SESSION 399 3/10/82

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are here at this moment, watching many things and of course the awareness of situations in different areas. As you know the south incident is very, very sad and very dangerous, looking to be a minor skirmish, Of course Cuba will lose in certain aspects. National fame and inner prestige. Some qualities of inner turmoils. Florida will have its own crisis and Georgia now—-will have some crisis. We also have the sad feelings around Texas and parts of Mexico —. As far as great people are concerned, Elisabeth Taylor as you know will have certain eye problems, cataracts and also some type of nervous heart trouble. All induced by Richard Burton of course. We see many areas of advancement on the occult level and psychic level that are beginning to be made in Finland, Scotland and parts of Ireland. There shall be new instance of course (Cross?) artifacts and religious objects that will depict certain decorum’s of Jesus’ life after the crucifixion. There is also some books that will be discovered that is called The Road to Life or better known the Master Walks in which describes Jesus Christus in his own detail work in the lovely village of Bimini and parts of what would be called the Irish Isles. He of course was in England and Ireland and is buried in Glastonbury. Now we will see certain things happen in America as far as some miracles and constructions. There will be a tremendous influx on religious and spiritual manners along with the occult for-bearers. We do have lots of understanding principles coming into the earth and a great deal of spiritual strengths and —–.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Did you say Jesus was buried in Glastonbury?
Forces: Did we well I guess he is.
IS: Well what does it mean?
Forces: Well that one something is buried somewhere there. That’s where the bones are.
IS: Then which body did he resurrect?
Forces: The same body.
IS: Then how is he buried there if he resurrected it?
Forces: There is a system that goes on that people do not understand but maybe as time goes on they will begin to perceive it. The physical body exists and has life as you know it. You also have within you a spiritual body that has existence at sleep or at the rest period which takes on another existence, but is as real as the physical body. At the crucifixion or the initiation, Jesus was able to separate both bodies that have the existence of both bodies as one. The physical body of course was put into the earth with the bones, the spiritual body of course was resurrected and became what would be called manifest on a third dimensional level. We have just given you the information on the resurrection precisely. Cutting down 3,452 pages for your reading.
IS: Thank you. But why in Glastonbury, why not in Jerusalem then in the cave?
Forces: Because he resurrected his spiritual body there and his physical body at the same time. His spiritual body and physical body was one.
IS: And then he went to..
Forces: To Japan.
IS: And then?
Forces: India?
IS: And then?
Forces: Egypt?
IS: And then?
Forces: South America.
IS: And then?
Forces: North America.
IS: And then?
Forces: Hawaii.
IS: And then?
Forces: Australia.
IS: And then?
Forces: Japan.
IS: Again?
Forces: Yes. Indonesia and the areas of the mid-west far east. Then from there all the way to the Tibetan areas again. And then all the way through Europe settling finally in England.
IS: And what did he do, did he live out a life of a person or did he just dump his physical body there and moved on.
Forces: He lived life as a person and was able to move his spiritual body at will.
IS: As who was he known in, I guess he lived in Glastonbury then?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And who was he known as? Was he known as himself Jesus or was he known as somebody else?
Forces: He was known as the carpenter of Joseph of the Hebrew words that would form that.
IS: Then was he there the same time with Joseph Arimathea or rather was Joseph Arimathea there at the same time as him there?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is there any connection to..
Forces: Yes.
IS: So that’s who it was really.
Forces: Yes.
IS: That’s why there was no need for birth.
Forces: Yes.
IS: Then what is the female aspect then that came?
Forces: Part of the male aspect.
IS: Was that then a weakness or-
Forces: A strength.
IS: Why did he choose to settle in England, then.
Forces: The last moments of the race.
IS: The last moment of the race?
Forces: Of the race Rays.
IS: Thank you very much. Now with the Laguadia group and Steven, were the conversations correct?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And is there anything that can be said about that?
Forces: Everything has been said. Now it is in their territory.
IS: Is he mentally okay?
Forces: He does have moments of depressions. But he is okay.
IS: But nothing like what she is trying to pull?
Forces: No.
IS: Is she doing it consciously?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And how is Sarah? Sarah seemed very calm.
Forces: Very calm outwardly, but inside, very upset.
IS: Why was she then calm outwardly?
Forces: She did not want her emotions or her fears to get the best.
IS: Thank you very much.
Forces: There were certain comments and thoughts within certain situations of the transition of the divorces that the group has gone through. And now the bitter pill has to be taste by herself.
