SESSION 402 4/26/82

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and have been watching and working toward many items in the section and manifestation of certain forces and fields to help movement of energy in its proper channel. We are also watching your South American adventure and also have certain feelings and movements in the European sections. Of course were watching the Middle East and find this movement is also a vital source of development and strength for the country.
Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.
IS: Could you give me the spiritual reason for my attack on the back and legs?
Forces: This is temporary it deals with the changing of the weather and moisture pockets and it should in time move along usually it happens during the spring going into summer.
IS: Is there a spiritual ah—?
Forces: Tremendous amount of energy being used by your sister in her own fight ah certain drainage by her for her own purposes.
IS: Thank you.
IS: What she has done is it good or bad leaving the group there?
Forces: Well on a positive note for herself and development she needs all the assistance she can get but she also is only showing her true support of this Search for God group and belief in it.
IS: She’s showing support or non-support?
Forces: Well by turning away from it, it just totally not interesting for her and no other holds interest she seems not to be involved with God as per God but more social events than with God.
IS: Is there any physical reason that happened that caused that meaning did I interpret her dream the way she didn’t like it or—-?
Forces: Many combinations were happening and then the attention she wanted also that Emma have to go there she used that as an excuse not to have too many demands (–) placed on her.
IS: Thank you.
DN: Thank you very much for the beautiful rain you gave to help it. We have some copper wire should we try to do a couple of rows or something with the wire or the stones that we should bring and surround the garden with or do you have suggestions for us to do anythings like that for the garden?
Forces: With the particular garden that you have the best thing is to have diamonds or a tail type banner or flags not too many but one or two ah blowing a certain wind chimes would help you.
DN: Any particular color with the banners would be better?
Forces: Yellow and purple.
DN: Thank you.
GL: Thank you for all your help.
JU: Why is it preferable for me to be in a selling atmosphere?
Forces: Its a need just for the contact.
JU: To contact people you mean?
Forces: Just the individual contact.
JU: Thank you.
ES: What does looking for the charge in a couple of dreams I had mean?
Forces: This represents more of a inner spiritual search for the guidelines that have been given you.
ES: Should I just continue with what I’ve been doing any more studying or reading or anything specific?
Forces: Spiritual growth does not come with studying and reading it comes by faith and application of love.
ES: Thank you very much.
BN: Is there any way that a soul or person can help someone else choose to do the Will of God?
Forces: You can try the best you can as to inform or enlighten them but their enlightenment still has to come from within.
BN: Thank you.
HI: Is there a law in the Universe that works in the following order as soon as one thinks they’ve done everything and that one has moved out of it immediately they go into another phase?
Forces: More or less yes.
HI: Thank you.
DD: Do I understand about the hydrogen atom and all the thoughts I had today am I correct in am I correct and how does it fit on the Keely thing?
Forces: Yes we will trying to answer the recent questions.
DD: Sorry.
Forces: More or less in its own condition. If you want to repeat your question we can try to explain certain factors as best as we can.
HI: Is there a law in the Universe that works like this once one has attained equilibrium then no sooner is that equilibrium attained and one is automatically moved on into another phase is that true?
Forces: There is what you call equilibrium our definition and your definition, let us have your definition.
HI: My definition of equilibrium is more or less a sense a sense of feeling a certain thing is in control or that one can handle it. That to me seems to feel like equilibrium.
Forces: Well also Hitler and Mussolini and Napoleon had a certain equilibrium of handling it until they kept moving and thinking they could handle it until what they were handling it was no longer able to handle. What we are talking about is equilibrium one that comes from the spirit that does not take work but is of belief and faith and love. The other one is of the world and takes practice it takes repetition and takes mental knowledge. Both of them achieve a certain amount of conflicts one is more lasting the other is, is temporal. The temporal one completely forces the individual into a constant ball of confusion of always moving forward for the sake of movement and never really achieving too much internally but just externally for movements sake the sake of accomplishing ah talents and tests while the equilibrium of the spiritual nature does not necessarily have to move but equalizes and balances the qualities within self and develops on up higher into a state of consciousness that does not dictate movement externally but more so movement internally so that is our explanation of what you had said giving you a broader picture of the concept and how they are interpreted in both spheres in one.
HI: Thank you very much.
IS: Would the spiritual equilibrium be described in this last Covenant book the Elohim and their being which is constant movement (—-) is constant equilibrium its constant change from one thing flowing into another and yet remaining the same—-.
Forces: The same, correct.
IS: Thank you.
DD: Did I understand correctly the thoughts I had today about the hydrogen atom and how it applies to the Weavers beam?
Forces: It could be applied that way.
DD: How does it connect to I understand a lot of things from what you said before about it but I don’t know how it directly connects with the Weavers Beam?
Forces: On an etheric level.
DD: And in relation to the helium how do they relate to that?
Forces: More of a unifying or bringing down atoms.
DD: Thank you very much.
BH: Could you explain whats happening with the astral body when a person is sleep walking is the astral body in the body?
