SESSION 400 4/10/82

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and we’ll stay here for this moment needing certain coverage for certain ships that we have. We are looking at your world seeing the personal conflicts and attitudes (———-) mentioned the seriousness of Argentina and its capitalize on placing its importance on itself. We are looking into this and of course certain internal conflicts in Argentina to work out and a certain physical things in the air. We are watching certain things as far as Israel and again we see Menachem Begin still holding on we find it a fly to sticky paper. There are certain things that are to be done to (—–) different consciousness in Israel and different forces of activity. There shall be a tremendous shock to the world when a certain ally not to (—-) down (—-) will form a (—-) ally with Israel this would help the moral of Israel and move it forward as far as trying to get certain things accomplished. We also see their plans for building a new structure for the Temple and a new Temple it is. As far as America is concerned the best place in America is right where your at, not north not east not west not south right where you’re at. Russia will have some setbacks and they will be looking toward the South American countries we’re watching to see (—-) conditions will be worked out.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for my——-.
Forces: Your welcome.
IS: Is it the general opinion of psychiatrists or psychologists its not just a sporadic thing?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And am I correct why they are actually afraid to say the name Jesus?
Forces: Yes, the power of the name.
IS: So in truth subconsciously they know?
Forces: Yes.
IS: In that case really people like us or others (——-) really haven’t got a chance with the world with the system because the two most negative factions of humanity today would be then the psychiatrists and the lawyers?
Forces: Correct.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Is there anything that can be given for the entity’s finger?
Forces: This is a reaction of the spirit (—) certain things and we all know that as the spirit in the house develops and moves forward the reaction in the finger can subside. More of a thermometer of the etheric level.
IS: Thank you.
IS: So actually we wouldn’t have had not a chance walking into any court room actually?
Forces: No, You were already labeled as fanatics.
IS: You mean (—).
Forces: Yes.
IS: Ah however—?
Forces: Like you had money and that was very (—-).
IS: Yeah, yeah do they explain that somehow ah (—–)?
Forces: Ah-u-ah very confusing for them to understand they feel that you have a, a (——) way of making money.
IS: Well we do, thank you.
GL: Recently I’ve come to some understandings about diseases and mechanisms and how they work and how to treat them different than what is normally thought of how to treat diseases is this correct?
Forces: You would find it so.
GL: Thank you.
JU: The book I read recently with the bears in it why does the struggle and the things that happen affect me so strongly emotionally?
Forces: Different aspects again within self putting it into line.
JU: Thank you.
ES: Is there a spiritual purpose with all the twins that are being born several weeks ago and the deaths that we had, most of them, at least one of the pairs?
Forces: More so or less the times for that to happen.
ES: For the twins to come in?
Forces: Yes.
ES: And the one that would survive was the one that would carry on the mission?
Forces: Yes.
ES: Were they negative and positive?
Forces: More so the strongest in the Spirit itself.
IS: (Those were to die?)
Forces: Yes.
IS: So that’s good.
ES: Thank you very much.
DD: Could you explain the dream I had about three Alchemists the first one was Paracelsus, the second one was Virgil and the third one was some French Alchemist. Who was the third one?
Forces: Nostradamus was an Alchemists.
DD: It was Nostradamus?
Forces: (——–).
IS: Was that dream correct?
Forces: It hit the margins of corrections yes.
IS: And are those three coming back now?
Forces: It can possibly happen.
IS: Any reason why Paracelsus was (German)?
Forces: (This (-) would be(—-) certain facts lying with the—).
BH: In one of the ending chapters in Deuteronomy the part of the good spirits coming in out and the evil spirits coming in and going out and its repeated twice that evil spirits will be going out in 7 ways. What would that represent?
Forces: The different exits and that which is from (—–).
IS: The 7 doorways in the body?
Forces: It could be applied that way too.
JE: In the book (Genesis by W. A. Harbinson) I just finished how much of it is true and does the society, a society like one they described in the Antarctic does it exist or did it ever?
Forces: Yes it did.
JE: Does it still now?
Forces: No.
JE: What happened to it?
Forces: Its underneath under the earth.
IS: Alive?
Forces: Yes.
IS: The ones that were with the Nazi Movement?