IS: And is she aware of that?
Forces: It hit her square in the eye tonight.
IS: You mean until tonight they did not know about it?
Forces: The entity Steven didn’t reveal the situation until this Monday past.
IS: And it is for sure the divorce there.
Forces: More so that the entity that he is married to does not want him anymore and that he, her but that she – him.
IS: Thank you very much and the Atlanta murders, were they committed by this guy that is in jail now?
Forces: He did have some hand to do with it, but there is still one that is loose.
IS: And that one is he white or black?
Forces: He would be found to be black.
IS: And is the different personality that came through him or is he perfectly aware of what he is doing?
Forces: Sometimes the personalities switch of revenge upon the black people.
IS: He hates black people?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
DN: With the ascension, then, was it that Jesus was transported by one of the ships to these other areas where he did what he had to do at that point?
Forces: He was able to move his own ship within. You are all ships.
DN: Then the..
Forces: We have just saved you a 1000 pages of words.
DN: The purpose of the ascension was what?
Forces: To prevent people from eating jelly beans.
DN: Thank you.
Forces: Resurrect the body fully and the evolution of the soul.
IS: Excuse me but when he lived as after the resurrection in his regular body as the name of the carpenter or whatever in England-
Forces: Joseph Ben Miriam was his official titled title.
IS: Joseph? Josef?
Forces: As far as his father.
IS: So he took his father’s name.
Forces: As guardians (Guidians) in that area he did, yes.
IS: Why was that?
Forces: Something of a protection.
IS: But he was aware that he was Jesus that resurrected?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: We are ready for your questions. We can answer anything you put forth tonight. Before the machine will get you four answers.
IS: Did he get married?
Forces: Yes.
IS: At that point?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Did he live out quietly or did he do something?
Forces: Did something and quietly.
IS: But how could he die if was already resurrected?
Forces: His body was put into the earth. His body was no longer had purpose and his spirit moved on. What had happened is his body fell down.
IS: Fell off of him.
Forces: Uh-Huh and this is how it will be in 2000 years from now.
IS: For everybody?
Forces: For everyone.
IS: Then I’ll just take off the body like..
Forces: The body will fall and the spirit will take over.
IS: In 2000 years?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Now with all this we are in 1982, we are coming close to 1984. An awful lot of things in the air.
Forces: Windex will take care of it.
IS: But is it all still going to happen?
Forces: What’s that?
IS: I don’t know. The changes I don’t mean earth changes that you said was going to take quite a while. But the beginning of earth changes.
Forces: Oh, they are already happening. You are in the midst of it.
IS: Right, and the beginning of a spiritual evolution.
Forces: yes, the drums are beating, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
IS: And you are still coming down at..?
Forces: Yes, faster than you can say —. .
IS: That dark cloud..
Forces: You like that?
IS: Yeah.

Forces: We can make it bigger. We have toys.
IS: Is it something like a process that even though you always came into this atmosphere, but it takes years to come down.
Forces: Sure, sure it does. Of course. It does take.. Yes.
IS: Thank you.
GL: Jesus wasn’t finished after the resurrection. There is more to go?
Forces: Yes.
GL: Can anything can be given about that?
Forces: We just did!
GL: That he have more initiations to go through?
Forces: Oh no, we told you where he went to.
GL: So that was the conclusion.
Forces: Well, a finish for that moment.
GL: Then the rest of his work will be done when he comes down straight from the ships?
Forces: Well, he is constantly coming down.
GL: So he is taking on a completely different aspect now?
Forces: Yes, yes.
GL: So he has gone into the spirit throughout all mankind?
Forces: But he is a spirit
GL: He is the spirit.
Forces: Yes.
IS: That is why he could take on the Merlin aspect.
Forces: Yes.
GL: With Noah, and the time that was spent in the ship, was this representative of the journey that the soul will go through when it dies or leaves the earth?
Forces: Something like that, yes.
GL: Thank you.
IS: Then the cave of Merlin must have been a spaceship then?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And the woman that lured him, what does that mean?
Forces: Empress from Venus.
IS: She wasn’t then that bad?
Forces: No, not bad.
IS: Thank you.
JU: Can you give me something that would help me in memory and concentrating?
Forces: Yes, fish eyes.
JU: What do I do with the fish eyes?
Forces: Eat it black (——).
JU: Will that help me concentrate and remember?
Forces: While you are eating it, we bet you will remember.
