shoes prepared for me.
HI: Thank you.
NN: When Ezekiel with the elders that went after the abominations were they originally for the white?
Forces: Yes.
NN: What made them turn?
Forces: Self glorification of power and titles and positions.
NN: Thank you.
IS: Why so many air crashes?
Forces: Because the door had been opened for this and certain planets are in alignment for the air power element and because the element of air is very unhappy with mans ways and is just taking over some active parts in telling man of his ways.
IS: The dream I had this morning the dream with the entity Tom it seemed like a pretty good dream but I don’t know good in what?
Forces: Well it would be good in the spirit of the body.
IS: All the Kings in the Bible when we go after the reign of David and after the reign of Solomon starting with the son of Solomon and the split and Kings of Judah and Kings of Israel it doesn’t seem like the good King reigned longer and the bad King was cut off is that correct?
Forces: This is correct.
IS: Why is that?
Forces: People dictate the amount in which a king reigns.
IS: Meaning the people like the bad King so he reigned longer?
Forces: By the power of the people.
IS: So what does it mean?
Forces: It means that certain people needed to get themselves in order and the King was reflecting what the people wanted.
IS: But what does it mean like cause and effect and the karmic pattern?
Forces: Not as much for the individual person for they represent a sequence in fact the Lord God did not want to set a King over the throne of Israel the people wanted it.
IS: So if King David was so good that is because the rest of the people were so good?
Forces: Or developing into a consciousness of this goodness.
IS: So punishment didn’t really come because a King did good or bad?
Forces: More so the people.
IS: But even so there are some bad Kings that reigned 52years and some good Kings that got cut down.
Forces: Again the people.
IS: So that has nothing to do with the Laws of God?
Forces: Well it does in a indirect way people dictate the government they want to run by.
IS: Where do you come in a situation like that?
Forces: Choosing the person and hoping the best from that choice could manifest of that particular principle.
IS: But you really don’t interfere?
Forces: Not allowed to.
DN: With the Zinc metal you gave us earlier its interesting because the Zinc that’s mixed with the sugar seems to make
Forces: Yeah of course a (—)
DN: me frantic and stuff and the Zinc with the sulfur
Forces: Has a different affect yes.
DN: And also the Zinc with the Sulfur also seems to change light perception is this something that people had more long ago or something and its gone or what exactly happens with the light?
Forces: Certain elements get more electritized or more energy into it.
Forces: Well as we had passed into existence form spirit to more density we lost the conditioning of the other lights in the sky and rainbow type aspect of lights illumined and the great Light White is that awareness of this illumination. Remember the Forces as you call us has a control factor illegally, legally of situations conditions but of course you know we are operating under Laws that we have to say to do things that we don’t have to say.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father