Forces: Sleep Walking is a denotes the fighting of spirit it is concepts that need to be straightened out of a spiritual nature with misconcepts on a logical level merely sleep walking is the physical body fighting with the spiritual body for (—) control.
BH: Thank you.
JE: Could you tell me what the little square stones I found in the garden are?
Forces: These are what you call ingot stones or stones made by the little people.
IS: Then if he found them is that something on purpose left there?
Forces: It was their work area.
JE: What are they used for?
Forces: These were used for the barter system of money and considered to be items kept in their home.
IS: Have we then infringed upon something that we should put back to—-?
Forces: Well some would say it grows tremendously around this area but others fail to see that these are the work of the little people ah they would find them missing but only to come closer to you for what would be called ah power over them.
IS: They feel a more (—-) because they have part of them here?
Forces: Yeah. Um huh.
IS: Thank you.
JE: Thank you.
JB: What is happening when a story is repeated over and over again more like gossip?
Forces: It becomes like a flat tire it never really holds up the job that it was intended for and makes a big bang.
JB: Thank you.
NN: Could it be said what was the brass serpent that caused the people to be healed of the plague when they looked at it?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Could it be answered at this time?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Thank you.
Forces: The answer is in the letter formation of YES.
NN: The Hebrew letter formation.
Forces: Yes.
NN: Thank you.
Forces: Yes.
LK: When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray and he gave them the Lord’s Prayer and i believe it was in the Cayce reading where they explained how the various parts of the lords prayer raising up the like the light through the centers the pattern for raising the light through the centers. Does that mean that in order for a prayer to be heard that, that pattern of raising the light within the centers has to occur and if that’s so does it mean that prayers where you just sort of like off hand talking to God are not heard?
Forces: Prayers are heard in the Higher Self by repetition of the spirit and also silent prayer. Also the force of energy (——) very instrumental quality of movement.
LK: Is just the saying of the Lords Prayer does that automatically cause the light to rise in the centers?
Forces: Yes it does help.
LK: So its not necessarily to make a conscious awareness of raising up a certain force it sort of happens by itself?
Forces: Well you have to consciously raise it up also.
LK: Thank you.
IS: Jehu friends the contractors am I correct in understanding their plight?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So is this sort of last resort and what has now meeting us done?
Forces: Started a beginning for them. We are in the beginning of a new pattern 82 is that quality in which you would affect a lot would start a tremendous movement of forward for the next ten years. There will be tremendous amounts of effects which you have on a lot of people.
IS: In the article it seems like the whole magazine went out for us by quoting Plato by—?
Forces: Its our handiwork overtime and it is actually one year later we get our fair share.
IS: And is this going to have the same impact as the bad had or not, what I mean is will it reach as many not the impact?
Forces: There will be a tremendous amount of reaching.
IS: Will all those lawyers all of them put together all of them—?
Forces: They’ll get it we’ll make sure of that.
IS: How will Cochran feel?
Forces: Not so good he might be interested in coming out.
Forces: We have a tremendous Force we are opening up for you to use and tremendous amount of resources that is going to be given to you to use.
IS: To (—).
Forces: To use you could use it now, you could use it in two years, you could use it for two years it is yours to use.
IS: How should we go about it?
Forces: As you feel in the spirit to do you will do.
IS: I don’t want to waste any of it?
Forces: We won’t let you waste it.
IS: I want to do what I am supposed to.
Forces: We know you’ll be where your supposed to be.
IS: Thank you.
DN: There is a group in California who say the Holocaust never happened do any of them really believe that it didn’t happen?
Forces: Well there’s a certain percentage that it might not happened but its a good way to get your name in the paper.
DN: These people pray to deliver us from Blacks, Jews, PuertoRicans and the Orientals.
DN: I don’t understand these prayers like that?
Forces: There prayers are not of the Light there prayers of the Darkness.
IS: Its not that they are praying to Satan but rather there prayers are coming from Satan?
Forces: There emotional body wanting excitement and publicity. They could just take there clothes off and jump up and down and pray for all the emotional things that is not nice or right in there own comfortable light world.
DN: Won’t the children of these people.
Forces: You know how people are they have a mind of their own and usually don’t follow what the parents do anyhow.
IS: Is this the same people that say Jesus wasn’t on the cross and stuff like that?
Forces: It is a santanic group that—.
IS: Satan when he sends out this kind of utterances does he achieve anything by bringing forth this vibration into full utterance on the earth?
Forces: He tries to cause a great deal of disharmony.
IS: If he can just nag us then that’s good enough for him anything?
Forces: Any (—-).
IS: Thank you.
Forces: But it is the time for us now we are going to take control.
IS: I’m so glad.
Forces: As we had told you we are watching out for England, Israel now has to be watched out for, we will watch out for Israel, we will also watch out for you guys.
JU: Can you tell me what the nature of this Swami Satchidananda is and his group and what they’re about. Are they on a spiritual path of any form?
Forces: They are incorporating some principles into operation.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.