JU: I bet I will. Is there anything else?
Forces: Yes give us time and we will tell you. Kelp. Seaweed, salt, also peanut butter, fish eyes over mayonnaise, eggs, oil, spinach, and also certain parts of oranges, grapefruits and peaches. But most of all, olives. Anything else?
JU: Thank you.
Forces: Anytime.
JB: We were discussing the thought in the air about how the country economy can be straightened out by going on the gold standard. Is this possible?
Forces: We didn’t hear you. What did you say?
JB: There is a lot of talk in politics and different places the economists are up, the country can be straightened out economically by going on the gold standard.
Forces: Well for a few years, and then throw the whole country into war. Anytime a country goes into a gold standard, they immediately enter into a war.
IS: Is Reagan not preparing a war right now to solve this?
Forces: He is trying his best to start one.
IS: To try and solve his unemployment problems?
Forces: Yes, of course. And any other problem.
HI: Are you saying that every soul on the earth today regardless of their station in life now will be able to resurrect their body in 2000 years?
Forces: Yes.
HI: Thank you.
Forces: Not everyone. But a large percentage of initiates.
HI: Of Initiates only.
Forces: Yes, a lot of people who will come from certain places in the world, and with the help of us from this house, too.
HI: Thank you.
IS: Oh, Thank you. But also 2000 years..
Forces: Not too far away.
IS: Well, the point is that they will be coming in many more souls that are right now made initiation and are waiting maybe out there someplace.
Forces: There is a great influx of souls coming in that are called spirit finders.
IS: Right now?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Are they spiritual children?
Forces: A large percentage of them will be.
IS: When is that, what year is that. Ready for 2010?
Forces: Yes
IS: Are they initiates already?
Forces: A large percentage of them are.
IS: How about Halinas Children? Any of them?
Forces: There is the seed in it, Not as great as the ones that are being born now, but the seeds are there.
IS: Thank you.
BN: What’s Christ’s new name mentioned int he book of revelation and the significance of it?
Forces: What was that?
BN: They mentioned Christ’s new name in the book of revelation.
Forces: New Name, Crux. At-one or Oneness or the, it’s called the Way Shower.
BN: Thank you.
IS: Was his name?
Forces: Better yet it is called Jesus Christi, Confessor of Sins.
DD: Can you help me to understand that the weavers beam is related to dreams and how it is used?
Forces: Electrical charges of the body.
DD: How is it used as such?
Forces: The dreams and travel.
DD: What would they do with the staff itself. How would it be..
Forces: Used it as a guiding force.
DD: Like you set it somewhere to go and you would go there?
Forces: As in certain ways uh huh.
DD: Thank you.
BH: With the moon fast as originally given for the, it was discussed about loving, active will, and then Tom mentioned the fast and I’m not doing that and I don’t feel like I am doing anything else for that and I wondered if we could do something.
Forces: Not for the moment. They system needs to rest.
BB: Is there anything else I could be doing for that same aspect?
Forces: Yogurt is good, salads, chick peas and tomatoes.
JE: When the planets line up like they did today, what does it represent and what effect does it have on..
Forces: A great deal of power coming into the earth of strength, test, trials and unseen spiritual forces coming in also.
JE: Thank you.
Forces: Anytime.
NN: At this moment, where is the biggest concentration of Nazism in this country?
Forces: In this country? Atlanta Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Des-Moines (Iowa). Only kidding on that last one. Better yet, Missouri.
LK: What would be the most important thing I could be working with now. What aspect for our deal.
Forces: Service to your fellow man.
LK: And what, how should I approach that?
Forces: Just generally with love in your heart.
IS: Now the children that you said are coming in, when are they coming in. What age are they now if they are already?
Forces: From June to the end of August.
IS: From June to the end of August, 1982.
Forces: Right.
IS: But that is a very small margin.
Forces: That’s for that moment.
IS: Now Jesus’ name was Nagar Ben Joseph?
Forces: Right.
IS: Is there anywhere in history written down for that person?
Forces: You’ll find it.
IS: Am I saying the name correctly?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Now am I training Emala correctly?
Forces: You’re are doing a nice job.
IS: Thank you and then, why did Tom have that one dream about that guy that he is not guilty.
Forces: Certain aspects of the man is not guilty.
IS: So we are dealing with split personalities?
Forces: Many aspects.
IS: Personalities, correct? And how come they have not..
Forces: Can’t speak on it right now. Working out certain things.