Forces: There are certain members still in existence underneath.
JE: The way it described in the book in Antarctica?
Forces: (——-).
JE: And their saucers they developed?
Forces: Yes possible.
JE: Possible or did it really happen?
Forces: It happened.
IS: Is it sort of the same group of people with the ah like the book Karma Machine (Michael Davidson) type thing?
Forces: Could be interpreted.
IS: So they are looking to create the god group on the side?
Forces: Yes, yes.
IS: So really what your speaking of the spirit that thing exists, exists?
Forces: Yes exactly.
IS: And still does.
IS: Thank you.
NN: The things that’s talking about Egypt and (—-) King of Isaiah what time period is that refer to?
Forces: Well it will be difficult to give you the exact time, time varies from different calculations.
NN: (——)?
Forces: 200 BC is part of it.
NN: Thank you.
HI: Could you please help me with a dream I had when I was over at Johnny’s a week ago. I dreamt that I was working in a hospital and they showed me a room in which there were tanks and in which there were things actually half human and half something else. What is the meaning of that?
Forces: Anything else.
HI: Yes there were some people too but most of all there were all these things really awful looking things.
Forces: Certain qualities within self that are being looked at and worked out.
HI: Thank you.
BN: Could you describe how the memory is stored on a physical level in the body?
Forces: All memory is stored after that action of hate or love.
BN: How does that manifest on the physical level in the body?
Forces: It is recorded in all the cells within the body.
BN: Is it recorded more in the nerve cells (——)?
Forces: It is recorded in the short distance what would be called the motor nerve system rather than the sensory nerve system.
BN: Thank you very much.
BN: And the frontal portions of the brain and there connection with the motor system?
Forces: It would be found in the Lobotomy (that involves severing connections in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. section of the brain.
BN: Thank you.
IS: So they can’t really make clones the way they were talking about?
Forces: No. They will make monsters.
LK: Stain glass design for dining room back wall?
Forces: Atlantis. You have a series of pictures given to you or paintings all you have to due is incorporate them in your design.
LK: Thank you.
IS: Now my interpretation of the schizophrenic girl the book I read is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
IS: The breaking down of the person by himself until accepting of guilt?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And actually anybody that here can develop (–) is really the (————) and something like that?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is that true for all schizophrenics?
Forces: We don’t understand the word schizophrenic.
IS: Its true then for every human being at one time or another (—–)?
Forces: When a person says someone is a schizophrenic remember the word terminology where and how do they become deciding of such word use and what makes those so great in lee of that where they stand on this territory unclaimed, territory that is not to be violated. You kind of scratch your head and wonder whether they call (my yellow.)
IS: So in that case its really just a person——-?
Forces: Personal power gain trip, wanting power over individuals and positions for their own neurosis.
IS: In Edgar Cayce readings you have actually given a physical force for each mental disorder.
Forces: Isn’t that nice.
IS: And does it also deal with past lives with that time not ——–?
Forces: Yes definitely.
IS: So at that time was not yet revealed the past lives?
Forces: No, no.
IS: But it does have a physical thing every single mental disorder?
Forces: Yes of course.
IS: So actually a doctor if that’s what it is to be a doctor) and to have all this, so a doctor today should be able to actually have at least a great ability on any one of these things?
Forces: Or understanding.
IS: Thank you very much.
GL: Met a doctor at work that I have a feeling of knowing before?
Forces: Other lives that were involved.
GL: Where was it the doctors?
Forces: Somewhere in the area of France.
GL: Was it a good relationship a positive
Forces: (———–).
Forces: At this point we will be leaving but (——).
Forces: Yes.
IS: Yesterday and today is that the day that Jesus actually goes into hell every year and opens the gate once a year for those who are able or willing to get out of there breaks the road for them?
Forces: Its symbolic—.
IS: But it does happen once a year every year?
Forces: Yes.
IS: The moment of death (—) the soul can leave hell if they are ready and its not exactly 3 days is it?
Forces: Not exactly 3 but it, it will do.
IS: And for us is there anything we can do in those days every year we have 10,000 calamities happening to us in these days?
Forces: We’ll look into that and tell you.
IS: Thank you.
IS: And is there anything for Emala?
Forces: No.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.