IS: Okay, thank you. Is there anything for me at this moment.
Forces: One step at a time and just moving.
IS: Thank you.
DN: Is it true that the Classics as such that were written by Mozart and people like that and that particular era will live forever but that particular aspect of writing is dead as such..
Forces: Not really.
DN: Okay, what do we do here to.. What instrumentation, what aspects are we, because we are not purely classic I don’t believe.
Forces: Well, that we know.
DN: Are we to try to blend everything together so that everyone can understand?
Forces: Well, not really, but classic is your beat. This takes a certain amount of concentration.
DN: With the classic instruments or with the new instruments that are being evolved.
Forces: With both.
DN: Thank you
IS: So in reality I think that what DN and maybe that is something that is correct that a certain particular talent; gift or a certain to the earth, music, writing, comes at a certain alignment of a certain type of stars in a certain spot, what it mean is you came in and you put in a certain gift at a certain time.
Forces: Yes, yes.
IS: And later on, it doesn’t mean that, that gift isn’t there because it stays there. It is like a bell, it means just that the person has to go through time a little bit.
Forces: Yes, very good.
DN: And because also I believe that the classic, there are classic composers in this group now.
Forces: Yeah OK um huh.
DN: But they have to go past their..
Forces: Their limitations yes.
IS: What we call limitations but is actually to go through to that moment in time where it,s still there.
Forces: Right. Question.
GL: Would there be any guidance now physically, mentally, spiritually?
Forces: As if we had one step affair, also lettuce and salad for your breakfast or lunch would be good too and coffee should be rested a little bit. Set it down a little bit.
GL: And mentally?
Forces: Mentally, the reading and writing of certain books and understanding certain forces in The Bible.
GL: And spiritually?
Forces: One step at a time.
GL: Do I understand the relationship between the three at this point?
Forces: It takes time, but you are beginning to understand things.
JU: A while back, I was told to read on World War II and the Nazi’s to get it out of my system, and I am trying to find out why, what entails getting it out of my system and why.
Forces: Just the very fact reading it gets it out of your system.
JU: But what is, what do I have with it that I need to do that.
Forces: Prejudices.
JU: Born out of what?
Forces: Instinct.
JU: Prejudice against what?
Forces: Life
JU: And that will help?
Forces: Oh yes, always pray to help. Yes.
Forces: Next Question.
JB: What about some of the aspects to be worked within service to your fellow man.
Forces: Tolerance, patience, forgiveness, forbearance, brotherly love, understanding and another step. Question
HI: The body that Jesus manifested in after the resurrection, where they born of women? Those bodies, were they born, physically? Or did they just appear.
Forces: Oh no, no, no, females had nothing to do with it after that, oh no.
HI: What was the history, then. The people around him. How did they view that or did they not know about it that he just appeared.
Forces: You don’t go around telling people your intimate secrets, no.
HI: So was he established as a known person that they know about his history where he was born?
Forces: We didn’t think about that did we? Well, to some people who are in the organization knew about it.
HI: Thank you.
IS: But in reality he could have lived the same way.
Forces: Yes yeah we like that.
IS: And did he?
Forces: Yeah, he had fun.
IS: Under different names, different spots.
Forces: Sure, he knew how to live.
GL: Is he the one that’s known as the Wandering Jew?
Forces: Yeah, that’s right!
DN: Would he also be called something like Hiawatha?
Forces: Yes, he likes that too you know.
IS: So, from that point on, he himself was a one man———?
Forces: A one man band! Question.
IS: My goodness
BN: How were some of the names that we might have heard of him in other countries? After the resurrection?
Forces: After the resurrection. Sir Walter Raleigh, Thomas Franklin, Beckett Thomas Beckett, Louis the 14, Peter the Great of Russia, Jeremy O’Connor, Eric Hubert Fielder (Elder) he lived in Berlin…, and some other people here and there, but all had the spirit coming to them.
DD: But they weren’t him.
Forces: Yeah, there you go.
DD: They had the spirit working through them, but they weren’t him.
Forces: Yes they did. Wilson, Thomas Wilson.
DD: Thomas Woodrow Wilson had it.
Forces: Yes, yes the name Thomas.
DD: That wasn’t him totally like manifested as him, they were born. He just worked through them.
Forces: Yes.
IS: Who is he working through now then?
Forces: Anyone who wants toooo. Questions, go ahead. We are listening.
BN: You didn’t mention any people in the orient.
Forces: Oh, yes. Confucius. Seems like Munkgo Inwosh, guess who. And of course the famous world leader, Genghis Khan.
IS: Genghis Khan?
Forces: A few minutes. Of course, you’ve got to give him credit. Tries his best but didn’t succeed. What can you do? Go ahead, question. We will answer anything for a nickel.
DN: What is the difference in the resurrected body and there was this one in England or the one that lived in lets say the five countries, the five areas at the time immediately following the resurrection were they actual physical entities they could be called, the body of Jesus rather than a spirit coming in.
Forces: Yes, I like that.
DN: Okay, so those at that time are actually, and were there five in fact or more?
Forces: Okay, okay.
DN: Five?
Forces: Okay.
DD: There are 5.
DN: Right. That was actually him. Actually sort of split into five.
Forces: That was actually him split into 5.
IS:: None of them born of women.
Forces: No braces, no.
DD: Five in the beginning, five at the end. Five races.
Forces: We are ready for your questions.
BN: Any of those names do we know of those specific five?
Forces: Yes, you know them.
BN: Can you tell us who they are?
Forces: We gave you some of them.
IS: So among the names that you mentioned, those that legend mentions have not been born of women?
Forces: Yes.
LK: Those five manifest in the same five parts of the world that Adam..
Forces: There you go. I like that.
LK: So is it the completion of the Adam creation?
Forces: There you go.
BN: What time frame did they manifest in?
Forces: Oh, about 4:42pm. (Laughter) Okay, question. We are ready for you all.
DD: The book I found on Cabala, a new book..
Forces: Just read it.
DD: Does that describe there what I think it is?
Forces: Well, we don’t know what you think it is, but.
DD: The diagram that I have upstairs in my room, the ones I made out of those..
Forces: Well, we figured that so we should say yes, okay. Question.
DD: Thank you.
BB: Archangel Metatron, does that have any effect; this thing that we are learning about Jesus, does that have any effect or what effect would that have had on Metatron?
Forces: Metatron ah yes he had (——) He was the initiation angel. Question.
JE: How long did this go on?
Forces: No, listen to you, we had someone over here. Nobody over here? Okay, we will listen to you JE.
JE: How long did this go on after the resurrection?
Forces: That’s enough, we have had enough of you. How long what?
JE: When Jesus was manifesting in all these places, all these different areas..
Forces: He sounded like he had a contagious disease or something, for 42 years.
JE: And why did it stop?
Forces: He got tired. Wanted to go on. If you had the power to move out of the earth in your spirit body would you want to stay here 42 years – NO WAY. Let alone a year. Okay, anybody else?
GL: We know that outside of the earth there are space ships and——.
Forces: Yeah, what do you think of that?
GL: Neat! And the Angels and Archangels..
Forces: Yes, we have them up there too flying around. They get refueled every 1000 years.
GL: After the resurrection of Jesus, what was his relationship or how did they relationship with the father, what happened there?
Forces: He was master over the kingdom. Okay, let’s go on. We’re letting you. More questions, I like this.
NN: What is the
Forces: How to make Pillsbury dough? Go ahead, only kidding.
NN: What is the..
Forces: What are the little goo -li -gops on TV that you have the tube that comes in and commercials and .. (singing) Spirit.. I think I will make 7-up. I have just made 7-up a popular drink. 7-up is now your popular drink. We have just made it famous! Okay, lets hear it.
NN: Is there a connection today between the Nazi movement and the Mafia?
Forces: Yes, they used one another. Question, anybody.
LK: Is there an affirmation that I could use that would help me to be more aware of like, I don’t know what to call it, stuff like the mystery of everything rather than getting caught up in just simply mundane everyday things.
Forces: YES! HUM. Lord, open my eyes that I might see the spirits that move around me to give me peace and harmony and to give me the understanding of these structures that give me the (alethan) information of the purpose of thy will. You’ll have it on the tape you can run it back. Question
DD: Is that new book I saw describing—-?
Forces: Oh, you and your books.
DD: Was the one about Jesus setting up the physical line of the kings of England?
Forces: Something like that.
DD: So he..
Forces: Last question, we are going.
IS: This openness, can it answer any of my questions, not now but can it be extended like a rain check?
Forces: Things are going to work out all right. Don’t worry about it. We just closed your open check. It will we might take the entity you know as Nikki away with us this week, so maybe another day and a half we’ll give her, so I think we are about ready to take her and lets see. That should be it for the moment.
Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father…